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Good morning everyone and Janice Hope all is well with all and yours I have a few questions that hopefully can be answered. 1. I am officially done with the treatment program(waiting for the certification of rehabilitation). Paid restitution in full, have completed over 2 1/2 yrs of formal probation and spoke with a public defender at the court where I was convicted. He saw my case and informed me that he will look into it and do some research in seeing if we can argue the courts for early termination of probation, but informed me that with sex offenses… Read more »

@ R Herrera: “2. Is there another alternative to this?” Ruben, alternative to this what??
Alternative to requesting early termination of probation?
Alternative to using an attorney?
Alternative to what exactly?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alternative to requesting early termination!

@ Ruben: Well, yes, the alternative to early termination is to stay on probation until it ends! 🙄

The other alternative is violate probation and go back to jail. Or the productive thing to do is to write a letter to the judge and show proof how you’re bettering your life. It worked for me. Getting along with your probation officer is huge because he’ll have the final word when the judge asks for reference

I assume you mean alternative to waiting for the decision on being granted early termination or being denied the answer is no. Pending a decision you’ll still be on the hook. If you mean alternative as in getting another lawyer there’s nothing anyone else can do really. These types of cases aren’t about how “powerful” of an attorney you can get on your side or how much “better” of a deal you can get. As far as the law is concerned you’re ALWAYS getting the better deal if they haven’t hanged you yet. Trust the public defender but also do… Read more »

I disagree. It worked for me with 0 attorney. No money spent besides just 3 years on probation.

In CA, probation is just about always a minimum of three years. But it can be extended beyond that. If you had 5 year probation, you might be able to get early termination after 3 years. But it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be granted early termination before 3 years, particularly for a sex offense.

Ab 1950 now limits probation at 2 years unless a serious or violent felony. It is retroactive as there are people getting off at the 2 year mark without going to court.

Not true. Met a few in that group therapy scam that got early termination. It takes a competent lawyer and a reasonable judge, but it happens.
I received 3 yrs, but only 1 was formal, the other 2 were informal probation. The officer gave me a call about every 4 months to ask how I was getting along. Only time I saw him after was when he asked me to come in just before my probation terminated. Wished me luck and shook my hand. I actually sent him a christmas email and he responded in kind. A decent person.

My probation was terminated early. My attorney argued that the minimum sentence was given at the time of sentencing. The law as it is written does not specifically state that the sentence can not be adjusted after the minimum is given. It makes the distinction with other minimum sentences for crimes other than sex offenses. I served 2 years of a 5 year probation and my sentence was adjusted to the 3 days in jail. It was declared Nunc Pro Tunc. It means now as before

Even though iv been off probation for 17 years now i still remember being on felony probation like it was yesterday that shiit was no joke . i can’t imagine being on parole and having to wear that GPS tracking device for 5 years that’s gotta mentally screw with your head and self-esteem. Anyone who’s been registered as a sex offender for 10+ years knows Megan’s Law is lifetime probation there is no going free there is no getting on with your life you’ll always be tracked down by law enforcement there’s probably some detective right now going over your… Read more »

Dude, you are seriously depressing with the majority of your comments. The ‘good luck’ you always close with is nothing more than a taunt. Take your downward spiral into the abyss somewhere else. We don’t need it here.

How about making a national public registry for domestic terrorists. I don’t know too many people that would want a bomb making terrorist living near their kids.

For whatever reason, people only want registries for crimes they don’t trust are being punished enough—sex offenses, animal abuse. They seem to trust that murder and terrorism are dealt with satisfactorily by the justice system, but not sex crimes or animal offenses. I’m not sure why.

I’ll take a bomb-making terrorist over a house frau with DUI convictions. I don’t want her driving her kids to school on the same roads I’m driving my kids to school. As a parent, I have a right to know who the local drunks are!

I could not agree with you more!! 👍
(And DUI drivers have a very high recidivism rate!!)

Update, had a hearing today on 4 Motions in the Registry Fee Case (Judicial Review of Administrative Tax Refund Seizure): 1) State’s Motion to Strike Objection: the State wanted to strike an objection I filed to one of their replies in support of the Motion to Dismiss. 2) My Motion to Strike statements of the State made in filings: The State was using verbatim language from my criminal case in this case, that would lead back to me and only me, and they were harping on the victim’s age. Based on the prior Order of the Court allowing me to… Read more »

Another registrant murdered, this time in New Hampshire. A fairly sympathetic portrayal of the victim:

“The sad life and unexplained death of a sex offender”

@NDIK, et al,

If I read this right, he would’ve been eligible to petition for removal nearly 5 years ago from the registry due to the time of the event and the state’s registry implementation date being afterwards. Another life lost sadly because why? Because he was on a registry he didn’t need to be on. An ex post facto death. State should pay for a headstone and burial.

D.I.K., Shall we compare the difference between the story you posted versus this story about an Hispanic female federal judge who’s kid was murdered by a lawyer posing as a delivery man? Seems the judge now thinks judges need special protection by scrubbing their public information from the web! Imagine that! No different than the choice to close the doors of the people’s highest court. Congress has taken a powder today based on what MIGHT happen. Fargin political cowards. Obviously Judgement will come for Mr. Roberts whose tech tilted opine swayed the Rehnquist court into permitting vindictive acts via… Read more »

So I just heard on the radio this afternoon, here in California, (KNX 1070) that a new bill is being presented/introduced in Sacramento which would give most of those convicted, once released and after successful completion of parole/probation, the opportunity to have their entire criminal record actually sealed. The reason stated “it has become just too hard for a convicted criminal to find housing and a good job, with a criminal record holding them down and everyone deserves a second chance.” They stated that almost ALL convictions (yes including murder) would qualify to be sealed, Oh… EXCEPT ANY conviction involving… Read more »

Just more BS feel good crap that does nothing for no one really.

I took a look at AB 2978 (which mike r posted a link to), and I saw the following: “(2) A person is eligible for automatic conviction relief pursuant to this section if they meet all of the following conditions: (A) The person is not required to register pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act.” I admit I sped read through it. But, I think this is the only mention about registrants. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m hoping this means that IF a registrant is able to successfully petition off of the registry, then he/she is no longer… Read more »

G4 – The bill states that it will not apply if the person went to prison or has to register as a sex offender. So, it sounds as if someone got off or will get off the registry via COR (if applicable) or via the petition per the Tiered Registry, then yes, the offense (if no prison was served) should be eligible for removal.

