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NE: ‘We’re sitting ducks’: Concerns of copycat attacks following sex offender’s killing

[ – 5/19/20]

OMAHA, Neb. —When “Jay” first heard the motive behind Mattieo Condoluci’s death, he immediately feared for the safety of his family.

“We’re sitting ducks,” he said.

Prosecutors believe James Fairbanks sent KETV Newswatch 7 an anonymous email about killing Condoluci. The sender said he had been looking for an apartment in the area when he discovered Condoluci on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry. The sender described Condoluci as standing in his driveway pretending to wash his truck while staring at a group of children playing in the street, making him “sick to his stomach.” Fairbanks’ ex-wife calls Fairbanks a “protector.”

Jay is a registered sex offender. He’s worried the homicide will encourage vigilante crimes.

“You don’t go out there and take it into our own hands and murder and take the life of somebody else because you weren’t happy with the judgement that was made,” he said.

Jay said he did not know Condoluci and he’s not defending him.

“Yes, he did some pretty rotten stuff,” Jay said. “It was horrible, horrible stuff. But to say he didn’t deserve a second shot and he was trying to prove himself as a godly man, maybe he was a godly man. We don’t know that. He doesn’t have the opportunity to speak for himself now.”

Condoluci’s son, Joseph, told KETV Newswatch 7 his dad changed after prison and became a minister.

“I believe he was doing what he could to turn his life around,” said Joseph Condoluci. “Who is to say what it takes to turn your life around from that?”

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Where are the people crying and screaming and morning the death of a man who was targeting and paid his debt to Society 😢….😠
What kind of statistics are actually needed to convince our Gov. THAT THEY ARE WRONG !

Tamayo (the killers ex wife) said Fairbanks’s past work experience included dealing with sex offenders in the past. “I could only say, I think he reflected on his experiences working with them as just bothersome and upsetting because they are repeat offenders. We know them to be people who repeatedly act out their intent or they act on their wishes that are to harm children, so I think that he had mixed feelings of great sadness for the victims and frustrations certainly with those kind of people,” Tamayo said. Tamayo also said there is an injustice in the system, claiming,… Read more »

This is beyond the original Price Club membership thinking.

I agree. I would say that his was upgraded to Price Club + membership. I hope SCOTUS is happy. Stupid morons that they are!!!

Did Tamayo say how many other people he killed because he got an upset stomach? When married, she must have been a very careful cook, walking on eggs and all.

One day they’ll go after someone who was falsely convicted and that person won’t be able to defend themselves.

The scales continue to be pushed in support of this prized societal pillar of moral high ground. The manipulation of public opinion and the sex offender agenda are the perfect attack vector for more bad legislation, deepening the roots rather than yanking out the whole tree.

The mother of the boy said to have been assaulted by the murder victim calls for freeing the murderer:

If a manufacture produce something at cause a death that entity get sued and product is taken off the market. The government has a product that are getting people killed and they should be sued.

The Megan’s Law website is a government-sponsored hit list!

Ok change do you know what the writings on the wall mean? I would even agree with TS a bit more. I didn’t come here to butt into anything during this pandermic thing but things can happen when one least eapect it. I get e-mails from time to time from Free speech society’s, ACLU that is doing this and that, people wanting me to donate, they don’t care about your income or if your working. I’m sure many are not working due to this registry and due to this pandermic. I even get letters from Donald Trump comettiee asking me… Read more »

The thing about fascism is that it gradually envelops society which becomes so immersed in its self-righteous fury that it is unable to recognize what it has become. Breaking into “pedophiles'” homes to murder them becomes an act of liberation to be celebrated in the minds of fascists, just like burning books and synagogues was to Nazis. Fascism is advanced through years of continuous indoctrination and lies which, in this case, began in the early 1980s. This murder is the logical extension of decades of systematic mind control, outright lies and hysteria. As with the upcoming election, we’re always waiting… Read more »

And if you note, the current fake pandemic response reflects this thinking. People like Valigator and Laura Strahern were the original “Karens.” (Note I said pandemic “response,” not the pandemic itself. I am not understating the danger of the coronavirus, but indicating the response is far worse than the cumulative effect of the pandemic itself.)

A better analogy would be like the Nazis burning bodies. Check out the Nazi criminal code and its relationship to concentration camps.

@nortorious I hate to say this but your right about that in a many ways. What one man does is just that his doing. Even a protests can get out of hand in that prospective. One does his or her time and that should be it.

So you tell me who’s duck paddling today in a rational or irrational way in many of these sitting duck issues with this convid – 19 ordeal we are all going thru. Maybe a list of ordeals might help. So where does the sex or the offender issue come in: One wonders if the state is doing the right thing. So yes Voicing out in letters or even the California way is standing up with many ways and viewpoints. I wonder who gets tickets for voicing out today. Remember government always has to be right. A 19 year old woman… Read more »

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