NY: Has Westchester’s Sex Offender Registry Done Anything to Make Our Children Safer?

We might feel at ease knowing that, if a sex offender moved into our neighborhood, we’d have to be informed. But does that really protect our children?

In Tom Perrotta’s novel, Little Children, a convicted sex offender moves back to the town where he grew up to live with his mother. Isolated and ostracized, he nonetheless ventures to the town swimming pool one steamy summer afternoon to cool off. When the crowd begins to realize he’s snorkeling in the pool, it quickly empties as screaming mothers grab their toddlers and shout for their older children to make a beeline for the walkway. Full Article

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Wow! That was one of the best articles I have read on the subject. It touched nearly every aspect and consequence that the registry imposes on us. Well done! Have faith people things will change. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, just know in your minds you are doing the right things to move on.