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Report: Kids Accessing Inappropriate Materials at Younger Age

According to a survey of parents around the world, thanks to the internet, kids are being exposed to adult content at an ever earlier age. More than 19,000 parents took part in an online study conducted by Bitdefender, an anti-virus company based in Bucharest. Full Article

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Considering that pornography is so easily and readily available without a credit card, without any adult verification, is anyone surprised? What I’d like to know is why no one seems to have ever bothered to push for a law that there has to be some kind of age verification before one can access pornography online?

Sure, let’s advance the concept of a super police state one step further, shall we?

It’s not a matter of police state, it’s a matter of decency. Children should not be exposed to pornography, and precautions should be taken. This is one that I side on more enforcement because this material IS in fact harmful to children.

/It’s not a matter of Civil and Basic Rights, it’s a matter of safety. Children should not be exposed to those previously convicted of sex offenses, regardless of what and how long ago, and precautions should be taken, further restrictions implemented. This is one that I side on more enforcement because these people ARE in fact harmful to children. /sarcasm off

Now what?

You obviously aren’t a parent, and if you are, you apparently don’t care much about the morality of your children. You two are welcome to wallow in this filth, but children should not be wallowing in it with you.

Well, no actually, it isn’t. And there is NO credible data to suggest that it is. And your urging that more laws be enacted to “protect” children is the very phenomenon that has given rise to the extreme oppression we now face. By the way, I am a parent.

No credible data suggests pornography is harmful to children? Then I guess
none of the below are credible in your eyes? These are only a few of the many
sites I found with data not just suggesting pornography is harmful to children,
but stating it very clearly.
Anyone who chooses to believe pornography is harmless to children is the
exact kind of person politicians and the media make all registrants out to be.
Even if not for my Christian faith, I would still refuse to be the monster
politicians and the media suggest.

Thanks for making my point for me. None of what you linked to would provide any objective or scientific substantiation of your central thesis, i.e. that pornography exerts a harmful influence on children or adolescents. That you would think these crude propaganda pieces somehow constitute ultimate ‘conversation stoppers’ is not surprising given your demonstrated susceptibility to magical thinking, i.e. your enthusiasm for religious fundamentalism. If all you did was to pray then you would probably be fairly innocuous. So, knock yourself out.

The truth is you’ve made your point, that you’re the very thing politicians want the public to believe we all are.

There ALREADY ARE laws like that for the USA however, you need to remember that WWW means World Wide Web and as such there would need to be a world law age verification and there is NOT EVEN a universal AGE OF CONSENT!

And don’t use the old “we should just regulate porn on the internet” because any censorship lead to more and more until the internet is as useless and bland as Disney World.

You can NOT “child proof” the world NOR WOULD YOU WANT TO!!!

I could not disagree more. Children should be protected. I’m not suggesting censorship, I’m simply saying children should not be exposed to pornography. Even though I find all pornography wrong because of my Christian beliefs, I also know I cannot force my beliefs on others and that consenting adults should have the right to view pornography. However, children should not have access, period.

If you are a responsible parent there is no problem. Simply install filtering software on YOUR COMPUTER, it is very easy to do…but do most parents do it? NO – they would rather leave the parenting up to BIG BROTHER!

Ultimately they will get what they deserve. A useless watered down corporate sponsored, government censored internet.

Again, you miss what I’m saying. I do not believe in censorship, I simply believe certain material should not be so easily accessed by children. I’m sorry to find you consider that censorship, or worse, that you believe children should be allowed to access pornography.

Even good parenting does not mean 24/7 supervision of those under 18, nor does it mean a parent can install filtering software on every computer a minor child uses. As the parent of a child under 18, I’ve found that no matter how much we try to supervise our child, our child still is exposed to things through school and library computers, friend’s smart phones, etc that we would not approve of. By the way, even the filtering software is not perfect, and I have yet to find one that is.

