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Santa Ana City Council Meeting Video

Video from the Santa Ana City Council Meeting on May 21. CA RSOL spoke in opposition to the proposed ordinance banning registrants from parks, libraries and recreational facilities. The ordinance was passed unanimously.

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”320″ height=”240″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]
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Please watch and listen to this video! It’s amazing. Not only did 4 members of California Reform Sex Offender Laws speak eloquently in opposition to yet another park ban, but the Orange County District Attorney showed his true colors. He actually admitted that he did not know the recidivism rate for “sex offenders” but knew that 5 percent was not correct. Really? The report he gave to the City of Santa Ana, which is part of the ordinance that was passed states that the rate is 5.3 percent!!! Too bad he didn’t read it which he admits in the video.… Read more »

As a registrant, a husband and the father of a precious little 5-year-old boy, it tears me up on every level to see and hear all that is contained in this video. Obviously I understand the cause of our RSOL group, as I am one of those (many? few? I really don’t know) who has paid dearly for my crime (and continues to pay dearly each and every day), who has absolutely learned my lesson and would simply like to live out the rest of my life with my family in peace. At the same time, I also completely understand… Read more »

Fred, Very eloquently spoken. I am sorry to hear about your job plight. I was VERY fortunate to have some friends that looked out for me after my conviction. It’s really a shame that they throw us on this registry and basically to the wolves with no path for “what comes next”. Your basically on your own. If I were you I would look to any friends you have and who are sympathetic to your situation who could help lead you in a job direction. I found this website maybe there is something for you. In regards to attending school… Read more »

Fred. Do something that doesn’t require someone to employ you. I’m a hairstylist that has rented a station in a salon in OC. You can get ROP classes to work in a field independently. Heck in my industry you can do very well just sharpening shears for stylist in your area. Training isn’t that bad just go to Youtube to get a general idea. Bonika shears out of Goregia has a great training program with dvds to order online. The sharpening hone to sharpen with you can get for $240 online. It’s a bench sander called: PROXXON TG 125/E. FOR… Read more »

Guys, I really appreciate your input on this! Sharpening shears is definitely something I hadn’t considered, and it’s just this kind of idea that I need 🙂 Steve, I’m very glad to hear about your ability to attend your children’s school events as at least it gives us some hope for the future. In my case, the Ventura County DA “follows me around” (not physically of course) by notifying the school principals about my status. Being a special needs kid, my little boy goes to two different preschools, one of which is strictly for speech therapy and doesn’t host any… Read more »

Fred, while reading your comment I could not help but think of myself. I also paid 3000 dollars for my psych evaluation that clearly states I am not a threat to anyone in society, but everybody seems to refuse to take it into consideration.
I was going to suggest doing a canvassing job for environment california or calpirg. Its tough work, but it pays. Good luck and stay strong.

@Fred – been thinking about your original comment here for a while now and feel the need to respond… perhaps I am misinterpreting your mood, but you seem to have given up and are waiting for yet another shoe to drop. Make no mistake about it, it will drop, and your life will take yet another turn for the worse. Personally, I am completely NOT understanding of the attitudes and actions of public officials who ignore scientific data and willingly violate the Constitution. Not for any reason, not even in an attempt to protect their own children. Certainly not for… Read more »

At least he cannot be accused of voting in his own best interests…

Santa Ana councilman faces sex assault charges,0,5755672.story