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Shelby Introduces International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation

WASHINGTON, DC – Monday, July 27, 2015 – U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today introduced S.1867, legislation to protect children from exploitation by establishing an international notification system to provide advanced notice of travel by registered sex offenders to destination countries.  This legislation is a companion to H.R. 515, which was introduced by U.S. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). Full Press Release



FY 2016 DOJ Interpol Brief (p 14/15, 18)

Interpol and Green Notices

International Megan’s Law / RSO Travel Issues

Janice’s Journal: Registered Citizens Trapped in U.S.

Green Notice: Interpol’s paedophile tracking system ‘compromised by privacy concerns’ following Edward Snowden spying revelations

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WASHINGTON, DC – Monday, July 27, 2015 – U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) today introduced S.1867, legislation to protect children from exploitation by establishing an international notification system to provide advanced notice of travel by registered sex offenders to destination countries. This legislation is a companion to H.R. 515, which was introduced by U.S. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ).

Since Senator Shelby is saying his law will prevent heinous crimes against children, is he willing to be individually, personally and financially responsible for every non-American child abused by an American after his law is passed?

If he believes his law is that sound, then he should be willing to place his life on the line to pass it.

Also, would Senator Shelby pass the same polygraph test given to sex offenders? Would he be willing to take it? If not, why not? Should his constituents not know that their Senator refused to take the same polygraph test given to sex offenders?

No new law is needed. They do it already.

I also might want to add: What’s in U.S. Senator Richard Shelby’s closet?

They’re already doing all of these things. 100%!

Are they currently stamping anything indicating “child sexual predator” on passports? My passport isn’t due to be renewed for several years so I wouldn’t know.

Isn’t it interesting that there are a few times RSO’s are “targeted” in this article? I thought registration was no more difficult than being a member at a local shopping center. I thought registration was just supposed to be monitoring; not punitive; no big deal. When the US government is actively targeting a certain group of people, people who have served their time for any wrongdoing, there is a problem.

Really makes one wonder now doesn’t it, don’t these elected officials have anything better to worry about? I mean really with all that is going on in todays society!


1. The age of consent varies from country to country and/or from region to region within a country.

2. The definition of a child is not the same throughout the world.

3. Not all sex offenses in the United States are sex offenses elsewhere.

4. Sex offender classification and management is handled by countries differently. Meaning someone who is high risk in the USA might be considered low risk in another country.

5. Adding a special passport for one group of citizens is probably unconstitutional.

One more: who is registered and for how long now differs from state to state. I haven’t pored through the bill but it would seem that they would have to provide a uniform standard throughout the country – probably the Adam Walsh criteria.


AB, agree but the law is clear for US citizens rather here or abroad, the age of consent is 18.

AB, agree but the law is clear for US citizens rather here or abroad, the age of consent is 18:

A US citizen’s conduct abroad can be prosecuted in the US without regard to the laws of the foreign country.

Actually that’s a big problem. More States have an age of consent of sixteen or seventeen than eighteen. I think if someone was from a state where the age of consent was sixteen or seventeen they could contest any potential prosecution for doing something totally legally in their home state while in another country where the age of consent is sixteen or seventeen.

I am well aware of the law that prohibits U.S. citizens from engaging in activities that are illegal here in other countries. Unfortunately once in another country it would be very difficult to enforce US laws and have the government find out about something unless it were major.

They do this by using a little known law that says it is a felony to even make plans to travel to another country with the intent to commit an act there that would be a felony if the act were committed in the U.S.

Hmm well why am I not shocked to learn that fact. Well then anyone traveling to another country should not ever announce plans involving anything that would be illegal in the United States using any means of communication that could be stored by the government. Nor should anyone leaving or returning to the United States bring any evidence of anything they pla to do or did that would be illegal in the US.

Not that I am encouraging any person to break US laws in other countries. Besides traveling to another country just to participate in something that is illegal here is not a good reason to visit somewhere else.

And they say there’s no such thing as “thought crime…”

This is how I am reading this: you reside in a state where the age of consent is 16. You communicate (penpal, anyone?) with a 17 year old in a country where the age of consent is 16 or lower. You travel to this country in order to meet this 17 year old in person and end up engaging in a willing relationship with said 17 year old. You have committed a child sex crime prosecutable in the United States of America. You may be a minor yourself.


