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California RSOL Meeting May 18 – Los Angeles

California RSOL will return to L.A. on May 18. The meeting will be held at ACLU building at 1313 W. 8th Street and start at 10 a.m.

As always, topics of discussion will include issues of importance to registrants and their family members, such as parole conditions and residency restrictions, as well as news about pending legislation and litigation.

Attendance is free of charge and restricted to registrants and their friends / family / supporters. No media or government officials are allowed.

Hope to see you there!

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I am very grateful to Ms. Janice Bellucci and her team of volunteers who are doing a great job. I want to know how I can contact her and where do I mail my letter in support of AB702?

We’ll be there on the 18th to lend our support.

This will be my first time going. I will gladly lend my support!

It is remarkable that all sex crimes fall into the same group, yet a killer and batterer don’t. Moreover, if you’re convicted of touching a woman at a party, you’re neighbors will always see you as a threat to their children. Yet, if you killed someone, or broke into someones home, they’ll never know… And clearly that bears more risk to the public! Additionally, California prisons are overcrowded, yet the least violent inmates–sex offenders, are ineligible. So much for all people being created equal… Governor Brown should realize that sex offenders pose less risk to society then drug addict gang bangers who have spent theirs lives in penal institutions.

Brown is no different from any politician with regard to this subject as he is not above maligning this entire group of individuals for the betterment of his public image.

Somehow the words “honesty”, “integrity” and “politician” cannot be used in the same sentence anymore with any amount of believability.

However “opportunism” and “scapegoating” seem to align with the word “politician” quite aptly based on what we as a group have experienced.

So when the words “courage” and “politician” are used together, we must be reminded how little courage it actually takes to inflict severe and unwarranted damage on the children and families of registrants at the hands of politicians.

This is a big game going on in statehouses and city halls everywhere and the prize is popularity. The winners are politicos and the losers are innocent family members of registrants and people expecting
inherent human rights.

When we think of Brave New World, 1984 and Neo Nazi societies, we only have to look at the 290 law – and the people that put the distorted truths into law – in order to find very real manifestations of these sinister concepts. Sadly these are gravely detrimental not only to registrants but to the entire fabric of freedom and the tenets of our tattered constitution.

I know you know this, but as a reminder…Tom Ammiano is a politician. So is Nancy Skinner. There are some who have truly stuck their necks out for us. Admittedly, it is rare and those two are from districts that have a more enlightened view of nearly everything.

I think that everyone, regardless of what they may have done in the past, deserves the chance to do the right thing. Yes, there is redemption. Even for politicians.

Point taken and my apologies to those who have shown courage and understand the abuse of power that has created these situations for all.

* Comment removed. See below May 5, 2013 at 2:42 pm. Moderator *

Wow. Its not all that shocking to hear but very sobering all the same. Very sad indeed that people prejudge. Society needs to slow down, think, and listen. We need to find preventative solutions. And for those that need help after the fact, we need to let psychologists do their job instead of dictating to them how they can help, based on irrational fears. The psychiatric community needs to teach the correctional community how to work with such ones, not the other way around.

Many mental health professionals are paid by the same people as the correctional officers. They please the guy who signs the checks. The “authorities” who produced the Butner Report, which has done and continues to do much damage to registrants, are mental health professionals.

Does this mean you’re going to come out publicly about corrupt practices in the penal system? Or just reminiscing?
You offer no evidence or logical reason why you would be taught cruelty and even more significant why you partake in it.
Bullies pick on the weak and that is all I’m gathering from your comment.

And you’re making this statement on a “sex Offender” advocacy website because…?

Please note that “*LM*” happens to be the name of the former chief of the Los Angeles School Police Department, and a retired lieutenant of the LAPD. While one may use pseudonyms for anonymity, then at least disassociate yourself from the real Lt./Chief *M*. If you ARE this particular *LM*, introduce yourself to Janice Bellucci so you can be a confirmed professional source. If your name is coincidentally the same as Lt./Chief *M*, then note that as well. If neither is the case, then please change your username as it can cause problems for everyone in the future.

I will note that if indeed you are the real Lt./Chief *M*, then your attitude is alarmingly negligent, and one that must be overcome through the courts before legislative and public policy can take effect. That is sad.

(It must be noted that the real Chief *M* was criticized by citizens for probes into incompetence of the LASPD at the time. One account here:

*Edited by Moderator

@ eric- thanks you for your comment. I also did a research on L…M and was quiet confused by his identity clam. I must admit Mike got me to thinking (“And you’re making this statement on a “sex Offender” advocacy website because…?.) Glad to see the moderator is on top of things keeping inaccurate misleading comments in check.

I just got out of gateways (joke) halfway house. it was just under the stress of the medium high prison i was sent to with only, only 7 custoday points. i am still recovering from the stress. i have not found a job, and soon i will be homeless. i need to communicate, and yet, i’m barred from using the internet. yes, i’m breaking my probation right now. i don’t really care anymore. hope to see you all on the 18th. cheers.

Good luck to you, now stay off the internet and obey all rules!

Hang in there, buddy.

Hope the meeting goes well. Looks like we won’t be able to make it down. Got too much going on preparing for the Capitol on Monday. Was hoping to meet some more folks. Maybe we’ll get that meeting going somewhere in the Sacramento area soon. Best to you all who will be in attendance. 🙂

I was just given a copy of the article at L A Times dtd 4/12/13 about Ms. Bellucci, and did not have a chance to go on line before the meeting. Wish I could have been there to find out what or how I can help. I hate to admit that being a conservative person, always prejudged and in my eyes everybody was guilty. Did not what “Megan’s Law” until I read and article or how all sex offenders are cut with the same cookie cutter. Right now my family and I are trying to help a person that will be released soon, with housing and job offers. The reason we are doing it, is because we know the characher of this person that have serve his punishment for breaking the law. Accepted the consequence for the biggest mistake of his life, cost him loosing his marriage, career and most of all missing being part of his son. Thank you Ms. Bellucci not only for trying to help so many out there, but most of all for opening my eyes that not all “sex offenders” are evil.

We went to the meeting today …. I think our fourth or fifth. Much to our surprise it was the first time the parking lot underneath the building was full! I asked the guy who allows you up the elevator if all the cars were for the meeting and he confirmed they were! That is good news and a step in the right direction …. Everyone there “showed up” … Others also “stood up” and others “spoke up” …. Words is getting around. Proof of my last comment? Read the post above mine from med! Gracious people who have seen the light! Thank U for helping your friend.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved in fighting back against this insanity, from those who are serving in an RSOL capacity to all of the volunteers who write letters to elected leaders and show up to speak at local city council meetings.

This past weekend my child had a soccer tournament down in Orange County. The city where it was held is one of those that had enacted a park ordinance that has suspended its enforcement based on challenges. Had there been no standing up against this, I would not have been able to watch my child score the winning goal in a game. In fact, I”m not sure how I would have gotten my child to the game short of doing a drop-off and pick-up at the park entrance. Fortunately we don’t have park bans where I live, but if left unchecked it would only be a matter of time.

There’s a little yellow button at the top right of this page that says “DONATE.” I’ll be clicking on it this week, and I encourage all of you who visit this site to do the same.

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