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In 2000, i was given the opportunity to take a plea deal rather than take my case to trial. Where i live, when you are charged with a sex crime, you are seen as guilty regardless. Small towns talk, and they talk fast. I took my deal with the advise of my lawyer (later found out he was friends with the DA who hated my guts). Before long, i was required to register and do 3 years in a treatment program full of disgustingly sick people. I was given probation, and that was it.

Fast forward to Aug 2012. I had just finished 5 years of not probation, but parole, after doing 2 and 1/2 years in San Quentin State Prison, then Avenal State Prison. The problem was my sentence was 3 years parole, but i got 5. How? Simple. They illegally added two years without taking me back to court. I should see $250,000, the legal maximum for false imprisonment awarded to those who can get a lawyer to actually look at it. (So far, no luck. Few want to touch on the civil rights of a sex offender).

When i was probation, i was required to attend high school when i was 24 and 25 to complete my diploma. I was engaged to a woman who worked as a preschool teacher, had a son of her own who i helped raise during our time together. Life as a one time offender wasn’t bad at all, just had to attend a treatment program per my plea deal and all was good. Probation really thought highly of me. HOWEVER… when a former sheriff deputy didn’t like me… he went out of his way to arrest me on bogus wreckless driving charges, bogus claims that i was alone with female minors, etc… long story short, i couldn’t shake the harassment until one day, probation couldn’t give me any more technical violations… and a suspended sentence of prison was invoked.

The “victim” in my case was NEVER interviewed be detectives. The cop who harassed me is now on formal probation for several felonies himself, having done time in a county jail to spare him from prison.

CDCR Parole has had to respond to the effects of increased in the number of people being released due to overcrowding, financial cutbacks… then there was the GPS manufacturers… lobbying to “protect society” by using GPS ankle monitoring bracelets. Well, 7 bracelets later while i was on parole… and the hell i went through over that… including it saving my arse a few times to people accusing me of doing things i didn’t do (Parole verified i was NOT where they said i was, etc.)… well, life sucked bad for the last 4 years of parole. I found myself homeless a couple of times during parole because while i had PLENTY of friends who were more than willing for me to stay with them, i was not allowed, thanks to Jessica’s law. There is virtually nowhere where i was allowed to live. My only place at that point was far away with no access to electricity, running water, etc. The local sheriff decided to harrass me also by placing me on his facebook page accusing me of taking pictures of kids… even though parole KNEW i was NOT where the Sheriff said i was on that day.

I have a trick up my sleeve and i’m not afraid to admit it publicly, that i am highly skilled at hunting people down in a digital world… and so far, anyone who harrasses me i have complete dossiers on them ready to dump publicly in a moments’ notice. This harassment must stop.

I had two parole agents quit their jobs because they were being forced to place GPS bracelets on people that they felt were not a threat to society… meanwhile gangbangers and arsonists, drug dealers and thieves can run around without curfews, without limitations on residency, virtually no restrictions… and no GPS monitoring bracelets. Those groups have among the highest recidivism rates of all criminals… NOT sex offenders. Sex offender is such an ugly word, doesn’t reflect the person’s character with the label at all.

I am one person who’s gone 12 FULL years of hell over a “deal” on a case that was merit-less.

What a horrible and tragic chain of events you have had to survive thanks to the fantastic and fair “legal system” we have. Innocent lives can and are ruined because of a faith in the system and because of lack of funds to buy ones way out when accused of a sex crime even when one is totally innocent! Yes, those wonderful plea bargains made by our lawyers who as we all know are sworn to look out for their clients best interests…wow was a naive good American, I really believed that shit!

Like you, to also lived in a small red-neck town and was guilty until proven innocent and like you, I was never given the chance to be proven innocent. I was never interviewed by anyone, my voice was never heard! I was falsely accused so I did what you are supposed to do…I got a lawyer (out of the yellow pages)…made the mistake of paying him in full the first day I hired him.

Guess what, he never did anything after that to assist me (I know…a lawyer who is only in it for the money…who could believe it right), never bothered to do the minimum since he was already paid. So the simple advice was a plea which I foolishly took.

This was back before “sex offenders” were all over the news and common knowledge as they are today. My lawyer told me it was “no big deal” and that all I needed to do was “stay out of trouble during the probation period” and then register for “around 5 years” and it would be all forgotten. Back in those days all all you did was initially register and then when when ever you changed your address you simply got a new drivers license and that was your registering your new address. They would mail you a litter yearly that you simply signed and mailed back…it seemed like no big deal.

Well, guess what, he lied, he betrayed me with his lack of concern and gave me bad advice that hunts me everyday! I have since found that he was disbarred for essentially the same thing he did to me only now it is too late for me to go after him for inadequate counsel.

But of course, I had no idea that the plea conditions I agreed to over 15 years ago could be changed at will by the state and that I would be subject to all those changes even though I had not agreed to them at the time I accepted my pleas (hey, I kept my end of the bargain…but the state certainly didn’t)! There are so many of us who are innocent victims of the “system” and they wonder why we are angry.

