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Janice’s Journal: Summer Summary

It has been a long, hot summer and we have much to be proud of. We stopped three bills in the state legislature (AB 201, SB 267 and SB 54) and we forced the modification of an additional bill (SB 448). If the legislators who proposed the bills had their way, cities and counties would be allowed to prohibit registered citizens from visiting both public and private places as well as living near those places. In addition, all registered citizens would be required to disclose their internet identifiers.

There is still much to be done with regard to the internet identifier legislation (SB 448) as it is expected to move through the Senate in August and then to the Assembly in September. During that time, there will be several opportunities to stop the bill and/or to require further modifications. Those opportunities will be revealed on this website at a later time, closer to the dates on which the bill will be heard.

We can also be proud of the recent protest in the City of Carson during which we communicated with local residents using banners and placards outside City Hall and then with the City Council during its monthly meeting. The media covered our protest which in turn helped us to educate the public regarding Carson’s unlawful ordinance as well as the truth about registered citizens.

It is important to pause and to take a moment during these dog days of summer to reflect upon our accomplishments this year in order to prepare for our next major challenge — cities and counties that continue to enforce residency restrictions. We took the first step in that direction on June 17 when we challenged the residency restrictions in Grover Beach. There are many more steps to take before we reach the ultimate goal of eliminating all residency restrictions in the state of California. Please stay tuned!

By Janice Bellucci

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I’ve said it before and Il say it again thank you Janice and staff for everything you do you really are a beacon of hope for a lot of people in this country. I’m 47 years old with a conviction from over a decade ago and am returning to college next month in order to further improve my life and move on from the past. All your efforts to improve the quality of the lives for thousands of Americans is extremely heroic. You, Frank and everyone that stands up shows up or speaks up are all true American heroes. Thank… Read more »

Thank you, again, so much for all your hard work in fighting to make life easier for us registered citizens – rather than harder as some would want – which allows us to move forward with our lives and contribute back to society.

Janice, you and CARSOL represent hope for hundreds of thousands of registrants and their families. I think I can speak for many who sincerely appreciate the time you spend to help correct the injustices of these laws and the many arbitrary and punitive measures that needlessly and unconstitutionally impact the lives of those who have paid their debt to society (or thought they had). We are better as a group because of your intervention and better as a country for your being able to underscore the infringement of constitutional protections and the erosion of civil rights that the reckless imposition… Read more »

Excellent post j very on point and beautifully articulated.

Many thanks to you Janice… your efforts are so appreciated!

I want to express my appreciation for Janice and staff for their hard work. I know that with all the letters and phone that have made, I am more confident in communicating to lawmakers and to the public. I know we all are better prepared for the next battle. I also thank fellow, RC for their efforts.

Janice and everyone else who fights for our case….THANK YOU!! You are the true heros in this country, fighting for rights that have been taken for too long. I can’t express enough just how much I appreciate all you do and have done! I am proud to be part of this group.

Thank you Janice

Janice, once again we are extremely appreciative of the work and accomplishments you have done, we are fortunate that you are here for us! Hopefully you have had some time to enjoy your summer, you should, you deserve it 🙂 Thank You

CA you show your appreciation by commenting here. Would that the 80,000 non incarcerated registered citizens did as much. Janice and crew will get a break when those vast numbers realize they can do something, even if it is small. What would be the impact if just 1% or 8000 showed up at a protest or wrote one letter each? Torrential! It recently poured 1 1/2 inches of rain here in 1/2 hour. There was no Thor or higher being directing it. Thousands of drops of water felt it was the right time to fall and the conditions were ripe.… Read more »

thank you janice/frank/chance!You have given me and my wife of 42 tears much needed hope.To have a voice in this 290 nightmare has been a blessing.again,thank you. john

Are Registered Citizens allowed to go to Disneyland or Knotts Berry Farm with family?

In California yes. In Disneyworld in Florida, I read that registrants are either denied entrance or forcibly removed from the park by security guards.

How they can do this to a registrant whose crime has been closed for decades is the crux of how the law has become one of the biggest collection of lies in recent history.

How any legislator can be proud of this is beyond reasoning, but introduce enough ignorance, fear and hate and anything is possible.

Actually, there is no specific state law that prohibits RC’s from Disneyland or other theme parks. However, parks may have policies that prohibit RC’s through their terms of service. But the only way they can currently do it is through identification of the names of individuals through passes as opposed to individual entry. Here is one story: (CA RSOL even had a post about it here: From what I have read in the past, Disneyland has this policy, though I can’t find any stories via normal Google search. The story I read was about one specific instance of… Read more »

Over the years I have purchased several Park Hopper and multi-day passes to Disneyland – as recently as last April – and, although it crosses my mind, I have not had a problem. My daughter won a free ticket to Magic Mountain and I am eager to take her but need to make sure I can actually get in. A few weeks ago I was swayed to buy an annual pass to a local children’s museum, Getting rejected crossed my mind when filling out the form with my name, address, etc., and giving them my driver license. They were to… Read more »

It has been a while since I have commented. In the last 14 months my fiancé has lost both of her parents. They both lived in our home. Very hard time as she just learned that she needs surgery on her shoulder. What I wanted to comment on is that CNN today had a sex offender story that will bring light to the general public how unconstitutional these laws really are. I emailed Brook Baldwin, one of the anchors in the am, and sent her factual studies that have shown the outright lies that have been told to the public… Read more »

I also saw that on cnn, it was on juveniles mainly, but yes you are correct the mainstream is becoming aware of how unconstitutional these laws have become.

Email for brookb did not work

So Janice, does the injunction for the block on prop 35, that the 9th circuit upheld. does it expire in September?

hello Janice: I too wish to thank you and this organization from the bottom of my heart for all that you do! I feel that if I sit around waiting for others to do what I should be doing, then I deserve what I have. As such, I am a registrant located in Long Beach, CA. and I would like very much to be of any assistance I can. my situation began in 2001. For the most part I dont feel any affects of these laws daily and go about my life as if this never happened. until recently when… Read more »

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