Good catch, G4Change.

It is written in present tense and “The person is not required ” appears to equal:

“The person is not *currently* required…” since *currently* is present tense as well.

Somebody will raise hell tho.

This bill died in committee. It was never voted on.

Guess I will ask here again. Will there be a lawsuit challenging the no individual risk assessments in the near future in CA state court like there were in the surrounding states that were winners?

Mike R, aren’t the static-99s individual assessments? Just asking because I don’t know.

Is the static really an “individual assessment?” Lol it’s a 10 question test that’s archaic and has a lot of many other problems that go along with it too. Ever lived with a lover for at least two years? And a question that pretty much penalizes you for being LGBTQ

Do you have a non-contact/non-violent offense? Boom! +1 point on the Scam-99R.

Static 99 is a joke. It is just that, static. It is not an actual risk assessment based on dynamic facts. And they only use it to put people in higher tiers not the other way around of course.
Yeah no one will ever challenge the no individual assessments in court, it makes to much sense to fly in this Idiocracy world we live in.

I know many, including RSO’s, are homeless in California as are across the USA (and world). I ran across a video today made by this guy, German in Venice, who migrated to the USA 30 years ago and (, who has documented the encampments in and around Venice beach and LA in general. It is a good reminder that not only are RSO’s affected but so are many others. I do realize there are various reasons why people become homeless, both voluntary and involuntary and this is only a speck of the USA. I also know I, even on community… Read more »

California homelessness is so bad if A sex offenders wanted to go underground and live off the grid they could easily do it.
Especially if they have really nice car or SUV they could park in any neighborhood in southern California and sleep like a baby Megan’s Law is useless

Good luck

Is anyone familiar with the “rules” of moving to another state after you’ve been granted an expungement and certificate of rehabilitation? My crime was a misdemeanor in CA from years ago. I’ve since received an expungement and a certificate of rehabilitation and no longer have to register.

However, I’ve been advised that if I move to another state, I’ll likely be put on that states sex offender registry. I don’t understand how that can be since I’ve had my crime wiped off my record and am no longer a registrant.

Anyone familiar with this?

@confused There is no simple set of “rules” to go by. My family and I are considering moves out of California. And I have begun to look into the laws for a couple locations we are interested in. The short answer is you have to look into registration requirements for your destination and determine if they apply to you. I believe a few states might honor a CoR as relief from being forced to register again, but in the locations I have researched to date I have not found that is the case. Wish I had better answers for us… Read more »

@Interested Party,

Would you mind sharing the states you’ve looked at so far that have said you’d have to register in? It might help me save some time and skip over them. I was wanting AZ, but it’s so far looking like they’ll require registration. Nevada is a possibility, since my crime involved a 16 year old and 16 is their legal age of consent, so I’m assuming it wouldn’t be a crime in Nevada. Haven’t spoken to anyone there yet.

@ confused – Was curious what information you had received regarding moving to Arizona and having to register still. I would hope depending on what somebody’s circumstances are if you received a 17 B and then a complete dismissal and expungement that one would not have to register. Certainly I’ll need to speak to an attorney as I get closer to that date but would appreciate any feedback that you might’ve already gotten.

@Mr D., I was told by the AZ Department of Public Safety that each county handles their registration and to check with the county Sheriff’s. An attorney in AZ also told me the same. I find that odd, because there should be one blanket set of rules for the state. Anyhow, when contacting the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, the lady told me I would have to register since my offense would’ve been registerable in their state. I explained my expungement and COR and that basically I don’t have a crime any longer. She said it didn’t matter. I do feel… Read more »

@Confused, alot of the information you are seeking is in the legal section on this site. Both of the two items – while not exactly labeled that way – do have information that is probably helpful for answering this question.

There’s no general rule that anyone can provide you with. In fully SORNA compliant states you likely won’t need to register as per SORNA any conviction that had a maximum possible (not what you were given but potential on paper) jail sentence of a year or less is considered a “misdemeanor” and subject to 10 years registration. Some other states default to your original conviction state’s guidelines, meaning if your conviction state released you, you’re good to go, or you’ll need to keep registering if they didn’t, even if the state you’re moving to wouldn’t require it by their laws.… Read more »

Shouldn’t this problem be brought up in a federal suit? The registry is already convoluted within one state, but to have several different state laws not acknowledging removal from the registry appears to be awfully wrong. If one state can put one on the registry for all states, then shouldn’t one state also have the capability to remove one from the registry should remove it from all states as well? If you are removed from the registry in your state and apply for a passport, then you do not have that demarcation that you are currently a registrant… right? Doesn’t… Read more »

@ New Person: Sounds good, but I know that even if I am removed from Cali’s Registry, I am still listed on Florida’s Registry for life (unless I successfully petition for removal).
The DOS – who is responsible for passports – will still see me on Florida’s Registry, so my passport will continue to have the IML identifier. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@SR, You nailed it on the head…”, nor is whatever they tell you at all binding in court.” That’s why I’ve pretty much given up, since even an attorney advised me to go through the Sheriff’s office. When I questioned him about his response and needing something binding so I don’t ever get arrested, he took offense and went into a rant about his 30 years of experience working with sex offenders and so on. I really don’t understand how this is acceptable though. If one no longer has a crime and has been removed from registering, how another state… Read more »


It’s because states can have their own laws and own set of registry criteria and because registration is not considered punitive they can enforce their own civil requirements based on the criteria they so choose.

@M C,

I understand them having their own rules…but I don’t understand how they can enforce those rules upon me (or others in my situation) when I no longer have a criminal record or obligation to register. What they’re doing is essentially saying that I still have a record and am a registrant. My crime was in California, so they should not be able to have any say so on whether it follows me after it’s been removed.

