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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Zombies versus Sex Offenders?

A friend recently referred to a TV series, IZombie, as a TV show in which some Zombies are portrayed in a positive light.  That is, she said, there are good Zombies and bad Zombies.

The idea of a good Zombie piqued my curiosity to the point that I watched three seasons of that TV show.  I quit watching the show when I realized I was covering my own eyes for large parts of each episode due to the gory scenes they portrayed.

What did I learn from watching three seasons of IZombie episodes?  I learned that some humans in the society portrayed in that show accepted Zombies as good despite the fact that they knew that all Zombies ate human brains.

The IZombie show is not an outlier.  In fact, the show lasted five seasons and attracted a large audience.  It can only be assumed that some people who watched the show agree with the premise that there is such a thing as a good Zombie.

Putting aside the fact that there are no such thing as real Zombies, the bottom line is how can some people agree that creatures who eat human brains are good at the same time that most people do not agree that a person convicted of a sex offense can also be good?  After all, we know that a person convicted of a sex offense will not eat another person’s brain.  We also know that, if they are currently living in society, they have already paid their debt to society by spending time in custody and undergoing several years of counseling.

Doesn’t that make people convicted of a sex offense less frightening and dangerous than a Zombie?  And if so, shouldn’t more people understand that a person convicted of a sex offense can be at least as good as a Zombie who eats human brains?

These are rhetorical questions.  They are also questions that I hope you readers will consider and pass on to members of your family, friends, mere acquaintances and perhaps even strangers who you know watch TV shows and movies focused on Zombies.  And when you do, I hope you will share the answers you receive in the comment section following this column.  Perhaps in their answers we can find a way to better frame the reasons why a person on the sex offender registry can and should be viewed as good.


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On that same line of thought, here’s an academic paper using that same premise of Zombies and Registrants, “WHAT IS PUNISHMENT? THE CASE FOR CONSIDERING PUBLIC OPINION UNDER MENDOZA-MARTINEZ” by David Singleton

Link to abstract:

Link to download full pdf:

An ACSOL poster M C shared the abstract link in another thread and I thought it appropriate here.

*** Start of Excerpt ***

Shifting from Part II’s more abstract and conceptual
discussion, Part III describes a specific study which explored whether
the public believes residency restrictions for sex offenders and drunk
drivers impose additional punishment. Although there are no known
residency restrictions for DUI offenders, the study asked about these
hypothetical restrictions to determine whether public opinion about the
punition of residency restrictions depends on the crime of conviction.
Briefly, the study found that a majority of respondents believed that
making DUI offenders and sex offenders leave their homes was
punitive. A majority also believed that prohibiting a DUI offender
from moving to a new residence within 1,000 feet of a place that sells
alcohol would impose additional punishment. However, a minority
believed that prohibiting sex offenders from moving to a new
residence near a school was not punitive, the implications of which
Part III examines in more detail. The point of discussing this study is
not to suggest that its findings should be definitive proof, one way or
the other, of whether residency restrictions are punitive in effect.
Rather, the study is valuable because it illuminates how public opinion
results can inform courts’ analysis of whether a particular sanction
*** End of Excerpt ***

I do like this compare and contrast. While the courts still cling onto “old traditional forms of punishment”, the public quickly identifies the inequities of penalties. It’s a study done onto a person, not a mass. The collection of studies makes the mass. It’s that quote from the movie ‘Men In Black’, “A person is smart. But people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.”

I have never understood one thing.

Regardless of punishment or protecting the public…it is the judges job to taylor the punishment and protecting the public to the individual and circumstances that were brought up during trial. Politician’s doing it violates separation of powers.

The undead is neither fully alive or fully dead. I’d say being undead is a good metaphor for lifre on the registry.

FloriDUH keeps us on the list long after we’re dead, so maybe they’re worried we’ll come back as zombies.

I want to suggest to SORNA that they due Florida over their registry. Since their grants are given based on the number of registrants and Florida requires registration for life, dead registrants should be removed (duh). Florida, however , keeps them there and considers them “compliant” for SORNA purposes. Pretty sure Florida’s dead registrants aren’t reporting to their local sheriff’s every year (or quarter, or whatever) to confirm they are still dead, currently residing in their final resting place, and remain unemployed, all key federal registration requirements, if I’m not mistaken. Sounds like a pretty clear case of fraud.

Then again, the biggest nightmare of any government office is to come at or below budget in any given year because they’ll lose funding the year following. Near certain that’s why SORNA reduced its requirement of “compliance” to “substantial compliance” with AWA. They’re probably fully aware of Florida’s fraud and may even be grateful for it so they can continue to ask for more money from Congress.

It really comes down to challenging and changing the public narrative by using the awesome tools that we have barely used:

The Internet. Social media.

It has proven to be a paradigm changing tool time after time like BLM that has generated so much momentum against police violence and racism that governments both local and federal to change their policies.

