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Once Fallen: The murder of Mattieo Condoluci

[ – 5/20/’20]

Many of you are aware that there was a vigilante killing in Omaha, Nebraska this past weekend, and the murderer turned himself into the police last night.

The Omaha media, particularly the World-Herald, has all but canonized the murderer, making him a sympathetic character, while the registrant he killed was not a sympathetic character. This has led to an outpouring of support for the murderer.


But, no matter the backstory between the two individuals, the fact remains that this was an act of pre-meditated murder by someone who used registry information as a weapon to murder a registered citizen. This was not self-defense, but a cold, calculated killing.

The murderer is behind bars right now, but for how long, I don’t know.

There is a Facebook group, the same group that was stalking the registrant for years, has repackaged itself today as “Free James Fairbanks” in honor of the man they had a role in murdering (the killer has been connected with this Facebook page). Facebook has a long history of discrimination against registrants. Last year, Facebook was caught allowing threats against those accused or convicted of sex offenses.

Read the full article


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Regardless of any of the outrageous and hysterical events depicted in this article, the main thing to carry away here is that this murderer used the registry to gain the personal information about this person, including the address. When a perpetrator searches the registry for potential victims, they can be pretty sure that any registrant is not going to have a firearm as that is prohibited if they are a felon. So perpetrators can be fairly certain they are attacking an unarmed person. This exploitation of the registry is an all too familiar scenario. Everything from fraudulent legal promises, to over zealous neighbors exposing the registrant to the neighborhood, to the all too frequent vigilante violence and often murder.

The registry has been an experiment, and a glaring flaw in that experiment is now evident. There is no study group anywhere that will conduct an experiment, and once finding a grave flaw, will continue with the same experiment. The registry needs to be modified (hopefully abolished). Registrants are humans and citizens. Most did a one time poor judgement–like many other people convicted of crimes– and most don’t re-offend. They deserve civil rights and protection under the law. they don’t deserve to be thrown before mentally unstable and violent vigilantes who take the law into their own hands.

Since the registry has begun there has been no evidence that says it works as intended. The number of sex offenses has steadily increased, and so has exploitation of the registry by these vigilantes. In the early days of the registry Justice Roberts wrote that registering wasn’t any more punishment then getting a Price Club card. Tell that to the family members of the murdered man in Omaha, and the dozens of others that have been killed and violently assaulted. In fact, is their even a statistic of how many registrants have been killed because they are on the registry? This man’s life could be the key to opening the door for beginning to end the registry. The registry is not working as intended. This case, and the many like it, proves that.

I’m pissed what happened in the place I’ve called home for most of my life. Just because someone commits a crime 5,10,20 or more years ago; doesn’t mean the person is a threat. I sent an email to Douglas County Da, to deny bail for the murderer and to prosecute him for a hate crime. The Nebraska legislators have blood on their hands. Oh wait; I forgot they are all angels and never did anything wrong. Senators, time to get your skeletons out of the closet!!

An interview with his daughter in a few minutes.

Hope this article will wake some people up. Although crimes like these rarely happen….they happen. We are not allowed to defend ourselves because we can’t have weapons. The government has given these killers a means to find us, especially now with shelter-in-place going on. I’ve aways had this fear. My name is the same as my fathers and I live with him. What is someone come to the house looking for me and think he is me? My son has my name too. What if he gets mistaken for me on the street? Who is our superman? My superman is the bat behind my front door.

Why do you say you can’t have weapons? It depends on your state, status and the weapon. If on probation or parole the options are more limited in California; but if not a google search of the laws might be helpful.

How many is enough to prove the registry is a public hit list? How does the government get away with putting people’s lives in danger? How can they deny they are putting people’s lives in danger and it’s cruel and unusual. No other Ex con has to deal with this shit. How many is enough????

