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Otay Mesa border crossing uses facial scanners for screening departing foreigners

High-tech equipment capable of scanning faces and reading irises for the first time is being used at a U.S. land border to verify the identities of foreigners leaving the country. U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors are now screening pedestrians crossing into Mexico at Otay Mesa.

“We want to know when a person comes into the country, and we want to know when they leave,” said Charmaine Rodriguez, assistant port director at Otay Mesa. Full Article

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How is this relevant to the purpose of this this website? California Reform Sex Offender Laws? I find no references to RSOs in the article.

While there is no direct relevence, it doesn’t take a rocket science to see the leap on how this law will prevent registered citizens from crossing the border in the very near future, given that most RC’s who fly to Mexico are turned back at customs. In addition, many sex offender registration jurisdictions are starting to use more advanced biometric identification, mostly facial, in addition to fingerprints.

But the larger issue is that this law is also being touted as a PRO-American measure to “keep those mean, nasty illegals out” rather than the direct violation of the 4th Amendment that it actually promotes. As part of the obvious next step, this method will start prohibiting US Citizens from entering Mexico, and who’s first on that list? You guessed it…Registered Citizens.

“this method will start prohibiting US Citizens from entering Mexico, and who’s first on that list? You guessed it…Registered Citizens.” Thats rightttt. And since Mexico already prohibits any RSO from entering the country, this new process will help both countries. No way out.

Indeed, imagine buying a ticket to leave to country for a trip to Europe. Your name would trigger an interpol notice, your passport number is already flagged and will soon even be visually marked.

Should all of those fail to stop you, your own face will. It is quite easy to scan each face as they board a plane without you even knowing it. Just imagine when it is Standard Operating Procedure to have your face scanned as part of the screening process done by the TSA.

Who would want to live like that? I wouldn’t I couldn’t.

That’s why I took Tinmar’s advice and left already.

Thank you Eric; you nailed it.

I would think that you are not a very educated or informed RSO.

Unfortunately, he’s still operating on the belief that we have “rights”, and that those “rights” are respected. Yes…we have rights. However, lawmakers push the envelope every single year, in seeing just how far they can go in curtailing those rights. Literally, not a year has gone by where some alarmist doesn’t author a bill trying to restrict us even further.

It is relevant if you read between the lines, just like the license plate scanners that are used now in many states, many RCs have been stopped only because their license plate came back as a RC owning the vehicle, stopped for no other reason than being on the registry. This will be used the same way.

The most effective method for you to verify relevancy to the article and the program would be to take that walk yourself. I think then you gain first hand knowledge of how this is relevant.

I do take offense with people still referring to themselves as citizens, but that is an opinion-based term, not a reflection of the reality.

It is incredibly relevant. It will soon be a standard part of your yearly registry visit to the police station to have more and more biometric data harvested. Retinal and full closeup facial scans for exact measurements which can be compared in cameras in real time.

Imagine having the vast network of cameras able to access this database (to keep the public safe of course) so that each time you (a registered sex offender) enters a park your face is captured and if that particular park is off limits the police will show up for you.

Imagine going into a mall and at the entrance without your knowledge your image is captured and again, instantly matched with your sex offender profile. Mall security is immediately informed and you are watched via security cameras until you leave.

Imagine going to an amusement park and while you are at the window your face is scanned which triggers your profile to pop up altering that a registered sex offender is attempting to buy a ticket or season pass.

Imagine being silently tracked each time you leave your home…not just with the gps in your smartphone but by your very face. The technology is there and this is the first step.

Big Brother really IS watching your every move.

A preview of things to come.

Now everyone will have another facet of the lie they have to live. If friends ask me if I want to go to Mexico for the day I’ll have to make up some lame excuse to explain why I can’t go . Even people that have managed to get off of the registry will have to lie with some lame excuse ; one can’t just come out and say “I won’t be able to make it because facial recognition software is being used at the border and since I’m on/used to be on the registry I won’t be allowed to leave the country , much less enter Mexico.”

like I said in another post, “this nation is embracing Naizisim in all but name “

If you were in the Nazi occupied countries, you had to carry papers with you everywhere and if you didn’t have them you would likely be shot. Technology has made that process more efficient and clean. Now we carry our “papers” embedded in our bodies for the scanner to read. Maybe a more fitting description of the scale of evil this presents does not come from human history, but from literature. Ladies and gentlemen, witness the mark of the beast or the ring of power that sees all.

