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Question: what exactly are the laws/rules for a rso traveling out of california state for several days to visit family and or vacation? Is there a seperate federal law from the state law? I have always believed one can leave california for up to 4 weekdays(and the weekend) without having to register ones intentions to travel. Am i correct in my thinking? Thanks for any information.


i believe you are correct for the California side of things. However, if you leave California you become the subject of whatever jurisdiction you are traveling in and are subject to their requirements.

It is always an interesting situation we are placed into when we travel. Our freedom depends our knowledge and understanding the various laws of all jurisdictions we wish to travel.

Last I looked the federal rules call for you to take action if you’re away from home for 7 or more days. I report these to my registration office here in Wisconsin, just to cover myself. At first their response was to tell me that I don’t need to inform them unless I’m away for more than 10 days, but finally they understood it was a CYA thing for the feds.

Aside from the California rules and the federal rules, be sure that you are following the rules for whatever state you’re in – as in, don’t exceed the grace period without registering according to their rules.

What I recalling hearing at one of the ASCOL meetings was that if you are travelling to a state that requires 48 hours before registering but can then cross state lines into another state before the 48 hours and buy a soda the receipt would then prove you were in another state and the clock restarts when you return to the previous state. Please advise if others feel differently.

Last edited 3 months ago by Gwen

Depends on the state. Some have rules which only talk about consecutive days, other states have rules related to cumulative days.

That is correct. And I have been painstakingly compiling a personal list of the rules for states that I visit. Unfortunately, I feel this is a 1-man task, and that I must be selfish about my research; out of fear that haters will try closing the loopholes.

I agree with Pro Se because I would not be surprised if some government people monitor discussions here.

Start with the available resources and do your own reading of statutes. Make sure you first read the definition section of the statute before reading the registration section.

Don’t trust your freedom on anyone else. For example, in the resources regarding a particular state it says LE says they give a little leeway to visitors. The statute gives no leeway. Follow the statute to protect your freedom. And don’t share loopholes in case government is monitoring here.

And I forgot to mention in response to Pro Se, to protect your freedom, I would not rely upon the “Rolfe survey” which I understand to be just the opinion of law enforcement of the state of their interpretation of the law when law enforcement was asked. Law enforcement does not have your best interest at heart. Rely upon the statutes or a hired attorney from that state.

I agree. I have found inconsistencies in the written statute vs. the Rolfe Survey. That is not to say they will not hammer you with LE interpretation on it until a Court decides otherwise.

Exactly right. I’ve yet to see a single law enforcement agency that is actually capable of operating within the law. They’ll make up what they think they can get away with and they will arrest people for it. So it is best to follow exactly what they say until you can force them to admit what the law is and promise to follow it. I’ve done that numerous times. You have to treat them like the criminals that they are.

In response to Will Allen, you are correct. They will make up shit.

One time in between registrations the statute required I report a change to LE. The statute did not require the reporting be in person. So I reported the change by email. That pissed of the local sheriff I reported to. She stated that everyone always comes in to make the type of change I was reporting. And she stated if I do not come in person to make the report, she will arrest me.

So I took off work and went in person. I thought better to do that then be falsely arrested, spend money with an attorney and then win in court because an arrest and a win in court will get me nothing – if I win in court, state law protects every government person involved in registration from all personal liability if they ever violate any registration statutes against a person required to register. And I have another arrest on my record. And I lose money paying an attorney. All even though I have violated no statute.

I think this is bull that LE gets a free pass to violate laws all day long against registrants but that is what the good old boy state of Tex ass legislature and governor have done.

So personally suing for a false arrest and harassment would be thrown out of court before a hearing and evidence could be presented.

I think she did not know the statute on the issue until I pointed it out. And in my opinion, I don’t think she wanted to look ignorant in front of me. But next time I had another change I was required to in between registrations where the statute did not require to report in person, I again emailed. This time, I received no response back. And since then, every time I have a change required to be reported in between registration and the statute does not require to go in person, I email and have had no issue. Occasionally, she will state I am only letting you do that because I have no time for you. I just laugh and never respond. She has to look tough…

I think it boils down to two things. One, you have butthead LE types who don’t give a shit about the law and want to abuse their power over registrants so they can feel important and almighty (like they have never sinned). And two, you have LE types who are ignorant of some little nuance of registration statutes because the statutes are so complicated and confusing but they do not want to look ignorant in front of knowledgeable registrants.

…and some have both.

I’m skeptical of that. Let’s use the converse of that, with Alabama as the “visited” state. AL requires “immediate” registration. So if I cross into AL for that same soda, am I required to register?

IMO, the safest way is to have a night’s lodging out of state to zero the counter. It would be much harder for the State to make a valid claim that I was still there when I’m checked into a hotel in another State.

Also, if your soda idea is true, I could just weave my way along state boundaries and never have to register anywhere. Again, color me skeptical.

Last edited 3 months ago by AJ

@AJ – I believe Alabama is three days. When I travel there I’m always out within 72 hours.

Denver Colorado sex offender registration office said if you stay in their state for one day then fly back home waite 2 days then fly back 30 times in one calendar year your required to
register that address.

Yes, it was a coffee (Sbux) i.e., soda or any item With The Receipt. For proof and it was a Crim Atty from Cali that stated this to all monitoring to safeguard ourselves. It was a good example dealing with Vega$ via Cali.

Atty Janice states everytime GET IT IN WRITING, meaning have on paper AND have them Time Stamp it and make sure they KEEP a copy there where you Reg and that way they have been Officially Notified and works in The Court of Law, anywhere in the U.S. and it’s back-up folks, C Y A. no one else won’t so do it!
Her and Chance has said it time and time again, even gone so cover yourself! Don’t believe the Reg Officer, they aren’t there for you except to make you follow their rules, don’t trust what they say, they can forget or further…no longer be there when you return and heresay is just that. Have both copies timestamped, keep your’s with you during your duration for coverage and that They Were Notified!

🥳🎉😃 Happy California De-Registration to many of you!! 🥳🎉

☑️ Yes, July 1st marks the day that many California registrants will be able to apply to be removed from the registry.
I am wishing the best of luck to all of you! 👏🤗😃

All of you celebrating, I remember many scoffers as ACSOL was pushing for this tiered registry. Because of Janice and ACSOL many of you have a whole new life opening up before you. Unfortunately for many of us with a the CP offense we still have a life sentence, but I am trusting Janice and ACSOL will rectify that. I have believed in her from the very beginning.

I don’t even live in California and I’ve been rooting people to come off the hit list. Next step is rip the head of the hit list out and put it in the compost where it belongs. Enough of violating human rights based on someone’s past.

I hope I can petition the courts at some point. I was involved with an underage mother in 2017( she was 15 and I was 26 at the time), did my time and terminated my probation early. Yet in the tier registry I’m a level 3. I know the tier system is still being worked on, but I hope I can petition at some point in my life. I am trying to be the best father and husband I can be, and even though my wife and children support me, I pray I can get myself off the registry.

