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Judicial Council Releases Forms to Petition for Removal from CA Registry


Today the Judicial Council released all forms related to petitioning for removal from the  California sex offender registry.  The forms include the petition form and related instructions as well as forms to be completed by the relevant District Attorney offices and courts.

“The long wait is over.  Forms are now available for everyone eligible to petition for removal from the state’s registry,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Before submitting a petition, it is important to determine whether you are eligible because petitions from individuals who are not eligible will be rejected.”

In addition to being eligible based upon the conviction offense, individuals must wait until their first birthday on or after July 1, 2021 to submit their petition.  For example, a person with a July 15 birthday may petition this year, however, a person with a June 15 birthday must wait until next year to petition.

ACSOL leaders Chance Oberstein and Janice Bellucci will conduct a training session regarding the petition forms on July 8 starting at 1:30 p.m.  Those who participate in the live training will have an opportunity to ask questions.  The training will be recorded and posted on the ACSOL website for later viewing.

Download PDFs of the forms below:

Court Order – July 2021

DA Reply – July 2021

Petition – Instructions – July 2021

Petition – July 2021

Proof of Service – July 2021


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fortunately my b-day is July 31st, will have 23 years on registry, in past I would literally HATE this month/date, called my local PD & asked if I still needed to register? PD stated yes, PD *police* remembered me & was very cool & non judgmental *thankfully* PD stated I would still need to register even though im able to petition for removal, didn’t understand but I’m like,,,, ok, PD also stated I would need to to do the live scan to check & make sure I don’t have any other pending or past situations *which I dont* PD also stated new to the removal/petitioning process so have patience because PD knew very little, PD also stated after I do the scan & things are OK I just need to go to the court house with paperwork & should take about 3 months,,,,, sooooo let’s see, based in l.a county

We definitely need to keep track of everyone petitioning and their results or else the DA office might exploit this option:

“Community safety would be significantly enhanced by the petitioner’s continued registration”

Well, for those that are NOT on the Megan’s Law website, I don’t see how that would be okay the case.

Well, they can SAY that, but if the judge is halfway fair-minded they have to present HOW it would be.
And pretty hard to make that argument for those people that are NOT on the Megan’s Law website to begin with. The public gets no benefit (ie a warning about them) by having them register.

I saw that BA RC, east out.
NOTED: Contact PDef. for assist. THEY ADVISED ME to contact EBCLC. Clinic and they stated x2 mos behind and poss longer dep on their Vol. We had mtgs there before, but these are interns from UC Berk School of Law, and that’s all fine but it won’t get filed until months post your date allowable. The AlCo Pub Def want NOTHING TO DO WITH as they stated they are already overburdened, aren’t they always? Especially the EB having largest population within County wise adults.
Heads Up EB Alameda Co. RC’s filing, THEY WON’T HELP YOU contact the…

due to hardships and non affording general Crim or ATTY for filing. BEWARE
that they want that hard 9they will NOT take the AlCoS.O. printout, has to be elsewhere i.e., UPS Stores that do DOJ acceptance ) copy mailed or emailed to them BEFORE even starting for review THEN the x2 months start on the assistance. Since Covid-19 has halted their
Clean Slate Clinics (in person once a month).
{Hope you see this Rog.}
Janice & Chance have ENOUGH on their plates.

Great news!

This is only for CA is it not?

Yes it is for California.

Yes, except for the 46 other states that also have some form of it.

Wow! So much to take in. I will most definitely attend your July 8 workshop. This is a little confusing and a lot to absorb. There is no mention, at least that I could find, about “To Be Determined” petitions. In addition, How many copies in all will I need for petition? The way I read this, the courts are not the only one that needs a copy. Proof of Current Registration? Is this the same papers they give to you after you register or yearly-registration – which is our copy they just filled out on us or is there another new document. Moreover, I register with County Sheriff due to where I live, however, I DID register also with local Police Department for only purpose while attending local college. I have stopped attending college, for now, and have notified the local PD and no longer required to register with them since I am no longer attending college. So, my question for this – do I still need to petition PD as stated in 415-INFO, or just Sheriff’s office and the courts. And my last question, for now, is under 415-INFO, section 3 bullet point 2 says: “upon being convicted. . . your minimum required registration period begins. . . released from incarceration OR released from probation” which is it? It was always my understanding, from reading from various sites including DOJ about the tier system, was after released from custody and placed on 290. If their requirement is actually after released from probation; this will make a difference for me – just wondering. Thank you Janice and Chance for all you do for us and keeping us in the loop and for your upcoming workshop and help to us. Daniel

Typically, for those not sentenced to prison, the clock starts from the day of your conviction, even if your probation terms included up to a year in county jail. If they mean to start the clock from when you’re actually off paper, this will add a minimum of +3 years to everyone’s clock. I’m sure this will be one of the points of discussion.

