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NY: Despite Executive Order, Jamestown Public Schools Will Turn Away Registered Sex Offenders During Election

Governor Andrew Cuomo may have signed an executive order that gives voting rights to registered sex offenders, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be showing up and voting at Jamestown Public Schools anytime soon. Full Article

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  1. Harry

    I am wondering if the ACLU will let this one pass, as well? A major lawsuit in the making, here, with big monetary damages.

  2. RegistrantNotAnOffender

    Using sex offender and pedophile interchangeably what an idiot.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      I agree! There are plenty of people on the registry with worse taste than me.

  3. mike r

    “I will not give written authorization to any convicted sex offender or pedophile to be on school property.”
    Of course he has to throw pedophile in there to seem more dramatic. Man if this shit was not so serious it would be comical. These people are trying their best to make us pariahs and second class citizens with no rights. This is the type of guy that would take his kids to watch hangings and witch burning while they picnic.

  4. G4Change

    Of course they want to disenfranchise registered citizens. They’re afraid of us because of how many of us there are. Look at what happened in Coalinga!

  5. R M

    This article, referenced in the above article says:

    “How will it work?

    Cuomo’s executive order relies on his constitutional power to grant pardons to those convicted of crimes other than treason.

    State election law prohibits paroled felons from voting until they’ve completed their maximum sentence or been discharged from parole — unless the governor grants a pardon.

    Cuomo’s order requires the state prison system to provide his office with a current list of all paroled felons. From there, his office will review the list and determine who will get a pardon to restore voting rights.

    The list will be updated every month, according to the order.

    The conditional pardons relate only to voting rights.

    Cuomo’s order explicitly says it would not waive any unpaid fines or grant felons the ability to purchase a firearm or seal their criminal record. ”

    AFTER a person gets this conditional pardon, maybe then it can be fought with the school.

  6. Anonymous

    A solution without a problem. Better keep your eyes on your teachers because the next child sex abuse arrest is extremely likely to be one of THEM.

    • C

      That’s the irony, isn’t it? The threat is not the RCs visiting after hours, it’s the un-regististered menace with unfettered access to children throughout the school day.

      I’ll never forget the look I got from the woman a two doors down from us when I took my kids trick or treating a few years ago. Her family is heavily involved in Scouting with frequent troop meetings in their home. She gave me such a judgemental look I very nearly blurted out, “You’re the one with groups of kids in your house all the time, lady. How long until cops show up and arrest you and your husband?”
      We skip that house on Halloween.

  7. Facts should matter

    This is a thinly-veiled form of voter suppression! That school is not sacred holy grounds by any stretch and I feel they’re just doing this because they can

  8. Dustin

    I hope every registrant in that area sues that school into bankruptcy for denying their right to vote.

  9. Shawn

    False statistics +moral panic=genocide. One need not look any further than the ever growing federal police power in Congress. The way the federal circuits have interpreted the commerce clause is unprecedented and upsetting to say the least. Just crossing state lines would give the feds jurisdiction over virtually every us citizen in clear violation of the tenth amendment. This illegal blocking of the voting rights is a huge deal in this battle. Voting rights must be fought for and preserved!

  10. Gralphr

    Isn’t it interesting they only want to follow the law when it suits them? The other funny thing is how they’re always fast to deny someone on the registry, but have no problems with convicted murderers and other people who have committed violence from attending. Killed someone over $5? It’s ok you’re fine, but a sex offence? No way, you’re dangerous!!!!!!!!!!

    • Will Allen

      The part I like is that they want shooters to be at schools. You can shoot a child at school and they’ll welcome you back to do it again. Just proves it has nothing to do with protecting anyone. These people are bold liars.

  11. JoeHillsGhost

    And people wonder why civics education is lacking in the United States.

    I don’t know whether school administrators have the authority to disenfranchise legal voters, but if that is his attitude then it seems that they should find another location for the polling place.

  12. HopingForHope

    Can someone tell me what the rules are for visiting New York? Can’t seem to find any solid data on the registration requirement for a visitor. I plan to be there 2 days.

    • TS


      Look above here under the legal tab for the state by state matrix.

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