Agreed on all 5 points. However: I don’t think the us cares about any of that, as this country is diligently working towards uniform laws on a global level based on us law. I think they will go by us law, even if any supposed “crime” is not a crime in a foreign country.

The “SEX OFFENDER!!!” designation on the passport will effectively ban registrants from ever leaving the country. Before, it was a crapshoot, but for the most part it will now prevent all offenders (not just child offenders, since the designation is based upon registration status, not offense) from getting past the initial customs of any foreign country.

In addition, now it may become harder to WALK into Mexico, which currently is still easy to do.

THIS BILL IS A DONE DEAL. This bill will most probably pass near-unanimously by the Senate and the House’s companion bill is the same. When it comes to RSO’s, Tea Party Republican and Communist Democrat politicians alike will join arms and sing beer songs in passing this crap, then Obama will have a field day saying “Congress can come together on core issues like child safety” or some other BS. We can do all we can to fight it, but I know the federal government. It is not like the state.

The only chance we have is a federal lawsuit, and I’m not sure if CA RSOL has the resources to take this one on alone. There are a lot of grounds to fight this on, but it will have to be coordinated in many different quarters.

Perhaps Eric the city of Carson can help fund the endeavor. Pending of course the out come of the law suites against them.

That concept would be poetic justice in its sheer definition…

Any idea if getting a passport now would help beat this?? Mine is expired. I realize when they scan it brings up a file of info but it sounds like they are talking about an actual identifier on the passport itself. I just love how they always say “Child predators” in these laws they propose without thinking about all the rest of us that will be swallowed up by this because we are forced to be registered for various non-child crimes.

I’m sure they will put out a special confiscation notice for all pertinent passport holders, as they do for fugitives and other “non-compliant” US citizens, then force them to change them over. Keep in mind that the renewal time period is EVERY YEAR, not every few years as for everyone else, emulating some states that require annual renewals for licenses for registered citizens. That’s going to take another couple hundred bucks a year after all is said and done.

Best to work on the federal lawsuit, as that will be the only vehicle that will have any sort of teeth.

Thank you for the information and opinion Eric. I did not realize there was an annual renewal as a 290. Agreed, federal lawsuit needed. Hopefully in the near future I will have substantial financial means to contribute to this specific cause. This effects me immensely as I need to travel to China for work reasons very soon and I am not sure how I am going to get around it.

In California, they don’t have the onerous driver’s license law that some other states have. Nevada, for instnace, requires annual renewal done in conjuction with the registration process. Non-registrants have EIGHT-year renewal periods, by the way.

Actually, they DID try to make registered citizens in Calfornia to update their license annually. Here is some bill text from that attempt 10 years ago:

Once again VERY broad and should be fought by ACLU. This should be narrowly applied to convicted international sex traffickers and pimps.

The people don’t want us here, yet they won’t let us leave.

I thought one of the basic rights as an American citizen was the right to travel. One can gauge a nation’s freedom by how free its citizens are to come and go as they please.

Why do I not feel like my American citizenship means anything anymore?

Is my passport pretty much useless at this point?

Not trying to be a smart ass here but I am wondering what happens if one renounces their American citizenship at this point.

How can they stop you from simply leaving the country if you are no longer an American citizen?

Any info pointing in the right direction is welcome. I am starting my research here since this is a topic that certainly someone here has already checked into to some extent.

Thanks – Lee

Persons intending to renounce U.S. citizenship should be aware that, unless they already possess a foreign nationality, they may be rendered stateless and, thus, lack the protection of any government. They may also have difficulty traveling as they may not be entitled to a passport from any country. Even if not stateless, former U.S. citizens would still be required to obtain a visa to travel to the United States, or show that they are eligible for admission pursuant to the terms of the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (VWPP). Renunciation of U.S. citizenship may not prevent a foreign country from deporting that individual to the United States in some non-citizen status.

No danger of statelessness; the U.S. simply will not accept your renunciation.

What protection are we truly provided? Please let me know, i’m still trying to figure this out.

What if I declare I am a citizen of Antarctica? That is if I can wait long enough for climate change makes a portion of it inhabitable.

