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CA RSOL Meeting in Bakersfield Feb 9, 2013

California RSOL will hold its first meeting in Bakersfield on February 9th, 2013. The meeting will focus upon issues of importance to registrants, such as residency restrictions and conditions of parole/probation, as well as family members. The meeting will be held at 925 17th Street, Bakersfield (please note address change on Nov 27) beginning at 10 a.m. There will be no media or government officials at the meeting. Attendance at the meeting is free. Hope to see you there!

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Thanks to Bruce, we have a location at which to meet in Bakersfield. Finding a location to meet is often a challenge and it is very helpful if individuals in or near that location can help us to identify a location. While California RSOL prefers meeting in locations where there is no rental fee, we are dedicated to meeting throughout the state and will pay a reasonable amount for meeting space. Please let us know if you would like CA RSOL to meet near you especially if you know of a reasonable meeting location. Thank you.

Glad to see you are able to meet in yet another location

I Will find More Hopefully for free, but space & time ? Gotta Go with what Yah Get,, Lol
Working On a Church for the next One, maybe,,possibly a bigger venue and lesser donation required. I Always try to factor in For discretion & Safety as well as Privacy during Our event’s Here in Bakersfield, Unfortunately that sometimes comes with a “Fee”? I do what I can for as little or no cost often as possible for Our Organization; I Know funds are limited & needed for CA-RSOL’s Many Needs Court’s Are Not Cheap & I welcome Mrs. Bellucci To Bakersfield with hopes of a more enlightened approach as to the difficulties We All Face as Americans. I Hope to have something available Every time You Come Here To Speak Mam & Thank You For Allowing Me to Be of assistance & a part Of this Organization
Respectfully, Bruce ?lol

Letters will be sent out this week to 500 registrants living in or near Bakersfield telling them of the meeting and the organization. Hope you and others will help to spread the word. It would be great to have a good turnout!

Thank you so much for having a meeting at this location. I live one hour away and will have no problem going there. I am so grateful.


I have a sex charge and falsley charged becacause a kid was on an adult chat line @ 1am with some stupid obsesion with older men and she told the judge she lied to me to get to me- thee is no justice. In torrance California they will side with the female no matter who’s life they ruin

Hey hey hey, that’s a meeting that may be too “dangerous” to attend! My advice to any “attendees” that actually “do” show up is this: Please watch your backs. The way the communities are in pertaints to “sex offender issues” things could get real nasty real fast! For god sake, BE CAREFUL! I don’t think very many folks are going to show up…. they more than likely won’t have the “courage”, and no one can really blame them.

@Fat Albert, could not disagree with you more! Being afraid to show up and speak out, and staying home or leaving is exactly what they want you to do.

I would like to hear if any participants from any previous meetings had any negative repercussions. Or the numerous public speakers who identify themselves by name and residence, on video. Doubt it.

But… what do you have to lose? Lets see…. in the last 10 years your personal details, down to scars in intimate places, is put on the internet for all to see, forbidden to go to your kid’s school, not allowed to live in most cities, prohibited from going to parks, libraries, beaches, etc. Do you see a trend here? When you decide enough is enough it may be too late. The time for pushback was yesterday! In an organized manner utilizing legal avenues available to all (still). This is a numbers game.

Showing up or not is up to you. But if you cannot find the “courage” you have lost the right to complain.

I think it is the nameless ‘Bogeyman’ that the general public fears- the image that has been fed to them by the self-serving politicians and few knee-jerk reactionary citizens lashing out wildly at a legitimate concern by in a way that is beyond overboard: like fishing with dynamite or nuking a city to take out an enemy leader.

It’s been my experience that when people get a real life story in context they are surprised at the injustice of the response to the actual crime.

But if the public never see or hear these real life stories they will never get the chance to consider a new way of thinking.

It is a scary thing of course, since there will always be those who refuse to open their mind and cling to their hateful stereotypes and froth at the mouth at a chance to condemn someone out of hand. But that isn’t everyone,probably not even the majority of the public.

As my site name indicated “Tired of hiding” I totally agree with you! We have hidden for too long afraid that worse things will happen to us…well guess what…those who are silent are easy victims! We have been silent for too long and look what has happened!