Everyone is always so thankful when they discover “new evidence” for someone who is in prison and has spend the past 15 years behind bars locked up and is now a “free man” well guess what…we are in that same prison and no one cares about us…innocent or not! We are abused, hated, forced to move and often go homeless…prison would be an improvement for many of us and they wonder why we are angry.

i am currently on 3yrs parole after serving 8 months on a 16 month sentenceing plea deal for exfelon in poss of ammunition a box of shotgun shells this was my first time sentenced to state prison which was where i was informed of upon being paroled i had to 290 register for a 1988 plea deal for a misdameanor sexual battery for which i was sentenced to 1yr county jail.i also am currently wearing a gps monitor which by the way isnt very accurate i dont think because after leaving the rsol meeting in november i stopped n got a burger which i ate in my car parked on the street in front of a massage therapy busines n was almost violated by parole because the gps couldnt distinguish being on the street or in the busines.anyways i dont understand how i can have 3yrs parole on a 16month sentence arent you finishing out your sentence on parole? ive also done 16 days then continue on parole for a 5 and 3 minute late curfew sucks cant get a job n just about homeless i wish i was dead sometimes. i went to the rsol meeting but i dont know how else to get involved any suggestions?i just want to give up but something wont let me i read these stories n know im not alone but HELP please!

There are about 100,000 stories similar to yours mine being one of them. The fact of the matter is I honestly think that about half of the people convicted of sexual assault on a minor are bogus accusations. I believe that so many were railroaded by ignorant or incompetent D.A.’s and public defenders it is a real shame on the justice system. Even when some one is proven not guilty. The D.A.’s insist that they are guilty and refuse to acknowledge any mistake made on their part. Good Luck with your problems NJM. Hope you succeed with the trick up your sleeve. I guess I have just turned into an old dog that has been beaten so many times I am afraid to come out and just cower in my corner awaiting my next beating. It is a sad pathetic life I live for the most part. I’m pretty darn sure life was not meant to be spent this way.

@NJM – hone your skillz, dude and amass that data.
While I am disappointed when I see leaders get in trouble, I am also tickled when I see them crash and burn, like Peter Herzog or Mike “America’s Sheriff” Corona. I would love to see a Wikileaks-style site where people could post information exposing the malfeasance of those sanctimonious public officials who grandstand about creating a safer parks while taking bribes and endangering OUR children by driving on the road intoxicated.

Does anyone know when a decision in JOHN DOE v. HARRIS can be expected? It could bring great relief from the Megan’s Law site for many of us.

For background on this case click here.

Been keeping tabs on that one myself, though I have no “go-to” source for news and updates on the case. As I understand it, the next major step isn’t a decision, it is for California Supreme Court to answer a question for the U.S. 9th Circuit court of appeals. They aren’t required to answer, but if they don’t, the 9th Circuit will be compelled to answer based on their own assumptions. It appears Cal Sup assigned a case number but has not calendared it and it’s going on two years this spring. This is a LOADED QUESTION they’ve been asked. If they say according to contract law that it is binding as per the terms in place at the time of the original agreement, then those who took plea bargains MIGHT qualify for some relief under the law. If they say contracts can be amended with changes in the law, then it would stand to reason (to me anyways) that the original agreement could then be contested. However, statute of limitations also comes into play with the latter, and there might be no available remedy because of it. I have no idea which direction this will go.

There’s actually been some activity on this case in the last few days, but I have no idea what the description and notes mean. Anyone care to translate?

My heart goes out to all of you.
My son was also living in a small Northern California town, in a house I had purchased because, at the time, he was recently divorced from his high school sweetheart, raising their son on his own, and devestated that she walked out to be with another.

At the time of his arrest, he had just come home from court in which he was awarded full custody of his son after a one year court custody battle. I was teaching at a Elementary School in his home town 10 hours away. I flew up to a remote place where I knew no one, only to find the home had been broken into and vandelized. I called the sheriff, but instead of someone coming to take a report, the arresting officer just sat in front of the home. Stupidly thinking he was there to make a report, I hurried outside to talk to him and fell and broke my ankle. He drove away leaving me lying in the street.

I hired an attorney and like someone stated in an earlier post, paid him all his fees up front. Two years later he was removed from the case by the judge, and I had to hire yet another attorney. We were forced to trial a few months later. (The young women who had posed as an adult, was only 16, and now she was turning 18, so they did not what her to be able to be charged for lying.)
My son refused to take a plea, even though he was offered just 6 months in jail. The DA then stacked the charges. (I did take the first attorney to the State Bar, and won!) However, it required two years of work, and two years of trying to get some of the funds back.

Flying back and forth for two years was no picnic. Of course my son was convicted on all counts. He went to prison, and then GPS for three years. His life was destoyed, and so was mine. We lost the house, I retired after 30 years from a job I loved because of the stigma. My family has been ripped to shreads. And even though I was not imprisoned, I have been a prisoner in my own home. Chelsea King’s (Chelsea’s Law)family lived in our neighborhood. We were vandelized and attacked.