The bottom line is this, without any kind of age verification, the most extreme types of pornography can be accessed. There’s a reason Playboy magazines are behind the counter in convenience store chains, children should not have access to such material. It is not something to be championed when they can find far more graphic images and videos on the internet so freely.

Well, as I said initially, it’s the World Wide Web and America doesn’t own it so they can not censor the content as you would like to fit your view.

Sex and porn of part of reality and part of the real world. I am sure you also want to censor the “violent” content on the internet as well…were would it stop?

I would love to get rid of all of the religious non-sense I run into online as I find that offensive but I am not running around advocating censorship as you are.

If you are so concerned take your kids to Disney world and keep them off line (Except of course).

I guess I had it pegged when I suggested that you believe children should be allowed to access porn. You seem to refuse to listen to reason and prefer to wallow in the filth, which is your right, and you apparently wish children to join you there. That is what the politicians want everyone to think of registrants, so why would you choose to fit the very stereotype of what they think of us?

Your lack of religious conviction and desire to get rid of what you call nonsense is very telling, so to that I’ll leave it at this….I’ll pray for you.

Your Christian beliefs are unwelcome in the governance of my life. You may entertain whatever irrational and ignorant fallacy you choose but DO NOT subject me to laws which are informed by them.

No one is suggesting that your life be governed by my Christian beliefs. I give up on getting through to either of you about why children should not be accessing pornography since you both apparently believe it is absolutely acceptable.

It is impossible to have a discussion about morality and protecting children from filth with someone who apparently has little morality especially when it comes to protecting children. With people like the two of you who believe children should be exposed to pornography, no wonder politicians have such an easy time demonizing all registrants.

I am surprised how many people called td777’s cry for age restrictions on porn censorship. No one is advocating taking porn away from adults. Just so you know where I am coming from, I am an atheist, a porn user, and not a father. Therefore, I have no fear from smiting, no hatred of the subject matter, and no offspring to protect. And I am in agreement with td777 on this point.

I don’t agree that porn is inherently harmful. As euro points out below, many countries are more liberal on sex and they seem to function just fine. But as an enjoyer of porn, I am often disturbed by what exists online. Again, I wouldn’t take it away from anyone. And I too attempted to squirrel away a playboy or two when I was a kid, but playboys do not contain categories like brutal dild-s, fisting, monster c-cks, or bdsm, to name just a few of the less shocking types available. I do think that in order to grow up well adjusted, these things shouldn’t be a child’s first introduction to sex. Yes children will seek out porn as they are curious creatures, but it shouldn’t be so easy to access any of the extreme porn that is out there.

One other point on age restriction vs censorship: What do you tell a 5 year old who asks you about sex? Do you explain the mechanics of it in graphic details, act it out and let them watch, or give them an oversimplified age appropriate explanation?
It isn’t censorship to give them the latter.

And yet, they thumbs down on your posting like they did mine. Like I’ve been saying, there are some here who seem to be the very kind of monsters who want to groom children the politicians and media want to accuse us all of being. That is the very reason I chose to quit posting on this thread, I’m too disgusted.

A very spirited discussion here! Keep in mind we’re all in the same fight for our lives and the lives of our families. Prior to the WWW there were National Geographic magazines and Playboys, and no matter how hard my parents tried to shield me, curiosity got the better of me so I peeked. Children are naturally curious and will always find a way to see or do what they want, whether viewing porn or finding alcohol. Do I think it’s right? Nope. Regulating the internet is a parent’s responsibility and duty; in a perfect world it would be harder to access porn, but this world isn’t nor will ever be. I don’t think that for a moment anybody here is advocating exposing children to porn. If we involve the government in censoring of any kind it will get worse. What we allow the gov’t in moderation, they will take to excess and we all know and live that! As parents/grandparents we can porn proof our homes, but we can’t porn proof society. People make choices, good and bad, and there are consequences. My personal religious convictions are deep rooted and very strong, but given that and 53 cents, all you’ll get is a seniors coffee from McDonalds. Let’s keep it real please.

