ACSOL Board Member Catherine Carpenter Exposes Laws That Exclude Registrants

ACSOL Board Member Catherine Carpenter has published an academic paper that identifies many laws throughout the country that are characterized as criminal justice reform laws, but exclude anyone convicted of a sex offense from their benefits.

“ACSOL has vanquished residency restrictions thanks to the tireless efforts of our Executive Director, Janice Bellucci,” stated ACSOL Board Member Carpenter. “The next frontier for us? Tackling the myriad of laws that exclude registrants from the same criminal justice reform benefits available to others who have committed crimes.”

The title of the scholarly article written by Professor Catherine Carpenter is “Blanket Exclusions, Animus, and the False Policies They Promote.” The article exposes these laws and explains how they are built on moral panic and fueled by erroneous statistics.” The scholarly article was first published on August 12, 2020, on the Sentencing Law and Policy blog.

“One of the many examples of injustice in Professor Carpenter’s paper is a California law that allows most people to be convicted of a misdemeanor if they shoplift items worth $950 or less,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “The same law, however, excludes anyone convicted of a sex offense from that benefit and therefore all registrants who shoplift items worth the same amount are convicted of a felony.”

Blanket Exclusions, Animus, and the False Policies They Promote, Catherine Carpenter – Aug 2020

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Awesome. Let’s hope the right people read and understand this.

Thank you, Professor Carpenter, Janice, and all at ACSOL for your continued work to educate us as well as our elected officials and the public.

These blanket exclusions are a blatant violation of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution! They must go!

My probationer called me this afternoon and mentioned about playing a bit of phone tag and said sorry for playing phone tag, but I ask him if he got the messsage I left on the phone and he did. Believe it or not we are all badgered at times with the question have you been around kids when most of this offender registry is not even about being around kids.

While their are so many kinds of offenses in the sex registry department rostar it seems that this phone or texting is a money maker for government and at the same time government will do their best to save face and let the American Public know its for public safety.

Sure a probation officer will pump one so to speak. I can understand a woman’s view on the kids and safety factors. Even a mother bear protects her cubs which is only logical in nature. This virus is here for a reason or has a lot of people turned their backs on the good book?

Sure Ms. Carpenter when I first read some review’s of her she sounded good and yes its nice to know she has teamed up with Janice. Sure we can all remember at times and even write down dates to call and check in and do our best, but it seems the best at many times is not good enough. Even the commandments who could keep all of those back in biblical times in the OT.

So what is rational today. Is being a slick willy being rational today or being Soupy Sales with a pie in the face. And yes I use to live in Huntington, WV. I sometimes wonder whats a Commonweath State vs other states or who strives to get their true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding today.

True Justice is for everyone no matter what color they are, and yes even understanding a lot of biblical wisdom is a blessing or are we all to wear a mask for the rest of our lives. I even here their is a review of the Charlottesville protest on TV which I seldom watch. Nothing really good on TV today in my view. One actually wonders where is moral today. If the bible says all lie than all lie, plain and simple, and that’s why I am against all internet related ordeals which are nothing but schemes. Someone wanting someone to come down just to talk dirty to them

I’m grateful for the academic paper and research work. This is akin to “Frightening and High” by Dr Ira and Tara Ellmen!

There is a systematic injustice against registrants, or so I have often cited whenever newer laws are passed. I can’t wait to read this, but that CA bill pdf has me drained. I just want to say thank you before I crash.

A pleasant, though also somewhat infuriating, read. Pleasant for the points she makes and bolsters; infuriating for the games and tricks the courts ignore and allow from Legislatures–and from which they themselves benefit by eased workload.

I was happy to read the bits about Lawrence and Romer. I’ve been trying to piece together a perhaps plausible argument using these two cases but had thus far failed. Prof. Carpenter’s words give a little more perspective on it. “Animus” is the key, I believe, not “equal protection.” (Though essentially the same thing, they argue in different directions.)

@Janice Bellucci: I noticed a typo or some missing text later in the document. Perhaps you can get word to Prof. Carpenter about it? On physical page 45 (PDF page 47), the following sentence appears in the third paragraph:

“It struck down a federal food stamp program provision that was specifically altered to deny benefits to groups of unrelated people living together, the Court.”

What the heck is the fragment “the Court” doing on the end? I believe this sentence is actually supposed to end at “together” and then the next sentence starts with “The Court [said].”

Wow, that was a great read! There is so much packed into a short paper.

The blanket restrictions without statistical support can actually be seen with this COVID-19, as there are many “orders” infringing upon the liberties of Americans. Presidential candidate Biden wants to make wearing masks mandatory at all times. Why? It belies the science to wearing it all times, especially if you’re outside social distancing. An example of this is a lone kayaking person was taken into custody by several law enforcement detail for not staying at home. That doesn’t make any sense.

Any constitutional cases stemming from this should be watched as it is a parallel, particularly in light of governments protecting protests, but disavowing going to church all because of public safety.

Back in 1965 their was a song and yes it was taken from inspiration from the bible Ec. Chapter 3 To everything their is a season. During my past 8 yrs on this registry I have corresponded with Ms. Carpenter a time or two and yes at times we all have to undersand these seasons and a time for every purpose under heaven. While one’s memory can get a bit foggy going thru this ordeal we are all under at times we can use examples.

Sure things can go off course in a person’s family life, single life or whatever and become animus. Even government can be animus with this friction to their authority. Seems government today wants to overrate themselves which causes ill feelings when they are just as much guilty.

One person talked about the horse and buggy laws when talking about Smith vs Doe. I sort of liked the horse and buggy days and yes courts seem to use examples of the past litigations or who vs who. Under the orginal law we were all guilty and in bondage. Yes law is good if it in its proper perspective. Fullfilling the law is good but in the OT all were guilty.

Seems like people are carried away by every wind and doctrine today. Can anyone tell me who is in bondage today or if the bible says to induce another person with this form of stumbling block upon another. That is exactly what much of this is all about. Yes I’m glad hear Ms. Carpenter is still in there and helping the team in all this ordeal for truth and justice.

So is government putting off the old man or tightening things with their man made strong hold in many of these ordeals. Much of this registry is unsettling and I’m sure one would say American Government has lost its savor in many ways

Does anyone know how/where i can find rules,regulations,for sex offenders in virginia? We may be moving (retiring) from ca to va soon. It was a contact offense against a minor over 20 years ago. I had printed up a paper years ago on various state laws. I thought i read that the entire state of virginia has uniform regulations. Which i thought was helpful so that one doesnt need to search each county or municipality to know what you can or cant do as a registrant. Thanks.