@Confused, I agree with you but they wont. It goes back to registration not being considered to be a punishment. If it’s not a punishment they don’t need anything more to make you be on it other than a law with a set of items that trigger a registration requirement and their interpretation of that law that says you have to register. Perhaps one could legally challenge this in certain circumstances but that requires you to first move there and comply (so you have standing and don’t end up incarcerated while you challenge it) in addition to a willing attorney… Read more »

Funny thing is, I’m actually trying to move from MI to CA. I will be removed March 24. I have something similar which is called (Holmes youthful training act). HYTA. Record sealed, case dismissed, but still had to register. The legislature in their latest bill has re-defined “Conviction” for purposes of SORA, and due to the latest bill, the term conviction for purposes of SORA, does not included myself since i was sentenced under HYTA. Not sure how CA or any other state will look at this.

Tim ~ I am curious to see how anyone in CA even knows the law. It is too complex, and I don’t think even attorneys understand it.

Interested Party:
Does II took most pre-2012 registrants off of the registry in Michigan. It’s too soon to know how Does II will be enforced because it isn’t final yet. You should talk to a good attorney in Michigan, provide him with your case file and see how your case fits into this picture.


Thanks for the information we will look into it.

There you go again talking about things that have not happened. Pre 2011 RPs have NOT been removed from Michigan’s registry.

@Disgusted….I said the same thing when I saw his post. He writes that stuff in the most technical aspect of the court rulings. He recites what should happen. This time he said he didn’t know what the actual enforcement of Does II will end up being. Which is one of the only factually speculative things he’s ever posted. By now we’re all acutely aware that real tangible change is highly unlikely. Especially for Tier III’s…… maybe he’ll tell us all to file 406 forms again when 2/3rds of Michigan’s registrants are Tier III and basically exempt from that filing….Y’all, I… Read more »

@Detroit, you claim that most pre-2012 Michigan registrants have been removed. That’s funny because my self and many others are still on the registry, most are pre-2006 and 2011, and some like my self are pre- 1995. So how do you explain the fact that we are still on it?. It’s probably because we are tier 3, and others who were supposedly removed are obviously not tier 3, we are the ones getting screwed left and right. I wish there was a way you could prove that pre- 2006 and 2011 registrants will be removed , but there is no… Read more »

BOBBY… I totally agree. I have heard of no one being removed from the registry in Michigan as of yet.

@16Block….the reason you haven’t heard about anybody being removed is because NOBODY has been removed from Michigan’s registry. A few Holmes Youthful Training act recipients will finally get their relief and Tier 1’s & Tier 2’s can be removed if their time requirements are up….but there is NO relief in sight for Tier 3’s save losing our tier designation on the SOR webpage….whooptey f’n do!!!!! And, since 2/3 of the SOR webpage is made up of Tier 3’s then life assigned retroactively will continue to mean life on the registry…..

@BobbyS@16Block… my mind, the end result at least in our respective cases of what will happen at the end of this month will be that 5679 will be enacted and there will be no injunction. The Aclu will be forced to file yet another class action and things will remain status quo….I’m telling you that continued litigation is the easiest path for everybody else except US. Lawyers still get paid, judge doesn’t have to something unpopular, and Aclu can continue to trumpet their paper(toothless) victories that don’t actually benefit anybody in real life. I will retract my statements, eat my… Read more »

How do I get a CoR, is this through my old treatment provider? Thanks


The CoR (Certificate of Rehabilitation) is essentially a court granted pardon.

You can do some research on the internet by looking up the California certificate of rehabilitation. There are a number of exceptions, but if you qualify it’s definitely worth pursuing.

In my case there for San Diego county, there is a lot of paperwork involved. I would also recommend finding and obtaining a good lawyer with experience.

@confused – Thanks for the feedback. If u don’t mind my asking what was your original conviction?

I have to believe if one has a complete expungement and has used a company like Record Gone to clean up the internet for you that it would be highly unlikely Arizona would ever know anything – obviously there is an element of risk involved though.

@ Mr. D,

One misdemeanor charge of 647.6. Was never listed on the Internet, so fortunately I have nothing to clean up. I’ve thought about what you stated…they’d likely never know. But then if for any reason I were ever caught, I’d be looking at a felony charge.

On a totally different subject, has anyone tried and been successful or unsuccessful in obtaining an AMATEUR RADIO (Ham Radio) License? The 2017 version of the application form added the question “Have you ever been convicted of a felony”? If so, you have to send the FCC a complete explanation of the details of the crime, what punishment was given, was the punishment completed, and provide a statement “giving the reasons why the applicant believes that granting of the application would be in the public interest, notwithstanding the actual or alleged misconduct”. Sounds unlikely to go well, so before I… Read more »

While I haven’t had that license,I have had my professional licensing revoked for my occupation. That said, I would make a SWAG ( scientific wild ass guess ) and say they would refuse it just on the basis of the registry. Seems to be a catch all for excuses why not to allow a person any freedoms. If they can’t find any other reason, they will fall back on the ‘ sex offender ‘ excuse.

I obtained my ticket (license) from the FCC a few months after being released from supervision. The felony question was not on the application at the time. My understanding is that some have gotten a license and some have not. They have to draw a nexus between your crime and the license, and I remember reading that some have successfully appealed a denial. The process is tedious, slow, and will likely try you patience. If I had to do it again, I’d certainly make the effort. The knowledge base necessary to pass the technician level license is minimal, so you… Read more »

@W in W Thanks for the info. They changed the form 605 in 2017, asking the question. According to what I read, if you pass the test and answer No to the question, you get the license almost immediately. If you answer yes, they put your test in a different stack for later consideration. I’ve read two different scenarios. One says you attach your info “begging them to give you the license” to your test answer sheet and turn them in together. The other scenario says you have 30 days to notify the FCC separately with your consideration/justification request. The… Read more »

My understanding is that you flatly cannot have an Amateur Radio license if you are on the registry. They’ve been known to have taken them away, upon discovery. From way back in 2014: “After a review of the record and the relevant case law, we find that the ALJ committed several errors in reaching his ultimate finding that [the Enforcement Bureau] did not meet its burden of proving that Titus lacks the requisite character qualifications to be an FCC license,” the Commission concluded. “In particular, we hold that the ALJ erred in failing to consider Titus’s two juvenile convictions and… Read more »

“known risks of Amateur Radios in the hands of sex offenders, such misconduct is prima facie disqualifying”

What are the known risks?

What misconduct is he referring to?

Would a Misdemeanor Conviction from 21 years ago that resulted in Probation only, would this be the most egregious misconduct to disqualify someone from holding a radio license?

Are all Level 1 Sex Offenders considered “risky individuals” ?