Just because some things the government does to protect its citizens is wrong(i.e. the registry), it doesn’t mean that everything the government does to protect citizens is wrong.

Oh how I wish your statement “I don’t think that for a moment anybody here is advocating exposing children to porn” were how it really is here. However, after reading the posts from some on here, I have to say I believe that is exactly what they are doing. I too was a curious kid, and I know how kids are about it. I am being realistic about this. However, when we look at the ease in which it is accessed, the easier it is accessed, the more common it is for children to view pornography AND the ages are getting younger and younger. At the same time, the age in which children are becoming sexually active also has dropped by several years.

There are some here who are very adamantly defending their view that children are not harmed in any way by pornography. Predators and child molesters are known to do that very thing, use pornography to indoctrinate children into thinking sex is acceptable for them to do. They have a word for this, grooming. And those who do so tend to defend it. When I was on parole, there were those who in the group sessions also defended doing things with daughters as young as 12, that sex with minors should be legalized, and that there’s nothing wrong with children having sex…and yes, they defended exposing children to pornography. And like those on here, they refused to accept any data or information to the contrary and called it propaganda.

If you don’t want to be a demonized by politicians and media as being a monster, it’s simple, don’t be one.

You’ve adopted precisely the same shrill, accusatory hysteria that some of us are fighting against. You believe that unexamined beliefs, based upon superstition and prejudice, repeated endlessly and with sufficient vehemence, constitute truth. In fact, they are assertions entirely unsupported by scientific research.

Religious belief is not science and your views – which make decidedly scientific claims which are entirely unsupported by science – are thoroughly tainted by your religious prejudices. Your specious claims, based, as they are, on your religiosity, will do nothing to challenge this horrible injustice which is, ultimately, itself a product of your religion. I’m not trying to insult you but that’s just the way it is: the Abrahamic religions – Christianity, in particular – are why we live in a society afflicted by sexual hysteria.

You have, to your credit, perceived an essential injustice in the way our society reacts to sexuality, most likely as a result of your own mistreatment at its hands.

You have not, however, looked past archaic and discredited religious dogma to gain a full understanding of the source of this injustice or to identify its remedies.

To the extent which you may blog and report on the myriad injustices we face, your work is of value. But your vision for a future in which such injustice is prevented is worse than deficient: it is not the future for an evolved, rational, and free society.

As I said, if you don’t want to be seen as a monster, a good place to start is simple…don’t be one.

Unfortunately, you’ve posted messages here that politicians and media could use to back their argument that we are dangerous to children. You’ve done nothing but prove that there are some here who are the very type of person they try to convince the public that all of us are.

Gentlemen, please agree to disagree and look at the bigger picture. You will find common ground in the struggle to abolish the registry and free the RSO “slaves.” The problem with the laws currently, is not a religious on, it’s a political one. Both conservatives and liberals vote these crappy laws in, but as said before, the non-conservative politicians have enough sense to keep their mouths closed, the conservatives tend to open mouths and insert both feet, but make no mistake, both groups vote and decide on this registry. Is porn good? nope; is it healthy? doubtful; can it harm? I think so; should children be kept away from it? yes, it’s best if they are.
Learn from each other, accept opinions as they are and if facts are presented, make sure the emotional part is left out. Strong emotional responses tend to block higher thinking (wisdom). Fight the good fight against this registry, don’t give politicians ammunition to use against all of us. We’re all in the same boat here.

I agree with you on this, which is why I am disgusted that there are some on here who are insisting that pornography is harmless to children.

Not only am I disgusted at the notion that it is harmless, I’m also concerned as a registrant. When someone who is an admitted registrant makes such a statement, they make themselves sound like predators and groomers, which simply serves as more ammunition for those who push for stricter laws on registrants. It is harmful to our cause here. I can only hope there more among those who chose not to make their voices heard here who are not in agreement with the views stated by Mr. Kennerly than those who are.