Ruben, what did you do to terminate your probation early? I’m 3 years into 5 years probation, followed all the rules, no violations, no failed polys. Just wondering as I’m planning on doing this as well.

Many will ask what your specific penal code is, is it one charge or more, and was it a felony charge.

=== Note: This is just helpful advice. You should look into attorneys for proper legal direction. ===

If you’re eligible for the 1203.4, then you should try to acquire that as it cannot be denied if you qualify.

If you have a felony, is that the reason why you’re in tier 3? Maybe if the charge is reduced to misdemeanor, then your tier level might change. Check to see if you’re eligible to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor via 17B petition, then you should look into acquiring that. (If you didn’t go to prison and was given probation instead, then you should be able to petition for 17B.) Early termination will look good on the 17B petition.

You don’t have to disclose your charge(s). You can look online to find your eligibility for PC 1203.4 (case dismissal), PC 17B (felony reduction), and SB 384 (tiered registry).

PC 1203.4:

PC 17B:

SB 384:

I hope this helps. I pray God helps you get off the registry. He does wonders.

I called the court that I was sentenced at and asked to speak to the public defenders office. At first they told me that with my charge (288c1) the courts wouldn’t entertain it at all because it was a sex offense. However, a week later, the attorney called me and told me that they actually can, but it will be up to the judge and the DA to decide if I would get early termination. I was first charged with a 261.5 then when I returned after my bail, I was charged with a 288c1( they are practically the same) can both be charged as felonies and misdemeanors. But the grace of God the judge and the DA granted me early termination. Good report from my treatment Doc, probation officer and not having any violations under supervision.

And yes brother I will check out the websites as well to see where I fall.

I just read another article quoting figures from the May 2019 BJS SO recidivism report. As in so many similar articles, the author emphasized that released people with sex offense convictions were “more than three times as likely as other released prisoners to be arrested for rape or sexual assault (7.7% verses 2.3%).”

And like so many authors, he did not point out that footnote 1 says, “For this report, ‘sex offenders’ refers to released prisoners whose most serious commitment offense was rape or sexual assault.” That group represents a small fraction of all people convicted of sex offenses. However, most readers would generalize that 7.7% to all people convicted of a sex offense, which greatly exaggerates overall risk. Ok, my raving is over now.


I am rather drunk at the moment and even I am seeing some problems with your post. The 7.7 is probably a fair concept depending on what length of time he is referring to as re-offense tends to be about 1% per year. That and he added that it was more likely to offend in the same type of offense. that could also be fair – i do not know the numbers on that. The part that catches my eye is where you state that most sex offenders commit crimes worse than sex offenses. You claim a small “fraction of people”, therefore the vast majority of people have a more serious offense. What do you think we are out there doing? for most, I would assume the sex offense is the single worst thing they have done and regret doing and will not do again. You seem to believe (and did not state a source) that we are committing worse crimes. Like what? When you consider how society feels about sex offenders, what are most of us doing that dwarfs our sex offense? I know there is not an answer to that but i am hoping you see my point. Our offense that put us on the registry is by far the worst thing most of us have done.

You missed the point of my post entirely. As used in the report, the term ‘sex offender’ refers ONLY to those whose most serious conviction was for rape or sexual assault. (See footnote 1) This is not a study regarding all those people convicted of a sex offense or who are on the registry, most of whom committed far lesser crimes than rape or sexual assault.

Most people reading the BJS report would miss this point and believe that the 7.7% applies to all people convicted of a sex offense, and presume that all people listed on the registry are three times as likely to be arrested for rape or sexual assault. That is simply not true, but I have seen that ‘textbite’ quoted to erroneously exaggerate the danger posed by the people listed on the registry.

I can’t imagine the authors at the Bureau of Justice Statistics could have been unaware as to how the report would be perceived. I agree with MC. They intentionally tried to mislead the unaware. If you read the report, it is clarifying to substitute the term ‘person convicted of rape or sexual assault’ for each instance of ‘sex offender’.

The worst aspect of the fiction in this report is that it comes from a DOJ agency, not from some hysterical journalist. Your tax dollars at work!


These are kinda funny statistics.

Say 100,000 without a sex offense conviction are released from prison in a given year.

2.3% of 100,000 = 2,300 newly convicted of a sex crime.

Say 10,000 are released for a sex offense and commit another.

7.7% of 10,000 = 770 recidivists.

So 33.4783 % of sex crimes would be by recidivists, which means about 2/3 would be committed by released prisoners never convicted of a sex crime.

There are exact numbers available to replace the 100,000 and 10,000, but this gets the math across. As a rule, I don’t think it helps to point fingers though and yell, “But what about him, or him, or him? Why me?”

Maybe a better way to look at overall is is that prisons breed sex crimes.

@Ed C, this is kind of meaningless statistic. They are comparing the rate of people who are committing a second sex offense after committing at least one sex offense with the rate at which someone who has commitred some other crimes but not a sex offense later commits a sex offense. I can’t even figure out what that is supposed to prove. The only purpose it could possibly have is to trick stupid people into believing that sex offenses have a higher recidivism rate than other crimes. Anyone with half a brain can see that it’s only purpose is to further the BJS agenda of continuing the registration scheme.

You might want to read this about it. This explains it even better.

What the reporter is doing is what they should not be doing but can because they are not wrong despite the reality being hid: they are being a spin doctor of the data in a way to mislead the sheeple while telling the truth with a few different words. Welcome to journalism and marketing melded together. With that in mind, I have a waterfront property in the desert to sell….

Yes, much better.

@Ed C,

Great identification of the BJS not being openly forthright. BJS did what the media is portraying when citing sex convicts they imply the worst of the worst, which is not representative of the whole group of sex convicts.

That footnote is important because it’s saying the term “sex offender” actually means “the small subset of sex offenders with serious offenses for [involuntary] rape or sexual assault”. That’s called skewing or cooking the books here.

== What BJS is trying to portray: ==

all-non sex convicts committing first sex crime vs all sex convicts committing another sex crime.

== What BJS is really saying: ==

all-non sex convicts committing first sex crime vs only highly dangerous sex convicts committing another sex crime.

The distinction is huge as they really aren’t comparing apples to apples.

Also, @Ditto points out that there is missing context here with numbers. Not only that, but BJS isn’t comparing recidivism here because only one set is being looked at its recidivism rate, a small subset at that.

@AJ, et al,

In May, Edwards v Vannoy decision from SCOTUS came down and denied retroactive application for relief to the applicant, which we discussed was a poor decision (it was not a watershed case to grant relief (more below)).

Since then, I found this article by Mr. Fleming (the author of another article posted for reading on @ACSOL about Tides Turning) which I believe will be found educational to read when it comes to SCOTUS and their thinking & decisions: SCOTUS Shamefully Allows Past Non-Unanimous Jury Convictions to Stand,

“Retroactive application of a criminal procedure rule is only for “watershed” rules, according to Supreme Court precedent. But there has only ever been one rule deemed watershed: the one enshrined in Gideon v. Wainwright, wherein the Court guaranteed the right to a defense attorney in criminal cases. That is because the right to a defense was deemed necessary to prevent an “impermissibly large risk of an inaccurate conviction,” and it also “altered our understanding of the bedrock procedural elements essential to the fairness of a proceeding.””

