Janice’s Journal: Reaching the Goal of 100

It happened.  I have reached my goal of helping 100 registrants obtain a court order terminating their requirement to register.

That goal was met yesterday in Los Angeles County under the sweetest of circumstances when a Superior Court judge who previously denied a registrant’s petition granted the same registrant’s petition.  

The judge’s initial decision denying the registrant’s petition was flawed because it was based upon facts not in evidence.  That decision was also flawed because the judge acted as if he was still employed as a prosecutor and not an impartial trier of fact.

I was able to appeal the judge’s decision because I had a transcript of what the judge said in court including the basis of his decision which was a creative and adverse interpretation of my client’s offense involving one victim more than 30 years ago.  In addition, the transcript showed that the judge ignored the fact that my client had no prior convictions nor any subsequent convictions of any kind.

When I left the courtroom that day in February 2022, I made a vow to educate the judge by appealing his decision.  The appellate court ruled on that appeal two years later in February 2024, deciding that the judge did in fact make a mistake. 

Court rules required a delay until May 2024 when I returned to the same courtroom and appeared before the same judge.  The judge could have acknowledged he had made a mistake.  The judge also could have apologized to the registrant who was forced to wait an additional two years before he was free from the registry.

The judge did neither and instead stated that he was only signing the court order terminating my client’s requirement to register because the appellate court required him to do so.  In making that statement, the judge failed to take advantage of an opportunity to acknowledge his mistake and to take responsibility for the harm he caused my client.

Despite the judge’s behavior, the fact is my client is no longer required to register.  The fact is that he is the 100th person I have helped achieve freedom from the registry.

Now that I have achieved that goal, I am pausing briefly in order to reflect upon all of the 100 people I have helped obtain a court order terminating their requirement to register.  Of that total, only 14 petitions were objected to by a District Attorney.  And after hearings in those cases, all 14 of those petitions have been granted.  For the remaining 86 people, there was no hearing because the District Attorney did not object to their petitions.

Upon reflection, I have also noted that after two important appellate decisions – People v. Thai issued in April 2023 and People v. Franco issued in January 2024 – there are even fewer objections from District Attorneys.  That is because those decisions clarified that a District Attorney must prove that a petitioner poses a current danger to public safety.  Meeting this burden is difficult and therefore most District Attorneys are choosing not to object.

What’s next?  I could rest on my laurels after achieving my goal of helping 100 registrants obtain a court order terminating their requirement to register.  Or I could revise my goal to helping 200 registrants obtain a court order terminating their requirement to register.  I choose the latter. 

I vowed to be of service to the registrant community 15 years ago and one important way I do that is to help as many registrants as possible achieve freedom from the registry.  Until the day my services are no longer required because there is no registry.  I look forward to that day.




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Congratulations on your milestone, Janice! Thanks for your fight for justice!

Amazing accomplishment and a feather in your cap as a stalwart of justice. I look forward to your next 200 and I hope to include mine in that set when the time comes.

Cheers and keep on keepin’ on.

On another note, it’s very sad that since qualified immunity exists, and for good reason, that there is not a better system of judicial oversight that would punish this poor and basically illegal behavior.

You have earned yourself chocolate brownies, a glass of wine and a movie! Thank you for all you do.

Congratulations, Janice. P

Congratulations on reaching a very worthy goal!!! 😃🎉🍾🥂

One may be impressed by 100 people as they should be but in reality, you helped the lives of all the family members of those 100 people, the neighborhood etc. for generations to come. It is not even close to 100 people you have helped. Add the spouses, children, grandchildren, etc. Great job and thank you for all you do!

That number will be in the thousands if we can ever get cp moved to tier 1 as it should have been from the start.

I am proud to say 1 year later I’m an no longer required to register thanx to Janice in2023 San Bernardino county I was removed after27 years in registry , thanx for. Ur hard work.

Hi Janice. Congrats on the 100th. Mind revealing the identity of this pseudo prosecutor judge? Thanks!

Congratulations Janice.
Now I think its time for voters in that county to remember that judge and to vote him out at his next election.

thanks janice for being you” im afraid some judges out there must have private reasons why they judge the way they do! hard headed judges they take things soooo personal….

Janice, I am so grateful and proud of your accomplishments. I am so happy for the registrants relieved and know they will have a better life. I can only be hopeful for my situation that one day I can be one of your success stories. Thank you for all you do. We are all so grateful and blessed to have your help.

Not surprising that there are fewer DA objections to registrant removal petitions. Before, all they had to do was whine about the nature of the original offense (not even the actual offense itself) to defeat such petitions. Hopefully, other states will follow suit at some point.

Janice you helped more than 100 people as you helped their families and friends. Also you helped to give continued hope to 1,000’s. So many are so grateful for all you do. We appreciate you beyond words.

You are a selfless, incredible person Janice. You deserve all the love and admiration due to you. Godspeed.

Congratulations Janice 🏆

You cannot receive too much gratitude for your unselfish work defending the voiceless, so I add my thank-you to the pile. All so deserved. You are a remarkable person, Janice, please keep up this important, meaningful work.

I would love Janice’s help getting off the registry! 🙂

I have immense gratitude for what you do, Janice.

I’m sorry the person had to wait an additional two years, but what a great way to get #100! But it sounds like this judge should be recalled. They’re clearly not impartial in their duty.

I do have a question I’m hoping you can shed some light on. Is there a list of Tier 3 offenses that you believe should be moved to Tier 1 under the current law post getting a 17b reduction? Right now, it seems like only people with 311.11 and 311.1 have stated they’ve been able to do so. Chance on the Registry Matters episode 300 also said that a 17b reduction will help some people move down tiers, but he also only used 311.11 as an example. Thank you.

Congratulations Janice,
its fantastic all the victory’s coming out of the state of California. I was wanting to ask if any of the aforementioned cases apply to the state of oregon? It would be great to have it where the burden of proof of a RSOs threat to society was on the ADAs to prove instead of an RSOs as it currently is the doctrine that an RSO is to prove they pose no threat and with oregon/idaho not accepting certification of rehabilitation it’s a tall prefer dispute being many years offence free.

Keep on going. . . and spread the coverage to CO and MN! Thank you!

I am one of the Janice 100. If you’re interested in my path to freedom, I wrote an extended essay on it that I hope some found helpful/hopeful/interesting.
[My Path]. 

So I won’t reinvent that wheel here. I just wanted to lend my voice to those whose offramp is within reach now. The best decision I’ve ever made during my two decades on the CA registry was to make contact with Janice and retain her legal services for petitioning. 

I imagined a DA sitting at their desk, flipping through petitions and eagerly flagging those they sought to challenge. When they came to yours and saw that Janice was representing you, I believe that the inner voice of many DAs would let out an “Oh F-ck” and cause them to think longer and harder about challenging your petition. That’s worth a lot in a process that is fraught with gotchas and district attorneys predisposed to dislike PFRs. 

Congrats Janice. And thank you for winning me back the freedom to live my life emancipated from the onerous restraints of the unjust California registry. 

I am one of those. Ten years ago I was sentenced to life on the registry; what a dismal prospect. But in that relatively short period of time I saw Janice and ACSOL change the political landscape of California to the point I, with Janice’s expert guidance, was able to petition the court in San Diego and was granted the reprieve. I am for ever indebted to her, and will continue to support ACSOL until I see her meet the goal of the registry being abolished, Thank you Janice, and to those still waiting, remember I had little hope that I would ever be off, so stay strong, follow all the rules and laws, and your time will come. Janice said this would be a wok in progress, and it continued to develop.

Janice is a real life superhero. What an amazing human being. This is such a huge accomplishment.