I actually read the section you’re asking about. You misread it as Released From instead of Released On. What I said previously should be correct: Your time starts from the date of your conviction if the conviction resulted in a Probation sentence, even if that included county jail time. If you were sentenced to prison, your time begins when you’re released from behind bars ON to Parole.

Thank you

I find that “proof of registration” to be hilarious. Perhaps if big government is going to conduct a legal proceeding where they need to determine if a person is still dangerous or not then they should know a few things? Considering the proceeding is about the person’s registration, perhaps they should know all about the status and history of that? So funny.

But sure, I trust them to keep a list of who is and isn’t dangerous so that my family can keep ourselves safe. Yep, I need big government to help keep us safe. Everyone does, obviously. Where can I pay more taxes?

That could be for proof on not currently “absconding” from registration. But, yeah, it’s funny.

I guess that not only do they HAVE YOU ON The Reg in their Superior County but want to see if you Reg. and have the Card they give you wether it be the TEMP card at time of Reg. and/or the card that Arrives in the Mail to see if you’re at the address given (those that have a mailbox) to use that card to ID for Petition copy that.
If is funny perculiarly!
Taxes just went up another percent!

(A reminder: The government funded and accelerated the research and production of COVID-19 vaccinations. Yes, I’m on the government “hit list”, but at least I’m alive and healthy. Taxes well-spent, IMHO.)

Victorville Superior Court will have to have my request as well as SBSO Daniel, SAME 4 U. Plus if you were conv in another Co. alike RIv SO or LASO Co. AND the Court that sentenced you. Good Luck Barstow Apple Valley Big Bear (another RC on here), Victorville and Lake Arrowhead and Hesperia and listening/participating in the July 8th Workshop will help SO MANY understand and the x5 forms if diff Counties than residing in currently and registering than original offense sentencing Superior Court. Co.
G o o d L u c k
288’ers maybe future things WON’T BE A LIFER alike Murders, hang on in there!
Time will tell and AMEND the Tier Reg Bill!

so my b-day is July 31st, I have 23 years on registry, I would literally HATE this month/date. call my local PD *police* & asked if I still need to register, PD stated yes??? I was like ahhhhh ok?? but didn’t know/understand why? PD remembered me from past & was/has been super chill *thankfully* non judgmental, so upon registering PD stated I would need to do live scan to make sure there’s no pending or past situations *I have none* 1 time situation in my life,, after live scan is done I just need to go to court house with paperwork & should take about 3 months, PD stated was new to the d-registration process so please have patience, PD knew very little about, sooooo well see ,,,, L.A county

Hey! So is my b’day! ! I will tip a seltzer to you on the 31st. (don’t drink) doesn’t seem to mean that much when on the registry, does it. Just a yearly reminder of how bad you f*d your life up.

Check this out, I graduated college after my situation,started off annually with around $20.000 a year *2006* more or less, got 2 different jobs just to move up & get ahead in life, had /have my current job since 2005. government military contracted warehouse, , back than 2005 I started at $17.35 per hour, roughly making $1.000 + every week *currently I make $22.10,, take home roughly $1.200+ plus per week,, plus incentive. have $118.545 in 401k, have a $20.000 classic car, bought a 2017 Honda cash *payed off* no credit debt, oh,, and have a 2009 honda. not to brag about my achievements but I work my ass off, already at $39.345 ytd, roughly headed to or about/above 80k a year,,sooooo is my life f…ed up???? I don’t think so, ohhh, & did I mention I traveled to 5 different countries & to 13 different states,, yeah,

This is missing a relevant point, well, many. For what offense did you register? Is your registration public on the DOJ website? Has it always been? When did you travel to 5 different countries? Before IML? Could you do so now? Did you have trouble with housing? Congratulations on your successes, but your implication is that everyone had equal opportunities. Did they?