I heard that Disneyland is also getting that Technology they are already using it in Florida

Disneyland is in California, and they haven’t blocked registered folks because they know they would not win. Florida on the other hand, the Nazi state they are, is much easier to push and pass right’s suppressing legislation without so much as a whimper.

Disney World does have bio technology, but they are NOT using it to vet out any criminals, etc It’s purely for their owe purposes for entry into parks, dining plan, etc. They are not connected to any criminal data base. Trust me, I know. I spent a few months trying to figure out how extensive it was. And I actually went to Disney World in December. Spent 5 nights in a Disney hotel, entered the parks, etc. No issues whatsoever.

That’s not to say that someday it will won’t be used for other purposes, but for now it’s only for internal guest tracking.

How did you deal with the having to register within 48 hours of arriving in FL? Does MA require you to let them know your plans?

D I am not sure that that is a fair question to MA….kind of like requesting a confession from a poster. Sometimes, maybe often, we need to read between the lines.

Florida is deeply on my mind in that just last week I was forced to inform some friends why I won’t come to Fl any longer…or at all for that matter now.

I have been living in a fool’s paradise…wandering here and there without a care or concern…before I was detained in South Korea. Which forced me to start researching this a bit…they world has changed drastically under our feet…me often without even knowing.

For instance, in my bother’s state it is 5 days, he is angry I refuse to spend an entire week anymore…but I won’t, not when the proof of my violation is on my plane ticket…

I am lucky to live in CA…lots to do, Oregon is 10 days, as is Arizona…but Nevada is only 48hours!!!!

There are reason’s I am careful…living well remains the best revenge…not all of us are as lucky as I am…but I am not going to dig myself an even deeper hole out of obstinacy or carelessness.

Everyone has to find their own way forward…I only lastly suggest that Hawaii is also 10 days, 30 days total in any specific year.

There is nothing wrong with being smart…oh, I do not have any obligation to notify anyone in CA that I am leaving, so I don’t…matters could be different in Massachusetts…I don’t know, so I won’t venture an opinion.

Good Luck to Everyone,

Best Wishes, James

Thanks James. Your observations are correct. Read between the lines 🙂

I’ll only say MA does not require me to notify them when I am going on vacation…

when is the effective date for IML to begin? Is the Janice lawsuit holding it up? am assuming will take 1-3 months to be agreed to a date given all the agencies involved.!?

I am trying hard to live a good life, finally graduating this semester from a top university, but the more I hear of these things, I am saddened and left feeling hopeless. I would really like to consider moving out of this country. Are there any countries in which I can go make a good life for myself? Does anyone know where I can still travel to? Thanks

FWIW, I believe that all of Europe is still open to you…migration might be a more difficult issue….I never imagined that my own government would burn us this way…but they have.

In truth, if they wanted to be rid of us, the Federal Government should pay $50K to Belize or Costa Rica to allow us to become Citizens….heck, this would be a win-win for everybody…lol

But for a while things are going to be hard.



I’m curious about Denmark they have traditionally allowed felons in–I dont know if this is different! If you can get into Denmark you’re free to travel any where in Europe, save the identifier as a sex offender on one’s passport HR 515!

I’m wondering how far they’ve come with this.

Is this system still only implemented in Otay Messa?

I have seen that they are completely rebuilding the Laredo Port of Entry.

Has anyone seen any Facial Recognition System being used at a land port of entry besides Otay Messa?

If you Google “laredo border crossing facial recognition” this is the first article that comes up:

“Earlier this month, Customs and Border Protection announced a test program for facial recognition cameras at the Anzalduas International Bridge near McAllen Texas. The pilot program at the Anzalduas International Bridge, scheduled to begin as early as this summer as part of an effort to better track foreign nationals”
“The agency will use the results of the South Texas effort to set the stage for a wider rollout along the southern and northern borders, where the technology someday could be used to identify fugitives or wanted terror suspects. “

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