I find a certain irony that this man was working at a school while those on the registry cannot even be near a school. It’s ok to be violent and society will support you; however, mention the word sex and you are a leper. While I have a great deal of respect for Shon Hopwood, bank robber turned lawyer and Georgetown professor, it makes me angry that he held a gun to people’s heads ELEVEN times and he can move forward with his life. Those on the registry who have served their time cannot move forward. The registry needs to be abolished.

It makes complete sense because the Registries are not for public safety, protecting children, or the rest of those lies. The Registries exist because $EX. The Registries exist to make cretins feel just a little bit better about themselves, make some people $$$, and to get people off. That is why we have Registries.

It is insane that I supposedly need to know about my neighbor who looked at some “illegal” pictures (not pictures of actual murder, mind you!!) decades ago and yet not about the one who broke into his last neighbors’ homes in the middle of the night and had to beat some of the families there nearly to death. Or who pointed a gun at his last neighbor. Or who drove drunk through the neighborhood and “accidentally” drove through someone’s front yard. None of that is dangerous. Only $EX is. Which is 100% proof that the Registries are nothing but harassing nonsense.

@steve said, “How can they deny they are putting people’s lives in danger and it’s cruel and unusual.” Ummmm, who is denying that? I can’t recall any big government employee and/or Registry Supporter/Terrorist denying that. Isn’t that the main feature and attraction of the Registries? I think they love that. They are certainly indifferent and accepting of it.

For a regulatory scheme, this is deadly once again for one impacted.

There is an opinion piece at the National Office’s website ( that has spawned a thought from this act and others like it:

Do Justices and Judges feel remorse for their judicial actions which are either politically motivated (activism) or personal survival tactics when in the end are constitutionally erroneous when placed under a scheme (regulatory) that is just political justification?

I wonder. Do they feel they could have blood on their hands because of a decision they made even if it was only based on the facts they had in front of them at the time? Is freeing a person who has an alcohol problem, as an example, and potentially letting them get behind the wheel again only to have it turn out badly with an innocent person’s death something they think about? Do they only think the person wasted the opportunity and the mind of the judge who set this motion in action is guilt-free? I would hope to be wrong on my doubt and would like to know what a retired Justice or Judge would say when presented the question. One has seen Judge’s struggle with repeat offenders in their court, but are they impacted by their decisions when a life is lost in a senseless act such as vigilante justice that could have been prevented?

CJ Roberts and his AK case set the precedent today with Justice Kennedy giving the case teeth in his mind. If that case had gone the other way would the vigilante action we see today and have seen previously never happened? One has to wonder.

From the NARSOL press release:

“Condoluci’s wanton murder by Fairbanks (who is requiredby lawto registeras a sex offender)is just the latest invigilantemurders facilitated by public accessto asex offender registry: Washington State in 2005–tworegistrantsmurdered; Maine in 2006–tworegistrantsmurdered; California in2011–one murdered; Washington State again in 2012-tworegistrantsmurdered; South Carolina in 2013–two murdered–a registrant and his non-registrant wife. These are just the best documented cases; there have been more, an indeterminable number more. These cases, in addition to all being cold-blooded murders carried out by vigilantes, have one thing in common: They were all facilitated by nothing other than the victim’s existence on a public sexual offender registry.”

Judge Matsch saw the damage this tool does and realized possibly the lives that could be lost beyond those already lost in the name of vigilante justice sadly. From the “Oxbox Incident” to Salem Witch trials to killing people for alleged sexual offenses (see case from MD: to those who have done their time and are trying to move on, cooler heads needs to prevail. Vigilantism has no place in our society, even to protect the weakest of people, which is what the killer in Omaha did in his mind.

Don’t forget about FRANK Too, he would added to the numbers and earlier on in CALIF. Ax to the head.
Read his book.

The latest —

So far, GoFundMe has removed every fundraiser for James Fairbanks up to this point. I’m sure more will pop up though, so please keep reporting, and if you can get into GoFundMe support (not easy to do) then be sure to pressure them to remove future vigilante fundraisers.

