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City of Anaheim – Parks Ban Ordinance on next Agenda

Anaheim City Council Meeting Video. According to the City Attorney the ordinance will be on the next agenda (October 9 ?).

CA RSOL has written and sent this letter to the Mayor and City Council of Anaheim in opposition to the proposed ordinance.

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its spreading like wildfire now

Wow, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse? First, the courts have just ruled that residential restrictions are now unconstitutional? So, can you imagine how the courts may rule with regards to banning individuals from parks, libraries and now beaches? I’m truly dumbfounded. We have decent law abiding individuals who have paid their debt to society who have now been banned from tax payer funded locations? Surreal. Furthermore, The City of Anahiem definitely has bigger and more important things to deal with (The Economy/Anahiem Police Officers have fired on 7-people this year due to gang related incidents/there have… Read more »

California RSOL will testify at the October 9 meeting of the Anaheim City Council during which they will consider this draft ordinance which appears to violate the state and federal constitutions. Please join us at City Hall that evening whether or not you intend to speak. It’s important that we all Show Up – Stand Up – and Speak Up in order to restore the constitutional rights of more than 93,000 individausl and their families.

Research in both the US and Canada, and the statistics of the US and California Departments of Justice, the California Coalition on Sexual Offending (CCOSA) and the national group, the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and many other groups have present accurate information about offenders, recidivism, and the LACK of danger during Halloween, and other issues related to sexual offending and its risks. Despite the information that is easy to obtain, some politicians, some media, and some individuals falsely represent (lie about) the risks to children and others. Take for example, a man who is 60 years… Read more »

Janice I understand why you attend these meetings and why you encourage everyone to attend.I wish I had the courage to do so. But you have to understand people that are forced to register feel they would be putting themselves and their families in danger by doing so. A lot of them, myself included are like dogs that have been kicked repeatedly and cower in the corner. After 23 years of registering and being humiliated each year in doing so it begins to wear on you. The idea that things are being done to improve the situation brightens my day.… Read more »

I am a registered sex offender in New Jersey and am very interested in the out-come of this civil action. Last year Parole Officers came around and told all sex offenders that we were not allowed out after dark and were also restricted from distribution of candies, answering our doors, having lights on to encourage children to come to our doors etc.. The year before there were no such warnings or restrictions. So I am waiting to see what happens this year and am going to request the order in writing if they come around. Since my crime, in no… Read more »

Thank you, Jeff, for having the courage of posting your first message on this website. You articulate in a clear and concise way the feelings of many registrants who feel like you do, like a dog that has been kicked too many times and cowers in the corner. I imagine you feel a little less afraid now that you have spoken out and had no repercussions. Please know that my urging registrants and family members to speak out is not a demand, but a request. I encourage everyone to do it at his/her own speed. My urging is meant to… Read more »

Who do you want at your park? A man who did his sex crime 20 years ago and is now watching his son play soccer, or a man who went to schools and parks and sold drugs to kids? Who endangers children? A man, 21, who gives alcohol to minors, or a man, 21, who had sex with his 16 year old girl friend? Who would you rather live in your neighborhood? A man 50 who when he was 18 streaked a football game (now a sex offender) or a man 50 years old who has been incarcerated twice and… Read more »

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