Will we ever be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again? I don’t know.
Of course our story and I’m sure most stories would require a book to be written. This is only a tiny glimse of what we endure.

It’s now been 9 years, and I have been focusing my time and efforts on little else. Have been involved with RSOL and many organizations over the years. Until Janice took over, I felt like I was just beating my head against a wall.

I’ve grown old and tired, was in the hospital last week, but still traveled to the city council meeting last night. I just hope that others join this battle, so we older folks can retire some day.

With the websites popping up out there like and the like, why not setup our own website, called or something of the like?

Registrants and their family members can put up a “Registration Page” similar to the Megan’s Law site, only we can add additional details – like the age of the registrant at the time of the offense (I was 13, for instance but was convicted when I was 20). Registrants and their family members and friends can submit comments (must be approved) about positive aspects of the ex-offender’s life. In fact, I think we should start referring to registrants as “ex offenders” rather than “sex offenders”, it throws it in a whole different light.

While that is a good idea in theory it would not work. It would only provide those with bad intentions more data to use in evil and illegal ways. They are not concerned about hearing “your side” of the story/events. They only see things in black and white. We are sex offenders period. Details are irrelevant in their eyes and do not matter. They assume we are lying by default just as the laws assume that we must be monitored because we are perverts who will strike again in the night! I would never give them one more detail than is required by law and certainly not publish anything online yourself!

The bottom line is that people are easily manipulated (the ignorant masses) and religious leaders and politicians both know this perfectly. Using fear and especially feeding off the fears of parents for children has been found to be the perfect way to control and manipulate those people/voters.

We are being used by those people to emotionally control others for their own profit be that for money, power, or votes (both).

I think Tired of Hiding is right. It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think it would work. Many people are willing to be open minded and consider facts & circumstances. When I was going through the ordeal of Parole I felt like Quasimodo: wanted to hide from the world, but every person I met, or who heard of my situation from my mother who was great emotional support came to the same conclusion: I’d been stupid, but not a bad person or a threat to anyone, and in fact the law was stupid. The thing is, it takes a personal connection for someone to get to that point. Just some personal story in print on the net isn’t going to get any sympathy let alone empathy from the average person, they will only assume the person is twisting the facts, lying, etc. In a lot of ways it’s like the bigotry that gay people have faced- many hate them until they realize they know someone who is gay, then they start to question the assumptions they’ve been fed.

I like the ‘ex offender’ term. Language is very powerful. Words are carefully chosen to create the ‘reality’ the users wish to create: all very Orwellian.

Just the term ‘Sex Offender’ places the person as a criminal in the present tense. And ‘Offender’ is a current action. If someone is employed maintaining a garden he is called a ‘Gardener’ if he quits the job he is no longer a gardener- he might say ‘i used to be a gardener’ but he wouldn’t keep that title. If someone breaks a law they should not be labeled an ‘offender’ once they’ve done their time, and most are not. The assumption of the registry and the term ‘sex offender’ creates the belief that the person is a continued offense in the present term.

I will never say I am a sex offender. I am not.
I once broke a law that has a sexual classification.
If asked by law enforcement I will say that I have been burdened with 290 registration.

This subject touches a nerve with all who are required to register. I truly believe that if the label “Sex Offender” was declared to be politically incorrect we would truly gain another leg to stand on. I don’t know the process for getting this label proven to be improper, but it should become a priority with registrants and advocates everywhere.
I refer to myself as a “Registrant” which states that I’m complying with my obligation to the law.

I think the “politically correct” term in law enforcement is to refer to an individual as a PO 290 registrant. I was a victim of a hit and run accident and they ran a standard procedure wants/warrants on me. The dispatcher reported back, “no wants/warrents, be advised subject is a PC 290 registrant.” Since it was irrelevant to the situation the officer didn’t even call attention to that, but hearing it called out, especially in a situation where I was the victim, really pissed me off. A less professional officer could have reacted with bias.

@ http404

I can live with the label PC290 registrant. It doesn’t lend the same fear inducing connotation that “Sex Offender” screams out. I watched the video of the DA and the mayor of Lake Forest debating and every time the DA accusingly used the term “Sex Offender”, it was with utter disgust and vengefulness. When politicians do this it sends a message to the community that it is okay to hate and disrespect all PC290 registrants regardless. I don’t think that the media and politicians would stir up the hysteria as much if they were only allowed to use the term “PC290 Registrant”. Sex Offender equates to “Predator in search of a victim” to most people

DUI”s hurt way way more people than almost anything I have seen or heard of.
Why aren’t these drunk drivers monitored for the rest of their lives and have to wear signs that say I endangered the public?

Huntington Beach
Since 2008, the city’s DUI arrest rate has been consistently declining, and Small believes that is due to the elimination of the police department’s DUI unit.

In 2008, 175 people were killed and injured in alcohol-related collisions, with 1,729 DUI arrests in the city. In 2009, alcohol-related collisions killed or injured 195 people, and DUI arrests dropped to 1,558.

