Report: Kids Accessing Inappropriate Materials at Younger Age

According to a survey of parents around the world, thanks to the internet, kids are being exposed to adult content at an ever earlier age. More than 19,000 parents took part in an online study conducted by Bitdefender, an anti-virus company based in Bucharest. Full Article

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Considering that pornography is so easily and readily available without a credit card, without any adult verification, is anyone surprised? What I’d like to know is why no one seems to have ever bothered to push for a law that there has to be some kind of age verification before one can access pornography online?

A very spirited discussion here! Keep in mind we’re all in the same fight for our lives and the lives of our families. Prior to the WWW there were National Geographic magazines and Playboys, and no matter how hard my parents tried to shield me, curiosity got the better of me so I peeked. Children are naturally curious and will always find a way to see or do what they want, whether viewing porn or finding alcohol. Do I think it’s right? Nope. Regulating the internet is a parent’s responsibility and duty; in a perfect world it would be harder to access porn, but this world isn’t nor will ever be. I don’t think that for a moment anybody here is advocating exposing children to porn. If we involve the government in censoring of any kind it will get worse. What we allow the gov’t in moderation, they will take to excess and we all know and live that! As parents/grandparents we can porn proof our homes, but we can’t porn proof society. People make choices, good and bad, and there are consequences. My personal religious convictions are deep rooted and very strong, but given that and 53 cents, all you’ll get is a seniors coffee from McDonalds. Let’s keep it real please.

Gentlemen, please agree to disagree and look at the bigger picture. You will find common ground in the struggle to abolish the registry and free the RSO “slaves.” The problem with the laws currently, is not a religious on, it’s a political one. Both conservatives and liberals vote these crappy laws in, but as said before, the non-conservative politicians have enough sense to keep their mouths closed, the conservatives tend to open mouths and insert both feet, but make no mistake, both groups vote and decide on this registry. Is porn good? nope; is it healthy? doubtful; can it harm? I think so; should children be kept away from it? yes, it’s best if they are.
Learn from each other, accept opinions as they are and if facts are presented, make sure the emotional part is left out. Strong emotional responses tend to block higher thinking (wisdom). Fight the good fight against this registry, don’t give politicians ammunition to use against all of us. We’re all in the same boat here.

“Again, you miss what I’m saying. I do not believe in censorship…”
” I can only hope the moderator here chooses to remove such statements before they are actually used against us.”


Candor and honesty will always be appreciated by me, and it’s not that important to me that we might have different views on things because I’m still learning and think that I can learn something from everyone. How the west got to the point it is now is ancient history, we are at a point where this western culture is totally screwed up. Some think it’s the Judeo-Christian influence, others think it’s a pagan influence. To me it doesn’t matter that much, it just needs fixing. Is there common ground? Yes there is, it’s closing down this registry many of us are subject to. My opinion is simply put; is there any value, any redeeming qualities, any benefit to mankind as a whole in children accessing pornography? Harmful or not, is it good? This isn’t a chasm, just a little ditch to span. My/our opinions and 53 cents will get a seniors coffee at McDonalds. Appreciate your candor.

Could be that the laws exist strictly to feed the corporate prison machine! As for ancient history, based on my age, if it happened years ago it’s ancient! I’ll agree that the pornography laws do need to change but to which extent I can’t say because I’ve not studied them. The porn laws are just a tiny part of all the “morality” laws that have been passes in the last few decades; few make sense, most do not. There in lies the problem we’re faced with and which landed most of us on this registry. One thing we can all agree on is to abolish or drastically change the registry. Change comes very slow.
Have we beat this topic to death yet?

Porn isn’t even good for adults according to Many! That said the Native Americans tried to protect their children from the white man What happened? The Gypsies tried to protect their culture & children what happened? & now WE need a NEW CRISIS to protect OUR Children & We are putting them on a registry? What’s Gonna Happen? Homeless are being bribed to tell BY AUTHORITIES Shhhhh Quietly! Fema Camps New & shiny W/ Rail cars, AMMO, MRAPS etc. but could do little for Oklahoma NJ & Katrina victims but We paid for it why again?Their Buying stock in STOCKS! as in please put yer head Right here!…Shwoomp CHOP Thud! The Politicians have RAPED the Minds & Wallets of the People for quite some time now. In Fact more than all RSO have or ever could tip or balance the scales of recidivism. Recidivism is what I call being Re-Elected via Mind F@#! WAKE UP AMERICA pretty soon your All Going to Have a label it has only just begun!

I’ll agree on the power thing. Those who exercise great power tend also to exercise great control. Politicians, police chiefs, law enforcement all participate in power grabs, whether they’re little fish in a big pond or big fish in a little pond. If they perceive themselves to be powerful, then they also feel in “control” of their domain, their empires, but rarely in control of themselves, for often times the very thing they prosecute so vehemently, they also get caught up in. Take San Mateo County Probation head for example, getting caught with kiddie porn on his work, yes, WORK computer! But of course, his sentence is only a fraction of John Q. Public’s since he was “studying ” the images for work. I’m just looking for a nice quiet island somewhere to escape this craziness and just go crazy all alone.