Original situation was/is was I quess public but back than I simply filled a paper to not be put on the website *back in 96.after IML started about 3 years ago I purposely let my passport expire because I didn’t want that stamp on passport, of course keeping track on IML & knowing if a person is NOT required to register stamp will not be displayed, im actually waiting until I petition & go to court, to turn in my paper work & see results. if everything is good no later October 2021 I will apply for passport again & do more research/homework & fly out of country again & housing, have NOT had 1 single issue/problem in any single way. neither have I had an issue to where I cant live*school/churches/bus stops,, I can’t speak for everyone but I’m just soooooo fortunate to have what I have, of course I feel bad about others that are still continuing to struggle hourly/daily/monthly, we need to work harder, ask the correct questions, do homework, go out & get what u want, this registry should NOT hold u back but LITERALLY show u your limits & strengths in life,,

Congrats, but I don’t measure my life in monetary or possession. I have found making money not that difficult, I have all I need in that regard even with my loss of professional licenses.
I can’t see family in another country except by facetime ( not exactly satisfying) , the few friends I have left still are hesitant to have me over for gatherings, and most activities are done alone. This is what I mean by f…ing up.
The re establishment of a physical life can never make up for emotional toll it takes on you in losing connection with loved ones.
btw, if a job only gives you a $5 increase over 17 yrs, then might be time to find a better job. But that’s just my opinion.

I would like to ask what your degree is in and what institution you attended, I haven’t seen too many degrees that aspire to $22 / hr, nor too many scholars that would accept the amount of grammatical errors you make in one sentence.

sounds to me like your life is F*d up, u-r the one suffering, & if u have all u need why u feel pity for your mistake? no one to blame but yourself, dont attack others for your loss, & u should of know better not that u-r better than any of us but u HAD *good-bye* a license, & don’t know if u knew/remember back than minimum wage was averaging around $10-$11 p/h , minimum wage has been stuck to low for decades *or did your license didn’t tell u that‽ I was already ahead, here’s something else your license didn’t tell u, I’m on a contract, we negotiate it’s a give & take, so now your opinion says I should look for another job, I quess with no license u just don’t pay attention, I literally take home in one month well over $3,700 , the month with 5 weeks,,, easily another paycheck +900 now can u add $3,700+$900??? *fun fact* from me to u Mr non license. throw in another $16,428 in my personal checking account yeah….

I lost x3 licenses and medical plus in 2025 the FCC is revoking and no longer renewing any Felon’s FCC Amateur Radio Lic. NO MATTER How many years you have had and kept current. Damn GOV> FEDS.
BTW since H.S. 1977.
UC Riv.
CHP revoked my CDL/ADL

I didn’t hear you say you had a wife and a beautiful family what’s the point of having all that if you cant even enjoy it

I think with *no license* everything went completely over your head, if u read earlier I *wrote* I’m just fortunate to have what i have considering I’ve been registering since 96, wasn’t to brag but simply sharing a little life experience, seems to me your the sour grape, just because U-DONT have, u lost, can’t do, been denied,, on the registry *thats your personal issue* FUN FACT mr no license,, I take a family trips every year, friends & or cousins r always invited, remember all them states I’ve visited Mr no license, who said,, or what makes u think???? I’m not enjoying it or life?? even though I didn’t like July that *DID NOT* stop me from family time, just because a person is on the registry you/me the world *DOESN’T KNOW* all the details of each individual,, I took a deal just get out of the system, was only 19 at the time, I wanted out of the system, I didn’t understand, I signed paperwork to get out ASAP, yes I could of fought & won but the system, that label is NEVER a good thing,, back than there was little to no understanding , 1 label, 1 penal code was all they saw, people society were NOT aware of that (A) OR (B) or people don’t want to hear or care to listen about circumstances,

LMAO he’s not on here…or it’s just Allen with Woody, lgbtq couple?
I am sure he does and another’s wife is in the Phillipines and Guatemala for another NorCal guys (RC;s), so sad, Good Point.

*Mr no license* has been picking at me for simply sharing my personal experience, do I hate sharing here *of course* because most are still struggling after so many decades, instead of damn!!! congrats you actually made it, survived, made a prosperous move in life for the better *NOPE*!!!! it’s fascinating hearing/reading stories that people share *better or worse* it not only opens up our eyes as a low-key community but also helps others & ascol, be it Janet & chase *GOOD LUCK TO ALL*