Look forward to any thoughts in reply to this posting.

Last edited 3 months ago by TS

I’m not sure what sort of reply you’re seeking other than yes, Edwards was indeed a horsesh!t decision. That SCOTUS would explicitly deny being made whole to others simply because they didn’t raise the issue in time is disgusting. That there has only been one “watershed” ruling simply says there has only been one. So!? I guess now that SCOTUS has shredded the concept of “watershed”, they expect more to occur? It’s asinine what and how they ruled.

On a related note, I guess all those who were convicted in OK prior to SCOTUS determining it’s mostly Indian Country are also going to be screwed. (Perhaps this was in their minds during this case?) SCOTUS is no longer in the habit of making case law; instead it splits hairs as finely as possible to get the case at hand over with. For that I mostly blame Roberts, milquetoast that he is.

@ Janice…any chance of resuming in person ACSOL meetings this year?

Seeking help in MI…How do I find somewhere to live?

I’m really breaking down here. I had offended in 2012, ’13 I recieved probation, and tier 3. I finished probation three years ago. I tried moving with my immediate family, but we could not find any 3B places that would rent to me specifically, so they moved without me, hoping this year we would all just BUY a house. Ive overstayed my welcome where I am, though it remains available to me…

We arent able to buy a house, things are not working for us there due to recovering credit. Once again we need to look to renting.

I dont understand how to do this, as a registrant. Everyone just says no when I call them. I see cities like Kalamazoo put up laws protecting people with criminal records, but then they specify that sex offenders are reason enough to say no. Why aren’t we allowed to live?

Im 33 and disabled. Chronic pain, hearing loss, and bipolar. Im easily overwhelmed with social situations, and legal things. I am simply trying to live, I have followed everything they have told me. I never even stopped registering when it was on hold the last year.

There are no resources I can find for renting in MI as a registrant. I dont even know where else to turn.

@Mykyl: Private landlords are
often the best way to go, and you are under no obligation to tell them you are a registrant. I’ve never
told anyone and I’ve never had
an issue. If you’re really struggling right now, I’d consider something like a homeless resource organization. You mentioned Kzoo, so I just quickly found a site:
They might be able to find you a room to rent if you explain your
situation to them.

Simply rent wherever you want to live, say nothing about your offence. Try to find a single male property owner. He is most likely not to care. Stay out of any apartment buildings.

‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen has been arrested AGAIN.

He really was catching a predator and it turned out to be himself.

You are perpetuating the same media idea of sensationalizing a headline for clicks and being click bait with your intro sentence on Hansen as those who are forced to register must endure despite the their fact not being relevant. Hansen was arrested again because he missed a court date due to a miscommunication and nothing more. He may be slime because of a show he did and his thinking, but continuing the same media principle is below those who are part of this forum. Stop.

Why didn’t previous defense attorneys subpoena videos and outtakes? One guess would be that so many took a plea deal to avoid years in prison, so it usually never got that that stage. Government extortion at its finest. Can wait to see this video.

No, he had a warrant issued. Slightly different. The guy is a moron and a vigilante.

Start watching at the 40 minute mark for an inside look at the Okland SAFE enforcement team and registration office. More so, to hear their propaganda they spout.

Yes, it’s mostly a documentary about stopping underage teenage prostitution and pimping in Oakland, which is a good thing, but to hear what they say and what was chosen to be included by the editing and film crew makes sure every RSO portrayed as life long child predators.

Seriously? 🙄 Why aren’t these just called “Family Abduction Alerts”??😒

Another “sex offender sweep”. 🙄 “We come on coming back” (“…. because it’s fun to harass these guys”, says law enforcement.)

Ah, yes. The breakdown…

  • 811 Compliant
  • 67 Non-Compliant
  • 5 Arrested
  • 6 Deceased
  • 114 No-Contact / No Answer at residence / Not home

More registrants found dead than arrested. Let’s rev up the pitchforks and torches!

Seriously, a 95% compliance rate is as high as you will ever see in law enforcement, anf frankly, I’d like to know that the non-compliance violations were for. If less than 10% of those people were arrested, it couldn’t have been for anything too serious, such as an email address not originally submitted or a car registration missing.

This is sad news I am bringing here, but needs to be done. My good friend that I met after my initial arrest and was introduced to me by my attorney to help me deal with what I was about to experience took his own life yesterday.
This is very hard for me. He truly was a good person that like most of us just did a dumb thing. I was on the verge of taking my life yrs ago when this all started for me and Tom talked me off that ledge. He always seemed to be able to accept his situation and we often spoke about what life was going to be like when we were off the registry.
we even spoke of possibly moving overseas and starting a business together.
He never commented here or got involved in anything regarding the registry. He said he didn’t like being reminded about his mistake.
He didn’t have family, but today I went to a place we used to meet at and there were a lot of people there for the same reason, so I guess he touched many lives.
I think that every time a registrant takes their own life, we should send a picture of that person to our state representative to remind them of what the registry does to people.
I will truly miss my friend.

My condolences. We can all fall into despair, especially if we isolate and read too much negative stuff. However, we can feel far better if we increase contact with each other and focus on the gains we have made.

I’m so sorry you lost a good friend and, I agree, his name and photo should be shared with those responsible, politicians who support the registry.

Sad, we need every member. Everyone here is valuable and needed. We will eventually get enough clout that we cannot be ignored or denied, and we will be victorious agianst this unconstituional persection. Please never give up, we all know it gets unbearable rough at times, but we will win, the truth is on our side.

If you send it to legislator, they will gloat and brag about it behind closed doors. They will say “good!” Better idea- nail the picture to the legislators front door.

Anyone ever heard of the “The Free State Project”? It’s a goal to try to get any many Libertarians to move to New Hampshire with it’s low population to take political control of it.

How about the Registered Citizen Project? Get as many RCs to move to a low population state. take political control, then remove all these registration laws?

A lot of people have proposed that idea. Seems like it would work if enough people would move there. I think Libertarians would be completely opposed to the Registries. A “free state” would likely be a great start.

From what I have been reading, something over 5000 Libertarians have moved to New Hampshire out of a goal of 15,000. Problem is moving is not so cheap.

That is not a problem for a lot of people. But there are other problems. Personally, I’m not interested in moving. I’m even less interested in moving to a cold climate. But if I knew that a state would be taken over mostly by people who actually value freedom then perhaps I could be convinced. No one who believes in a free country supports the Registries (Oppression Lists).

I think if a person has enough money for decent shelter and food that he/she can be listed on the Oppression Lists but live just about anywhere in America without much trouble. I mean, I am more against the Oppression Lists than 99.999% of the people I know, but how big of a problem are they in actual day to day life? I feel they are inconsequential or can be made so. They are a problem for traveling. Other than that, they are a problem occasionally (like when you have to jump through some big government hoops). But how else? I’ve structured my life to neutralize the Oppression Lists.

