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General Comments March 2013

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of March 2013. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it ‘professional’.

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I am not sure where to post this but today I missed my sons track meet because of laws preventing me from entering different areas. This puts strain on my child and does not allow me to be a parent. This is BS and my son is upset and so is my wife. What if I was a single parent or my wife couldn’t go. I think the children of sex offenders have a case against Local and state Government. The children are so important but sex offenders kids have to have lose out and don’t get the same parental support as non sex offender children. My children are punished for my mistake. Not to mention they are harassed at school because of Megan’s law. This is not the way to treat the innocent children.

I am saddened at all I have lost and the times that could have been.

What is the government teaching our Children with these struggles of being a sex offender’s Child?

I believe they are telling my children that they are despised and hated along with their parents. The old saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is the Motto here.

If there are any other people out there with stories like mine, I would like to hear about it.

To have a son (child) pay for the sins of the father (parent) is just medieval… if you have not already done so you should probably register your opposition to SB 386 at the proper place.

While these city / county ordinances are currently in kind of a legal gray area due to preemption issues, SB 386 would legitimize them.

Just want to be sure you are aware.

My suggestion is to write your local representatives including city council, state assembly and senate. Explain to them the specific harm this is doing to your child even though they should already know and ask for changes in the law to protect your family and children. It might work but at least you have a chance to get this information and the pain it is causing your family, in front of these people. I certainly feel that family members have the right to sue for the discrimination and anguish this causes them. The family members are implicit victims of the legislators’ thirst for power and this needs to be put in front of them also. Hang in there and best of luck to you.

I have 3 boys ages 21 to 11. I have been registering since before they were born. I too am not allowed to attend any of their sporting or life events. They are not allowed to have a father and I am not allowed to be a father. I sincerely hope that they will be compensated for what was done to them just for growing up the offspring of an RSO. I was wrongfully convicted in 1989 by a kangaroo court in a child custody case that was a pack of lies. I was told to move on with my life, that it was no biggy. Well I tried but with the way the internet and social media are nowadays I might as well have a tattoo on my forehead. My sons have no chance of living a normal life.

Trust me, my friend, you are not alone in this mess.
My conviction was in 1987 and I had not idea what being an RSO meant when it was included in the plea “deal.” Had I known what I know now…

My wife decided to stick with me when the Megan’s Law Web Site went up and we saw our comfortable income get cut in half when I lost my job. Thinking everything would work out, we decided to have kids and now have two beautiful little ones that are my pride, joy and reasons for living. My older one, however, will be starting kindergarten next year and we are taking measures to prevent anyone from associated her with me lest she be somehow punished for my sins.
We have talked about me simply moving away, but we are extremely close and for me to suddenly be gone from her life, I believe, would cause more psychological damage to her young psyche than any teasing she might endure in school.
So, she has my wife’s last name, as does my young son, and we are looking for schools well out of our zip code. The longer drive will put additional strain on my wife who must drop her off and pick her up. I have not attended a single school Holiday performance or birthday party and she is asking me why. I make it up by taking her to her other extracurricular activities, but I avoid forming relationships with others. My wife does as well. This will be harder to maintain this arrangement without being honest as she gets older and asks more questions.
We are considering that I rent an apartment across town to be my residence of record. I will sleep there, but still be home to put my little once to bed and be there when they get up in the morning. Up go the costs again, but I can think of few palatable alternatives.
It won’t be long until the traditional Father Daughter Dance, performances and other functions are on the calendar and the stress is going to put me in an early grave.

Apart from moving the family out of the country, which has proven more difficult than I realized (because of my past), the only way I way I see out of this mess is to band together and find advocates where we can. Since the media has been complicit in out social demise it seems just they assist in our resurrection.
The public is incredibly malleable, especially when their celebrity heroes tell then what to do. How else could have Obama been elected? If we can find celebrities that appeal to each rung of the socio-economic ladder to speak out in our defense in PSAs, along with he legal challenges of our wonderful Ms. Belluci, Mr. McBride, et al, I feel we’ll have a chance.