You can’t renounce your citizenship unless you already have citizenship in another country. The act of renunciation must be performed at a U.S. Consulate outside of the U.S. They will simply refuse to accept your renunciation if you aren’t a dual citizen. I have heard nothing of RSO’s renouncing their citizenship and I would love to know what their experiences have been.

I suspect that they would make relinquishment (non-adversarial abandonment of citizenship) or renunciation (adverse abandonment of citizenship) by an RSO very, very difficult even with citizenship elsewhere. And just try to get citizenship, unless you have it already, in another country!

Does Shelby not read the newspapers? He wants to protect children from sex, and of course he does not like human traffickers. But if you read the papers with half a brain, here is what you already know:
1. the United Nations “peacekeepers” in Africa. They are accused of exploiting children for sex.
2. Malaysia, soon to be a treaty partner under the new Trans Pacific Partnership: a country known—well known—–for sex slavery, ordinary slavery, et cetera.
3. Thailand—-ditto. However, this problem of slavery doesn’t seem to bother politicians in Washington when it comes time to sign treaties that might be good for business.
Reading the Huffington Post each day is a good way to keep up with modern day hypocrisy. If you have a strong stomach, I recommend it.

It seems this is the final nail in the coffin so to speak, with the scarlet letter being placed on our passports no one gets out, I am so tired of this shit,I did NOT rape a child, I have for years tried to move on with my life, raise my family the right way but can never be allowed to be a normal citizen. I have no conviction, can vote, own firearms and still cant leave this screwed up country. I am active in my state,have donated to CA rsol also but really do not see a end to this madness.
Just guess I am venting, just wish more would stand up.

I believe there is a very big difference of what is done right now and what this law would do. Right now what is done is not based on law, but on policy changes at DOJ (US Marshall Services & Interpol) and DHS (ICE Angel Watch). This would turn existing policy plus much more into law.

Passing this law would be much worse by creating a branded passport exclusively for sex offenders. There is currently no precedent for this in the US. There are special passports such as official or diplomatic passports but nothing exists like proposed here – a special passport exclusively for a certain class of US citizens with a certain criminal convictions. Instantly, this sets off alarms for Article I of the Constitution, procedural due process rights under the Fifth Amendment, and rights pursuant to the Fifth and Eighth Amendments to be free of excessive punishment.

What about the judicial review or discretion of law to protect all US citizens from suffering legal wrong, adversely affected or aggrieved in the decision or determination to issue a US citizen such a passport? States that have issued “sex offender” drivers license in error have been instantly sued for the collateral damage from the error. Who has the discretion to make the determination to issue a US citizen a branded passport? What is the procedure and data used in making such a determination?

It is bad enough that the government is sending criminal alerts to foreign governments that are not factually true and done so without hearing or due process protection. But to issue a branded passport to a targeted group of US citizens is something unprecedented and quite dangerous.

Click on the link provided for the press release and then click on the Facebook symbol to go to Shelby’s Facebook page. Then comment on it.

Facebook is an un-American company that should not be allowed to operate in the U.S. Let them operate their business in the rest of the world. We can replace them with an American company.

The fact is that they want to ban some U.S. citizens from participating in normal activities that other U.S. citizens do. But of course, just like the Registry Terrorists, Facebook does not want to ban people who are actually dangerous, they just want to ban people who have been convicted of a sex crime.

So that is a great reason that anyone Facebook wants to ban should be on Facebook. Every person who is listed on a Sex Offender Registry in the U.S. should have multiple Facebook accounts. They should also do anything possible to harm Facebook’s business. Governments that put content on Facebook should be sued. It is the right thing to do.

Lawmakers will be the death of this once fine United States of America and all it stands (once stood) for.

Very true David

Yes! In so many ways. The best way to kill the good and strong is from the inside.

I don’t know where to post this remark, so this seems like as good a place as any. HELP! I don’t know why I should keep trying. My girlfriends family ( she passed from cancer) is in Thailand. I love them all so much and they love me. Everyday here is a living hell. Doctors telling me to take more meds, therapists telling me to forget the future and focus on ” each day”. I cant find a job that will support the court mandated therapy, and rent, and food. I cry every day because I miss my loved ones so much it feels like a knife in me. I had a motorcycle wreck on the highway last week and hoped a car would hit and kill me to end this horror. I have read that if you do EVERYTHING right, in time I could get off the national list and be able to return to my family and home I love so dearly. I’m sorry for sounding like this, I know many of you have worse situations, but to me, this is a nightmare. thanks for listening.