The vigilante group has set up two new fundraisers (I changed the http to hXXP in the links so they won’t automatically turn on so it won’t be linked to this page)

1. Venmo hXXps://
2. Paypal hXXps://

I have reported the PayPal account as a scam but I can find no info on how to report a Venmo account.

Those of you that have stepped up and have spoken out against this heinous murder, I commend you. Please keep the pressure on!

This is further proof that the public not only gets no benefit from the Registry but cannot be trusted with sensitive information of Registrants. Misusing this information has been documented over the years from scams, employment loss, harassments, and more violent deaths.

James Fairbanks would not have become a murderer if he didn’t have access to Mattieo’s sensitive information. Furthermore Fairbanks has stopped nothing to prevent future sexual assaults which is perpetrated by 95% first time offenders NOT on the Registry.

The outcome has not changed. Just another tragedy on top of a heap of failures and lies fraught by the Registry.

I’ve decided to reach out to Dr. Lisa Sample; sociologist and criminologist; from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She sits on the Justice Committee and recommends probation and parole to not have a one size fits all approach for people with sex offenses. Back around 2013 the Nebraska legislators asked for a study on the registry. Surprise, surprise the results were what the experts have warned about since the infancy of registration: it’s a dismal failure. It’s time for the legislators to actually stand up for the constitutional rights of all Nebraskans. With actually true healing for victims( if they exist); for the person that committed the crime; and their families resulting in safer communities based on true evidence and not fear. I had to do something besides sit on my butt( can you still type butt or is that offensive)? Hopefully positive changes can be made in the state.

@Brandon this is a good reminder, maybe Janice and Chance might just see your comments.
Dr. L. Sample of the UofN Omaha would be a decent resource even though this site/org is CALIFORNIA.
It might be worthwhile. Thanks for adding this here Brandon. B u t does not hurt its it’s context and usage.

Ok guys its time to testify and I’m going to testify or maybe we all should testify or should Adam testify, Cain Testify, or Job, or even the Government, maybe even Pactrick Henry that talked about liberty. Sure I would love a go fun me page if thats the face of true justice today. Talk about this convid-19 today if a man thinkest. Why didn’t the bible say if a woman thinkest. I’m sure many today could come up with a reason for that or many more reasons. Even the reason this pandermic is here in the world today.

Whats the difference of one having blood on his hands or the one shedding of blood. The vietnam issue was a trying ordeal for many. Should the answer be many are wrong. Was killing president Kenedy wrong? Killing this sex offender wrong? or even the one that wrecked your car last night was that wrong. One would wonder if we are all compairing all these things.

Janice has already posted an article “Let the punishment, fit the crime” or who cuss’s out his or her neighbor today and than gets upset that they call the authorities. I’m ashamed at a lot of you people on here and yes I’m ashamed of myself also.

I believe their was one person that wasn’t ashamed that did all the above to give us all an example and that was Paul in the Bible. I know what you all are going to say on here. Well you must of bellieved in something or else many of you wouldn’t be in this situation.
Sure we can all talk about Recidivism Rates on a sliding scale, death rates. birth rates, or accident rates, but who rates themself. Sure helping others is good as who are we to judge in who pulled the trigger and yes nobody likes the the truth as white washing or betraying or blackmail as it is. Food for though.

This is no different than what happened to Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia – a lynching, but with zero public outrage, just crickets chirping.

There’s too many so-called “good guys with guns” that are actually hot-headed, loose cannons that roll out of bed every day looking for a reason to use them.

There’s too much pathological hate in America and we’re constantly in the cross-hairs of these nutters.

Actually crickets were chirping for up to two months after Arbery was killed. Local officials & prosecutors tried covering it up, but the outrage didn’t start happening until the video came out. So the murder of the Nebraska registrant is kind of a bad comparison with the Arbery case. Now if there was a video out there of the Nebraska man being gunned down in cold blood, and local police tried to cover it up, you’ll have a little stronger argument. A video is worth a thousand words, and seeing an inocent man killed in cold blood, no matter if he’s a registered sex offender, will provoke some amount of outrage.