Getting back to the here and now, Alienated, you are not alone. I encourage to avoid focusing on the negative and enjoy each and every day to the most of your ability. Enjoy doing all the things you CAN do with your son. Think of all the other parents that weren’t there because they had to work, because they were too sick, or did not care. Whether an RSO or not, we all have our crosses to bear and we must do the best with what we have.
God bless you and your family and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Joe, J and Jeff for your comments and support, I will try and use the information for the better of all of us.

I have more thing on my mind that I would like to share, here is the thing when Orange county passed it’s Sex Offender Park Ban unanimously there was all kinds of press coverage. We saw everyday people expressing gratitude now that children are safe from RSO’s. Television interviews were given to normal non sex offender Joes and Janes at parks and they were all so happy and felt good about it. This was a victory for Orange County and cities now can follow suit. Where is the press coverage of the fact that RSO’s can go back to these places for now ? Other the CA RSOL, I personally have not heard much about this victory for RSO’s or the violation of rights to RSO’s.

Shouldn’t the public be warned that there laws have failed at this point ?
People will still Offend RSO’s or others , whether this Law is here or not !!

Shouldn’t the public know to be on the look out for RSO’s wandering into OC parks. Maybe the public (non RSO’s) should all refrain from using public lands that RSO’s might go to for now ?

This is the point I am trying to make, when it seems as though the public is safe, they really are NOT and never were any SAFER.

This madness needs to STOP !

I hate the Fact that I am a RSO, I regret the damage I had done and how it has affected my family but Now after 21 years I think it’s time for this to be laid to rest.

Today, I struggle to exist.

I am a decent Human being that has rights, treat me and my Family fairly or I will fight with a fury and vengeance to right these wrongs.

I LOVE this country and I will not sit down any longer and watch it flushed down the toilet from ignorance and fame. This is not about RSO’s this our Countries way, our Liberties and our Equality.

Thank You for Listening and I will be back.

Sounds like you are a little upset? You are not alone we are all upset. Just a reminder pulling a “DORNER” is not going to help you or your family. As more and more people are placed on this registry for trivial things. The public will see how what they are doing is wrong. Every day more and more people are being categorized RSO”s. A lot of them are teenagers caught up in the sexting and social media craze.
Patience is what I suggest to you and also the thought that one day your children will be compensated by the cities and counties that are punishing them today and every day for absolutely nothing they did. To be a child and told you cannot go to the park on a Sunday afternoon with your father is a violation of their rights as a human being. I suggest you keep a log of all the times their life is being disrupted by these crazy laws. They are suffering severe psychological harm that will hinder them in their adult life and will be paid when a class action lawsuit is filed on their behalf. And I guarantee you one day a suit will be filed.

I agree with everything you said after your first paragraph, however:

I missed the part where Alienated suggests anything that smacks of Dorner’s actions and I find it rude to jump the gun and put him on the defensive in such a way.

I got a similar vibe as Jeff. What made me think something like that? Phrases like ” I will not sit down any longer” or ” I will fight with a fury and vengeance to right these wrongs”. I suppose I thought they were written in the heat of the moment, which apparently they were.

I took Jeff’s response as caring and calming. Certainly not rude. Am I just dense?

Jeff, “Dorner Smonner” I do not have a violent bone in my body but I will do what I can to protect future generations from persecution without justification. My message is like yours and others, my life and my children’s life has been altered because of the government and we want to be compensated. Thanks again and together we will be vindicated.

Dear Alienated,

You certainly are not alone. I have witnessed first hand what our grandson has had to endure. I have heard from many families with children, and listened to their plight as well. Most, are afraid to speak out because of their children, but someday those children will grow up and join this fight. Now that our grandson is approaching adulthood, we are talking about the possibility of lawsuits. Someday it will come to pass.

Jeff, This area of the site is a way for us to express our anger and vent. Just because someone is upset, certainly doesn’t mean they are going to act out.

