San Bernardino County – Ban on RSOs Participating in Halloween

May 22, 2012 – SB County Board of Supervisors directs County Counsel to research and return to the Board with a recommendation on an ordinance that restricts the activities of sex offenders on Halloween that reside within the unincorporated areas of the County.

From the Agenda:

Some of these restrictions include:

  • Having a porch light on during usual “trick-or-treating” hours of 5 p.m. to Midnight on Halloween;
  • Decorating their home for Halloween;
  • Hosting a “haunted House” on their property;
  • Handing out candy;
  • Answering the door for anyone other than law enforcement;
  • Participating in Halloween activities at homes that are not their own.


Video: – Item 4

Press Enterprise article:

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This ordinance is another example of a law that does not protect public safety but does deny the civil rights of more than 750,000 people and the members of their families. As currently drafted, a registered citizen could be jailed and/or fined if they have a picture of a pumpkin that their child colored on their refrigerator. This is outrageous! We need more people to speak out in opposition in order to spread light on this dark behavior.

Wow! It would be a crime to open your door when someone knocks? Really??? What if it is your grandmother?

In California? In the US of A? How can this be? What has happened here?

America, I knew thee…

Here we go again…….welcome to Nazi California. This is simply crazy……

So looks to be a form of imprisonment or punishment without due process.. Whats next? No sex offenders out on the street after dusk?

Thank you for understanding this dilemma and commenting upon it on this website. Now please contact the San Bernardino County supervisors and tell them how ridiculous this ordinance is. It will protect no one and yet it will deny the civil rights of tax paying citizens in that county.