At least get them the implement a log in system that tracks the user and all the profiles they view. Just fill in some credentials, verify to are not a robot, and sign in. At least then my family can get an idea of who it was that killed me. Seems like a lot of work and I doubt anybody would want to step up and update the website. Just an idea.

I’ve read the news articles about the guys ex-wife. How can she say he’s a good guy while she has an order against him? Seems like she has a mental illness or she’s not playing with a full deck. What person does harm to another just because the government says the person is dangerous? Everyone that approves what this guy did should be charged as an accessory to murder including any websites. A nut job and it sounds like this guy fits that definition and obviously some mental illness. Being murdered for a crime that you paid your debt on is part of the country club membership price. Chief Justice Roberts you are unqualified to be on the bench. You look like a dummy; your opinions are poorly written that would come from A dummy; therefore you are more than qualified to be a talking dummy!!

Will Allen how many bars of soap do you need. I’m sure many would contribute to your fund. How many times have you picked up the bible. Does it always sink in. It seems like people jest with many view’s and abstract minds. So whats behind the next bend. Sleeping single in a double bed.

Now Janice said she jumped to quickly about the teir ordeal out in california. I forgive her for that. One wonders if authorities jump to quickly? Do we all jump to quickly or are we all the merry men or some Robin and the three hoods or who is the rat pack in this issue. Should police have cleaned up the internet or should women and kids be seen and not heard or who’s pointing fingers.

Authorities are just as guilty and if I were Janice and her team I would try to go on Face the Nation and voice out a bit. Might be an idea if it doesn’t conflict with her practice. Were talking about sex offenders with a constutitional bursh plus a biblical issue. Maybe we could even get Will Allen (just kidding). Losing a life is sad indeed even in an offender situation and yes who said one has to use the word sex or are we not cardnal by nature or should you ask the Government or the voters.

Even jesting is a crime and all crimes should be punished and I’m sure some could use a few bars of soap. Their is a lot that goes on behind the scenes today in government.

I need 3 bars of soap.

What’s behind the next bend is sleeping single in a double bed. Or double in a single bed. And massive, continual war on anyone who thinks Registries are acceptable. Registry Supporters/Terrorists say that I’m a problem. I’m guaranteeing it.


Update 5/21/20, James Fairbanks was charged with 1st Degree Murder and use of deadly firearm to commit a felony.


In Nebraska, 1st Degree Murder comes with either a life sentence or a death sentence. Interestingly, the Nebraska legislature had voted to end the death penalty but the lynch mob types passed a ballot initiative to reinstate it. Now they may have unknowingly put this same guy they are now canonizing on death row.

Are they charging Mr. James Fairbanks for his misuse of the registry itself?
Wisconsin has law and a disclaimer on the SOR website describing the penalties.
Using the electronic infrastructure to commit a felony is a separate felony in itself.

It all still comes down to the uses of the machine database infrastructure. It will be important to make sure that specific aspect of the registries use here gets in the record in this case. Ironically that duty will fall in the lap of the prosecution.

I fail to understand why people complain that it is being used to attack. The people merely follow their leadership as prescribed from the DOE03 opinions from Congress & SCOTUS itself.

That’s a good question for the NEB AG and local DA whether he’s being charged for using the registry as he did.

No, he’s not been charged for misusing the registry, just the two charges listed above.

What i’m worried about is this vigilante group is hoping a jury will not convict. They’re bandying the idea of jury nullification in hopes of influencing would-be jurors.

Regarding that FB group targeting registrants, would a class action lawsuit on behalf of all registrants be possible?

FB already a strongly enforced policy against registered sex offenders. They aren’t allowed to join and FB actively compares their pictures against some database. I had a decade old account (that was activated before the no “sex offenders” rule) that was only used to stay in contact with immediate family members. Privacy was set to max. Yet, they eventually matched me and deleted my account.