No need to apologize. I empathize and sympathize with your situation. I’m sure there are 80,000 in California who feel like you to some degree or worse. If they all posted their comments here, went to a meeting, wrote letters, we wouldn’t be just treading water against this tide of draconian laws, like we are now, and expecting a few courageous souls to do all the “saving” for us.

Very true. There are nearly no opposing comments on the criminal Shelby’s Facebook page. Less than a day ago he posted another message bragging about his terroristic law.

What these criminal politicians, and any other terrorist, should know is that if they utter the words “sex offender”, they will immediately be attacked by more than a million people and the attacks will continue for the rest of their lives or until they reform and start fighting against the witch hunt. That is what they should know.

patience, I truly feel the pain you are going through, I wish I had a answer for you but the ugly truth as it is now we are stuck in this country no matter what we do, how we change our life. The only way I see for this to change is more people being involved and lawsuits to the point we break the system which seems like a pipe dream. Try to stay focus on your day to day life, speak with family when you can, try to work and save as much money as possible. I myself focus on my family that is here, I buy big cap stocks that pay a nice divided not for me but for my children, I work 55 to 60 hours a week, I may not be able to have a normal life again but I am determined that my family will. Also vet any time you need to.

I just wrote to the addresses provided. I hope that it helps. I guess they have hearts and can feel our combined regrets and pain. I feel for those poor exploited children with all my heart, and cry every day for looking at those images. But isn’t using introducing laws like this without helping the children’s family out of poverty and despair exploiting the same children for a self serving purpose. I feel that humanity efforts go farther than oppressing laws. Many of these families sell their children into these horrible situations in order to save their other children. so sad a situation.

Patience – While all may look bleak now, better days are sure to come.

Janice, one of my worries is that if you were no longer able fight these civil rights issues on our behalf, who would be willing to fill your shoes? Not many attorneys will be willing to help us without a large sum of cash. You’re 1 in a million Janice. And thank you.

To be strong one must keep moving in our times of weakness. Every time a person gets knock down must get on their knees and stand up and brush themselves off and keep moving. overtime we become stronger. Now Patience, get yourself back up (1), brush yourself off (2) and keep moving( 3) until you get knock down again than repeat 1, 2 and 3. Pretty soon, you will be a hulk.

All my family lives in germany.If this law passes I can forget about ever going back.I,m heartbroken over this.My thoughts were that after completing probation there would be a chance of going back.everyone in my family is a duel-national-except me(us).I,m crushed over this-any advice?

Hang in there patience we all feel for you.
I just emailed those senators the following in hopes to help educate them.

I really wish the media and any other organization would stop publishing, producing or relying on reports and opinions from law makers about how great sex offender registration and notification laws or Megan’s law work. They are using false statistics and pure myths to further their personal agendas under the guise of protecting children. None of these failed policies have achieved any positive results in the US and are in fact destroying the lives of thousands of innocent children and their families because one of their parents or family members are on such a registry. Organizations should have enough integrity to investigate their claims before they publish it and be sure that there is some credibility to it and not just a platform to exploite children for a law makers personal gaines or their own. Here are some facts from the leading authorities on this subject which indicate what a failure these registration and public notification laws are in the US. These laws are a waste of tax dollars and are a misplaced use of valuable law enforcement and gov. agency resources.

California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) End of Year Report 2014. (page 13)

Under the current system many local registaring agencies are challenged just keeping up with registration paperwork. It takes an hour or more to process each registrant, the majority of whom are low risk offenders. As a result law enforcement cannot monitor higher risk offenders more intensively in the community due to the sheer numbers on the registry. Some of the consequences of lengthy and unnecessary registration requirements actually destabilize the lifes of registrants and those -such as families- whose lives are often substantially impacted. Such consequences are thought to raise levels of known risk factors while providing no discernable benefit in terms of community safety.

The full report is availible online at.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) US Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs United States of America.