The “Free State Movement” is not a resounding success, from my historical, libertarian perspective in which I actually got to vote on which state would be chosen. I voted for Hawaii. I think it came in last. So, let’s see… stay in San Francisco or move to Keene, New Hampshire? Hmm… The other thing is that it appeared to me that more of the Von Mises Institute crowd was coming to predominate in the FSM. Their views on “sex offenders” are not very enlightened relative to other libertarians and they are too culturally conservative, now a source for bitter rivalry within the LP and especially, in the NHLP. Now, were NH to become both an ostensible libertarian AND registrant mecca, I would seriously consider moving there. I’m thinking that’s not going to happen, though. I also suspect that staying put in California is a good move and I’m guardedly optimistic that reforms will happen here sooner than most of the country. Note, however, that it’s a terrible place to move to if you don’t have money.

Instead of removing the registration laws, I suggest adding to them in a creative way that would wreak havoc nationwide. Simply pass a state law that declares any US citizen convicted of ANY crime (DUI? Speeding? Parking?) a ‘sex offender’ (if they drive too fast who knows what else they’ll do?). Any such person who enters the state (even airspace as they fly over) would be required to register (we will let them register by mail because we are reasonable). If the person has mail or packages delivered that pass through the state they should also have to register just to be safe. Since many states will require them to register if another state requires it, it would swell the registry of hundreds of thousands who will suddenly have an appreciation for the “punishment” of this simple administrative tool. Make every citizen a RSO and see if that moves the needle.

Los Angeles County just passed a law banning homeless encampments and criminalizing homelessness that’s kool but what about the 6.500 Transient people convicted of a sex offense that live in Los Angeles County that can’t find a place to live or go to homeless shelters because of the registry.

Criminalizing homelessness, huh? So if someone there for some reason loses their job through no fault of their own, doesn’t have any money saved up, and can’t pay rent or mortgage because they can’t find another job and ends up on the streets, they’re now a criminal???
Welcome to America.

but I think most of the homeless are located in the municipality of Los Angeles . Then to keep LA from taking over other areas, people incorporated cities surrounding it. I think basically, Los Angeles County is one massive urban sprawl of many cities now.

Regarding the collapse of that condo in Surfside, did anyone wonder if your family would have been allowed to live in that building or not? I did.

My guess was that since it is in Floriduh and so close to a beach that residency was probably restricted to good families only. So on the morning of 7/4 I actually tried to find out. Pretty ironic that an American would be trying to figure out such a thing on the day referred to as “Independence Day”.

Anyway, I found a wonderfully official and fake-sensible looking website that belongs to Miami-Dade County. Of course it is about 10 times harder to use than it ought to be. But it has all the “sex offender” search features, etc., that most of them have. It also allows you to put in an address and get a nice satellite view. I did that for the condo and it displays it and a huge circle around it (think it is 2,500 foot radius (or about 1 mile wide)). It had certain landmarks like schools, parks, etc., highlighted. My guess is that if any particular landmarks fall within that circle then a PFR (Person Forced to Register) could not live in the condo.

I say “guess” because I poked around on the site for maybe just 30 minutes or so before I got tired of caring about it. I read some FAQs on the site. Read about “sex offenders” and “predators”, all that. I couldn’t really figure it out easily enough. It would likely take a few solid, full days to actually figure it out. But in short order I decided that whether or not my family would be allowed to live there, that it is not acceptable that it is even something I would need to figure out or that there are billions of dollars wasted supporting all that idiocy.

Which all lead back to an original question that I have about the collapse and that is – should I care? Should I care about a bunch of people who are almost certainly just fine with telling my family where we may and may not live? Should I care about people who are fine with government oppressing my family? No, I don’t care about those people and won’t. So the question is, how many people living in that condo are fine with the government oppression? How can I identify the good versus bad ones? What percentage is which?

Today, in America, it is very easy to be apathetic.

What does the collapse of that condo in surfside have to do with people convicted of viewing images of children being abused?


I don’t recognize “Carlos Rosa” so I don’t know if you are a pro-Registry harasser or not. If I knew you are, I’d seriously make fun of you. But I don’t know, so I’ll be nice.

Anyway …

What does “people convicted of viewing images of children being abused” have to do with what I wrote? I specifically said “PFR” and their families.

But since you brought up pictures, sure, let’s talk about that. It is beyond idiotic that a picture viewer would be banned from living in that condo and a person who shot people with a gun would not be. Yep. But sure, the Hit Lists are for “public safety”, “protecting children”, “‘merica!”, blah, blah, blah, all that.

Since you had trouble with what I was trying to convey, I’ll give a simpler example – say that your family needs a home and there is building where you want to live but the people who live there say you can’t because they hate you. They don’t know you, but they hate you. Then that building burns to the ground and everyone that lives there dies. Should you help them? Should you care? That is what I was asking. And if anyone even thought about it.

I think the Hit Lists radicalize people. Some people to serious extremes. I think they kill a lot of empathy, compassion, kindness, etc. I think that matters MORE than the Hit Lists existing at all (so that people can be “informed” about people and that is not needed or useful). I think the Hit Lists are idiotic and cannot even come close to being justified or rationalized. No question.

I took a lot of time to answer your obviously inane question. If you are not pro-Registry then I’m sorry if you’ve found any of this too rude. Otherwise, I don’t care of course. I’ll just also point out that you posted 2 questions in a row on this web site and the one prior to this was “Why are Tier 3 sex offenders on the registery for life and not tier1 and tier2 ?” ( So I thinking that you actually perhaps really didn’t understand what I was saying. Again, if you are not pro-Registry, I’m sorry about that.

In the current era of “wokeness,” people are now being allowed to self-identify themselves as whatever gender they choose… or a mix of “genders” and society is apparently gobbling it up and supporting this.

Is it possible then, that felons and SOs can choose not to self-identify as one so we can get off the SOR or any kind of registry or background check? Society is labeling us as felons and SOs… and that’s discriminatory. We can use the exact same logic as the LGBTQIA+++++++ community lol..

@ Been Woke: Maybe you can argue that the Registry is “forced speech”. 🤷🏻‍♂️

As a Mich resident, I wonder when tier 1 registration will be discontinued. I would like to see the entire country do away with the registry. Not sure if tier 3 should be removed.

David… You’re not sure if tier threes should be removed from the registry? I would suggest you do a little bit of research to see what different situation could land somebody in tier 3 before you condemn them to a life on the registry.

In California, one particular legislator did a last minute switcheroo and now all those convicted of CP offenses are listed as Tier 3. Yes, crazy indeed! Non-contact, non-violent offenses listed as Tier 3. Ridiculous!! 🙄

Yup. My single count of an upskirt picture now classifies me as dangerous as Jeffrey Epstein. Because, you know, that’s totally equivalent with sex trafficking dozens or hundreds of minors and forced raping. She sure is keeping people safer now with that change.