By keeping us out, they also prevent us from know about any vigilante groups targeting us. They are not only allowing those groups, but protecting and hiding them from their future victims.

Filing any lawsuit is regimented process. Any idiot can try. Making the proper salient and viable claim is another. Winning is another yet! FB acts in its own market and suffer no covenant like the U.S. Gov. is compelled to maintain. FB coughed up $5B with hardly a yelp from mainstream media! Lots of other folks without criminal records have been dumped by FB, for a plethora of reasons, temporarily or permanently, based on TOS. I honestly believe they did the offender a favor.

This is exactly why I moved to a state that doesn’t publicize lower level registered citizens, other than those deemed sexual predators/level 3. I sacrificed a lot to move up here, and just when I start thinking it wasn’t worth my while (as I must admit I’m not all that happy here), I read of something like this.

Let this help keep the fire lit under our movement. It’s a grim but very real reminder that public registries are nothing more than de-facto state-sanctioned hit lists. This is further proof that the public cannot be trusted with this kind of information. The blood is not only on the hands of the domestic terrorist Fairbanks (let’s call him what he is), but also on the hands of the state for facilitating this murder.

You know this Registry has done more then take the life of Condoluci and caused pain and suffering to his family. It has also ruined the life of James Fairbanks and also caused pain and suffering to his family. He would not have become a criminal if he didn’t have access to the Registry. Now citizens will have to pay millions for this trial and to keep Fairbanks behind bars. Millions that could be better used for during this pandemic crisis.

This is only one ripple effect of the collateral damage this Registry has caused throughout America. And where is the accountability of the state in all this? When pharmaceuticals put out dangerous drugs onto the public and deaths were caused, we went after them, got them to take it down, and made these companies pay for damages.

The Registry should be no different. Dangerous things should not be accessible to the public.

@Bill in CA. Finely someone that’s making a bit of sense. And yes the registry does cause pain and suffering in many ways by incarceration, probation, monitoring and other disadvantages. And yes reputation is a factor but one should never kill someone just because he or she is a piece of trash.

Their is a limit to everything. My ordeal was a two night event. Why did I not go down their the first night? Why did I have a discernment that it wasn’t a teenanger.. Why did the person call me in route to make sure I was coming down or was it a ruse to change the meeting place when the orginial place they actually wanted to meet was their house but it wound op in a park of their choice. Call a lot of this extortion in a vain way but killing is never an excuse.

I was recently watching a podcast about the George Floyd situation. One of the casters said (I’m paraphrasing), “Once you’re under custody, then the state is responsible for you.”

The registry is an extension of custody over a registrant. Therefore, the state government is liable for anything that happens to any registrant because they were under their custody.

Under penalty of law, every person with a registerable sex offense must lose their privacy at the direction of the state (and federal government). We are still under custody under a regulatory scheme.

I hope the Condoluci family sues the government as he died under their custody, as the registry was compelled upon a free person under penalty of law. I hope every family who has gone through a tragedy like this sues their respective state.

Mr. Condoluci paid the ultimate penalty due to the regulatory scheme under the custody of the state. Therefore, the registry is punishment and unconstitutional. No one should die or have their life attempted to be exterminated due to a “regulatory scheme”. Those stars on those specific people in a concentration camp does not hurt those people; it’s just there to identify them. We already have several cases of people using the registry for vigilantism or other malice intentions. Yet it means nothing. There should be of equal outrage over Mr. Condoluci. It wasn’t just an outright homicide. The regulatory scheme pointed the direction to a murderer upon a supposedly free man in Mr. Condoluci. Mr. Condoluci was not a “free man” because he was still under custody to the regulatory scheme under penalty of law.

Nebraska should pay dearly. Nebraska Registry is an accessory to murder. The murdered stated he used the registry to do his bidding. Nebraska can’t bring this father back to his daughter and family.

@new person

IIRC, there was a recent case win stating the custody paradigm you mention for those on the registry. Can’t think of it at the moment but someone here maybe could.

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