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IL: A timeline of how Illinois registered sex offender database was created

[ – 11/25/20]

When Terry Parke, a state representative from Pittsfield, the chief sponsor of the Habitual Child Sex Offender Registration Act, discusses his 1986 bill, he describes it as “one of the most important laws the Legislature would consider that year.”
The law requires habitual child sex offenders to register with police within 30 days of release from prison and remain registered for 10 years.

“We are having an epidemic in Illinois … of sex crimes against our children,” Parke said.

But state Rep. Larry Hicks, a Democrat from Mount Vernon, argues that the registry violates the rights of those convicted of sex crimes.
“It is wrong to tell criminals that once they have been rehabilitated and have served their time, that we’re going to register them and brand them for years to come,” he said.

That first enacted law for sex offender legislation in Illinois went into effect on Aug. 15, 1986. It defined a habitual child sex offender as any person convicted, discharged, or paroled from a correctional facility of a second or subsequent sex offense (attempts included) where the victim was under 18.

Read the full history


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Looks a lot like a timeline from 1940s Germany

Seems like those on the registry past, present and future are understanding that its all a devilish scheme. Now when I mentioned the bible on here or maybe it was NARSOL a long time ago everyone had a cow udder blatter problem with it. Doesn’t Government stray from their use or abuse of power not to mention the Commandments or do we all sin?

Its that thin line that divide’s men from those that strive for right judgement. This plea deal or idinity theif is a type of coy in this plea deal. So who’s guilty.. sure I will admit my shame. Sure its just like Shawn said a Germany time line or who is sufficating in all this witch hunt confusion.

Even this plea deal amounts to a mockery of justice in many ways. Sure we all have faults. My dad use to tell me if you can’t say anything good about someone don’t say it at all. So who has the last word on this and these judgement calls of if you plead guilty I’ll talk to the DA and the judge.. that tells one that much of this is just a con game. Sense we are all going into the holidays one should look for better things to come.

On that note I think its time for me to leave as who judges another or cuts out his tongue or should we all learn our abc’s backwards or for that matter constutional law of understanding or who nags without moral understanding. We could take a look at Ali or even Presley and many others that are not even involved in much of this registry but were are they now even that German timeline.

There’s there’s something wrong here. I was convicted in Illinois in 2006 of possession of child porn — 6 online images of an anonymous “child” of 16, according to the grand jury indictment. Pleaded guilty to avoid publicity harmful to my family. I am required to be on the sex offender registry FOR LIFE — this is by statute not a ruling by the judge in my case. I have been offense free ever sense. So what’s this “habitual” law. Doesn’t apply to me, I guess.

Ever notice how everything is an “epidemic” with these people?

Their actual timeline:

Means = Portray children in a perpetual state of danger and harm.

Opportunity = Assuage society with useless laws

Motive = $$$$$ ?


The time line shows just how the legislators continue to pile upon the registry and branding, including banishment, “that once they have been rehabilitated and have served their time.” as per Larry Hicks.

It would great if every state would do a timeline as proof that each additional levy upon criminals who have been “rehabilitated and served their time” without any scientific proof for each additional levy. This would prove a legislative systematic oppression upon one subset of people.

Neither public safety nor evidence have anything to do with expanding these laws. It is purely political expediency to appear tough on crime for the next election. Once introduced, legislators are loath to vote against increased laws for SOs. A yea vote has no political downside as does voting against them.


Which brings up a constitutional question: Why is a statutory scheme penalty not identified as a punishment? These statutory or criminal penalties both invade an individual’s liberty, but why is one considered okay and the other not okay to infringe upon said same liberties?

One set of convicts regain their liberties and not have to register beyond their court stated custody of the state. Yet one small subset of convicts must continue to serve the state beyond their court stated custody of the state. From a layman’s POV, this segregation is unequal, but the law allows it. Just like the law allowed slavery, racial segregation, and internment camps. Eventually, those were considered unconstitutional. Yet, here, we have a vice that tramples upon individuals who have already paid their dues to society. Public safety combined with no constraint that imposing any penalty beyond one’s custody is unconstitutional is a perfect combination to continue subjugating free individuals in the USA. The same USA where the birth of the following phrase exists, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Liberty for me, but not for thee. Seem very un-American.

Timeline of laws intended to protect children based on lies and fear shows the real agenda. 1-2 we are coming for registrants. 3-4 the public will ask for more. 5-6 grab your ankles. 7-8 we’re going to screw you more. 9-10 you’ll never have a life again. Yup politicians the gift spreading holiday cheer. What’s the cure? Throw the bums out of office and a cell for corruption along with abuses of power.

Yep this is a nightmare on elm street for every sexofender in America A never ending nightmare how long can people live like this.
I understand where the fear and hate comes from so I’m not mad at Society or people living in my neighborhood or landlords or employers
my enemy is the DOJ and the MEDIA who think they can do and say whatever they want when it comes to sex offenders.
If things dont change in 2021 for teir1 and teir2 offenders I promise every American and every law enforcement agency and every politician in this country will know my name my face and my struggle and deathfently my pain .
Its gloves off at this point the DOJ and the MEDIA need to be exposed and fact check and held accountable for their actions I never wanted to fight this fight because of the consequences this could have on my family and friends and my job but at this point all of that means nothing if you can’t enjoy it.
Every person forced to register needs to stop and really respond to the to way your government has been treating you this isn’t about fighting to live free its about fighting to die free.

Good luck

During last week’s ACSOL meeting, Chance said something along the line of, “one cannot legislate morality.” It’s infuriating when judicial and legislative decisions that are so riddled with hyperventilating emotions, and not a hint of a logical foundation, are given the seal of approval. But, the only way to counteract that is to continue to battle the legal components; to keep pounding away at what is tantamount to a house of cards; a paper tiger. The amoral individuals whose decisions are designed power-grabs, believe the constant emotional assault will be enough to keep us at bay; but it won’t be. The emotional decision makers loathe to be confronted with facts, because it tears away at the façade they are desperate to maintain. Janice and Dean (ACSOL) have demonstrated what can be accomplished with unyielding tenacity. It’s not easy, but eventually, sustained logic and credibility will unveil the emotional attack for what it is: ignorance. In addressing and undoing what has been legislated, the ugly faces of amorality will be unmasked.

Morality and common sense are useless to politicians. All they care about is the next election and use anything to look good for the public. Not all registrants are a threat to society and have proved it; so how long is someone redeemable. Politicians and the public are lacking critical thinking skills. If a part of a statement is false, the statement is invalid. For example, “ All men are pigs, but you are an exception.” Is an invalid statement. “Majority of the public treat registrants like garbage all due to a conviction that placed them on a registry.” You can prove that with the laws passed and by the number of murders of registrants.

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