Excuse me??? I’m a tier 3, having never been evaluated. I got my “life sentence” in the mail in 2011. I never raped anyone. I never kidnapped anyone. I never physically assaulted anyone. My case was consensual. Yes, it was wrong, but you’re saying I should stay on the registry until I die????? Not everyone classified as tier 3 is an evil monster.
Go do some research before you post.

I’m currently Tier 3 for an upskirt picture of a minor. Non-contact. Non-solicitation or enticement. Strictly voyeurisms. I’m hoping to have that reduced to a misdemeanor (if I can ever get over my anxiety to get back into the courtroom) to be bumped down to Tier 1. Do you really think someone like me and others with similar, really serves the publics interest of being on the registry for a lifetime? I’m willing to bet whatever got you on Tier 1 in Mich, isn’t any lower offense level than mine.

We can’t all be as virtuous as you, SR.

I was told by an attorney today that with a federal Tier 1 conviction, a state judge is required to remove someone from the registry after 10 years. Is this true ? A 406a motion is being prepared. Is this correct ?

Where did you hear this? Did you find out if it’s true?

For anyone who likes UK television, season 4 of a show called Line of Duty features a season-long storyline where a person previously convicted of a sex offense is being set up to take the fall for a grisly crime. He is treated very sympathetically by the writers and the main detectives (who are a sort of Internal Affairs unit). I was pleased and surprised. It’s a surprisingly good show and is on Amazon Prime. You may want to see the earlier seasons first.

just watched another show on prime called “survivors guide to prison” with Danny Trejo and other persons who know what’s what. Doesn’t specifically state anything about registry or sex offense but it is still something that we all should be encouraging our family and friends and anyone who will listen to watch.

Why are Tier 3 sex offenders on the registery for life and not tier1 and tier2 ?

Because we’re “the most dangerous”. Which is an incredible thing to say when ZERO evolution to such has been made. Except for a very minor minority who are Tier 3 based on the worthless Static-99, everyone else is placed on Tier 3 strictly based on their offense code, which was arbitrarily assigned to the tier by the legislatures.

I’d think the next point of attack for ACSOL is to force actual evaluations for tier placement. Someone could actually be a major threat but Tier 1 on paper. There’s no penalty for “flunking” your probation/parole outside of additional jail time. Someone could be the absolute worse, and they’d never be given more than Tier 1 if their offense code is listed as such.

I see it as the only way any sliding scale system can work. The law, for better or worse, has to categorize offenses according to the severity as society sees it. Someone looking at a picture or standing with their privates showing is going to be thought of as less of a problem than a person that tries to have what is deemed as unlawful sex or physically touches another inappropriately. The act of physical contact goes a long way in determining classification.

Oh joy. Another insane outlier that’ll bolster the idea that we’re all like this, just waiting to pounce on someone at the first chance we get. This guy clearly has major issues, and is probably one of the type of people who should be in Coalinga at this point.

This guy was listed on the Hit Lists so I have no idea how this could have happened. Good thing he was listed though or he never would have been caught. The Hit Lists work again!

Also, it is good that sex can be tied to these crimes because otherwise it wouldn’t even have been dangerous. He certainly would never be listed on a registry. When I find a stranger in my home I always first ask them if they are there because of sex. If they aren’t, I just let them do whatever they want.

Yikes I’m freaking out…

I had been trying to contact the officer at the local PD who does the registrations to find out my tier. I tried from middle of January until I gave up later in February. Never returned calls and I even emailed once and nothing. My annual isn’t until December so I figured I would probably not find out my tier until then. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Do you all know about the US Postal Service Informed Delivery? It’s a service where when you sign up they will send you pictures of the mail that you will receive that day. I literally just signed up for that earlier this week.

I just got the notice of what’s in the mail today. There’s a letter from the officer in there for me!

I can only imagine that it’s a notice of my tier. And I’m freaking out about it. I don’t remember my exact code but it was a felony, got 5 years probation, no jail time. I got off probation early, I also got reduction and expungement a couple of years ago. My code was a wobbler and the misdemeanor version doesn’t even go on the registry. I have never been on the web site.

I have heard that some ‘never on the public site’ people are now going to go public and I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what my tier will be and if I will now be publicly listed. I’m currently unemployed and if I go public how will that affect my job search chances? One of the mail reasons I took the plea I did was because I would not be on the public site so if that changes now that is NOT fair.

If I am Tier 1 my 10 years would be up in 2025, that wouldn’t be too bad considering. But Tier 2 and above would be horrible.

The mailman tends to show up around 11am to noon… so I guess I’ll find out then.


Hoping for the best for you. I think we have similar codes, and I would like to know the outcome of your situation. Thanks.

Hello… yeah I think yours and mine are the same.

Got the letter, it’s addressed to ‘All [my city name] Sex Offender Registrants”. And then it just says that the ability to do your annual registration remotely expired at the end of June and starting July 1 you’d need to go in person again.

So not a tier notice.

So back to square one of not knowing but I think I really should try again now and find out my tier because my annual isn’t until December. Registration officer had no interest in returning my calls though so not sure how successful I will be.

A Tulare County patrol deputy is accused of raping a woman in Hanford. He is on administrative leave while law enforcement investigates the allegations made against him. Araujo has been with the department for four years. He was named Officer of the Year in February 2020. This is the second arrest of a sheriff’s deputy and the third arrest of a Tulare County law enforcement officer in less than a week.

Will be interesting to see if a follow up is printed or if the sheriff dept. simply quashed the story. What it does show to me is even those that are tasked with enforcing laws are just as likely to break them. No such thing as human perfection .

Wow, third arrest of a deputy, in the area, in the past few weeks. The other deputy arrested is a detective — who also happened to be named “Officer of the Year” (in a different year).

If these Officers of the Years are getting arrested… makes me worry about the non-Officers of the Years…

‘To Protect and Serve’


Anyone have any troubles getting into Disney world (Florida)? Also, what’s about cruises to Caribbean? Any issues?


Look in travel threads here.


Sorry, I tried but I cannot seem to find a specific thread on travel. Could you provide a link?

If you are a registrant, attempting to gain access to ANY amusement venue is asking for trouble and family embarrassment. In my opinion, not worth the aggravation. Florida laws are especially harsh on registrants.
As far as Caribbean cruises, you need to check with the cruise line. Those registered overseas often don’t have any issues as far as passengers. You also need to check on destinations. Some ports are not registrant friendly ( British Isles as an example ) and will stop you from departing the ship. Again, this is not the way to treat others in your vacation party.

There is no good reason to deny anyone entrance, particularly if they are fathers with children. Your reasoning that they may be embarrassed is unlikely to happen. Keep in mind many more Disney employees have committed sex offenses than registrants, who to my knowledge have never commited a crime on a Disney property. I may be wrong, but I certainly would have heard of it.

There are times when going places alone which are children-centric is not wise, particularly arcades or restaurants catered specifically to children, but if you are a parent, then there is no good reason to avoid going to such locations with your children as long as it’s legal according to proximity statutes.

