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New School Bus Comes with “Predator Finder”

A brief glance won’t tell you the new buses are equipped with voice-over-IP communication systems, or that they transmit data on speed, location and acceleration in real-time. The “Thumbs-Up!” thumbprint scanner, which keeps track of which kids are on the bus and whether they’re supposed to be there, is also hard to see unless you’re really pressing your face to the glass, as are the multiple interior security cameras.

Slightly easier to notice is the rear-facing camera, dubbed — no joke — the “Pedophile Finder.” “I wish we could have come up with a better name for it,” says Dallas County Schools spokeswoman Allison Allison. (Yes, that’s the correct name.) The camera, mounted on the top portion of the school bus and positioned to capture the license plate of tailing vehicles, isn’t just to catch pedophiles. It could be a parent who lost custody of their child, or a kidnapper. But “Pedophile Finder” was the name that stuck. “The bus driver can’t tell if somebody’s tailing him but if they recognize a pattern of a car following a bus” based on video, they can take appropriate measures. Full Article

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Wow! I guess the stupid meter has gone a few marks lower. It’s too bad the $ being spent on this isn’t going to a more worthy cause, like the elderly in need, or the homeless family, or the homeless mentally ill people that society ignores because they cant be bothered and they just don’t care. They prefer to chase phantoms that have been proven to be nonexistent. The kind of people that think up this loony stuff remind me of Barney Fife preparing for some big disaster that never happens.

I get your point but if this is coming out of the school budget the money would be better used toward teaching materials and salaries of fewer tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoids who buy into the hysteria. What a flippen’ joke. You can’t make this stuff up, can you. The lame stream media feeds us BS about the DPRK’s loony tune Kim Jong Un and the horrible conditions North Koreans live under while completely ignoring the sheer insanity going on in our own backyard. Don’t look over here (gross government corruption, 24-hour citizen surveillance and oppression, militarization of local police, etc.) look over… Read more »

Hi C:

I see your point, and your right; The lame stream media, by way of their masters, is really good and well practiced at pointing their finger everywhere but here, where the powers that be lock up more people than other countries with considerably larger populations.

America is so F’ed up and the media acts like the farmer after a hurricane has destroyed his farm, when he look’s at his wife and says “don’t see nothin the matter here ma”.

If the $$$$ is coming out of the school budget they are probably getting more money than they need. I think they should stick to their primary purpose, which is education, not tracking people they think might be some sort of threat. When you cut through all the crap you see this is nothing more than paranoia.

Out of curiosity, was the description of the camera so heinous that you had to change the wording n the headline from pedophile to predator?

What about the poor joe that happens to drive the same route on his way to work and is mistaken as following the bus?

Well, he’s obviously up to no good. I mean, really, what sane person would deliberately follow a school bus? They are slow as molasses, stops and opens the door at every RR crossing, you can’t pass when that little Stop sign pops out from the side and it’s like driving behind a big yellow wall with kids making faces at your through the the back window. Come on.

They got taxpayers soooooo wound-up tight ..just wind them up…….if “finder” truly works, the bus would never leave the personnel parking lot grounds.

And if it does make it off school grounds, it will be to flee the sex offender teachers.

When I hear the “news” these days, if the story starts off with words like “A local middle school teacher,” or “A local soccer coach,” or “A beloved priest,” I pretty much expect the rest of the sentence to be “was arrested and charged with sexual .”

Another solution in search of a problem.

Welcome to our fascist police state.

Two things. Most likely a law to fit the technology will come about; prison time for following a school bus. Secondly, the bus driver will start announcing to the kids that there is a predator following them. I can just hear what the kids will say to their parents. So and so was following our bus today. He is a predator. So and so will likely receive a visit from the local vigilante patrol. If not beaten or killed, he’ll end up in jail. All for taking the wrong road.

I just BET you couldn’t think of any better name, Allison Allison (that’s a little odd too)!! How about “rear facing camera???

Well…if they start making it a site-seeing bus like the movie stars…then I want millions a dollars from their circus act.

I’m willing to bet money these buses still don’t have seat belts!!!

The trend is for a law to be passed for each individual case then apply it indiscriminately across the board, without relation to actual threat related to a rather high percentage of ex offenders. Panic has no reasoning therefor it is only natural to shape the law around panic so logic and truth are purposely taken out of the equation. This is the politicians dream. Make no mistake about it, it is about posturing and using a legally indefensible class to exploit it to its fullest. If there is a real cause for panic, it is that lawmakers are running… Read more »

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