The overall conclusion is that Megan’s law has had no demonstrated effect on sexual offenses in New Jersey, calling into question the justification for start-up and operational costs. Megan’s Law has had no effect on time to first rearrest for known sex offenders and has not reduced sexual reoffending. Neither has it had an impact on the type of sexual reoffense or first-time sexual offense. The study also found that the law had not reduced the number of victims of sexual offenses.

The full report is available online at. ID=247350

The University of Chicago Press for The Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago and The University of Chicago Law School Article DOI: 10.1086/658483

Conclusion. The data in these three data sets do not strongly support the effectiveness of sex offender registries. The national panel data do not show a significant decrease in the rate of rape or the arrest rate for sexual abuse after implementation of a registry via the internet. The BJS data that tracked individual sex offenders after their release in 1994 did not show that registration had a significantly negative effect on recidivism. And the D.C. crime data do not show that knowing the location of sex offenders by census block can help protect the locations of sexual abuse. This pattern of noneffectiveness across the data sets does not support the conclusion that sex offender registries are successful in meeting their objectives of increasing public safety and lowering recidivism rates.

The full report is availible online at.

These are not isolated conclusions but are the same outcomes in the majority of conclusions and reports on this subject from multiple government agencies and throughout the academic community.

People, including the media, should not rely on and reiterate the statements and opinions of the legislators as to the need for these laws because of the high recidivism rates and the high risk offenders pose to the public which simply is not true and is pure hyperbole and fiction. They should rely on facts and data collected and submitted in reports from the leading authorities and credible experts in the fields such as the following.

California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) (page 38)

Sex offender recidivism rate for a new sex offense is 1.8%

The full report is available online at. t&source=web&cd=1&ved= 0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F% Research_Branch%2FResearch_ documents%2FOutcome_ evaluation_Report_2013.pdf&ei= C9dSVePNF8HfoATX-IBo&usg=AFQjCNE9I6ueHz-o2mZUnuxLPTyiRdjDsQ


Within 3 years following their 1994 state prison release, 5.3 percent of sex offenders (men who had committed rape or sexual assault) were rearrested for another sex crime, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today.

The full report is available online at.

Document title; A Model of Static and Dynamic Sex Offender Risk Assessment Author: Robert J. McGrath, Michael P. Lasher, Georgia F. Cumming Document No.: 236217 Date Received: October 2011 Award Number: 2008-DD-BX-0013

Findings: Study of 759 adult male offenders under community supervision Re-arrest rate: 4.6% after 3-year follow-up The sexual re-offense rates for the 746 released in 2005 are much lower than what many in the public have been led to expect or believe. These low re-offense rates appear to contradict a conventional wisdom that sex offenders have very high sexual re-offense rates.

The full report is available online at.

Document Title: SEX OFFENDER SENTENCING IN WASHINGTON STATE: RECIDIVISM RATES BY: Washington State Institute For Public Policy.

A study of 4,091 sex offenders either released from prison or community supervision form 1994 to 1998 and examined for 5 years Findings: Sex Crime Recidivism Rate: 2.7%

Link to Report:

Document Title: Indiana’s Recidivism Rates Decline for Third Consecutive Year BY: Indiana Department of Correction 2009.

The recidivism rate for sex offenders returning on a new sex offense was 1.05%, one of the lowest in the nation. In a time when sex offenders continue to face additional post-release requirements that often result in their return to prison for violating technical rules such as registration and residency restrictions, the instances of sex offenders returning to prison due to the commitment of a new sex crime is extremely low. Findings: sex offenders returning on a new sex offense was 1.05%

Link to Report:

Once again, These are not isolated conclusions but are the same outcomes in the majority of reports on this subject from multiple government agencies and throughout the academic community. No one can doubt that child sexual abuse is traumatic and devastating. The question is not whether the state has an interest in preventing such harm, but whether current laws are effective in doing so. Megan’s law is a failure and is destroying families and their children’s lives and is costing tax payers millions upon millions of dollars. The following is just one example of the estimated cost just to implement SORNA which many states refused to do.

From Justice Policy Institute. Estimated cost to implement SORNA Here are some of the estimates made in 2009 expressed in 2014 current dollars: California, $66M; Florida, $34M; Illinois, $24M; New York, $35M; Pennsylvania, $22M; Texas, $44M. In 2014 dollars, Virginia’s estimate for implementation was $14M, and the annual operating cost after that would be $10M.