For 2010, the number of people killed or injured dropped to 136, and police arrested 1,274 DUI drivers. Last year, in 2011, DUI arrests dropped to 1,267 and to 909 this year, through Nov. 28.

“Our budget’s been cut and we had a DUI enforcement detail that’s been eliminated,” Small said. “We’ve lost our DUI unit, so we don’t have people out there specifically enforcing DUI laws like they were before.”

Small said the Huntington Beach Police Department applied for the grant to gain necessary funding for DUI checkpoints. Police officers work overtime to hold checkpoints and the grant will entirely fund all 11 DUI checkpoints. The grant also allocates $3,000 to purchase checkpoint equipment, such as Breathalyzers, Small said.

If an RSO who was convicted 25 years ago moves out of California to a State that doesn’t have the Lifetime registration law does but only a 20 year or 10 year registration. Does he still have to register there or not?

Does any one know where there is a lists of state registration laws?

Check the bottom of the page at this site: they seem to keep it updated regularly. As to your question, the laws differ. In Utah, although they have tiers, if you are coming from a state that has lifetime requirement you take the lifetime requirement with you. Some states the clock doesn’t start ticking until you first register there. It doesn’t really do much good to “shop” for states. Better to change and challenge the laws here where you live. A mass exodus of registrants is what they’re counting on.

What would Happen if anyone & everyone that could raise the campaign funds that were qualified? due to exp+ time out of the system 5-20 years Ran for public office say 15 – 20 People Per City/ County & they were all SO’S want to watch their heads explode with constipation! ROTFLMAO

I just caught this older, but funny article about Prop 35. It’s also laden with sarcasm which is right up my alley.

A fave quote,

“Chris Kelly, one of the initiative’s original supporters and a man whose previous title was chief privacy officer at Facebook (which is a little like being the chief ethics officer at Enron)…”

Click here and enjoy a good read…while you still can.

I also found this article which, while not quite as entertaining, pretty much reinforces what we already know: sex offender laws are stoopid and do very little to protect anyone from anything.

Sorry – forgot to post second article and I can’t seem to go back and edit, so here you go…

I am hoping to get a little feedback from fellow RSOs. I have been on the list for 13 years, one plea (not to lesser offence) conviction on PC314.1
First arrest/conviction, nothing before or since. I get the local Sheriff (Orange County) doing an address check every 6 months. They never did these checks before, but 6+ years back they started and never stopped. I have had 12-13 “visits” in this time. Are all of you getting this? I do not understand the need as my address/number/employer has never changed in this 13 years. Seems like a waste of effort.

How come you register with the Sheriff and not the city you live in?

My city is coverd by the Sheriff, we do not have a dedicated PD.

OH – Web sites profiting from mug shots sued

I am glad to see someone go after these sort of sites! I really really wish
someone from California would do the same…


I do have a question for anyone who would like to respond. Off probation for 3+ years now and have a family member living with me. He is an avid duck hunter, skeet shooter. In his room, under lock and key are his shotguns and ammunition. Since this is in a house we share, does that mean I am in possession of these firearms even though they are lock away in a separate room?

i believe in la county if you have ever been convicted of a felony you are not allowed to own or posses any weapon or ammunition.i also think it depend on the mentallity of law enforcement handiling whatever situation brought them to your house. i would suggest your family member keep everything in a safe for sure you couldnt get to the contents and it would aid in any confiscation unlawfully not legal advice just my thoughts

I’d ask your attorney for their professional opinion rather than rely on responses from an anonymous online forum. A zealous law enforcement officer and prosecutor could probably make a case if they wanted to, but if it is locked in a safe that you do not have keys or combination to, then I don’t believe you are in possession of that firearm, you are merely within proximity. If you are standing in line behind a peace officer at the doughnut shop who happens to be carrying a sidearm, you are similarly “in proximity” of that firearm, but are you in possession? If it’s just locked in the room, I don’t know if that would pass the sniff test, but again, check with an attorney.

Get the firearms and ammo out of the house. Offer to pay for offsite storage or keep them at a friend or family member’s home. If the person is staying with you, then this has to be a rule in your home. If you are staying with them, then that’s another story and hopefully he or she will accommodate you. In either case, I would not take a chance. Put distance between you an anything they could construe as a violation.

With all of the proposed “Child Safety Ordinances” by the various city councils, which are thankfully on their way to being repealed, one has to question the safety of children at the movies, at the mall, and at school. Hoping that the urgent need for gun control will put the witch hunt for RSO’s on the back burner.

Just over two years ago I met a wonderful man. I am the fiance of a 290 registrant who made a bad mistake back in ’87 when he was 19 and the other person was 20. Believe me I feel your pain. I’ve lived in the same home for almost 25 years and today we find ourselves with the possibility of having sell and move because the city decided to pass an ordinance last year in April. To where? Who knows?