“Would a Misdemeanor Conviction from 21 years ago that resulted in Probation only…”

As far as I know, the FCC only asks about felony convictions on the application form. So, I would think that a misdemeanor would not disqualify an applicant.

Do they license a lot of children for use of ham radio? Or am I not understanding how this works and children can be contact on social media via radio?

@SR…I agree with you in not understanding what the fuss is about. HAM radio operators are a pretty obscure niche these days. My father had his license back in the day and to the best of my knowledge there weren’t ANY kids involved in any way much less any kind of sexual component. I highly doubt people are using this method of communicating with potential victims when there are so many social media apps and other on line options. I’m not surprised however that even this method of communication is being regulated or infringed upon.

Seems like everyone is confused. Was the invention of the computer a good idea or how many are going to take the covid shot or who pre-determine’s who’s an offender, even maybe get killed in an accident, or maybe some brain E- act machine of their own making can tell one that or just maybe authorities provoke these temptation’s of Eve with this callous devaluation of human characterization. Should we all call in the national guard or who’s going to court to fight for those caught up in this tangled web of deceit. Seems truth in government is all cover-up… Read more »

As a friend keeps reminding me, every day you let the registry beat you, demoralize you, and cause you pain is a day you won’t ever get back. So move forward. There is life beyond the registry.

So I just found out my county requires an in person by appointment. For this (and all years going forward) DL+ bill or other proof of residence, time cards for any and all jobs even if previously reported, all registration data from DMV for all vehicles. Is this normal/legal? She was clear that the law says DL is enough but they want a bill with my name on it too as per their policy. I can understand requiring info on my work if I changed jobs or work addresses but I havent. I still work at the same place since… Read more »

No, it’s not normal, nor is it “required” (….unless you are on parole/probation/ community supervision – in which case they can make up all sorts of rules and requirements). I have been registering for 20 years in SoCal. In recent years, when I go in for my annual registration update, all the person asks me is if there are any changes to my registration information. I am not required to show proof/evidence of anything: residence, work, nothing. Of course, the flip side is that some LEOs doing compliance checks might try to jam you up – try to prove that… Read more »

@KM I’m not sure of your State’s laws, but here in Michigan one time in a county I was residing in, the deputy tried to tell me I needed to provide proof of my residence by showing a bill with my name and address on it. I told her the law requires me to only provide a valid license or State ID. We went back and forth and she told me that people come in and give fake addresses all the time and I needed to show proof. Again, I stated that my license was all the proof I was… Read more »

Yep. Not only that, tell them to stop operating outside of the law. Tell them since they are law enforcement officers that they really ought to know all laws and follow them. Or be arrested and imprisoned.

Also, f*ck them and anyone else who thinks Registries are acceptable. Every day. No one should have any concern for Registry Supporters/Terrorists. Wage war.

Here in LA, CA, LAPD started asking me to bring mail with my name on it. Two years ago I forgot, but the cop patiently waited while I pulled up my DWP account on my phone and showed her my info.
Two years ago I was out of the house during a compliance check, but I caught it on my security camera. One cop checked an envelope in my mailbox and said to the other “He’s got mail here,” and they left. Ever since then I’m sure to leave mail with my name in the mailbox. 😉

@ C: 😈 I’ll keep mail with someone else’s name on it in my mailbox just to f**k with ’em! Maybe I’ll create my own letter – from sender “Antifa-BLM” and addressed to “George Floyd or current resident”. 😈

Sounds like an unlawful search to me.

“…but I caught it on my security camera. One cop checked an envelope in my mailbox…”

Not 100% sure, but without a warrant, that cop may have committed a federal offense!!!
Save. That. Video.

@C…..better yet, since they want to illegally search your mailbox (and I do believe that’s a federal offence) you should put some dog crap in it for them to find.

According to a former mail carrier, people cannot look in the mailbox,

LEO is performing a visual search when they do what they did which is probably a 4th Amendment violation and a Federal offense unless case law says otherwise I’m not aware of.

As long as we all keep allowing the law enforcement criminals to break the law that is what they will do.

We are all such a compliant bunch. Let’s just do whatever they feel like.

Except I won’t. I’m going to be around children as much as reasonably possible. Mostly because I live a normal life. But also because the Hit Lists exist. Also, I’m definitely going to continue to legally deliver real, significant damage in retaliation. America must embrace its hate and destruction.

KM ~ What county is this? They can’t just change registration rules from one year to the next. We always bring a utility bill since a DL often has an older address since you don’t get a new license every time you move. As to time cards, DMV records, etc, that is unheard of. I would see what others have to say, too.

Can’t get a new driver’s license every time you move? Why not? I know it’s a royal PITA, but that’s the law for everyone, not just people required to register. For us on the registry in most states it’s also a requirement of the registry to have a current ID.

That said, every time I read of this kind of crap with non-rules being enforced I am reminded of how sane our state is. Even with our ridiculous rules it doesn’t come near what some of you are reporting.

Imperial County. I stood my ground, but she still tried it. She kept at it until after third go around another records clerk confirmed that DL is sufficient. I was threatened with FTR if I kept refusing to provide current year DMV for all registered cars(same demand for same reported cars last year), and timecards for all jobs(same jobs and requirement last year and year before). I am NOT on parole or probation for anything. When finished with paperwork I was accosted by a deputy from investigations who grilled me on household composition. Name and ages of all people living… Read more »

@KM in SoCalNext Next time threaten to prosecute and sue them for conducting illegal interrogation’s, and tell them you have recordings. I went thru this for a long time, and after confronting them they stopped immediately and changed their policy’s towards others not on paper.

Shocking that cops can’t follow the law. Of course I’m kidding. They don’t care what the laws are, they care about what they can get away with.

I don’t let the scumbags waste my time. I don’t argue with them about talking. I simply tell them I won’t and they know it. That is the quickest and best way to avoid dealing with the criminals. Do not allow them to have conversations with you.

Decades ago I supported law enforcement. I never will again and I don’t care what happens to them.

What county are you in – to whom are you reporting? Are you on parole? LAPD has asked me to bring mail, but I don’t know if it’s required. DMV info is only required for new vehicles, in my experience. They ask me where I work but 27 years of registering never asked for a pay stub.
Unless you’re required to show employment for someone other than yourself, you’re self-employed, pal.