For the US, the total is $547M. That’s over half a billion dollars – every year – for something that doesn’t work.

Thank you for your time.

I emailed the CA US Senators the following…

Legislation: S 1867 (Shelby) International notification system: OPPOSED
Dear Senator___________:
I am appalled with the underhanded performance by the United States to interfere with a curtain American’s citizen’s “right to travel’ internationally, proposed by U.S. Senator Richard Shelby by encouraging other nations to prevent entry by ruining the reputation of 95% completely, reformed American registered citizens (registered sex offenders). For a nation that boast in “Being The Land of the Free” this a wicked un-American law that should never be considered , let alone become law against these American citizens( that the US Government deem to hate) whom have made mistake and have judicially paid their debt. Furthermore, what evidence do Senator Shelby have to target registered citizens for such extremism?
Please do not bring this Country down to a new low and shame. The United States is supposed to be a better country than that. Do not support or any law like it, vote No on S1867.

I will be sending more emails to other Senators, as well

FYI, this their contact info…
Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3553
(202) 224-0454 fax

Senator, Dianne Feinstein
331 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-3841
Fax: (202) 228-3954
TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501

If laws like this pass, I will end it all. I know my next life will be better, because I have been a good person in this life. I hope you all peaceful lives

patience, Please try and focus on what you have at this moment, I understand the pain but taking your life is not going to help anyone, think of the pain your family would go through, then who would take care of them?

thx, i am so lucky to have people like you that care. i have no family here (they abandoned me and didn’t even call on my birthday), but you here have so much strength. I really don”t know how you all do it. My teacher at the temple says I’m stuck between my western thoughts and what I should be thinking of. I promise all of you to try harder. I am going to the mtg on the 29th. I hope to meet some of you there.

Sorry, just so depressed about my future. I should be glad people like you guys are out there. Need to be stronger. Hope you all will forgive my self pity.

Patience, I would think most of us at one time or the other have gone through self pity, the goal is to become as strong as you can no matter what is thrown at us, to stand up and fight everyway possible. Once you have paid for whatever crime you may or may not have committed that should be the end. I for one was told probably the same as you, do the probation, then you can apply to deregister, so I did my time, no problems at all, and now still on the registry with more restrictions every day. But self pity is not good if you continue to do it, it makes you weak, lose focus and unable to accomplished your goals. By the way Happy belated birthday.

what kind of cruel person would think this kind of legislation would change things. we are not demons, although we deal with them. i hope others see the light and stop this kind of witch hunting.

The collective body politic seems to believe that billions of dollars per year is a good deal if one politician can demonize one registrant. The billions of dollars per year costing the American taxpayer is the actual cost of legislators finding ways to put into law a mechanism for solidifying and perpetuating their public and private careers.

That is what is actually being bought and sold here. Truth was forced out of the equation as the effort gained momentum twenty years ago when the politicians found out this was essentially and insurance package for them paid for by the public.

Behind closed doors it is called another Win-Win situation. How can you trust anyone who votes for these laws? The answer is that you CANNOT!

I’m very surprised that Jeffrey epstien the billionaire in Florida doesn’t have his legal teams fight these laws. With all his money and power I guess they don’t effect him enough to challenge these laws.

Tomorrow the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (the committee that will need to approve S.1867 before it can move on to the Senate floor for a vote) will meet to review this document called the “Trafficking in Persons Report” put out by the US Department of State:

The document summarizes some actions that other countries have taken to refuse entry for SOs. It’s hardly a complete report since it makes no mention about Mexico’s denial of entry practices for RSOs.

Please take a look through the document and we can discuss on this blog what if any surprises or misinformation anyone finds. I think it is this sort of information that the committee will consider in deciding whether S.1867 makes sense to implement to fight trafficking while denying our right to travel.

About ten years ago, an attorney told me he wasn’t worried about US law because he believed they weren’t applied retroactively. I guess he turned out to be wrong as this madness has spread and now US law is apparently as jumbled (if not worse collectively) than many state laws.

If they would not apply these laws retroactively, we could have a better chance to whittle down the numbers of folks it affects, then maybe a better coordinated effort could be made to challenge the law as it applied to individual cases.

We can file a complaint with the ACLU requesting their opposition to this. I am.