There are many injustices in all of these laws that I have come to learn over the last 2.5 years. However, there is one argument that I believe will be lost at every corner. That is the argument that all 290 registrants are being treated like Jews, Blacks or what have you, etc. I’m a fighter, true & true … Have always been. But … The argument of being treated like Blacks or Jews (or any other discriminated race) only leads those with the opposite belief they have of the following: that the Blacks, the Jews and the discriminated against can never change, they were born that way, their race, their color. The VERY flip side of this argument is that … a 290 registrant made their choice … Black was born black, a Jew was born Jew … Can’t change that.

To EVERONE else a 290 registrant made their choice. For that, I am so very sorry for those that are in the same situation as we are. Every day we hope, we pray …I’ve only been doing it for 2.5 years … My fiancé has been doing it since ’87. I DO feel your pain. We are in this together. I have found comfort, I’d like to say strength, but … It’s hard … Yet, I do find comfort in all of the posts I read on a daily basis.

My fiancé, until he met me … I’ve learned was a recluse, only taking to share his isolation and pain on paper. A beautiful, eloquent writer. No friends, lost contact with family over 12+ years ago. Today that is different … With enlightening people who are finally willing to listen & learn. Yet, this doesn’t change the predicament we are in. A clock is ticking towards February and we are afraid.

Ok, I think I’m off my soap box for this evening. Take care to all … MM

True, we registrants made a choice (all be it intentional or intentional with unintentional consequences) the fact remains that many others such as myself are being punished without committing another crime. As a matter of fact, the politicians are trying to make EVERY DAY ACTIVITIES a crime for one small group. And there is a reason why they choose to target sex offenders: it’s a small group whose label is synonymous with ‘Rapist, molester, pedophile’ and as one political named Chip Baltimore said best, “You always start with sex offenders because nobody is going to stick up for sex offenders,” (Yes, that is an actual quote regarding the controversial use of a Facial Recognition tool to monitor and track sex offenders)

Here is a great example, and I have no idea why no one has used this before:

If one was to go into a store, grab something with intent to steal, started to head out the door with it, but at the last second BEFORE YOU EXIT, put the item down and took off, only to be caught by security (cops, etc) you have NOT committed theft, and therefore aren’t guilty of a crime. Even if you had a criminal history.

Sex offenders, however, are continually being reprimanded for, what people keep chanting, “COULD DO or COULD HAVE DONE.” Last time I checked, you have to actually DO something in order to be punished, not be punished for something that one is “capable of.” If that were the case, then everyone is guilty for EVERYTHING!

Yes, as sex offenders we live in a surreal world that others can only watch as "entertainment" and assume could exist only in the context of science fiction!

If only they knew what we experience without needed to watch a movie like "Minority Report"!

I went on the Registry in 1980 when it was coupled with Parents United as part of a negotiated agreement with the Court. I endured the P.U vomit, did the probation, and just ignored it after that for about fifteen years and nothing happened. No cops came to the door or anything.
Then my wife of six years filed for a divorce and the Marin County Sheriff got all upset that I was RSO “out of compliance”. The Deputy assigned to monitor RSO in Marin was heavily pregnant at the time and quite over being a policeman(woman?). But strange things started happening around my life…very unexplainable things like chalk drawings in my driveway alluding to infantile sexuality and other subtle changes of things, graffiti to the effect that my neighborhood harbored child-molesters.. Later I learned from an attorney that the police departments maintain a harassment campaign against RSO in their area.

I would really like to hear from a law-enforcement professional or other rational commentator just what is it that they want. It can’t be incarceration, because the prosecutors instantly deal you out of prison and onto the Registry (unless you are completely beyond the pale). If the crime is so aweful, how come they don’t just lock you up and throw-away the key?
Why are male police officers so tolerant and understanding over the RSO issue, whereas the female officers are so rabid? The San Rafael Police Department allowed a female “detective” to require RSO is San Rafael to report for “updates” both on their birthdays and in December of each year. It took a court order to get her to refrain.
This issue is almost totally out of control. The enforcement agencies have lost all perspective and daily the Registries are gaining more and more populace over issues that have nothing to do with sex, offense, child-endangerment or any form of abuse whatsoever.

What’s going-on?

Just an interesting bit of info ….

Today in the mail my fiancé received a letter from a law firm asking for his business. i believe lawyers are beginning to smell (for lack of a better phrase) “blood in the water” … The letter he received said, paraphrasing, that with all the new issues in the court system regarding registrants there may be a possibility that they could help us try and get off meghans law (we all know that is bull) or he may be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation, or a governors pardon … Etc.

Like a bogus invoice at the office, just be aware that they, like attorneys who scan the papers for DUI arrests and send them letters they are trying to get business (nothing wrong with that) just do your research, stay on this website and know the facts and not some ‘pie in the sky’ promises they are leading you to believe are possible … They may be, but not yet today. That is my Public Service Announcement for today …. In hawaiian …. Mele Kalikimaka, or Merry Christmas!

Note to challenge portion prop 35 ..the taking of private communication information against your will is searc and seizure …tracking…discrimination …to be a witness against self…involuntary servitude…increased punishment as presented to voters on ballot…….thing is…its against the law of the land…the Constitution.

