Man accused of groping girl in park restroom could face life term

A man who allegedly followed a 13-year-old girl and her 7-year-old sister into a park bathroom and fondled one of them was charged Monday with multiple counts of committing lewd acts on a child, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office.

Frank Zsemlye, 27, allegedly followed the girls into the women’s restroom at Modjeska Park in Anaheim on July 19 and pulled the 13-year-old girl into a stall. He is accused of then covering her mouth as he groped various parts of her body over her clothes, according to a statement. Full Article

Press Release from the OCDA:

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Okay, if he did it the guy is clearly a creep. But…. LIFE? $1 MILLION BAIL? For groping??? over clothing? That is the same as is being applied to the Fullerton Police Officer, who, in uniform, beat a mentally ill homeless man to death via a bloody pulp.,0,6561961.story

What has happened here????

Obviously a sick individual but I love how at the end of the DA press release they talk about the park ban he will face. They fail to mention however that this guy WAS NOT an RSO and that law wouldn’t have stopped this guy from going to a park.

First, what this man did is wrong. No one — child or adult, male or female — should be groped by a stranger. Second, the bail requirement is also wrong. It is too high and does not properly relfect the severity of the offense. Instead, it reflects the hysteria that surrounds the topic of assaults upon children. It’s time to be calm, to return to logic and to be reasonable. It’s only when reason prevails that we will have laws that actually increase public safety while maintaining the civil rights of those accused or convicted of sex-related offenses.