MO: Briefs Filed Regarding Request to Stop Missouri’s Halloween Sign Mandate

Source: ACSOL

Briefs have been filed by both parties, in support of and in opposition to, a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).  If the motion is granted, registrants in Missouri would not be required to post signs on the front door of their homes on Halloween.

Plaintiff’s reply brief was filed today as required by the court.  That brief focuses on the fact that the sign mandate violates the First Amendment because it is compelled speech, required by the government and objected to by the registrant.  The brief also reminds the court that registrants who post the mandated sign on the front door of their homes as well as their families could be exposed to significant danger from vigilantes on Halloween or later.

“The government’s brief in opposition to the TRO motion attempts to confuse the court by focusing on registration requirements and not the sign mandate,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “The fact is that if the court grants the TRO, the plaintiff’s requirement to register will continue.”

The original lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri on October 4.  The motion for TRO was filed on October 11.  The government filed its brief opposing the TRO motion on October 18.

“Although the court has no deadline by which to decide the TRO motion, we expect the court to issue its decision in the next few days, before Halloween,” stated Bellucci.  

Bellucci applied for admission to the Missouri federal district court and that has been granted.  She is now lead counsel in the case while Missouri attorney Matt Fry remains local counsel.

Download the documents:

TRO – Reply Brief – CONFORMED

TRO Oppo. Memo – Oct 2023


Missouri AG Pushes Back on Sex Offender’s Challenge to Halloween Laws [ 10/20/23]


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Thank you Janis and Team,

Trying to confuse the court? I see they already have very little in the way of an argument. I can’t wait to see how pathetic the rest of their justifications for this law are.

Let’s hope the judge understands how compelled speech violates the first amendment. Congrats, Janice, on being granted admission to the Missouri federal district court.

😖 Soooo frustrating, annoying, angering!! 😡 The RFT news article repeatedly uses the term “sex offender”. I find this incredibly frustrating because, if it was someone convicted of drunk driving, they would say “individual convicted of drunk driving” – they wouldn’t consistently, repeatedly refer to the individual as a “drunk driver” emmany years after the DUI incident occurred. But news media constantly refer to individuals convicted of a sexual offense as “sexual offenders”, no matter how long ago the offense occurred. 😡

It can be difficult to wait for a court’s decision, especially on a TRO motion. We expect the court to issue its decision either tomorrow (Friday) or next Monday in order to prevent an appeal of its decision. We will post the court’s decision on this website as soon as possible after it arrives.

I’ve said it many times before but I’ll repeat it – at least the Registries themselves make some sense. This Halloween idiocy and so much of the other pathetic, worthless idiocy that the Registries have enabled and promoted, are just mind numbingly idiotic. “Stupefying” is the accurate description. That is why they piss me off more than the Registries. It is truly stupid security theater for really stupid people.

Who thinks that our governments should be involved in this kind of idiocy? Maybe our governments could solve some actual problems and stop burning resources? Or did the dumbf*cks already solve all of the significant problems?

They have their Registry toy. Do they think the precious public that they are using are too stupid to use it? Or more likely that most of the public simply don’t give a flying f*ck about their useless toy? They think people aren’t smart enough to understand addresses and a visual map? Don’t trust that their toy is accurate? Or they don’t trust the public to use the toy and make the decision that big government wants – which is to ostracize the families listed on their toy. So big government thinks more hand holding is a good idea? Why don’t they put an officer at each house?

I don’t know. But I do know that if I was this guy I would be retaliating at a very high level. I’d be hurting people. That’s the proper response.

Personally, I don’t give a flip about signs. Government lies and I don’t care what they want to say about me. People who believe them are too stupid to be helped. Government can put a warning sign on my property and I’ll put a sign next to it that points out how big of liars they are. That would be fun.

The part that gets me is – does the criminal state of Missouri actually have a “law” which states that PFRs cannot leave their homes on Halloween (5-10:30pm) unless there is “a good reason”? If so, that is beyond outrageous and unacceptable and that needs to be attacked from every angle. And if so, again, that is yet another great reason to never allow law enforcement criminals or any other government employee to step one foot onto any property where you live (or own) and certainly never allow them to see or talk to you or your family there. No “compliance check” of any kind should ever be allowed.

Registry A**holes/Supporters/Terrorists are trying to turn Amerika into Iran and worse. It is up to the decent, moral people to end them. It is imperative to identify a**holes in government who love big government and want to keep growing it and vote them out.

If you all want to see some disgusting people, check out the company that owns OffenderWatch (Watch Systems LLC). Take a look at the LinkedIn page for OffenderWatch. They are really pushing the Halloween grift. Got the propaganda going overtime. Trying to get those taxpayer $$$$.

The thing that really disgusts me about the grifters is that I’m in their demographic (white, older, well-off) and they make me embarrassed to be. I’m truly embarrassed by that demographic and I feel they are the huge, vast majority of the Karen/Daren terrorists. They simply have a hard time leaving families alone and not trying to push their a**hole essence and beliefs onto others. I think Amerika would be a much better place if my demographic weren’t here.

Anyway, check them out. They didn’t get any diversity memos. There is only one kind of person who is right for them. I’ll bet anyone right now a million $$$$$ that most of them identify as “Christians” too. They call people “sex offenders”. I call them “garbage” and “grifters”.

I am jealous that they thought of OffenderWatch though and they are raking in that grift. But I prefer to get my money morally.

im 40 years old and have registered for 22 years. It’s plain and simple. The registry is made to isolate the person forced to register and the state and laws can target them without anyone standing up for them….period. When you know you know. Nothing will change. There is no hope.