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[UPDATED with Video] Simi deleting part of Halloween sex offender law (back to First Reading)

[highlight bg=”#ff9900″ color=”#fff”]Admin Note: [/highlight]  CA RSOL spoke in opposition to the ordinance. It will go back to first reading and public comments.

Simi Valley is deleting part of a proposed law that would make the city the first in Ventura County to ban registered sex offenders from having contact with trick-or-treating children on Halloween.

The section would have required the 119 registered sex offenders in the city to post a sign at their homes on Halloween night stating, “No candy or treats at this residence.”

Councilman Mike Judge proposed the deletion at the City Council’s meeting Monday night, saying, “A lot of comments made to me over the weekend was this whole ‘Scarlet Letter’-type of thing. Full Story

CA RSOL Statements

City Council Discussion

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Many thanks to those who participated and spoke at this meeting. Onward Christian Soldiers….

It’s not just a sign on the door on Halloween that is a “scarlet letter” type of thing. The entire Megan’s Law website falls into this category, does it not????

many thanks….keep up the good job. we support you!

That “City Council Discussion” video shows exactly how incompetent our local, State, and National politicians are. It appears that suddenly the Simi Valley City Council has realized how ridiculous parts of their new ordinance are. (They even start laughing about some of their restrictions!) I’d love to be able to say that this is an anomaly, however, this seems to be the norm. Another perfect example of the incompetence of our legislators, and their failure to understand the bills they pass, is the discussion that took place in the Tennessee House of Representatives regarding House Bill HB 2853 on March… Read more »