This started, not by me proposing stricter laws or censorship, but by me questioning why those who are so adamant that “tough on crime” laws are not also pushing for more precautions against children accessing pornography. I just pondered that if someone was really so concerned about child safety, as those who push for stricter laws against us, I would have thought this also be part of their agenda. My question was attacked, then when I actually stated that children should not be exposed to pornography and that I am a Christian, I was attacked for both. In fact, I even suggested my faith be left out of the argument, but apparently someone here is so afraid of my being a man of faith, he chose to attack me repeatedly for it in spite of the fact that I only mentioned it briefly one time in all my posts on this topic.

I will not now nor ever apologize for defending decency. For those of you who are trying to blast me for advocating “censorship,” show the intelligence you claim to possess and read my posts again. I never once said I believe any laws should be in place to censor a single thing. It is not censorship when I openly stated adults have the right to view what they choose, but children should not access or be exposed to pornography. I questioned why no one has proposed stricter laws regarding the ease of access to pornography by minors.

I also will not apologize for my statement that if you don’t want to be seen as a monster, don’t be one. That means don’t act like one, don’t do the things monsters do, don’t make yourself look like one. Someone with the intelligence this person claims to have should know that. This organization is in the business of helping registrants, and saying pornography is harmless to children is simply bad for business. I can only hope the moderator here chooses to remove such statements before they are actually used against us.

I think you’re confusing my candor for a “strong emotional response”. This is just me being honest. I have felt virtually no emotion in this current discussion aside from the perennial frustration in dealing with unreasoning and irrational people.

As for religion, it absolutely is fundamental to understanding how our society got to the place where it is today, even if many of those who challenge our existence believe themselves unmotivated by religious dogma.

Whether religious or irreligious, right or left, we (in the West) have all emerged from a more-or-less common culture dominated by an iron age mythology that is best understood as a failed science that has, nonetheless, survived as a particularly virulent meme.

That even questioning the assertion that pornography (somehow) damages children and adolescents has become indefensible shows the extent to which hysteria has promulgated outward into society and is used to silence speech.

I would be curious to see what would be considered “common ground” in the chasm between those of us with such wildly disparate world views.

“Again, you miss what I’m saying. I do not believe in censorship…”
” I can only hope the moderator here chooses to remove such statements before they are actually used against us.”


Candor and honesty will always be appreciated by me, and it’s not that important to me that we might have different views on things because I’m still learning and think that I can learn something from everyone. How the west got to the point it is now is ancient history, we are at a point where this western culture is totally screwed up. Some think it’s the Judeo-Christian influence, others think it’s a pagan influence. To me it doesn’t matter that much, it just needs fixing. Is there common ground? Yes there is, it’s closing down this registry many of us are subject to. My opinion is simply put; is there any value, any redeeming qualities, any benefit to mankind as a whole in children accessing pornography? Harmful or not, is it good? This isn’t a chasm, just a little ditch to span. My/our opinions and 53 cents will get a seniors coffee at McDonalds. Appreciate your candor.

Please do not make the mistake of equating “the west” or “the western world” with the US or its puritan / Victorian brethren. This peculiar need to regulate sex and ‘sex offenders’ to this extent is pretty much confined to the US, Canada, UK and Australia. In other words, the US and its closest allies in terms of history and background. Many other countries have as strong or even stronger ties to Christianity. It is the puritan / Victorian strain of religion that is the root of this.

There are plenty of countries / societies in the western world where this sort of registration scheme is ca-te-go-rically rejected as an infringement on basic rights. Seen as medieval and backward. There are many countries where you will see nudity and what would qualify as (soft) porn here on public TV, but gratuitous and graphic violence is restricted, as THAT is seen to be harmful to children. Such a concept!