I just don’t understand this train of thought: First they wanted a registry for sex offenders. Politicians arose and complied and law enforcement compiled a list. Next, they screamed that they FELT UNSAFE after one person committed a heinous crime who just happened to be a RSO and wanted to KNOW where ever sex offender lived and demanded the registry to be public. Once again, politicians jumped on the bandwagon and made it so……now everyone can see where EVERY sex offender lives and where they work. The result? Public: “Omg, this is horrifying, they live next to me, next to where my child goes to school, etc, I DONT FEEL SAFE, let’s make restrictions on where they can live and force them away!”. Never fear, Politicians are here! Now there are residency restrictions on living near schools and parks. Final result? Sex offenders are forced to rural areas and clustering begins……and wouldn’t ya know it…..FEAR rears it’s ugly head yet again, and the public demands that the clustering be taken care of WITHOUT lifting the restrictions because they are ‘clearly’ up to something… let’s build parks for the sole purpose of forcing them out of their housing that they managed to find.

Ugh, I can only imagine where this train if thought will take us next. And the sad part is that NOT ONE politician, media outlet, or person (Janice and her saintly staff aside) will stand up and do what’s right, even when they KNOW 100% that it’s wrong, but don’t want to risk their IMAGE and CAREER as a politician. Since when has it become ok to persecute people for something that they “might” do or what they are “capable of”!? If that is the case, we should all be suspected of everything!

They result in this: SORETRA

I have a question for anyone who might know about photos published online of convicted sex offenders. If I type in my name in Google my picture shows up and gives people my name and crime and address in some cases. How can this be legal when it is illegal for RSO’s to go on to the Megan’s law website ? Here is all the same information on a third party site, I don’t get it. Examples are Home Facts and Mugshots. How can my annual picture be a mugshot ? I was not arrested, therefore this is incorrect information. Again, I thought RSO’s were not able to see this information and What about the fact that children can access the information that is intended for adults as well. Can we file a Cease and Desist against these companies ? Has anyone else noticed this problem and is there any simple solution.


There was something about this issue on here earlier…

Thanks Mr. C,

I am very sad to hear your story and I must admit my life is not as bad as others and I am thankful for this. I wish you and your family the best and hang in there.

My Wife and boys are the world to me and they know everything about me and still love and support me. The strain that is put on our families is tremendous. Why doesn’t the public know about our children’s struggles, we need to put a face to this issue. How about the plight of “Johnny” a story of a boy who couldn’t live a normal life because society shuns him and his family.

How many innocent lives have to be affected for others to feel safe.

I am serious that you could put a microchip on me and track me 24/7, I don’t care. Mine was an isolated incidence and would never happen again. I would sign a paper for the death penalty if I ever violated again, I know me and I am sure of myself.

I think most of us would do the same if it meant a few of our rights were reinstated.

I used to coach baseball and all though my kids are grown now, I want to help my Grand kids someday.

Thanks for everyone’s input and support.

Great Thanks to Janice Belluci and her awesome team.

Im literally hoping this is all a bad dream! Im blown away. FIrst, who would ever guess anyone who has served their time, paid their debt to society and been released from probation or parole could have their photo, name and personal address online for everyone to see? I mean, this is the ultimate humiliation? How could this person get a job? WIfe/girlfriend? Start a family? Now, we have the state banning people from visiting libraries, beaches and parks? Surreal. Furthermore, we have certain cities telling someone that they are banned from living in a certain area? Wow. Im in shock. Now, we have cities that just keep pushing and pushing these individuals. I believe sex offenders released from prison must have GPS braclets for life? Sex offenders in other parts of the country must notify the city if they leave town? Emails notifying the public if they move? Leaflets? Im in total awe that this is really happening. Its very, very sad. Im still waiting to see what WILL happen when they push someone toooo far. You can only push someone too far before they break. Truly. Then, once this happens, all the politicians will sit back and wonder, maybe these laws are becoming too stringent? Take action now, before its too late. Thanks

Joe, Jeff, JM and C, first of all a shout to all of you for your support and Love. I just want to say I get emotional, so If I choose words that are a bit strong then I apologize. I will try to be a little less. I about everyone and my family is very important.

This Sex offender stuff makes me relive the past and it is hard. Secondly we are all here to hopefully help one another so dialog is good.