Creating powerful little videos to put out on YouTube are like spreading seeds into the public stream of consciousness. Some might not take but some will grow into a movement. The only way to know for sure is to do it.

I’m in the process of acquiring tools to make these videos to put out there. In time you will see me posting links. I hope they will inspire others for change.

Like “Former offenders and their families lives matter”.
Include all offenders

The sex offender rights movement has little to no chance. However, the “registrant” movement might make it. You see, they chose a phrase deliberately meant to cut-off any argument or opposition at the knees. Same goes for pro-victim legislation like “Marsy’s law”. This approach is crippling the progress that could be made if not for people’s natural reaction to the “shock and awe”.

Completely agree. “sex offender” has to leave all intelligent discussion. I don’t like “registrant” either though. It sounds too legitimate and nice.

Nope, this is an outright illegal, immoral war. I am a Person Forced to Register. By an illegitimate, criminal operation, at the point of guns.

On their big government paper (!!!) forms, the criminals call me “offender” repeatedly. I am not an “offender”. But they are. They deserve consequences.

They should’ve fixed their stupidity a decade ago, but they keep making it worse. My patience has ended and their time is up. Now the only judgement that matters is my own and I’ve found them guilty.

ACSOL is based upon peace and we do not condone violence of any sort. Please remember this as you face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

@Will, if you think violence will advance the cause of our fight for civil rights, look at the negative press that the Black Lives Matter protests receive when someone in the protest draws an arbitrary line in the sand and decides violence is justified. The Right uses it as reason to crack down more!

Do you really want to be another catalyst for persecuting registrants? Jesse Timmendequas started the tidal wave when he killed Megan Kanka. Every registrant who commits a crime of any kind is used as justification for more persecution.

And how much did the Black Panthers help the cause of civil rights in the 60s as compared to MLK Jr.’s peaceful but strong methods?

Progress in civil rights has been won by people groups by strong, consistent, long-term fights for a change in public perception, using multiple battles of legal, legislative, and public education that includes personal stories to change public perception.

In the minds of the paranoid public you would be the embodiment of their stereotype of the violent, dangerous “sex offender”.

I hope you realize your choices are not just about your own short-term self-gratification for release of your anger. Your violent actions would affect us all negatively, and would result in much damage to the fight for our civil rights.


Obviously this is a very, very complex subject. I feel like if a person fully explored it, that would require like a 1,000 page dissertation. I’m certainly not qualified or motivated enough for that.

I expect you are right about violence, but that is pretty dumb really. You would think the criminal legislators and their enabling terrorists would care that their actions are the DIRECT cause of the murders of innocent children. But they actually don’t really care much. I hope it’s because they’ve fooled themselves into believing that they are not the actual murderers. And not just that they are evil, disgusting excuses for humans.

But clearly, in order to have their Hit Lists, they are fine with some # of dead children every single year. That’s an acceptable price to them. I’ve asked some of them before what # is acceptable. Is it 10? 100? 1,000? They are always too weak to answer. They just want to live in Registry Fantasyland, where they are jacking off with their Hit Lists and big government is effective.

I think you are right about your statement of – In the minds of the paranoid public you would be the embodiment of their stereotype of the violent, dangerous “sex offender”.

But isn’t that incredibly dumb? The violence I think about mostly is like what Timothy McVeigh did. What the heck does that have to do with sex?!! Why would the terrorists care about violence in any way regardless? They can’t even be bothered to create their nanny big government (NBG) Registries for that. They can’t lie that they care about violence. They are freaked out about sex. And that’s it. They don’t even have Gun Offender Registries!! They are fine with shooters living by schools. They are fine with shooters being in schools! So “violent”, lol?! They only care about that if they can tie it to sex. It’s ridiculous. All crimes are fine unless they involve sex.

But anyway, I haven’t resorted to violence yet. I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone who does though, or care.

Despite that, I retaliate for the Hit Lists every second of every day. I set things up to do that. Just like the Hit Lists harm every second they exist, the mechanisms I have established do the same. And I’d encourage every Person Forced to Register (PFR) to do the same.

I have very tangible retaliations that harm. But the way that I feel that I retaliate best for the Hit Lists is fairly intangible. And that is by ensuring that they are worthless. For over 2 decades, I have continually had close relationships with all kinds of people who have no idea that I am listed on the Hit Lists. I am around children ALL the time. All the time. I have them at my home very often (pre-COVID)!! They are in swimming suits there! Some sleep over. Unsupervised! My actual, Registered home is the nightmare of the dipsh*t fear mongers.

As I’ve said before, being around children is a normal way to live, so it is mostly that. But I also get great satisfaction from knowing it is easy to do and that NBG knows nothing about it. They don’t have the first clue. They can pass all the “laws” they want and they will never be able to stop that. All PFRs should do the same.

I’ve already blabbed too long so I don’t want to get into much more. But I have a very long list of actions that I’ve taken or take which harm society or people. Solely because of the Hit Lists. It just has to be done.