We want to know your SECRETS of attaining and RETAINING Employment” j”,
Yes, I have a B.S. in Emerg Mgmt. doesn’t get anymore too Gov than that.
is the degree I STILL am paying on my Student Loan of any value? N O

honestly I was *very fortunate* back than when I applied for this job, I was with an agency back than, so was sweating/nervous *background check* back than they didn’t have *ban the box* so I’m think agency didn’t check, was sent to military warehouse, did my duty/job,,, after 3 months I was asked by super to see *HR* Im like!?!?!? ok,,,, here we go!?!?!? *HR* simply stated congratulations on coming aboard, but honestly I can’t answer about my job, people can get hired but we work loooong hours *daily* people mainly *new people* come in, more or less see how the place is runned, work about 2-3 weeks & actually see/feel/experience, so of course *quit* leaving our work force short handed *like always* BUT it’s weird, I got hired back than, but to this day, I hear people are having a difficult time getting hired do to their background? so I honestly don’t know if previous HR was like, whatever with me because we always needed people & current HR is being picky, but in life,, from my experience, the only way is to true, we as people will never know the outcome of the results, im 17 years with the same company, but believe or not, new management has made it to were we are getting MORE hours than we should be getting, so that kind of answers your question, you can have have a degrees OR, simply put,,, its who you know, now & days *like always* ITS WHO YOU KNOW!! this new management has a degree for this & that but has wrong words, doesn’t know how to speak or use proper terms with us, don’t manage people, actually hurts workers, check this out. has a degree in psychology *he says* but literally makes sooooo mistakes, im no rocket scientist but people who actually work the work, hands on, know/experience, but who are we, degree makes noooo difference now & days *but honestly hope u find a better way of life* not saying it’s wrong ..

I hate my BDays ever since, so does The Fam.

So good that they did not delay the forms. Looking forward to hearing the stories of the vanguard people who filed their petition and the subsequent results. I won’t be able to file until November.
onward through the fog!

Okay SF guy , hang in there man! it’s this year, feel for the others for Jan-June 30th. 2022.
It will eventually happen, some of us canNOT even Apply due to Tier III. Lifers.

If, as I understand it, you’re a Frisco resident like me, then I think that we should both be hoping that Chesa Boudin manages to stay in office as D.A. for our petition processes. I think that his office would, almost certainly, be our greatest hope for not challenging our petitions. He will have to stay in office for more than another year in my case. Damn that recall effort!

Is it only for California? How about the other states

This is only for CA. This website only provides general information for other states and doesn’t specifically follow their laws and such in the same way.

It is for the California registry.
Does not apply to any other state or federal.

Individuals convicted in federal court, military court and out of state may petition for removal provided that they are currently required to register in California. This depends of course upon whether and when they are eligible to petition which is based upon the offense for which they have been convicted. The requirement to wait until your birthday only applies to the first year of petitioning, that is, July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. After that period of time individuals can petition on any day of the year.

Cali 1st others LISTEN.
They just don’t listen or read the site…
Janice gets TIRED of repeating herself, Chance too. IRA three.

Now it’s on to expanded eligibility. The cases to that end will appear on the horizon by natural means within thy process.

Early August birthday…24+yrs on registry Will be beginning this paperwork soon!

good-job, wish u all the luck, waaaay over do.

Hope you are removed CD, Good Luck also, patience while they review.

Good Luck, it willbe ineteresting to see how this sysyem works.

Best of luck

I would get the forms for use when my time comes in a couple of yrs, but they will likely revoke the statute by then. Seems to be the pattern with the registry. Hopefully be offshore before the forms are needed.

Since my birthday is in June and I have been registering since 2004 and my crime is minor enough I’m not even on the Megan’s Law website and I’ve already met the qualifications for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, but was denied in Orange County, of course, I think starting this after one’s birthday on July 1st is bogus.
The law passed in January. How about starting on one’s birthday after January?
I’m going to see if my attorney can get a waiver of that time limit “in the interest of justice”.

Meanwhile, those of you registering in San Francisco or Los Angeles County, and you qualify based on your tier, you’re as good as off.

how bout san bernardino county 26 years of registering birthday is may22 . ?

wb…try … 36 yrs SBCO since July!’ I’ll still be awaiting the Largest Sq Mile County
San Berdoo Superior Court here you go 2022 (May 22nd), hang in there wb! Desert Courts too

The law was enacted on July 1st, but the setup for the tiering began January 1st, meaning the tiering was sent out by Jan 1st and giving extra months for those out of state persons. This six month period is when one could inquire with the DOJ about their tier designation.

It does suck that people cannot apply when they’ve already met the required years, but they’re doing this to stem the tidal wave of applications in the first year of tiered implementation.