✈️✈️✈️ @ K:. Heres a link for International Travel:

Please note there is also a 2020 thread. Just go to the search box and type in keyword “Travel”.

I think that a problem can come up when you purchase a season pass. I’d stick with a regular ticket. We’ve had this discussion here several years ago.

Here’s a couple of old links:

Any suggestions on where to find work in Los Angeles County as a SO would be very helpful.

I know the grocery store T…… Joes will hire. A few people in treatment work for them.

Good to know, Jason! All the more reason to shop there!

What’s your skill set?

I was granted a Certificate of Rehabilitation a month ago that included that I would no longer have to register. Does anyone know how long it will take to be actually removed from the registry?

DOJ is kinda slow. From what I’ve seen, it’s typically 1-6 months. Wait a bit more and then contact DOJ directly and see where they are in the process.

Out of curiosity, what county did you earn your CoR? I forget the fellow poster on here that said they got their DOJ letter quickly and was from LA County.

I’m also in LA County. I got my letter from the court in less than a week, however, it’s almost 5 weeks and I still haven’t been removed from the registry.

If anyone has been granted a certificate of rehabilitation and not been removed from the registry and the Megan’s Law website please send copy of your certificate by email to me at or bybFAX to 916-823-5984. Email copy must be in PDF format. Photos and jpeg not acceptable to state government.

Thanks Janice, I’ll scan mine and send it to you today. Thanks!

Six weeks and counting and I still haven’t been removed from the registry. the DoJ is quick to get us on the registry, but really takes their time getting us off of it.

“Half of people released from S.F. jail before trial were accused of a new crime while free, according to four-year study”

People who committed a sexual offense are held to unfair standards.

Since I’m not getting direct answers to my question I will ask it again. I’m not asking for opinions. Has anyone here actually physically gone to Florida and tried to go into Disney World, or any other amusement parks? What was the result? I’ve done my research but there are conflicting stories. Also, for cruises… I’m not asking about whether I can get off the ship at foreign countries. I’m asking if anyone has gone on a cruise, boarded the ship? Any issues? What cruise line?

Here’s an idea, since you aren’t getting the responses you seem to be looking for, why don’t you go down there and report back your experience! 🤔😎

I haven’t gone to Florida, but do plan to at some point. I’ve been to Disneyland here in California easily over 20 times since I started registering. I’ve also gone to Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm many times, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo wildlife park, and Legoland. I’ve never once had a problem at any of them.


Use an online search tool with the key words you are curious about to find results that may work for what you want to know. For example, here is one you may to read when I used a few key words: and go through the read more link at the bottom of the article seen. There are other articles which may help you. You even maybe could ask Florida Action Committee ( who covers this same topic as ACSOL but for FLA and may know the answer you seek.

As for cruise lines, there have been varied results by various people here in the forum depending on the departure point, return point, and destination(s). I did the same type of search as above and got this:

I went to Florida in January 2020, just before the Pandemic started. Spent 2 days doing Disney amusement parks and then went on a 7 day cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line out of Port of Canaveral. There was no issues, no one asked any questions.

Even going through customs was a breeze, they looked my passport but did not scan it. Nice family vacation.

Pennsylvania “Police Officer Misconduct” Database Now In-effect (of course though; it’s ‘Not Public’ lol)

Free expungement clinic in Tenn.

““I went to jail a lot of times, just to be honest with you, from my juvenile to my adult life just living in the streets of Memphis. Twenty-six times, actually,” Sanford said.

His life changed after his criminal record was expunged.”

26 times! Do you think they’d accept someone with a single arrest for a crime called “Using a computer to commit a crime” nearly 20 years ago?

Not if it involved SSSSEEEEEXXXXX!!!

Honestly, the Oppression Lists are so idiotic that if an intelligent person tries to think about it too rigorously, it will permanently make them dumber. The Oppression Lists are idiotic security and outrage theater for idiots.

It is beyond me how Registry Supporters/Terrorists think SEX should be Registered for decades and a person who broke into their neighbor’s home in the middle of the night just a year ago is just fine and safe. Or same with a person who has shot someone with a gun and now lives next door to a school. The examples are just endless.

The Oppression Lists are for oppression, giving some losers jobs, making some people richer, and placating harassers and basics.

Anyone know the history of how all computer crimes were designated Tier 3 in California? What legislators made that happen? Anyone know about filing FOIA requests? I’d like to know who lobbied for this—was it Silicon Valley? I’ve only rarely seen any re-arrests of computer crime registrants, so it’s unlikely to be based on any crime data, even heavily manipulated crime data. Someone clearly had an agenda here, and it should be in the public record. I’m not in California and it doesn’t affect me directly, but frankly this could be a fascinating story.

Hi “Literally Nobody”,
Yes, I have filed a FOIA Request* to the U.S. State Department and U.S. Marshals Service regarding IML green notices and a police encounter at a Paris airport.
I filed it electronically online and received a very quick confirmation of receipt with a FOIA Request tracking number. It took a few months to receive an actual response to my information request, but I did ultimately receive a reply.
– David ⚜️

*Please note: There is actually a different name for such an information request when it pertains to yourself as an individual. My apologies, I do not know the actual legal name – I know that I used a FOIA Request form.


It is a Privacy Act request. One can make this with any agency or department when seeking info on themselves (search online for the specific method with each). IIRC, @Janice mentioned this previously here in this forum.

An introduction to how the system works.

How plea deals are uniquely negotiated for sex offenses

I’m in Michigan and eligible to be removed from the registry. I’ve contacted a few attorney’s and the fee is more than I can afford. Is there a method to find an attorney to help me for a reasonable cost ? Also, I was convicted in a federal court, however I am told a state judge can remove me, I am a tier 1. Ready to get off the registry. Does anyone know the answer please ?

Oliver law group

You should start by contacting the Public Defenders Office. It appears that some do, indeed, assist with registry removal. I wouldn’t have believed it, myself but my own County, San Francisco, seems to be doing just that. I imagine that that isn’t the case for all California counties and certainly not for the whole country, but you should try the public defenders, first. Who knows, you might just get lucky. Good luck!

Yes, a public defender responded this afternoon after I emailed the application this morning. So far, I am quite pleased. Anything having to do with this stuff stresses me out and makes old scars hurt, bringing up the PITS. Just the thought of having someone walk me through the process puts me at ease.

I am a few years away from qualifying to be removed as a tier 1, curious what you were quoted so I can start saving.

Figure $5000 for a quality Lawyer. That will put you in a safe area for savings. Just a reduction here in California cost me $2200.

