NJ: Due Process: Megan’s Law

It began in New Jersey 15 years ago when the murder-rape of 7-year-old Megan Kanka launched a nationwide movement – and laws in all 50 states.

The idea was to keep tabs on sex offenders through town by town registries … and, in the cases of those deemed most likely to strike again, to notify neighbors, schools and community institutions that a potential sexual predator was among them.

But now a federally-funded study by the NJ Department of Corrections concludes that Megan’s Law may be a failure – that it hasn’t prevented either new sex offenses or repeat offenses.

Sandra King looks at the history of the law, its cost, and the DOC study.

on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4xlFA_GbOU

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OK, so at least the law is beginning to be questioned. Still, the collateral damage to families of SOs is still not being addressed, as well as the issue of vigilantism, which appears to be on the rise.

We need to get more families involved. This law is not good for anyone. Everyone wants to be safe and no one should have to live in fear. Everyone makes mistakes, and when caught they must suffer the consequences. But when the pay their debt, they must be given a second chance.

Now that the taxpayers have financed this federally funded study, it would be nice if our federally funded legislators would read it and consider the findings before drafting and passing useless laws.