I was reading someone else’s comments here about people hijacking the ballot initiative process and passing absurd laws. That got me to thinking, maybe THAT is the answer to changing the registry? Carefully craft and word a ballot initiative that reads as though it is to protect the freedoms of voters from the increased government intrusion into their lives; use specific legal trigger words that would make “registries and rolls” of people off limits for the government to assemble and/or disseminate or to limit individual rights based on classifications under such rolls and registries, regardless of their justification.

Coming from http404(‘page not found’ error):
— Carefully craft and word a ballot initiative that reads as though it is to protect the freedoms of voters from the increased government intrusion into their lives; use specific legal trigger words that would make “registries and rolls” of people off limits for the government to assemble and/or disseminate or to limit individual rights based on classifications under such rolls and registries, regardless of their justification.—

This is a very good idea (IMHO).

Take a look at the New York newspaper that published an interactive map with the names and addresses of all the registered gun owners in their market.
The gun owners went ballistic (See what I did there?).
Now maybe you say, “What’s the connection?”
My point is that these folks are doing something legal (owning a REGISTERED gun) that everybody either is scared-of because of recent popular hysteria, or hates because of some traumatic personal experience.
So the newspaper “outs” the entire registry, and those who previously believed they were compliant and within the protection of the law now find themselves on somebody’s list of the wicked amongst us. On-line, no doubt.
Next, it’s going to be Registered Voters. You just watch….

This is awesome: first an a-hole journalist outs all gun owner’s names and addresses on a Megan’s Law-style web site, then, as an act of delicious revenge, an attorney publishes the names and addresse’s of the journalist’s paper’s staff!

Can we create our own Google Maps mashup featuriong home addresses of fear mongering polticians, shady law enforcement and extortionists like that douche at I suggest also including our neighbors who shun us but have drunk driving convictions. I certainly would not want them driving near my kid’s school (where I am not allowd to watch her Holiday show) while intoxicated, for Heaven’s sake. And let’s not leave off anyone caught shoplifting. How am I to ever trust such types not to burglarize my home when I am at work (worrying about getting fired for my past)?
Hmmm, who else belongs on such a web site so we can all be safe? My suggestions:
The mentally ill who might borrow mommy’s guns and go berzerk
Pilots with drinking history (I ain’t gettin’ on that plane)
Those who drive like idiots
Those who park like idiots
The idiot who lets his dog crap on my lawn
Dogs whp crap on people’s lawns
Anyone who pushes the shopping carts all the way home then leave them on the corner as an eye sore.
Cain (he killed Able)
And pretty much any one else I find annoying.

Any one else we should include?

Additions to your list of registries…

People who own dogs who bark outside all night. Telemarketers, solicitors, door to door evangelists who knock on the door just as you sit down to dinner or are just getting out of the shower. That should about do it… =)

Anyone remember Man I was glad to see them go belly up.

The proposed establishment of registries for the mentally ill and gun owners is helping others to understand the true impact of being on a registry. And it hasn’t happened yet. It is great that others are educating the public about this important issue.

Janice Bellucci if this site had a “like” button I’d have given your comment ten of them. There was a major meltdown as a result of a newspaper publishing a google map with names and addresses of registered handgun owners within three counties in New York. It was poor judgment on part of the newspaper to do that but I am SOOOOOOO glad some others got a little taste of what hundreds of thousands of “registered citizens” in America face every day. And it doesn’t just appear one day in a newspaper… it’s all the time, 24/7 visible to anyone across the world with an internet connection.

For those who hadn’t followed the story, here’s a link…

It doesn’t take a Nostradamus prophecy to realize that soon everyone will likely have their census data published online if things keep going this way. Pretty soon we’ll be able to go to Google Maps/Earth and click on someones house and we’ll know how many residents live there, their names, ages, religion, income, criminal history, Facebook hyperlinks, and so on. Welcome to the information era.

ATTENTION: Beginning January 1, 2013, the Department of Justice is required by law to post static risk assessment scores for sex offender registrants who are eligible to be scored (Penal Code § 290.03-290.09). For information relating to risk assessments, eligibility, and scoring, please visit the State Authorized Risk Assessment Tool for Sex Offenders (SARATSO) Web site at

Hi, I have a question and I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but he goes; I will be married soon to a RSO and I have two children. One of which is his will I have any issues with child and family services? Do I have any rights as a spouse to be of a RSO?I have no criminal back ground not even so much as a parking ticket.I have seen first hand how these California laws are so unfair and it makes me so very angry. I worry that my children can be taken from me,is there anything I or my husband to be can do before we marry to avoid any problems? We currently do not live together. Thank you

Just to be clear:

I believe the singular point of our involvement with RSOL in any state is to promote federal suits by competent legal professionals, such as Janice Bellucci. Any other involvement, such as filing at the local or state levels, are pragmatically not feasible as such lawsuits can virtually set up invitations for legislatures to “wordsmith” around decisions that are lost by the state.

Once the lawsuits are successfully rendered, then more active involvement at the legislative level can be prioritized. But in my 7 years of actively monitoring sex offender issues, no action other than federal suits are going to bring about any systematic change to the system.

United States Draconian Laws
Other Countries are refusing to extradite due to barbaric justice system interesting read

Orange County D.A accused of being unfair. I’m surprised there are not hundreds of stories saying he is unfair. The guy has serious problems and should not be in Public office.

Awareness of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
I’ve noticed a renewed awareness of U.S. citizens constitutional rights due to this gun thing they have going on. Whether it be the published lists of gun owners or just basic infringements on citizens rights to bear arms. More than once I have heard the comparison that gun owners are like rso’s a threat to the community and need to be on a list. Pretty soon every one in the U.S. will be on someones LIST.
My opinion is that with the internet evolving the way it has in the last 20 years any list of any kind is a direct invasion of privacy. Does any one remember that “The right to privacy”

I was accused of improper touching my Grand-Daughter and was kept in jail for almost two years, sent to Napa State Hospital for three years for being incompetence but was sent back to jail in a month as being component, but wait a few more month to go to court, I ask for a lie detector test in every law enforcement agency but was turned down. My Ex-wife wanted me in a rest home but I did not want to go to one ,so a lie was trumped up By family to get rid of me as I had been wrestling with her as she was a mix martial arts, and they used this against me, and with a forty year old case brought against me by my ex-wife’s Daughter, who said in the hearing that it was all a lie. my grant- daughter refused to have a medical exam. I Was convicted with no evidence at all. the court made me a offer of timed served with no parole or probation, or they said they would give me 11 years if I lost the case. so after almost two years in jail I plead no contest to get out of jail, and was still put on probation and tried to be put on parole. I have all the proof but the court would not even look at it or sent some one to investigate.


Been thinking about it and I think that instead of listing sex offenders online it would be much better to list murders. It could the registered life offenders list. Of course why stop there, thieves could go on the registered possession offenders list.

Personally, I would be much more concerned about dying or having my car stolen than knowing who got caught peeing in a public park!

Another public employee school teacher middle school is
only charged seven misdemeanor counts with three girls…
Whatha…every week..if not every day..some public personnel
is exposed for their sexual contact with students..yet..their
charges and sentence is no where near someone else if acts
where the same…the so called tough on crime are hypocrites
as some school personnel are running loose…its not those forced
to be on a list to watch for…its Those Public Personnel who are

What is likely behind the downplaying of these charges is to reduce or limit liability for the other school officials and subsequently the pocketbook of the school district and local governments when the lawsuits start (IMHO.) Lessons learned from Penn State?

The california point here is that fair equal protection of the laws
somehow does NOT apply to non-public employees…..if two people committed
the same alleged crime or even if one (public employee) commits far worse…
it will be the private citizen who will serve jail/prison….
…Its not those forced to be on a list to keep wasting public funds looking
at a list…but look at the over 99 percent who are NOT on such a list who
will have committed crime today or tomorrow.

Final days to sign petition at the White House……ldren/lQpfXHrm

Thank you RSOL for your efforts on fighting for constitutional rights for offenders. The system is out of control and the public is in fear. Thanks to Oprah, Dr. Phil and such, the public has their beliefs that all offenders are predators and they all need to be put on an island. I’ve conversed with many on this subject on different sites and the majority are heartless when talking about offenders. I posed a question to them that nobody really had an answer for. When a 24 year old male has sex with a 14 year old girl, she’s a victim and he’s a pervert. But if this same 14 year old girl killed someone, then she’s viewed as an adult. The law currently can try a 10 year old as an adult. So what defines a child in this country is not really based on age (except when sex is involved), but rather the actions of the child. Any child can make a sexually accusation and the accused is pretty much done for. But if a child shoots someone, then they are somehow considered an adult. This all needs to change.

I could not agree with you more. I use this argument all the time and it seems most people just can’t wrap their heads around it. I personally don’t believe a minor should ever be charged as an adult and that this is a case of the state having its cake and eating it, too. So the tacit state position is that a child can consent to taking a life but not the act of making one.

That’s your prison-industrial complex at work, the for-profit prisons have shareholders that need to be taken care of instead of the rule of law.

On that same note, there’s a nasty double standard here in this country. Like the blonde teacher that told the judge she was too pretty for jail and he agreed. WTF? No male would get that. I see many guys who would like to sting up an adult male who had sex with an under 18 girl. But yet they would love to be the boy who is molested by their hot teacher. I asked some what is the ok sex age for teens. Nobody really knew. There was and article about teachers having sex with their students and one lady replied that teachers shouldn’t have sex with their students because they were mere children, but said it was ok for two 15 year olds to do it. I replied so it’s ok for two 15 year old children to have sex with each other? She deleted me.

We probably should shift this to another topic because it has nothing to do with the legislation being proposed.
However, it bears noting that everything in this world has to do with sex, except sex itself which has to do with power. This is why so much of the world is confused, angry, frustrated and terrified about, well,
We cannot change the course of this social disease, but we can help to protect those whose lives have been damaged by it. In many cases we’re dealing with the ‘walking wounded’ who first must relieve the bitterness before healing.
Godspeed, my brother. Walk straight.