United we stand, divided we Fall. We need to understand each other for each other.

I only hope that some day we can all have better lives and maybe even share a beer in the near future. I am new here but I feel welcomed and at home.

Thanks again and looking forward to more talks,

To all people living in N.C. they have made recent cuts in medicade so that we can continue to pay 16 million dollars a year for a sex offender registry that does nothing to keep anybody safe, yet senior citizens usually people on disability can’t afford to go to the doctor, so no who becomes the victims ? people in N.C. need to contact their senators and congressmen and bring this to their attention.

Ok … I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this video.

I did on my FB page with the following comments, edited somewhat … this video brought up a few different feelings. First, I would love to have been one of those first cars to see it happen. Second, I’m happy with my very personal, quiet proposal in November of 2010. Third, and probably the most important to me … Is that this shows (in a way that most would frown upon, as would I) … But, it shows what a small group of people can do to literally stop people in their tracks!

There is a ‘village of same minded thinking’ within us. Imagine, to be able to stop people to listen & watch, yes, I’m sure the folks way in the back in the traffic were pissed off because of the traffic, but …. If people can get together and make some noise … As we have on this website … We will be heard.

That is my PSA for the evening 🙂 …. Slowly but surely we will see a brighter future. If not for those who are a registrant, or one of those that love them … But, I have read so many posts that explain how this is affecting the little children of registrants (fortunately, we have no little ones) … but while you (we) may not see the fruits of this labor, I am positive that the children will be let free of the “sins” of their parent. I hope my post comes across the way I intended it to. Peace and love to all.

To all: I just ran across this website when I was reading who opposed AB 2. The group name is Legal Services For Prisoners With Children. Go to their site (provided below) and check out the “All of us or none of us” icon. The 3rd bullet down is titled “clean Slate”. Thats the one I found most… pleased about.

Another Great campaign of theirs is “ban the box”

Wouldnt that be nice…

This comment is related to anyone exploring their options with regard to using the pro se process (self-representation in court) in the federal system. The California Central District Court for the US District Court System actually holds clinics. Now, I ovbiously do not recommend going to court without an attorney, but the process doesn’t always have to be controlled by the attorney.

The clinics are actually held quite frequently at the Federal Court building on Spring Street in Los Angeles. Full contact information:

The Clinic is located in:
The United States Courthouse
312 N. Spring Street, Room G-19, Main Street Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Clinic is open on:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

For more information, please contact Public Counsel at 213-385-2977, Ext. 270.

Eric, Do you know if similar resources are available in other districts?

Though this article is about a particular non-related incident, it speaks volumes about the process and implications that are germane to registrants:

I have a question about having my information updated on the Megan Database, like including the date of my incident and my test scores.. Apparently I am getting road blocks about everything.. Like there is a extreme backlog and they’ll get to it when they can… But my test scores there is no information even though I have attended mandatory treatment in prison and mandatory one on one evaluations and treatment on probation.

Was reviewing my paperwork… on my “Report of results of trail” I was given 6 years and 9 months of confinement but no mentioning of Ordered to Register.. that is only mentioned on my conditions of probation.. but at the end of probation I received a letter of “Certificate of Release from Supervision” which stated “has complied with requirements of his parole and having thereby completed the sentence. Is hereby released and set at liberty.” .. so since my probation has long be over and was never ordered by the judge to register, why do I have to now???

I’m not clear whether you are talking of state or federal, although I think state.

Nonetheless, you are supposed to be informed of your requirement to register — and it is not surprising not to see it in the line that states your sentence, since SOR is not a “sentence” since it is ruled to not be punishment. SOR is ruled to merely be regulatory. They did note it as a condition of probation, but that doesn’t make it punishment, any more than if you were required to go to rehab or to see a shrink.

But since SOR is not considered to be punishment, the notice to you of your lifetime requirement was not needed to be on that document. I’ll bet you were required to sign any number of documents, and one of them would have been your notice about your SOR lifetime requirement. Perhaps under the circumstances, and the pile of paper, you didn’t get to read it — but you signed it anyway. Maybe the judge even stated the requirement to you in court — but that document you mention is not the minutes. Did the PO say anything to you about the lifetime requirement? That is all that is needed — it doesn’t have to be in writing, it merely easier for them to prove the notice if it is in writing.