What I didn’t know was that in this first year of implementation is you can only petition on or after your birthdate? Will this be the process from now on that your birthdate determines the term length instead of actual time of release?

“Will this be the process from now on that your birthdate determines the term length instead of actual time of release?”

No, as I understand it, the time of release yearly countdown determines when you can petition. Filing after your birthday is only to scatter the petitions over the year and into next year, to keep from clogging the courts. Imagine if everyone petitioned on July 1. That I think makes the distinction clearer.

DUDE listen to Janice (& Chance) MOVE out of The OC, no good. get a studio apt in LACO or SDCo. QUICK b4 June 2022. Then your atty will be worth the costs.

I am not on the registry and I won’t be but I know around 20 people who are, both men and women and it only seems to serve one purpose and that is to ruin individuals and families. There really needs to be a better system. BTW, one lady from the old neighborhood brags that she’s gotten three men on the registry so far. All three in way trumped up charges. There needs to be a check in the accuser.

Thx for listening and understanding, welcome One who sees the Truth. Thank You.

Even though I have 2 failure to register charges I’m still fileing my petition

they say for every failure it adds more time *hopefully not* but lets hope they over look that *good luck.

Good for You! You Go, they should understand we are NOT perfect, things happen,
especially over the years. Carlitos, don’t give up Mejo, anything is Possible’. Good Luck. If everything else of the requirements are met, you should! Read all of it. Quidado, make sure you don’t have a 288a though. They are still on Tier III. Lifers for now.

It may depend on whether your FTR was filed as a misdemeanor or felony. Mine was filed as a misdemeanor.

Hmmm I’m not even sure what tier I’m in but I doubt I would be successful with a petition considering I was convicted in a Federal Court. I’m not on Megan’s Law website however and never was. 🙁

Best of luck to you all…

It will be interesting to see how many days, weeks, or months it will be before the very first person is actually released from the obligation of registering. Hopefully, that person will be a contributor to this site so we will know when it happens.

well mine is the 31st of this month,, July, for sure I will give updates as they come in,

The law does not release you from registering, It takes you off the Registry. There is still alot of misunderstanding about the law.

Where is the authority for this statement? I would tend to disagree because that law as written requires continued registration until the judge grants the petition. There would be no need for this if registration was continued even after the judge grants the petition.

From the DOJ FAQ:

If I believe I already meet the mandatory minimum registration requirements as included in SB 384, do I still
need to register?

Yes. Registrants must continue to register as sex offenders in accordance with the Act. After July 1, 2021, on or after their next birthday following the expiration of the minimum mandated registration period, specified registrants may petition the courts for termination of the requirement to register as a sex offender in accordance with SB 384.

However, registrants are required to continue registering in accordance with the Act unless and until a court grants a petition for termination of sex offender registration requirements in California.

Failure to continue registering in accordance with the Act may make you subject to prosecution for failure to register.

Does this apply to Federal level registrated citizens in California? or just state level?

I have another question, it may have already been asked and answered, however, i have not seen it here yet. . . In “CR-415-INFO” Section #2. ‘Am I eligible. . . You maybe eligible if. . .(bullet point 2) your tier assignment has been determined’ With so many letters, including mine, stating to be determined and no mention that I could find – file anyway, do we have to wait until DOJ decides? Even though, in my opinion only, DOJ had a enough years to determine our tier. Thank you for your help and information

It is my understanding that even if your Tier level is “TBD”- as is mine – we can still apply for removal from the Registry. I would suggest calling in to next Saturday’s ACSOL Phone Meeting and asking for more information at that time.👍🏻

My DOJ letter assigned me to Tier 2 and I am already eligible to petition (more than 20 years).

However, I was not convicted of a Tier 2 offense according to

List of Sex Crimes in Each Tier Under California’s Tiered Registry System
I already thought I was not a Tier 2 and should be a Tier 1. Since I’m eligible to petition either way, does it matter? Should I contest the assigned Tier 2 and insist on a Tier 1 assignment? Maybe it will somehow matter in the future. If I don’t contest it now, the courts may consider it waived in the future, and who knows what future laws are coming?

Also, the directions say to serve the petition on LE where we currently live and register and also where we were convicted. Does it matter if it is served on the Sheriff or PD in either case? Is either all right?

Winston – I would definitely contest it if you are sure you belong in Tier 1. Could it be that it is Tier 2 because it was a serious or violent offense as described in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7?

Seems like that list has a lot of discrepancies. Just look at the 288-series codes on each of the three tiers.

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