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There was a comment on here by Janice about dotting ones I’s and T’s. And yes do we all dot our I’s and T’s or is government an overreach today in many of these registry issues. California to my understanding is made up of so many different classes or backgrounds of people due to the fact that many came abroad to that area due to the gold rush days. Now in many ways it seems a rush to immoral judgement today not only for CA but the whole USA. I make no offense to those in California.

Myself and many other can’t even understand this riot that we all just saw but that is a different story. So were is moral understanding in vain government or is it hiding under some cherry tree that history book legend say someone chopped down. Were is liberty or does one go to War without a cause. I may be wrong on all this so but many are being taken at a disadvantage of in much of this registry. or why is our liberty judged by another man’s conscience. He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8 esv. Some use the (k/j version) or should we go back to Cosell or Ali interviews.

If lying is not vain than and we don’t know what is acceptable today. A jury of one’s peers & as far as kids. Aren’t we all kids in an adult body.

Somewhere along the line, a greedy person changed definitions. Penalty and punishment were one and the same. Then came criminal penalty and civil penalty. Criminal was punishment and civil was not punishment. Someone wanted to hurt a specific set of persons. We see its fruition with the registry. People who supposedly had earned their way back to society as well as their civil right, but do not possess full civil rights like any other person because the definition is that this penalty is not punishment.

Remember, slavery was okay in the USA. So was men only voting was okay in the USA. There were the Jim Crow laws that were okay in the USA. Also, there was the Japanese internment camp that was okay in the USA. All of the above have been been reversed. The registry is no different.

We now know the registry is political ammunition to make sure there is no road to redemption as politicians do not believe decades of life means nothing for registrants because they’re not on equal ground as free people.

Do your time and you regain your civil rights again, unless you’re a registrant. You have more hoops attached. Violate any “civil restrictions” and you receive “criminal punishment”. I don’t think this has been addressed. There is no delineation between civil and criminal penalties when it comes to registrants.

👍 Well said, New Person! 👍🤗

Things are going to get more interesting in NYC now that NYC ends LE qualified immunity

Here we go again….”Texas teen abducted by registered sex offender in Texas is in ‘extreme danger,’ sheriff’s office says”…SMFH….

“her non-custodial father,” which means he didn’t have parental rights at the time. Maybe he didn’t return her when he was supposed to and an argument ensued. The odds are probably on her side since the article does not claim he threatened her with a knife. For all we know, he may have thought the mother was dangerous.

Let’s hope it isn’t the equivalent of stranger danger kidnapping and she is found safe.

I love this story because of how totally F’d up crazy absurd it is!!:

A child-killer – along with other inmates – is allowed to go on unsupervised Christmas shopping tour…. he wanders off and never returns.
These days, we Registrants/PFRs should count ourselves lucky if we can decorate our own houses for Halloween or leave on outside lights. Oh, the good ol’ days when child-killers could freely enjoy Christmas shopping. 🙄

But, fellow Registrants/PFRs, if YOU or I were to miss a registration date or fail to register a new car, law enforcement would send out an APB and bring in the U.S. Marshals Service to hunt us down and charge us with a couple fresh felonies. And, while I had never heard of Eubanks, a missing Registrants would be a headline news story.

This is a test.

Funny bit on the idiocy of cancel culture. For extra fun, just replace the words “racist” and “bigot” with “registered sex offender” and it will really resonate.

On a lighter note, “… man charged with molesting an alligator….”

Is there a Registry for that?? 🤔

In the news today –

Retired Air Force General gets only 5 years probation for multiple counts/convictions of CP (in Penn).

Here it is

I looked up his docket sheet. There were originally 15 counts of CP which are each a F2 in Penn. He plead guilty to 5 of them – balance dismissed. The 5 year probation is concurrent to each count which means it is only a total of 5 years for all 5 counts.


One F2 in Penn is a maximum of 7 years in prison.

(18 § 6312 §§ D) <— actual charge for CP in Penn

The man allegedly responsible for the horrific NYC attack on an Asian woman in broad daylight is on parole for murdering his mother, and almost certainly had an easier time finding temporary housing than any of us would: