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Paroled sex offenders disarming tracking devices

SACRAMENTO — Thousands of paroled child molesters, rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in California are removing or disarming their court-ordered GPS tracking devices — and some have been charged with new crimes including sexual battery, kidnapping and attempted manslaughter. Full Article

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Read the article and don’t read the comments; it’s morphed into a quagmire of s..t. Note whats comes out of the woodwork, some very sad sick people, who are more than likeley on other comment sessions on other subjects hammering away creating other quamires of s..t. You know why they enjoy being in the quamire because they are the s..t.

Write to
Tell her what you think of her story.
If anyone is harmed because of her report, she will have blood on her hands.

I spent 3 years on parole, and during that time got to know hundreds of others in the same situation. Yes, there are some who did mess with their GPS units, but unless other parts of the state are far worse than those I encountered, I question those numbers. Even then, the article did mention that many were repeatedly doing this, which means the number of actual parolees doing something to the GPS unit is likely far less than the “thousands” claimed. Also, while on parole, I found that it doesn’t take much for the GPS unit to send a… Read more »

Not surprised at all. This is an industry that thrives by redefining common words and concepts, in a blatant Orwellian manner, to mold public conception in a way that benefits them. Just the term ‘Sex Offender’ is a prime example. It implies the person is an offender: a present tense noun. What offense are the vast majority committing right now? None. ‘Assault’ is another such term. Hear it and you think of an attack, where many ‘sexual assaults’ may be as gentle as a consensual kiss or touch between an 18 year old and a 17 year old. Even the… Read more »

What they fail to mention is how many of these gps trackers sent out an alert because the battery died because some registered people have no place call home and no place to charge it!

I commented about this in another thread on Sunday after I saw the story in the LA Times. I noted that I had already sent in a complaint about the story to the Times’ ombudsman (I will include that below again). Yet I see today, there is another followup story, just as bad, just as hyped, with some more details, but still the overriding crap of singling out SORs as if they are the only ones with GPS devices doing this, and being very vague about the real numbers, about whether all the numbers quoted of parole violations are for… Read more »

I was afraid of this. This thing is snowballing as the LA TImes mounts a filthy campaign to bludgeon politicians into reacting. Another story coming out Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is starting to react, demanding a detailed report on what the Times calls “thousands of paroled sex offenders (who) are removing their monitoring bracelets and have gone on to commit serious new crimes, including sexual battery and kidnapping.” All of a sudden, the Times starts claiming thousands have gone on to kidnapping and sexual battery — where the hell did they get that number?! The Board… Read more »

STOP! You don’t understand what’s going on. They want to kill you because you are convicted of child molesting. End of story. IF (big ‘if’) CARSOL gains traction in the legislature, the massacre will move into the Court of Public Opinion (even deeper) and unfettered vigilante actions will be tolerated at the street level. Newspapers and online opinion hit-pieces will emerge and an armed populace will see our attempts to reform the laws as an assault on their security. Leave the country. It’s ONLY in the United States that this exists. Act to ensure your personal survival and re-engage from… Read more »

Bill I agree with you on leaving the USA. I did for 6 years and lived with much less stress and never gave my US designation as a RSO a second thought. I have recently relocated back to the “land of the free” and have been stressed each day. To move one must either be self-employed with a job that can be done via the internet or retired with funds. Also the issue of being an “illegal” alien can be a problem but if you are not interested in things like opening a bank account or things that involve the… Read more »

Same county of the corrupt LAPD. Interesting.

People can jailbreak an iPhone, root your Droid, hack your X Box, (at least you used to), upgrade your camera to a better model by applying the firm ware of the better model, hack government web sites and dump gigs of data to paste bin or WikiLeaks, and get around digital rights management to rip encrypted DVDs. Surely someone has figured out a way to beat the GPS while appearing compliant. I don’t wear one, thankfully, and there’s no doubt some should have them (as well as a forehead-mounted red strobe), but most probably don’t. Maybe there’s an article on… Read more »

VERY alarmed to see that this “story” is spreading – from the L.A. Times, to Huffpost, and now to the San Diego U-T:

The U-T is also profiling a wanted suspect each week in an effort to make its community safer (eye roll). They state that they are “partnering with Crime Stoppers and local law enforcement to profile known fugitives as well as draw attention to unsolved crimes committed by unknown suspects.” Of course, the series has highlighted, for the last three months, those dastardly parole violators who are former SOs –

San Diego should get rid of parolees job.
They are not helping but eating my taxes.

Why do we need to run this stupid jobs instead of increasing police.

San diego CA must close any parole agents.

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