After over six months of unemployment I finally received a job offer today!

It has been a difficult time in my life as the past year has found me dealing with bankruptcy, housing issues, unemployment and a divorce. My new job utilizes the degree I worked hard for during this time of reinventing myself and is a step towards a career path instead of just a job. More importantly, I feel validated.

I can’t help but stop and think of all of the help and support I have received along the way: the program that helped me get some basic health care when I had some pressing medical needs; the local food bank that put food in my stomach when my unemployment couldn’t cover all the bills; the state unemployment office that investigated and came to the conclusion that my previous employer fabricated a story that I had been fired with cause, when I was not. Most of all, I am grateful for the love and support of my sister, family and my close friends who all kept reminding me that if I just keep getting up every day and doing whatever I could, that this dark time in my life will pass.

And then there is CA RSOL, a shining beacon in the vast ocean of intolerance…a place where I can come and feel like I’m not alone and that someone out there is fighting for me. Janice and each and every one of the contributors on this website, I cannot thank you all enough.

My fight is far from over, but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel that I don’t believe is a train coming at me this time. Early next month I will stand before a judge to have my record expunged and now that I am gainfully employed I will start to become more involved with RSOL to do what I can to find a place for a meeting in the Bay Area.

There were many days where I had to will myself to get out of bed and felt like I had nothing to fight or live for, but by taking it one day at a time I finally feel like I’m turning a corner in my life. I believe that I am becoming the man I always hoped I would be. For the first time in 5 years I have hope.

Keep up the fight…I truly believe that by all of us working together we can make a huge difference, and that one day we can move on with our lives in the privacy and dignity we all so richly deserve.

The court granted my 1203.4 this morning and I am so happy. This is such a big deal but only the next step in my ongoing fight. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point: went back to school, started a new career and reinvented myself that it’s hard to believe I’ve come this far. I’m definitely a better man for all I have been through and although it has been difficult at times I never gave up.

Now I’m ready to continue the fight for a tiered registry and to chip away at these laws that all of us rational people know to be unconstitutional and unnecessary.

If you’re in Santa Clara county I have an awesome and affordable attorney who can help you. Lets keep up the fight.

I just watched a somewhat patriotic movie and found myself sad at the end. It took me a couple of minutes to realize what I was sad about…being proud of my country.

Let me clarify that….I was sad because I miss being proud of my country.

Yes, I can relate to what you say here about missing beig proud of your country. When I used to travel internationally prior to the incident…I was welcomed home by immigration with a smile and a greeting of “Welcome home sir.”

After the incident when I travel and return back the USA I am no longer greeted that way…I am given dirty looks and told to wait then searched and questioned like a criminal. I am miss being welcomed home and no longer feel the same…I am changed forever and they are responsible for that.

Yes, same here. America is no longer my home, I just live in it.

From the Statement of Private First-Class Bradley Manning:

“‘M.I.’ retired from the D.O.D. after 28 years and firmly believe our government often classifies information under the guise of “nation security” when the REAL reason is just to hide immoral, illegal, unconscionable and or unconstitutional acts/exploits from the public. That in itself is bad enough but even worse is that most Americans like it that way because knowledge of the truth forces moral responsibility, accountability and conscience into play. Compliantly accepting everything the government tells them as truth, while blissfully ignoring everything the government is actually doing, accounts for our nation’s current state of affairs. Buckle-up, It’s only going to get worse…..and collectively as a nation, we deserve it.”

You see, it’s not just the blatant assault against American Citizens, they’re actively trying to destroy the United States Of America by slowly, but irrevocably corroding the moral fiber of our families, communities, neighborhoods, towns and cities, voting districts, counties, states, and ultimately our Constitutionally ordained Federal Government.

The enemy is within. We cannot hope to provoke a change in a culture obsessed with fear. We can confront on the basis of Human Rights, but they have demonstrated that this means nothing in their pursuit of power. And they will prevail.

Save yourself. Leave the U.S. if you possibly can. You cannot fight them……

Right now………………………………………….

“…..and collectively as a nation, we deserve it.”

I certainly agree with them on that part! Separation of church and state my a**.

When we are forced to say “one nation under God…” everyday in school and reminded of that each time we spend a dollar.

I blame religion and the superstitious belief in a mythical god to blame!

Just a random observation, but this article caught my eye as it demonstrates how absurd the mainstream media has become.

In this tragic case of murder of a teenage girl, the accused is a career criminal (of the regular kind) and there has been no report of any sexual component in this crime.

Yet the article feels the need to state (in several paragraphs) that the accused is NOT a 290 registrant. Like that is a surprise? And if he were, he might not be on the web site anyway. How would that have helped that poor girl in the alley?

He probably is NOT a whole lot of other things, but no mention of that.

For shame…

I see now California wants to be really sure No Sex Offender’s have guns now…