Bottom line: you can’t be convicted unless they can show you had actual knowledge of your duty to register. So, in theory, if you REALLY know you never got any notice in any way, you could choose not to register. But if you do, they will come after you, and you will end up hiring a lawyer to fight a charge of failure to register. Even if you win, you will have to start registering anyway — and now you certainly will have knowledge of your duty to register. Thus, there really is no point in fighting it on the technicality that you did not have notice, as all that will accomplish is a big lawyer bill for you. A Catch 22. It doesn’t matter when or how you were notified, whether previously or only today — your requirement stands regardless. But if you really got caught by surprise, showing you had no knowledge would be a defense.

A point: you would have to show lack of knowledge, not merely lack of notice.

But clearly, you do have knowledge — after all, you are here asking why you have to continue to register — so, someone told you. How do you know that, if you have no knowledge?

Story in tomorrow’s LA Times (Easter Sunday) about how the GPS devices some SORs have to wear are faulty, not tracking them a lot of the time, not sending the reports back as called for, often having the SORs location wrong by as much as 3 miles!

People have been getting convicted for being someplace — and might have actually have been three miles from there!

And the estate covered it up, kept it quiet — even saying if they revealed it, people convicted might appeal their convictions!,0,2486955.story

Note this paragraph from the story, saying the state had the court seal the information about it in a lawsuit — leaving people wrongly convicted no knowledge of the real reason they were shown to be someplace they were not — and the court, which is supposed to stand for justice and truth, agreed to seal it. So who knows how many sat in prison wrongly convicted:

“In a lawsuit over the state’s GPS contracting, corrections attorneys persuaded a judge to seal
information about the failures, arguing that test results could show criminals how to avoid being
tracked and give parole violators grounds to appeal convictions.”

The devices this story was about were used in California in areas north of Los Angeles, In Los Angeles County and other SoCal counties, a different GPS device was used, which supposedly is more reliable, and now is being used statewide. But just how reliable it is or what faults it might have is being kept secret.

And I also note some other info — the high cost of this. I have argued for a long time that the cost of SO registration, and all the peripheral things that go with it is a big burden on cities, counties and the state –and budget busting arguments could be used to try to reduce a lot of this, even flat out eliminate SOR for misdemeanants as pointless and far too expensive to justify (but instead, we are talking of misdemeanants having to be in a tier for a minimum of 10 years!). Here is what just the GPS contract goes for, according to the story:

“…a winner-take-all contest for the nation’s largest electronic monitoring contract, worth more
than $51 million over six years.”

That’s about $4 1/2 million a year simply for this for some 7,900 people — and that contract doesn’t include what the state then does with all the information and GPS reports. Imagine the cost of all the SOR and peripheral things for the more than 100,000 SORs in the state — staff to personally take all those registrations, others to look for excuses to bust them, processing, filing, followup, etc., etc.!

I wonder about all those paroles who were sent in for violations because of faulty GPS systems and not fault of their own

And yet again Megan’s Law protects nobody…,0,3511103.story?track=rss a person with a extensive criminal background and homeless commits a sexual crime… where was the database….