Two days ago on the anniversary, 15th July 1976 was the 45th anniversary of the CHOWCHILLA kidnapping of the kids and bus driver, 27 of them, and four years later I’m in a national database for messing around with my bf who was less than < 7 yrs diff than I AND now we are on National pic wall for those to point and laugh and anger and backlash at! WHY WERE NOT THESE HOODLOOMS POSTED TODAY ON A WEBSITE for all to see, are we really WORSE than kidnapping mutliple LOTS of children on THEIR SCHOOLBUS and Putting under ground like a CASKET?
Do you even remember this? IF YOU GREW UP IN CALI!
What is WRONG with this world, we are just FEAR MONGERED and OUTCAST by the majority of the general population, especially those who were abused by FAMILY MEMBERs (Sorry for those inclusive) MOST WERE NEVER FOUND OUT !
How bad besides killing, kidnapping, MURDERING Children do those others get away with…NOT ME, but…
I FEEL BAD for the Internet crime people NEVER TOUCHING or making contact with any minor or adult for being treating, convicted harsher than others THAT HAVE!

Let’s clean up the system and keep ACSOL given some monies donating,
ESPECIALLY all the 3rd Tier meeting or exceeding the minimums for the 2k challenge that will be over soon to help KNOCK DOWN the 3rd Tier to extremists or worse.

THird Tier’s need to be able to come down to 2nd or even having higher tiers to reduce or eliminate 3rd tier Lifetime by supporting ACSOL’s efforts !

Be patient, they can only do so much baby steps at a time, of course they don’t want a Reg. neither do we! But now have a way for SOME of the RC’s to remove or tier down!
I know all the David’s and Dave’s know what I am talking about when the Reg before ML

We have discussed facial recognition software and its use in this forum before. Now comes this article showing how big companies are using it in an unregulated environment which people forced to register here are fearful could be used against them:

Good Day one and all, I just received this notice about the get together at the capital, I am a State Representative for NARSOL (National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws) and the president of MNFOR (Minnesota For Our Rights). I and my Partner will be attending this meeting. I am also an ex-offender or a person who has committed a sexual based offense and live each day dealing with the issues we all do. I have several friends who are currently in MSOP (Minnesota Sex Offender Program). I look forward to meeting with members and families tomorrow, Here’s to a great day for all!

I had a chance to listen to the July 10th recorded phone meeting today. I usually can’t make the live meeting, so I typically listen to the recording at a later time. Of course, that does not allow for questions. Domestic travel was discussed a little bit and I just have a quick question regarding Utah for example. Per the travel matrix on this website, it says, one has to register within 10 days of coming to Utah, regardless of they days spent in Utah. So, what happens if you stay 5 days? You still have 5 days technically to register, but you leave before that time. Could that cause a FTR (failure to register)? The working is so confusing. It could be twisted to mean that you have to register in Utah, even if you only stay one day? Yet, you have 10 days to register. That just would not make sense.

I decided to avoid Utah whe on vacation a few years ago, even though I would have been going to a National Park. It sounded to me like once you enter Utah, you have to register. I am probably just being overly cautious. I also found out there are a lot of presence restrictions in Utah. It didn’t sound like a state worth taking a chance being in or going through, if you could avoid it.

Ironic, seeing as though there are so many child polygamists that started there. Lots of skeletons in Utah’s closets.

Yeah punishing people to cover for your own sins is what America in general does.

I haven’t left CA since after my offence, but before I was convicted. I’m afraid of travel to a State where I don’t know every aspect of that State’s laws. My dream is to someday live in an RV and travel, but I can’t figure out how that would be possible.

To Someone who cares.

I noticed the same thing you raised about UT.

There are some states, including CA and UT that quickly come to my mind that state if you are in the state you have to register within so many days. I noticed WY says if you temporarily reside you have to register in so many days. So for example in that state you can stay in MT and visit Yellowstone during the day (lodging in MT is maybe an hour drive from the center of the park) and not be in violation as long as you do not spend the night in WY.

So I had the same question about CA as you do about UT. More than one person here responded that as long as I entered and left before the required number of days, I was ok and would not be prosecuted as that is the practice in CA.

But, from a legal perspective, the law is the law. I would think a judge is required to apply the law unless he/she can demonstrate the law is unconstitutional in some way. If the state can prove you entered UT and did not register within the required number of days nor matter if you stayed 1 hour in the state, state law allows for prosecution. I found no exceptions to the laws when I read the CA and UT statutes.

But from a practical perspective if you left before the number of days required to register would you be prosecuted if the state learned you were there? I guess that would depend on how much an a_hole a prosecutor wants to be. My recommendation is to call an attorney in UT and pay for 15 minutes of consulting. That money spent could keep you out of prison.

I think that most of these laws are designed to make it easier for the police to arrest and detain you. If someone accuses you of something you didn’t do, they can look at their database and see you are on the registry in another state and boom, you are behind bars and investigated for FTR. At best you will have to register if that happens. This comes of the myth that everyone on the registry has no life other than to commit more sex crimes and every effort must be made to subvert habeas corpus to catch them. This is the environment we live in. Like having a legal Damocles Sword over your head. I try not to think of it all the time or I wont have a life at all.

Sense? Nothing makes sense is applied to the registry.

Someone posted this but no one answered. Does anyone know the answer?
“I was told by an attorney today that with a federal Tier 1 conviction, a state judge is required to remove someone from the registry after 10 years. Is this true ? A 406a motion is being prepared. Is this correct ?”

“Death of SI man found with ‘I touch little girls’ written on chest ruled a homicide”

Looks like we have another example of vigilante murder:

Yeah, a possible vigilante murder of someone not on any public registry. (The only one I found by that name is 51 yrs old, not 80.)

Any thoughts on this, is it possible if it gets signed that I can get my mugshot removed?

It does say exigent circumstances. I wish I could use this to remove my mugshot that’s was blasted all over the newspaper years ago that’s still on google search.

Very odd: Why would this 3-year-old news article appear in my Google News feed for the search word “SORNA”?

Thank you for posting that!

Got my first call from a con artist targeting registrants. My phone said the incoming call was “Scam Likely” but after the second attempt I stupidly answered. Bad quality connection and said something about “sheriff’s dept.” so I immediately hung up. They tried calling again. If I hadn’t seen previous posts here about this I probably wouldn’t have hung up so quickly.

Governor newsom has just signed bill that prohibits police of showing mugshots of people with non-violent crimes… it creates “unconcious bias” . Who wouda thought ? and where do we stand. Are misdemeanor sex offenses violent? This should get real good.

I’ve been away for a while, so forgive me if this is a re-post.

Is anyone else as interested in the WH-FB collusion and the blowback it has raised? It seems to me whatever argument is made about government interference in citizens’ speech via flagging FB users can quite possibly apply to SORNA providing a blacklist to social media. Granted, the WH version is active intrusion but the method would seem of little consequence if the end result is the same: barring of citizen speech by the government.

I thought preventing people from commenting to a public official was something that cannot be done via the courts. The courts cited AOC could not be blocked by President Trump, a public official. Thus, commenting on public healthy should run similarly.

I recall then Presidential candidate Biden and VP candidate Harris said they would not take the vaccine that was being developed by Trump because it cannot be trusted. Now, those two are pushing for everyone to take the virus, even by way of a mandate.

Chilling that media cannot exploit the hypocrisy.