Nope, certainly never asked me for a pay stub either (20 years of registering in L. A. County).

“LAPD has asked me to bring mail”.. LAPD show me in writing where that is a requirement of registration? No can do?…Then go pound sand!!!!..SMFH

@G4Change Two day’s ago a detective called me on my cell phone to do an address check on me as my property is gated and they can’t get in. He asked if i was home and i told him that I’m not answering any questions and to not ever call me again. He said that he would leave a flyer on my door, and i told him that he is not getting to my door and to just put it in my mail box. He said that he couldn’t do that, so i asked him why, and he said it… Read more »

It would be nice if Janice and ACSOL would come out with an article about compliance checks: what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. And is it even legal after no longer under custody? Because if the local PD is saying it is their duty to do compliance checks, then I would say under their authority that the registry is punitive as it resembles probation: 1. in-person check-in 2. specific rules/restrictions 3. compliance check Someone told me that compliance checks are not part of 290, but the local PD’s enforce compliance checks. Some law isn’t adding up or the local… Read more »

Hello New Person
Click on this link for everything you ever wanted to know about compliance checks.

@ New Person: You can read the entire Penal Code 290 here:
On the Home screen, look for “Quick Code Search” and type in ” 290″. The word “Compliance” does not appear anywhere in in 290.

Bobby, It is against the law for ANYONE to put ANYTHING into your mail box unless it is placed there by the USPS. It is okay for them to leave a notice on your gate or door if they have access to the area from the front yard without locked gates. The police committed no crime in your case. If they had climbed over or broke through your locked gate, that would be a crime. I have a locked front gate and they no longer bother me. If you’re on probation or parole, they they are free to come onto… Read more »

Compliance checks are “get to work” excuses, just like sting operations and the whole registry scheme. Just trying to justify their jobs and keep the upper hand in negotiating budget increases.

Congrats to these corrupt officials and their experiment in exploiting democracy, especially in Kalifornia!

@ spider: ⛔ Defund the Registries.⛔

Yep. Defund law enforcement in general. As a person who pays far more than my fair share of their salaries, I want them to do actual, useful work. Not harass people. All Americans should be working hard to take their resources. They obviously have too much.

Same with big government all over. We must vote out all people who love big government and their billion laws.

@Lake County I never said they did, i was replying to @G4Change’s post about the cops going into his mailbox, and letting him know that the cops told me it’s illegal for them to go into them. I’m not on paper, and the only thing that i comply with is the statute in my state, and the exact wording of the statute. Anything else is there own internal policies and procedures which i don’t follow or give a crap about. Just to be clear, anyone not on paper should only comply with the statute as written. Their address checks or… Read more »

This 2019 study out of Utah states that the re-offense rate for sexual offenders is 2% for new sex crimes and 4% for any type of crime. This study was part of the push for SB215 (2021) which will allow “lifetime” offenders off the list after 20-years (while meeting the same conditions for parole/probation termination) through a court petition. While I did not agree with the probation/parole like nature of the registry in Utah under the 2019 – 2021 amendments for removal, it is a move in the right direction. Even the Director of the Utah Sentencing Commission stated that… Read more »

“Sex offender found dead in suspected homicide at San Quentin State Prison”

For those of us who are “alumni” of San Quentin, it is very easy to imagine this. California is practising criminal indifference – at best – to the rights and safety of “sex offenders” who are locked up in their dungeons.

“Failure to register” = Death

Ah, good ol’ San Quentin where, despite my internal pleas, my first cell there was right up on the 5th tier where I feared being drop tested. Thankfully, in my experience from ‘87 to ‘89, Q was a relative Camp Snoopy after county jail and Chino reception. I knew it was a bloody meat grinder before I got there and it sounds like it has returned to its former glory. Hopefully the murderous shit bird get’s a decade in the SHU, if it still exists.

So much bad news this week. I can’t even anymore.

HB2889, passed the Arizona House 51-1 today! If you’re convicted of a child sex crime(sex trafficking, child pornography production/distribution, etc.) you’re going to prison for life. Arizona is ready to put an end to Human Sex Trafficking.

Arizona the state which almost made giving a kid a bath and changing a diaper child molestation. Can we just give Arizona back to Mexico?

I think every state in America should have lifetime imprisonment for anyone with cases involving children and end all this registery BS.
With a life sentence hanging over their head I bet alot of people would think twice before committing crimes against children

Good luck

You assume, @Aero, that everyone would know of the lifetime law you propose and have it be a deterrent.

Think murderers think that way before committing their crime? Nope. They think they’ll get away with it, if they think of it, just like DUI drivers, etc.

Ditching the registry is a must.

California used to have a life term for 288 type crimes. One year to life, I think, since about 1910 or so. This news paper article at the LA Times has it wrong.

Girl’s Molestation, Murder in 1949 Prompted Tougher Laws

But that case and the Black Dahlia case did prompt the registry. It is also possible that the fear of a life sentence prompted the murder of Linda Joyce Glucoft. Extremely brutal murder.

By that logic, every crime should carry life sentence, but, initially that would lead to a prison overcrowding nightmare, so better to invoke summary, on the spot, executions for the slightest infraction. Wow. It would be an overnight success. imagine such a crime-free utopian dream!

Then you’d find in increase in prosecutors trying “fit” evidence to make ANY sex offense case into a child sex crime case. Such as faking names and ages through “victim protections” like Marsy’s Lie, er, law.

⛔ Maybe we need to start a new movement:
“Defund the Registries” ⛔

Be careful what you wish for. Some of us are in states where they did that, by making it a PROFIT CENTER. We get to pay every time we go in!

For those who spent time in prison, was there any rehabilitative value to it? Not just for sex offenses in particular, but was it anything but time spent out of regular society? Any attempt to create remorse, a commitment to change, personal growth, anything? The Chinese have work camps that they feel can turn certain undesirables into productive citizens—at least, that’s their argument. We call it a crime against humanity. But isn’t just throwing people into a prison with other felons without any plan at rehabilitation even worse? I don’t know, I’m just wondering—I just don’t understand the American criminal… Read more »

Actually, I think you have a pretty good grasp of the U.S. penal system. It never was meant to rehabilitate. Those are just phrases they throw around to justify more funding. They are all slaughter houses. Per capita, there is more crime and violence in prison than outside. European prisons are way more progressive, as shown by their recidivism rates. But the U.S. is a floundering society that has seen its better days disappear. Would not be at all surprised if the ‘Grand experiment in Democracy’ collapses under its own weight of hate and greed within the next 20 yrs.… Read more »

No, prison in the U.S. is thoroughly DIS-habilitating, as is “civil commitment.” You leave (if you ever leave) less able to function within society and angrier than you went in.

