Public-Place Laws Tighten Rein on Sex Offenders

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Convicted sex offenders are barred from surfing at the famous pier in this Orange County city. In nearby Dana Point, they are prohibited from casting a fishing line in the harbor. And if they wander into a public park in Mission Viejo, they could be shipped back to jail for six months, following the City Council’s vote this year to ban them from a host of places where children congregate. “We need to protect our kids,” the Orange County district attorney, Tony Rackauckas, had told the Mission Viejo City Council. “The danger is very real.” Full Article

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These ordinances are wrong! They continue to deny the civil rights of all registrants.

Wow! Happily violating Basic Rights so people can ‘feel’ safe. Only in America…

Why hasn’t there been a lawsuit filed yet? It seems as though if you are banned from a park , beach or library for life doesn’t that make the registration requirement “for life” cruel and unusual?

Steve, I agree with you completely that a lawsuit should be filed as soon as possible to opposed the ordinances passed by Orange County and 11 cities within that county. Please know that California RSOL is in discussions with civil rights attorneys and organizations to make this happen. An important factor in this effort is to attract financial support. Funds donated to CA RSOL and noted for that use will be used only for that purpose! Please use DONATE button on this website. Texas Voices, a member of our family, raised $100,000 before they filed their lawsuit challenging RSO laws. Can we meet that goal?

To all RSOs, please sign the Orange County Pettition in this website.
it is really important. 340 signetures gathered already, 60 more to go.
ask you friends, family members, and relatives to sign it.
push for it to get it done.

We have to get our rights, no one else will give it to us!

It seems to me that if this law is based from Jessica’s law, then it can not be retroactive .