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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Homeless for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, the first in a series of winter holidays followed by Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Day. For many people, including some registrants, they will spend those holidays in a sleeping bag on a public sidewalk. In a tent under a bridge. Or in a car if they’re lucky.

Although some of those registrants have a low-income job or government assistance, they cannot find a place to live. Why? Not because they can’t afford it, not because of COVID-19, but because of a different kind of virus. That virus is called “Crime Free Housing” and it’s a virus for which there is no vaccine.

The Los Angeles Times called attention to the “Crime Free Housing” virus on its front page this week. The newspaper continued its description of the horrors of that virus on two subsequent pages.
According to that article, cities and counties throughout the nation are now boasting they can provide “Crime Free Housing” to their residents. In California alone, there are 147 cities and counties that do so.

The basic foundation of “Crime Free Housing” is that everyone who has been convicted of, or even charged with, a crime cannot live in that city or county. Why? Because “those people” are criminals who are likely to re-offend and worse yet, attract criminal activity into the city or county where they reside.

The San Diego County handbook for “Crime Free Housing” compares people charged with, or convicted of, a crime to weeds. The same weeds we find in our yards and gardens if we are lucky enough to have them. The handbook goes on to state that a “single weed quickly overtakes an entire garden.”

The handbook also calls individuals charged with, or convicted of a crime, “predators” and compares them to a hungry lioness stalking her prey. According to the handbook, the “two-legged urban breed of predator, the criminal, works the same way.”

The only way to eradicate and prevent both weeds and predators is to establish screening policies that prevent “criminals” from obtaining housing, according to the handbook. The handbook then warns landlords and property managers of possible screening pitfalls such as race, ethnicity, etc. But it’s okay to discriminate against a person who was charged with, but not convicted of, a crime especially a sex offense?

Having just learned about “Crime Free Housing”, I am not ready to recommend a course of action to get rid of it. There may not be a vaccine for “Crime Free Housing”, but there is sure to be a legal remedy. In the meantime, know that many cities and counties, landlords and managers, are displaying signs stating that they provide “Crime Free Housing.” If you are a registrant and see such a sign, beware and know that you are not welcome…..for now.

– by Janice Bellucci / Janice’s Journal

Crime Free Handbook – Nov 2020

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How does something like this legally exist as pertaining to registrants since the 290 law explicitly states that this information cannot be used to deny housing?

From where does a jurisdiction get the authority to choose who may/may not be a citizen?

Around here in Wisconsin the number of jurisdictions with “original domicile” regulations is still growing, meaning that if you are a registrant and didn’t have an established domicile in that community at the time of your conviction you can’t establish one after.

Seems to me that there has to be something illegal about a community having regulations & ordinances barring a person from establishing a residence there.

Politicians ARE the Virus
WORSE THAN a Crotch full of HERPES!
The Gift that keeps on giving!!!

You know they say let the punishment fit the crime. All these measurements and wanting to be politically right says a lot even to the Presidency. Now I was for Biden all the way and yes Trump has to take his lumps no matter how you put it. Seems being a bit over bearing is a bit out of character. Housing rules, Its for public safety, Job discrimination when employees look up this on their computer and than I’m sorry but you never told me you were a sex offender.

OneI wonder if turkey’s don’t get Covid-19. Yes living around people and them finding out you were or are a sex offender isn’t too good almost like a Hattfield and MCcoy fued. I’m sure many that have gone thru all this understand this barrier that we all face. Law enforcement are just as much at fault or What is evil? or who gets a good conduct merit badge.

Myself have two more years of this crap even thou I have my paperwork in for a Pardon which is at many times apaper wasted paper chase effort.

So tell me who’s an offender in the sense that one is set-up. Who is justified when they can’t live around their own kids or brothers and sisters in many cases. One hopes it doesn’t take a brainy-ack machine to figure that out or do people let others run over them.

Janice in reading this article again about the homeless you ask the age old question Why? Yes one can look at many aspects. So how does one spell discrimination in many of these cases of malice.

Sure their is no place like home and yes many are afraid to rent or have a person known as a sex offender or on the registry living right beside them. That right their is a basis to end much of this sex offender registry issue now. Myself and many others have said two wrongs don’t make a right and yes its very true so were does reasoning come into play in much of this farce of this registry issue.

Janice while I don’t know your political affilication nor do I want I wish to know but it seems the best person to help in a movement like this is someone that understands in these legal matters or issues we discuss on here which is the sex registry and how it can upset lives in many ways. I’ve even asked the question what is evil, so what is good or is living in a park or trailer court or on a park bench or in a tent a consolation, mobile trailer home or whatever. Nobody should be homeless for the holidays. And yes we all talk about cleaning up the justice system.

Sure one can get inside out of the weather and free rent at the “roach motel” which some have called jail but these many different sex offenses are malice in a lot of ways and are carried via a computer inducement. Correct me if I am wrong again Janice. Should any servant or minister of God induce these things on others?

Sure their needs to be a bit of Christian value in everything under the sun but with this registry one has to look at the mess that has came about with all this discrimination and other forms of unGodly issues or is everyone perfect with the good or right answer in this world. Even government is at times a bit of a let down in this fix the solution by the inducement of sexual persuasion as the common demonatior. One wonders who thinks of others better than themself in much of this vain conceit ordeal.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if during Trumps last act as President that he would pardon many that were callously caught up by this sex registy issue maybe Janice can work on that or many of us so we all could get some closure on this.

@ Steve….. the President can only pardon federal crimes.

This sound like another form of discrimination. What makes a person believe that another is going to corrupt their perfect world just because of locality. Criminals are just people who could not escape the system either due to finances or connections but why is it that so many times the privileged escape this fate? You can find dirt on anyone but to blatantly alienate those who are trying to make an honest life for themselves is inhumane and defeats the purpose of even being better. Why try if it is already too late? This could backfire with worse consequences due to a desperate fight for equal rights.
We are ready to Lobby along side Janice to make a difference when the time comes. In the meanwhile we will formulate a plan and give hope to the hopeless.

I’m currently facing the possibility of homelessness I’ve been living in my residence for 2 years problem free unfortunately property was sold and I had to move it took my family almost 3 months find a place we followed everything that parole requested I was told to talk to the owner and inform him that I was on parole and that I got visits every month but my agent ended up calling and telling him I’m a sex offender and that she needs to speak to the owner because cops will enter the property and destroy property that never happened in the time that I have been out which is almost 3 years so now I’m facing these holidays away from my wife family because of an ignorant parole agent I don’t know what to do don’t know where to turn and I never gave them any issues or problems to be treated the way I’m being treated right now

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