Prison is only about punishment. In the 80’s in California, they dropped all pretense that rehabilitation was one of their goals and dropped the word completely. Since then, it has made a reappearance, including in the acronym “CDCR,” but it is, once again, only a pretense to convince the public of their good faith.

I’ve never been in a prison but it has always struck me as crazy that they do not make the people who live in there behave as humans. If people are in trouble for anti-social behavior, perhaps prisons should discourage that? But yet they allow violence, rampant racism, and what all else? If you can’t act like a decent person when you are in trouble and in forced isolation and supervision, how could you ever without constraints? Maybe I’m crazy. They could let all of the behaving people live in the prison normally and put all actually misbehaving people into… Read more »

@Literally Nobody … I spent over 20 years in prison. “They” call it a correctional institution. But I found out that all it really is, is human warehousing. When I was just starting my time of “correction,” I spoke to the assistant resident unit supervisor and told him that I was ready, willing and able to participate in any and all rehabilitation programs that the State would require of me. He just laughed at me and said, “There is no rehabilitation, all we have is human warehousing!” Needless to say, I was dumbfounded. And over the years, I kept my… Read more »

It seems India has topped the list of countries as having the highest incidence of online illegal pornography viewing. But here is an interesting twist. They allow the people they arrest and punish to immigrate without noting it on their records. They can come here after being accepted for jobs and then apply for citizenship without ever being identified as a sex offender. So WE are marked for our crimes of stupidity, but others that have done the same or possibly worse can come here without fear of being rejected as long as the company they are employed by ignores… Read more »

@Way too long: I’ve suspected as much. India, in particular, has incredibly low rates of prosecution for almost any crime (it’s actually shocking how low the rates of arrest and prosecution are in India), so it’s guaranteed that immigrants from India were not “screened” by living in a society that attempted to uncover downloaders of illegal images or men who engage in statutory rape, and as such have an easier path to passing background checks if they arrive in the country as adults. Therefore, Americans working side-by-side with people from countries such as India have no idea if they’ve done… Read more »

So, he was hired by an American firm and came here, or hired by an Indian company and relocated there? Now, that’s a switch, considering the H1Bs that arrive here in droves. As my business grows I find myself providing more and more support to people all over the world, but never, till now, thought of India as a relocation option. Good food. Good people. Low cost of living. Hmmm…

@Nobody. I’m glad someone on here said their nobody. I said it a long time ago on here in hopes that somebody would catch on to it but actually we are somebody or are we not all under grace & truth. Sure we all have responsibility in life but who’s wisdom is who’s in this rehabilitation of the human being. Sure the prison systems are a sex-pool of outcasts if you would like to say that, but I would rather trust than think that I am somebody or an outcast. One wonders in this day and age of computers tech… Read more »

(I thought of saying it, but then it would be my nobody. 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Good afternoon all; I’m hoping I can get some assistance or clarification as it regards to travel within the United States, specifically to Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I was convicted in 2004 of a felony count of sexual abuse of children in the state of Pennsylvania, and had a 10 year registration to Megan’s Law. I was also one of those folks who got wrapped up in the increase to 15 years, and then 25 years through the Adam Walsh Act/SORNA, and was also subsequently removed due to the Muniz ruling. I have been completely off of probation/parole… Read more »

@J,. If you look at the registration requirements section in this site under legal, you can reference the statutes cited for further clarification. I don’t have time to analyze it so please DO NOT TAKE THIS as some sort of guarantee but I did look at Tennessee a bit and someone should correct me if I am wrong. I could have missed some other provision that changes this. From my point of view for Tennessee it appears if you are no longer required to register in PA, you wouldn’t have to register there. 40-39-203 (2) Regardless of an offender’s date… Read more »

Yeah I think you are off base here. “Was” is the qualifying word. While he is longer required to register in PA, he “was” required to do so at some point prior to being present in Tenn. Thus, he would be required to register in Tenn.

This was the way I was interpreting it but since it, like so much of this stuff, is sort of vague I wasn’t 100 percent sure about it. Still not really. I hate the idea if having to hire an attorney just to figure out where I can go on vacation.

@JohnDoeUtah, & J. I read this as more narrow than that but im sure law enforcement or a DA will try and interpret it as you have. To me, I see “was… prior to entering” means only at the time right before entering. If the intent was to include prior registrants no longer required to register the legislature should have been more clear and said “was at any time….prior to entering”. Without this the meaning is kind of ambiguous. Perhaps there is case law on the subject? I suggest to be sure you won’t get caught up on a registry… Read more »

I appreciate the input. For some reason I read it the other way, although I could be completely wrong. The way I read it is if I was required to register in any other state, and I satisfy the.. shall we say, “presence” requirements of tennessee, then I’d have to register. Which scares me being that I’m done in Pennsylvania.

When posting a comment here there is a drop down list of email addresses and it is possible to select one and it will auto fill with that email address.

My question is how did an email address I haven’t used here get on that list?

My browser does not save passwords and autofill of forms is unchecked and disabled. My browser clears everything on exit. What am I missing?

Browsers remember what emails you use to log in at various websites when using them outside of Incognito mode. Your email pops up here because you used that same email to log in to your Amazon account, for example.


Testing after disabling “remember search and form history” which is usually cleared when closing the browser.

That did it. No emails listed now.

Don’t expect that all records of any filled out form will no longer be stored somewhere on your computer. It is very hard to remove all traces of anything you’ve typed into your computer. Nothing is truly deleted from your computer until it has been written over. If you just don’t want the casual user from having access to your previous entered data or view history, then it’s not hard to keep people from viewing it. If a computer expert want’s to find your deleted data, it’s usually not that hard to find. Data recovery is very easy until that… Read more »

I use CCleaner to clear everything and it has the ability to wipe the free space after deleting something. If anyone ever had anything similar to child porn on the drive, it would be a good idea to wipe it a few times. It takes a while and isn’t usually worth the time except it is good practice now and then just to clear the clutter. I’ve heard that using a magnet will really do the job if anyone ran into real CP but that could be a myth. The only thing slightly controversial on my system is trolling for… Read more »

A former political candidate recommends BleachBit to clean your HD Drive and says it works well. LOL

THAT SOMEWHERE , on your computer.
Its called a registry and there are many of them in every operating system.
All of it exists upon the hard drive database.