It is time to make some noise and come out of hiding. Sue the city, sue the state, sue the lawyer who got your a lame plea bargain! Let them know that you are mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore!

Lets make this is the year that we fight back and regain our legal civil rights!

Also, the reason government officials and the media mind-control institution won’t be attending the meeting is that they systematically SHUN any and all constitutionalist groups who “side” with condemned sex monsters! The sex offenders of today are exactly IDENTICAL to the stigmatized “dirty jews” of Hitler’s Germany! Will there be a future “extermination” of these peoples? only time, frighteningly, will tell.*** Don’t think that a Nazi style “round-up” can’t happen here in the United ( increasingly SOVIET ) States?.. it happened to the Japanese!! Don’t believe me? GOOGLE it! Also google: “sex registries Nazi” and GET EDUCATED! Those on “the list” have a “LOT” to be worried about! You can also google “Fema Camps.” Adolph Hitler also had a “list” ( a much less advanced “offender-registration” system had already been in existence for some time leading up to the genocides that later occurred under Hitler.) But what do “I” know!? I’m just a whacked out “conspiracy kook! Advice: I don’t know what your spiritual leanings are, but if you believe in the supernatural at all, pray Psalms 23 and 91 ( psalm 91 is VERY powerful ) and take precautions to insure your safety. The community probably won’t take too kindly to your meeting. I wish you all the best. Ps: I will pray Psalm 91 on your behalf. Take care.

I understand your concerns about this meeting, however, we have never had an incident at any of our meetings. The privacy of each registrant is the highest priority for California RSOL and we protect that privacy at all costs. That is why we don’t invite or allow government officials or the media to attend. The meetings are an important opportunity for registrants to know that they are valued members of society who have civil rights that are being protected. It’s also an opportunity for registrants and family members to exchange information about the challenges they are facing. Show up – stand up – speak up on February 9 in Bakersfield and whenever you are ready!

I have never gone to one of these meetings- I only found out about this site a few months ago, when looking for information on the dreaded CA Prop 35, and won’t be in the US on Feb 9, so no chance to go to this, but I am curious by your statement, how do you make sure to prevent undercover media, politicians or other spies (for lack of a better term) with malicious intentions from attending?

We check ID’s

Not sure what you think happens at these meetings. They are not some clandestine or super secret covert operation. Short of making sure no cameras are brought in (and looking at IDs?) there is really not much one can do to keep out anyone set on ‘infiltrating’.

What is being discussed in these meetings are challenges that everyone (registrants, media and government) is, or at least should be, aware of, and legally available means how to address these issues. No more, no less.

As far as sharing personal stories, if you cannot say whatever in front of your grandmother or local sheriff, it is better not said. That is typically pointed out at the beginning (DUH!)

As an attendee at the last Los Angeles meeting. I can confirm it was a very safe, mature, warm and informative environment. I would encourage anyone who can make the Bakersfield meeting to attend. I was reluctant at first for some of the same fears, while not as extreme, rest assured I will be attending more and looking for other ways to participate. I’ts quite empowering for registrants who feel their life is already written and there is no hope.

@Fat Albert … We’ve been to the last three meetings in Los Angeles and have found them safe … Not sure what frightens you so … But, do know this, the first one was tough and felt intimidating to enter, after the second, easier … The third was the best … Finally a group where you feel safe and OK with who you are. Pray for courage.

It kind of speaks to the stigma we are left with in that we would have apprehension entering a room, knowing others in that room will know (or if you are a family member of one, they will assume) that you are a sex offender.

@Fat Albert

When I went the to meeting in LA
There is no way of getting in without being escort by one of those guys.
the doors are locked unless you are escorted into maze and led to the right room.

We need one in Fresno.
Can we have a meeting in a backyard of someone home ?

We don’t meet in backyards because we want to protect the privacy of all who attend the meetings. However, if someone can locate an indoor meeting place in Fresno, we will hold a meeting there.

I want to thank all who attended, & most of all Janice, Jon & Frank the Meeting went without a hitch was Warm & Informative I wanna Do another one as soon as Can My Wife & I enjoyed & appreciated Everyone That attended,,,,Thank You All!!;-)

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