Why would you think there is a “short-term self-gratification”? There is nothing short-term about it. I’ve been retaliating for decades. In the past and present, I’ve only see things that will increase and prolong that retaliation. I see nothing that will change it from continuing for decades. Even if a person was murdering people, why would anyone assume that would be short-term?

As long as Registries exist, they must cause the most harm possible. Serious destruction can be done legally. People should not just sit back and type on keyboards. People should take real actions in reality. That is the most important.

They’re both characters created with descriptors designed to incite certain reactions.

Actually, the comparison can go even further. Shows like “The Walking Dead”, movies like “World War Z” and even video games use the zombie character as the target villain for the purpose of creating something “okay” to fight, oppose, despise, or destroy. Zombies are usually given diabolical or grotesque appearances. They are generalized as being unintelligent, singular focused, and driven by basic primal instincts. Their MO is simple enough and are largely regarded as expendable. Anything done in the cause wiping them out is fair game.

And like sex offenders there is always a focus on what they’ve become vs who or what they used to be.

I agree. Remember, there is no redemption for a sex offender. We are ALL considered untouchable.

I Have NO love for LE However THEY have GUNS We DO NOT.. BLM and ANTIFA have GUNS We Do Not. I say better to keep the enemy close NOT FIGHT A PUBLIC WAR ON TWO FRONTS THAT IS BLATANT INSANITY…However if dEFUNDING AND OR Policy Change, eg: NO PUBLIC REGISTRY. OR NO REGISTRY after 10 yrs.. I could cope……
KNOW Your Enemy and You will NEVER be Defeated in a Thousand Battles

Further More, I Think all felons that have never used a fire arm in commission of a crime AND has been CLEAN for 10 Yrs Should also have their 2nd amendment rights restored no matter the offense! but that’s
just me….
IF We expose ourselves like BLM or ANTIFA,,,,We May very well have publicly committed suicide on several Fronts! better the Devil You Know than the the demons hunting you!,,, Savvy?

Further More, I Think all felons that have never used a fire arm in commission of a crime AND has been CLEAN for 10 Yrs Should also have their 2nd amendment rights restored no matter the offense! but that’s
just me….
IF We expose ourselves like BLM or ANTIFA,,,,We May very well have publicly committed suicide on several Fronts! better the Devil You Know than the the demons that will be hunting you!,,, Savvy?

P.S. BTW My Mom says Our life isn’t like a TV series it more of a Steven King horror stories!

The main problem is they have instilled fear in not only those on the registry, but also on the families. The families who want to help fear for the safety of the loved one. They also fear for themselves because their safety is also at risk. I agree that violence is not the way to proceed, but at what point or where do we draw the line. The fact that anyone who feels the need can make a accusation about a registrant, and some how you become the scapegoat. The only way to help end the registry for the low risk registrants, which even the factors for evaluating has become political-is to keep educating on the factual low re-offense rate. Then the increased risk to public safety by not allowing true reintegration into society. The fact also that the risk is not of those on the registry committing a new sexual crime, but property crimes. Then the fact that the increased risk of drug addiction etc increases. The mention of allowing the public to be involved in the courts is crazy. It has been the public’s molested opinion because of the false information which has lead to this point now. also the public should be complete out of the registry. Only law enforcement should have access to this information anyways in my opinion.

BLM Rioters in Kenosha the county detention office has been set ablaze! Now if this happens to all places of registration?
I won’t cry,,, I Promise.
I would be LMFAO!

What REALLY boggles MY mind is when those specific ‘sex offenders’ who had consensual sex with a 13/14/15-year-old teenager (and the teenager grows up later genuinely reporting no harm done, after all those years) are lunkheadedly and rashly placed in a group that’s “worse than murderers”.

Apparently, there are “good cowboys” who earn a badge for killing other cowboys…. **shrugs**

@AC. Good Cowboys or bad. So who’s wearing a mask today. Dumps a cargo truckload of TP on Will Allens lawn. Sure AC people can play cowboy, truth or dare is government today but when it comes down to the real truth or shoot out or indian fight who you gonna shoot? Should one call F troop or Will Allen.

If Will Allen really read some of his views they sound good Just like a “True Grit” story of not backing down. My grandmother was a Morrison and mention to us many years ago that we were some kin to John Wayne, I don’t know if its true or not as I never really looked it up.

One wonders who dumps on who when they get mixed up with the law or government or were is the True grit today. Should we alls say more truth in government, penal system reform, advantages, disadvantages of welding the sword of justice or the corporal govermental man made punishment for those say zombies.

One wonders who covers their skirts today or was Cattle Annie and little britches a tale of the west and their actually was no prostitution in the old west. One wonders who’s prostiting goverment values? Today it seems its either prostutition or persecution and yes, constutional law and devine law play a big part in real governmental law even letting some of these prisoners out to fight a fire . So who’s holding whos’ responsiblity in check in situations such as this fire ordeal in California?

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