Oh please! What hypocrisy? Your recall is inaccurate at best, wrong at worst. Would you take a vaccine “developed by Trump”? Of course it wouldn’t be nor should it be trusted. He isn’t a scientist or any kind of expert. Neither are Pres. Biden or VP Harris. Now a vaccine developed by Pfizer, Moderna or J&J has a bit more merit. It was Dr. Anthony Fauci, an expert in infectious diseases, who made the recommendation. Had Trump sat back while Fauci took the lead on a subject he is well trained on, perhaps more people would have vaccinated. Instead, we had a narcissist who wanted complete credit for the vaccine and refused to endorse it and in the process discredited Dr. Fauci. THAT was the issue.

…and then got vaccinated. The ultimate in hypocrisy.

Vivante Espero
Did ANYONE See this and what it means for donating via AmazonSMILE and other Corp donations? ALWAYS DONATE HERE (A C S O L – via this site, paypal or mail in to Janice’s office or Frank when we see all each other again) I believe it’s part of NARSOL but READ THE DETAILED PART for AmazonSMILE and What A Suprise, maybe it was spoke of but since 2014 I don’t remember really. OAK.

How Interesting and is There to help most all on here since some use or rather shop already on Amazon, Amazon Smile works and my Nephew (27) works at a local Warehouse (Hub DC) and reminded us of that section of Amazon, we did AHA (American Heart) for years but NOW we use ONLY …

look it up on there donations page, but it comes out automatically from ordering.

@ dph: Sorry, dph, but it is unclear what your message is. What are you trying to tell us?? Are you saying we should not use AmazonSmile to donate? 🤷🏻‍♂️

In the meantime, two male NYC LEOs were dismissed from their jobs after grooming a 15 yo girl for “shocking professional and sexual misconduct” but not taken to trial because prosecutors deferred to Internal Affairs to handle it. Yep, the other 95% of who we discuss here and not on a registry. Still worried about those on a metro train who are registered Mr. Mayor?

They wouldn’t be able to get hired into another department if charges were filed. Didn’t you know that?

But @Disgusted, if you read the article online at a major search engine newsroom (I’m not providing it), you’d read others in position of power said (paraphrase) “the publishing of the actions and punishment publicly was a lot for these two and will forever follow them.” Sounds like a registry. This action in addition to the bad LEO database which exists, they’ve got a hard time being hired in another department anyway. Unfortunately, the firing department took the easy way out instead of holding their people fully accountable.

Besides, the point was LEOs keep looking elsewhere when their own house is not in order.

@TS: The news report mentioned court documents stating the sexual contacts that occurred. So they had the victim’s testimony. They could have pressed forward without the victim. Prosecutors frequently do so, so there must have been some special allowances being made not to prosecute the two.

Sounds like the NYPD took some ideas out of the old Catholic church playbook: keep it quiet and let them get shuffled around to somewhere else.

Speaking of the church @AJ, there was a former cardinal who was just charged with sex assault of a teen from the 70’s. Again, 95% vs the 5%.

95% impossible to defend against anything from so long ago.

One of the reasons we have (had) statutes of limitations was to encourage victims to persue charges in a timely fashion to prevent this impossible defense, before everything became stale.


I’m a registrant with a 2015 conviction.

I have since completed CA Parole and while on parole, after much searching, decided to start my own business rather then take one of the few low paying positions I saw avalible to ex offenders.

Only recently, I have had an extremely hard time with my banking options. My credit, admittedly, is awful. Most of my defaults happend as a result of being incarcerated and even though those will soon be falling off, not having access to credit, I haven’t used any as cash seemed to be a much easier solution. Using cash doesn’t build credit and will in fact keep your credit poor even once your collections fall off. While this has potential issues only now beginning to realize, a new problem has surfaced.

Last week my bank account was flagged for verification. My partner (both in life and in business) and I share the same bank and his account was not flagged. Threw the process I ended up on a call with a customer service representative (in name only) who proceded to tell me in the rudest way possible that my account could not be verified and my account would be closed. I have over 10k a month in ebay sales that have been coming threw the account for the past 10 months and all of sudden after “review” my account is closed. I attempted to open an account with a few well known banks and was denied. I have no issues with check systems and the only reason for denial givin was that they could not verify my identity. Needing an account to be able to collect funds from my ebay sales I opted for a far riskier online bank called Oxygen that while it offers what I need, has a history of closing accounts and keeping the assets.

Is there work-arounds for all this? Of course. However. It seems to me, to be flat out discrimination. I was wondering if other registrants have experienced this and if so, methods successfully implemented to overcome them.

I found this article helpful in understanding the status-quo.

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Have you asked the bank why they closed your account? Given how much the banking laws have stiffened since 9/11, I don’t immediately see this being a PFR issue. I suspect your dealing strictly in cash is what set off the alarm bells. I’m unclear why the bank cannot verify your identity; I assume you have some sort of ID paper trail such as DLs, prison records, etc. If anything, they’re unable to determine and/or verify the source of your monies. Modern-day Amerika doesn’t like cash-based citizens. As for credit scores and such, I recommend establishing a secured credit card and/or a secured loan. (Secured simply means you put the money up front and then borrow against it. The creditor literally has nothing to lose and you gain credit worthiness.)

I cannot stress enough trying to get answers from the bank. It may require visiting a branch and speaking with the manager.

For those who think that link a little risky, here it is. I’m still alive after visiting it.



Thanks for the reposted simplified link, I should have thought of that.

As for Id I have my birth certificate, ss card current ca DL and they all said the couldnt verify my identity. I asked what, if not these documents could possibly aid in verification and was told that it was already reviewed and the decision final. This was from one bank and I was discouraged from going back to the others but I will and will post about it when I have an update.

Hi Matt. I’m sorry that you are having so much trouble with your bank. I have been a banker for 25+ years and my guess is that it all has more to do with the monthly pay-pal credits over $10K and their lack of knowledge in what kind of e-bay merchandise is generating the funds being deposited. Banks are really funny these days with all of the fraud that goes on. What many of my customers have had better luck with is opening a new account with a Credit Union. There was a time when Credit Unions would only open accounts for specific employees of companies related to the Credit Union, but with the vast increase of competition now-a-days, they have greatly relaxed their rules and requirements. At any rate, it might be worth looking into. Just Google Credit Unions in my area. Every customer of a Credit Union, actually owns a piece of the company, (which is one reason why they generally give their clients such good service,) whereby banks are owned mainly by just the stockholders of the institution. Sorry this is so long Matt, but I do hope that it helps you. Let us know your progress in subsequent posts! Good Luck!

I was just looking at IL’s SOR rules and I believe they are unconstitutionally discriminating against migrating citizens. According to their FAQ (, anyone moving to IL on or after 1/1/2012 is deemed to be a Sexual Predator; meanwhile, someone who moved there before that date is not necessarily deemed such.

Isn’t this a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amdt.? It sure seems so. Also, with the recent IN case in mind, this seems to burden one’s fundamental right of Freedom of Travel.

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