I agree with your assessment of the origin of the panic. It was very much a creation of (and remains dominated by) the Anglo countries. However, we have seen this hysteria spread to all of the other “Western” countries with which I am familiar, both Protestant and Catholic, as well as non-Christian countries in Asia and Africa. The puritanical religious component was key in its development but the resulting hysteria no longer requires religious belief of any kind. Indeed, a strain of feminism which came to dominate the West very much came to “own” this issue. That so many countries have seen this insanity spread and dominate their own laws and cultures is due to the massive misinformation campaign which has been propagated by an alliance of puritans both religious and feminist.

Getting slightly off topic here, but which countries do you speak of? Please list – both country and extent.

If you mean, what are the Western (non-Anglo)countries who have moved ever closer towards hysteria, then I would simply say: virtually all of them! I’m not saying they’re all as bad as the U.K./U.S. but the trend has been clear for many years and continues to worsen with each passing decade.

And the U.N. is itself a focal point for much internationalized sex offender hysteria. So now is Interpol who are implementing a system which very well might prevent RSO’s from foreign travel..

There are now many countries with sex offender registries that are not English-speaking, for example. There are many more countries which attempt to limit the rights of “sex offenders” in myriad ways, whether in limiting their right to travel, to associate, to anonymity or a balanced and happy life.

This internationalization of hysteria, beyond the “Anglos”, is not new. I began witnessing it thirty years ago, in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, etc., etc.

Non English speaking countries are certainly susceptible to the same lies as everyone else and have responded comparably, even if their response is slightly more moderate.

But then, The English speaking countries were a whole lot more moderate thirty years ago than they are now.

So give it time.

That is really a non-answer. No, worse, it is just the vague, yet scary sounding, rhetoric that is at the root of the problem. “There are now many countries with sex offender registries that are not English-speaking, for example.” Please name them. Japan comes to mind in some mild form. Who else? “I began witnessing it thirty years ago, in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, etc., etc.” Witnessing what exactly? While there may have been adjustments to the criminal law in that time due to changing attitudes, we are talking about post-sentence restrictions and consequences placed on certain convicts who have completed their punishment. Please list those in the countries you mention. Surely you are aware that just last year the EU High Court ruled that Civil Commitment is illegal UNLESS it was part of the original sentence, regardless of the perceived ‘dangerousness’ of the inmate. Some of those civilly committed, now deemed illegally, have not only been released but have been awarded damages.

I just saw this now so, my apologies for not responding to it earlier.

Look, you are demanding myriad details which I’m not inclined to dig up simply to refute your assertion or to confirm mine other than to note that it is a matter of public record that many non-English speaking countries have borrowed heavily from the sex-abuse industry which started right here in the U.S.A.

It is also public record that fully international bodies such as Interpol and the U.N. as well as any number of agenda-driven NGO’s, are leading the charge to universalize oppressive ‘sex offender’ laws.

If your point is to congratulate Europe for its relative liberality while castigating the Anglos for their puritanism, then I think you miss a dramatic trend that started already decades ago.

Is Europe as bad as, or worse than, the U.S. or the U.K.? In most cases, probably not quite yet although Russia and Poland are probably about to surpass us in draconian laws.

Are EU principles likely providing, for the time being, some measure of moderation (to its member states) in enacting these laws? Yes! That’s to its credit but it isn’t for want of a groundswell of support in Europe for laws that are every bit as barbaric as American laws.

If you want some first-hand accounts of how things have deteriorated in Europe, I suggest you speak with Dutch, French, German, Italian or Danish activists who can provide you with an earful. Or just simply do some Google searches. “Marthijn”, for example.

Yes, I have spent a lot of time in Europe as well as in Asia. There is no doubt in my mind that they are very much worse now than when I first visited decades ago. In fact, if I were given a choice of places to live such as: the U.S. in 1985 or ANYWHERE in Europe TODAY (and I have traveled throughout Europe then as well as in recent years) I would prefer to be in the U.S. in 1985.