I need some help. I’m being harassed by my husbands parole officer! I’ll just give a few examples of the big ones. Just this february I was in the hospital for the birth of our son. I was in recovery, completely bed ridden with tubes and ivs sticking every which way out of me. I get a phone call in my private toom. I answer and immediately get screamed at.”you had better get your ass up and get your f’ing husband on the phone. The police are on their way to your room right now to arrest him.” I was nursing my son at the time. Because of that incident I can no longer nurse my son. If I try I begin to relive that moment and get these horrible feelings. After a week or so of bring at the hospital hr calls me on my cell phone. “you know you cant rely on your husband right? Hes just a part time dad.” Thats when I went off on the man. “i dont appreciate you putting my husband down like that. How dare you call me just to say that and I certainly dont appreciate you calling me in my private hospital room to yell at me!” He saud he diesnt remember doing that but if he did do that he was sorry. ” no apology is going to makeup for what you did to me.” He then flat out told me that if I didnt accept his apology then my husband is no longer welcome in my home. . Since that day ive been battling post partum depression. I have no doubt in my mind that if it werent for those incidences I would be ok. I have had thoughts of harming myself and my child simply so yjis man will leave us alone. (i have recieved help since then and am doing much better.) I called this parole officers supervisor and complained. All that happened was my husband got sent to jail on a parole violation the day after I complained to his sick and tired of being harrassed by this man. I did nothing to him and im not on parole. He should be nothing but professional to me. Since the beginning he tried to make us reconcider our marriage and even my pregnancy. Telling us that we shoulx. Really think about what we are doing because its going to be hard etc. etc. he even went as far as telling me what I could and ould not eat during pregnancy. I dont know what to do. Now that he took my husband away im alone and constantly afraid of him calling.

Record everything. Be sure to check the laws to make sure it is legal to record without telling him. When he is there in person set up a hidden camera. These are relatively cheap. I would also look into contacting a civil rights attorney.

Sorry about the hard time you are having. This is really not useful advice, but given that this site is more of a legislative organization, you may want to try a more traditional support group like

Many of the people there seem to be women, wives, girlfriends, mothers, etc, so maybe you can bounce some things off them.

Congratulations on your baby, and remember, the child has a mother AND father in his life – which is more than a lot of kids can say.

My husband was going through his case when our son was born, and it was hard, I won’t lie, but we worked it out and have been married for almost 30 years now and our son is a great young man who would not change a thing.

Do not let ‘them’ ruin this magical time for you and your precious baby. Even when things are horrible, remember, you have a son and a husband (he will get out) and that is awesome!

Good luck.

This is such a tragic story and I am deeply sorry you have to endure what, in my view, is criminal harassment of a citizen by a public official. This is the kind of behavior we grow up believing only happens under dictatorships. Today when I hear the news about the iron-fisted rule of the North Korean communist regime and the brain washing of its citizens I laugh – our own government does that to us on a daily basis. But they distract us with stories about baseball’s opening day, March Madness and the antics of Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashians – what zany antics will they be up to next? Don’t bother me with stories of gross injustice by the government against my next door neighbor. Can’t you see I’m watching Beyoncé shake her thang on the Super Bowl Half Time Extravaganza!

I hope and pray you find a legal remedy that results in compensation and that the government employee perpetrating this activity against you and your child is terminated and prosecuted.

God bless you.

That link is actually very useful thank you so much!

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Profile: Experienced in residential and commercial construction. Framer: Rough Wood and Metal Frame. Trim and Finish Carpentry including sheetrock demolition & repair. Kitchen & Bath remodel including ceramic and natural stone installation. Design and construct patios decks & fences. Proficiently comprehends & interprets blueprints and technical manuals in accordance with Federal, State and Local building codes.

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THIS IS MY RESUME’ HEADER. At 1st glance, anyone would hire me however, once they find out that i am a registered Sex Offender…game over. In florida i am a a level one offender. Even on probation the only requirement i had to fill besides registering was to take the 28 week class.
It has been 17 years since my conviction…Is there aything I can do now about getting off the registry in florida…?
my persoanl email is

At the end of my rope: While i have mostly operated as an independant contractor over the years, i recently was burglarized and most of my tools were taken. Unable to replace them and not able to work without them, i have fallen behind on bills etc. On top of all that, my tag and insurance are now due, if i don’t renew, i will have my licence suspended. GO SEEK ASSISTANCE: I did this and despite the fact that i am about to be homeless, the VA cannot help neither will any of the local state or county agencies…WHY ? because i am a Registered Sex Offender…

Well, I wonder How fast it comes off IF someone Gets Exonerated? Just Askin’ Really fast I Hope. I Also Wonder If Travel will still be Restricted and For How long..As well as anything else that one used to have and Doesn’t as far as Rights Go? I bet they will drag that out Too….They Never keep their Word except,”We Gonna Lock You Up!”