Washington DC ACLU complaint form:

And the respective ACLU state chapter.

I am trying to get some information about leaving the United States, indefinitely. Does anyone know if I am even able to get a U.S. passport again, with a felony possession foe C.P., California 311.11(a)? I am not on parole or probation. Sometimes I wonder if I am trapped here though. What do I need to know?

I don’t have a passport yet, but trying to get one. I am concerned I will be refused because I am 290. CP possession. Passport form say if I performed certain acts or conditions mentioned below, the portion which applies should be lined out and have to give a sworn affirmation explanatory statement attached to the application.

Then below it says:

“furthermore, I have not been convicted of…a “sex tourism” crimes statute. something about ineligible due to a “sex trafficking” crimes statute. But there is no definition, and no citation to look up. I don’t want to waste my money just to be told no, I can’t have a passport. I register for CP possession, Cal. Pen Code 311.11(a).Felony. I also know DHS is relentless about informing on our travel to the inbound foreign county. I don’t want to be turned away and deported. I’ve also heard some countries will arrest you just for being a felon,let alone an RSO, in their country.

My fixed monthly income isn’t enough to survive in California. But is enough south of the border and maybe other places. Probably not Europe. Maybe other places. I will not fly out of U.S. And I prefer no visa issues. Even if I have to move every 6 months or so. I just don’t want anymore scrutiny. I want to be left alone. Live out my golden years,peacefully. Like anyone else should be entitled to do.

I want to travel a little. Live on a warm beach. Enjoy life again. I have never left California, in fact I live 3 miles from the house I grew up in. I want to see the world before I die. I don’t want to go on a sex holiday!!! Good grief. That’s just sick.

So, If anyone can give me some 411 on how to ex-pat outta here, I’d appreciate it. Every day I stay here, I die a little bit faster.

The way the rules are written NOW (if the new law passes, this will change), unless your conviction was directly related to sex tourism or sex trafficking, then you should have no problem applying for and receiving a passport. Generally speaking, sex tourism = traveling abroad for the purpose of committing sex acts that are illegal in the United States. Sex trafficking is self explanatory.]

Given what’s currently on the table, if it was me, I’d get a passport sooner rather than later.

Passports are good for 10 years. If this new law passes and they start issuing specially marked passports to registrants, traveling abroad will become that much more difficult. Get your passport now and, at the least, you have ten years to travel / OR they change the law in some other way that makes crossing borders difficult, whichever comes first.

S. 1867 is gaining momentum in the US Senate. Please express your disapproval of the bill here:

Only 6 people in the US have expressed their sentiment — 2 of us in Illinois oppose the bill, 1 in Colorado is for the bill, one in Okalahoma is for the bill, 1 in Ohio is for the bill and 1 in New York is for the bill.

Come on people! Let’s tip the scale on this one. Please voice your opposition to the bill on Popvox.


Take all your comments here and use them on this POPVOX site in opposition to this bill. That will have an impact.

Only 12 in California? That’s pathetic. Everyone complains but not willing to work. C’mon people.

It is not even work. It is as easy as saying no and giving a little reason why. We don’t all have to sound like lawyers, just ourselves.

Now there’s 13. Bam.



Likewise, done.

PS. I notice the only support comment was knocking government. Like is this best you fools can do in DC do for this country and avoiding higher priorities.

All those who posted on popvox for S1867 also please post opposition to the House version of this same bill:


This appears to be identical to Rep. Smith’s bill, except that there is a provision for a special identifier on the passport. Super!

Anyone who travels outside the US and talks with people in foreign lands will quickly come the realization that a good portion of those people (in all kinds of ‘tempered’ countries – not even talking about the obvious ones) are of the opinion that the greatest threat to the children of this world is…. drumroll please… the United States of America.

The very country that so cares for the childrenz that it declares a weenie-wagger a ‘sexually violent predator’ – really???

( – hot off the press)

requiring life time GPS surveillance, but just this week bombed a hospital, killing (!) not only scores of international doctors but also 3 kiddies in their hospital beds. Ooops! Mistakes happen.

If it saves one child (one of ours) – it would seem that sacrificing scores of others (yours) is totally acceptable. That, ladies and gentlemen, is wearing increasingly thin.

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