@ Question: I’ve trained my email service to periodically post snarky comments and strong opinions here. I personally haven’t visited the site in months.

You trained you email well.

Read an article today about Vanessa Bryant releasing the names of the police officers who took pictures of the deceased at the helicopter crash site and spread them around publicly. This was the courts response:
“ A Los Angeles federal judge ruled last week against county attorneys who argued the deputies’ names should remain under seal because releasing them would make their personal information including their addresses accessible online, and possibly make them targets of hackers.”

Hmmmmm. There’s just so much to say about this one….. I’d like to have lunch with this judge.

After making my last viewpoint on here to C and even these topics that we all made comments to I have to say you all have inspired me and even inspiration comes in many different ways and means but there is only one book that should inspire all. Sure we have many different cultures. I grew up with blacks, whites and many ethinic groups in a small coal mining town in WV. Course back than in the sixties we all watched, I think I was in the second grade that we all watched Kennedy get shot. Yes that was tragic.… Read more »

A coal mining town in west Virginia in the 1960s was ethnically diverse? In what alternate universe did this happen…..

Quick question… hopefully I can get a quick answer, though I think I know 🙁 I’m eligible for the covid vaccine so I scheduled myself yesterday to get the shot this afternoon. It’s at the LA County of Education POD site in Downey. This morning while in the shower it hit me… does that qualify as a ‘school’? Am I allowed to go there? I’m not sure what they do there, I’ve driven by there several times in the past and it looks more like a factory than anything. I think for safety’s sake I should probably cancel, but what… Read more »

Really? You are going to not get a federally funded shot because you think you MIGHT be in violation. Like the cops are sitting there waiting for you? Wake up.

If you aren’t on parole or probation, I’d just go. If you are on parole or probation, I’d leave that up for other people to answer–I don’t know how strict this stuff is in California. But I’ve never actually heard anyone getting in trouble for purely registry-related stuff (i.e., not on probation or parole) around school sites for activity that had nothing to do with minors (i.e., not at a child’s sport event or concert). If someone has heard of a case like that, correct me.

Yes we all have good days and bad. I just had an encounter with my probation officer. Got a call less than an hr. ago from one of my PO’s and she said that she was going to drive by and all I had to do was wave or be outside. She drives up parks at the side and we talk a bit no problem and she drives away. Call it a sneak check up or what who knows or just a random check. It would seem that teaming two PO’s instead of one can tend to get a bit… Read more »

You know I can’t understand about double tagging. Sure I myself never had a double tag team in my earlier years on PO. It was just me and my past PO and we got along good. Course he is said to have retire but founding that he is in another divison is a bit of a stretch. Now I can’t understand his retirement as he did’t look the age of retirement. Maybe they moved him to another division which I have heard bu I am not 100% sure. Now I myself have a man and a women that visited me… Read more »

Update Utah SB215: The Governor signed the bill. A “lifetime” offender with a conviction in Utah can petition to be removed from the registry after 20-years, under certain steep requirements. This does not, for the moment, apply to out-of-state offenders (I did object to the bill on equal protection grounds). There is a push to “fix” the registry in Utah and it is getting heated with the personal biases of certain legislators and executive branch employees, but the needle moved a little today in the right direction. My contact in the Utah Sentencing Commission said it will likely take years… Read more »

Do anyone here know who is lawyer named Bruce Bridgman is? I received a solicitation letter about PC290 registration removal. The law office is Eagle Law Corporation.

I wouldn’t bother with anything like this that you received in he mail. I’m going to wager a guess that the letter was filled with all kinds of Bible imagery and verses. These guys harvest Megan’s Law for names and then collect paychecks with empty promises. If you need a lawyer to help in this area, search out one that specializes in it.

Run from Bruce and his law group. they promised the world and delivered nothing.

Now we talk a lot about sex offender and registry law’s and how it can effect one, these classes and yes the second time around they wanted me to go it again after I had finished the course. Sure I had a little Christian confrotaton in front of the class as the instructor watches on. My sister and a friend go in meet with my PO and they feel that I am to worthy as Christiany is a turn off to them and yes the instructor, District Attorney, and Probation officer wanted me out. See I was left in the… Read more »

This is interesting considering the court is saying the alleged victim has to be held accountable for their actions when consuming alcohol or drugs voluntarily which is in line with a drunk driving charge. Have to wonder how consent would be considered if not remembered in a voluntary intoxicated state?

Minnesota Supreme Court: rape victims not ‘mentally incapacitated’ unless forcibly intoxicated

In this article on this topic, Minnesota court rules rape charge doesn’t apply if the victim got willingly drunk (

Worth noting: The Minnesota House of Representatives is currently considering a bill that would change the language of the third-degree criminal sexual conduct statute, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

“It would make it a crime to have sex with someone who is too incapacitated to give consent, regardless of how they got to that state.”

Opinion is attached in the article

That’s gonna be a very slippery slope if they amend that law. A person can voluntarily get drunk, be the aggressor, and then wakeup to blame the other person for involuntary sex. What if both were drunk? Isn’t that like blaming the car that struck people down because one was drunk driving? Bars and places serving alcohol at any establishment should be shut down because now they could be an accomplice or accessory to the conclusion. One sip alone now means a person cannot give any type of consent. Might as well push this possible new amendment to it’s fullest… Read more »

Agree @New Person, the slippery slope begins because what defines incapacitated, besides the obvious blacked out state, and incapacitated within one person as opposed to another is akin to alcohol impacts on one person vice another when a DUI check is done. BTW, third party liability as you describe establishments which serve alcohol could come into play here should intoxication levels and incapacitation be challenged in court. Any slipperier and I would get snow skis out.