Obviously, that isn’t a choice I have. But I would say to anyone who thinks leaving the U.S. for Europe or Asia is going to be vastly better: get ready for a bucket of cold water to be thrown on your dreams!

I would just disagree that the reasons why we got to this point are entirely “ancient” history. The worst excesses of this movement have taken place within the lifetimes of many of us still living. And I need to point out that I neglected to give the feminists their share of blame in my previous postings. That has been partially rectified in my reply to “euro”.

But this hysteria needs to be understood as best as it can in order to successfully counter it, in part by deconstructing the chain of events which lead to it and the forces who brought it about and who have profited by it.

As for children accessing pornography, my concern is a much larger one: children and adolescents are, essentially, stripped of any choices they might exercise on their behalf with the stated goal of their “protection”. I deny that these laws exist for “their protection” but rather they exist for the protection of the prejudices of the small-minded and the power hungry.

Could be that the laws exist strictly to feed the corporate prison machine! As for ancient history, based on my age, if it happened years ago it’s ancient! I’ll agree that the pornography laws do need to change but to which extent I can’t say because I’ve not studied them. The porn laws are just a tiny part of all the “morality” laws that have been passes in the last few decades; few make sense, most do not. There in lies the problem we’re faced with and which landed most of us on this registry. One thing we can all agree on is to abolish or drastically change the registry. Change comes very slow.
Have we beat this topic to death yet?

“Could be that the laws exist strictly to feed the corporate prison machine!”

No, I don’t think so. I think that business sees opportunity and cashes in. But the mindless hysteria and the terrible laws preceded any attempts at commercial exploitation, even if corporations now play a supportive, but ancillary, role. One should not be so distracted by for-profit prisons that it obscures causality or accords them more influence than they possess. Corporations are not the primary reason for society’s collective insanity, any more than the IG Farben company was primarily responsible for the Holocaust because it supplied the Nazi regime with Zyklon B used to gas the Jews.

More influential than private prisons would be the media, of course. If one wants to hold corporations to account, one should start with them. But one should not leave it at that either as the media found its greatest audience (and market) through its direct appeal to a more fundamental paroxysm that had come to grip the culture.

This is where ‘progressives’ get so much wrong; by assuming that tyranny is driven exclusively by the profit motive. It usually is not; it is driven primarily by the POWER motive, i.e. the desire to exert power over others. Corporatists do not have a monopoly on this drive, even if they do also possess it and subsequently game it to their benefit.

Porn isn’t even good for adults according to Many! That said the Native Americans tried to protect their children from the white man What happened? The Gypsies tried to protect their culture & children what happened? & now WE need a NEW CRISIS to protect OUR Children & We are putting them on a registry? What’s Gonna Happen? Homeless are being bribed to tell BY AUTHORITIES Shhhhh Quietly! Fema Camps New & shiny W/ Rail cars, AMMO, MRAPS etc. but could do little for Oklahoma NJ & Katrina victims but We paid for it why again?Their Buying stock in STOCKS! as in please put yer head Right here!…Shwoomp CHOP Thud! The Politicians have RAPED the Minds & Wallets of the People for quite some time now. In Fact more than all RSO have or ever could tip or balance the scales of recidivism. Recidivism is what I call being Re-Elected via Mind F@#! WAKE UP AMERICA pretty soon your All Going to Have a label it has only just begun!

I’ll agree on the power thing. Those who exercise great power tend also to exercise great control. Politicians, police chiefs, law enforcement all participate in power grabs, whether they’re little fish in a big pond or big fish in a little pond. If they perceive themselves to be powerful, then they also feel in “control” of their domain, their empires, but rarely in control of themselves, for often times the very thing they prosecute so vehemently, they also get caught up in. Take San Mateo County Probation head for example, getting caught with kiddie porn on his work, yes, WORK computer! But of course, his sentence is only a fraction of John Q. Public’s since he was “studying ” the images for work. I’m just looking for a nice quiet island somewhere to escape this craziness and just go crazy all alone.

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