Iv been getting letters from these scam artists for over 21 years now when I was 18 I actually called Bruce’s law firm to see if he could possibly get my name and address taken off Megan law’s website. So I called told him my situation he said no problem that he does these types of cases all the time that all I needed was Certificate Of Rehabilitation that he would gladly get started on for 1500$ and after I received my COR he would put me on calendar and we will go be for the judge and ask if… Read more »

It looks like we’re one step closer to the point when facial recognition-enabled doors open or slam in our faces and Wally World is on the bleeding edge.

Yes I only brought this epside up as we all seem to struggle in this registry issue. Whether one has some religious background or not its the situation that many encounter in these registry ordeals. Sure I feel sorry that anyone had to go to prison in much of this unjust way when and those that are married I’m sure it was a bit rough on the individual so I’m sure this can help and its by you all jogging my memory after reading some of these types of posts. Here’s a link and you can read up about all… Read more »

How many of you wake up and the very first thing that comes into your head is ,” I am a registered sex offender”. I have been on this ride for 6 yrs., a baby compared to many of you guys, yet I think every morning, “How the hell am I going to survive today, let alone the rest of my life.”

@waytoolong, Totally get what you’re saying, even though I’m not the person forced to register- my husband is. And even though I couldn’t possibly know how hard it is not being the PFR myself I can relate to how heavy it hangs on my mind all the time. I absolutely hate seeing him being so hard on himself, regretting a stupid moment in which nearly everything was taken from him in an instant. Some days are harder than others, really. And I worry about him constantly when I’m deployed. I live in a constant state of question marks and confusion,… Read more »

I come from a work environment where we had a saying, “ Total success or total failure” . Unfortunately civilians go by a, “ We’ll take whatever we can get” mentality. Basically the wimpy way out of anything. This leads to getting very little and living on scraps of justice tossed to us like we are starving dogs to appreciate it and sit in the cold expecting the next scrap so we can maybe survive one more day. Some days I want to pick up a weapon and do some real damage. Not to innocents mind you, but to those… Read more »

Yep. ‘People” who support Hit Lists are nothing more than terrorists who aren’t capable of minding their own business or leaving other families alone. They are trying to steal the lives of your family. They are trying to harm you. Real enemies.

I’ve said it before many times – if I could be invisible there would be a lot of casualties and the Hit Lists would end.

He probably shouldn’t be hard on himself. Most PFRs probably did something bad or maybe even heinous. But even good people can do heinous things. Or things that, at the time, don’t seem *that* bad and certainly not heinous. People are fallible. It is important to recognize any harm that you did, be accountable, and welcome fair and just punishment. The real problem is that there is nothing fair, just, or even moral about the Hit Lists. That really can’t even be debated any longer. That debate is over. The Hit Lists are simply asinine, out-of-control big government sponsored and… Read more »

I’ve been Registering for over 2 decades. I live an easy life and I’m well off. I have few stressors. So I don’t think about “how the hell am I going to survive today”, but I do think about the Hit Lists way, way too much and likely every single day. I rarely think about the Hit Lists right after I wake up. But I usually do by say 10 or 11 in the morning. But my thoughts are always related to what can I do today to make sure the Hit Lists cause damage to America and the people… Read more »

@Way too long, I feel ya. There isn’t a waking moment that I don’t think “am I a registered sex offender”. Some days are good. Some days are not so good. You’ll get too caught up if you’re thinking that far into the future. I know I do, but then I tell myself the Bible quote, I’m paraphrasing, “Don’t worry about tomorrow; today is already difficult enough.” Many days it feels like groundhog day. You just have to find another task, project, or hobby to refocus your thoughts. That’s all I’ve done. You can learn a lot on youtube nowadays.… Read more »

@New Person… I really enjoyed reading that post! I think you hit the nail on the head when describing the daily battle with your thoughts and insecurities. We are not meant to live this way, period. I don’t want to offend anyone who has dealt with cancer in real life but it is like a cancer of your soul. Most days I find I can cope with the uncertainty mostly because I’m VERY blessed to have a incredibly supportive family, friends, pastors, & lawyer. I do find that I have days like yesterday when we receive news that although it’s… Read more »

Josh I am also from Michigan and most certainly understand ur frustration. We all expected so much more and like you and many others I have been on this registry for decades and we have served our time and received our punishment only to be retroactively punished. We know all about tiers. Mine changed three times. I also agree about @saddles. Most of us have decades at this monster. Finally we see the see the tide changing. Even judges are realizing the registry doesn’t work. It’s very frustrating to be told one thing then end up with something completely different.… Read more »

Thankfully I’m way past that and the first thing that goes through my head is an inventory of the day’s schedule: meeting with clients and vendors, what to feed to the kids for breakfast, do we need groceries, etc. It’s that schedule that keeps me going, just like it did in the joint and just like it does anyone else, really. Maintaining structure has been essential for my kid’s well being this past year while stuck at home. This was made easier when schools and their extracurricular activities pivoted to Zoom. I recommend your own program, buddy. Being a registrant… Read more »

@C. I ‘m sure we all liked that view. See I was a promotor and also an instore demonstrator, had to keep records, inventory, etc. Yes even back in the old times selling was were it was for many and I’m sure you do enjoy your work. Selling a usefull product is good for all. This registry is like vain selling of some type and yes much of America don’t even realize what government is up to themselves. See its not always about the logic in this witch hunt for many but the understanding, even in sellsmanship if one has… Read more »

@Way to long. I’m actually glad you mentioned that. Seem we can all get confused with some of the stress that goes along with this sex registry. Now God is not gonna tempt one with more than they can bare. Sure we all face trials in life. Yes and many times one has to reach out to a to a lawyer or a Constutional lawyer. Yes I am glad that Janice and her team are even presenting this ACSOL site to many. Yes fraud comes in many forms or does government at times overthrow their position on many as in… Read more »

For lack of a better rebuttal, all I can say is just stop it. Stop the meandering and meaningless comments, please.

You know its said justice is blind one would hope thats not irradical or dangerous. We all saw how dangerous this riot was a few months ago. Sure I plead guilty and I wanted to speak up but at times silence is golden. See when the blind lead the blind one falls in a ditch. Is this registry a ditch in many ways. Does it prevent or pevert justice? Does it upset family members. Yes you guys out in CA should be glad you have constitutional lawyer such as Janice and also many other states that are fightening for the… Read more »

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