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DC: Court Denies Challenge to Sex Offender’s Website on Registry Officials

A website that “registers” and posts photos of government employees who work in the District of Columbia’s sex offender registration office is protected by the First Amendment, a D.C. Superior Court held in a February 14, 2014 memorandum opinion.

Dennis Sobin, a convicted sex offender, is required to register every three months with the D.C. Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), and his picture is posted on the District’s sex offender registry. Sobin, 70, spent over ten years in prison for using a minor while filming a pornographic movie, though he is not your run-of-the-mill pornographer. Full Article

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  1. Q

    I like this guy Dennis Sobin; he’s very ballsy. The below paragraph is so sweet! And funny too! I find the earlier registries interesting. It’s said history repeats itself, and this appears to be true. It also appears that those conducting the Salem witch trials also prosecuted children too, just like our courts do today.

    “But Sobin asserted that he was acting within his First Amendment rights. “If it’s not punishment to be on a list, we thought we’d put the people who do the registering on a list,” he stated – i.e., registering the registerers.”

  2. गुमनाम

    The “guts” for a similar site already exist here…

    All one has to do is setup a front-end site that queries the database. It contains the salary and benefit history of every CDCR employee & beneficiary; every politician, judge, DA, and peace officer.

  3. Nicholas Maietta

    I’m disgusted at Mr. Sorbins’ sudden switch to push his perverse satire videos he just posted on his website. I watched one of them, and i could’t get through it. He’s pushing his “free speech” way too far. It is vulgar, and very pornographic.

    I will be distancing myself and my work as far away from him and his work as possible from here on out. I will also drop support for anyone who supports him as well because i think he’s being absolutely reckless. Especially with that last situation where he was advocating how to “legally” avoid the registry, which would surely spell disaster for anyone who attempts to do what he talked about.

    As far as his lawsuit goes, he did good. Beyond that, not so much.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      A quick phone call later, and the national project is now suspended.

    • Q

      It’s satire; it’s supposed to be shocking and absurd, just like the registry and what he has to deal with each month is.

    • Will A

      Yeah, I saw the site well over a year ago and wasn’t sure what to make of the sheer rudeness of it. I am all for a national Registry of people who support the Sex Offender Registries (SORs). I am 100% behind that. But as far as making up names for them and calling them very rude names (like the “c word”), I wasn’t sure about that.

      But I’m more sure about it now and I feel like most of them probably deserve it. But I don’t feel like he should call the people names unless he does know that they deserve it. And I feel he likely does in these cases. There are some decent people who support the SORs who just don’t know any better. But there are nearly no decent people who zealously support the SORs. Personally, I refer to those people as Registry Terrorists (RTs).

      Also, if a person calls other people names, then that person is fair game to be called names. If a person calls a Registered person “sex offender”, then that person deserves to be called “liar” and likely many, many other unflattering names. People who label other people deserve to be labeled.

      The SORs are unacceptable to any normal American. They are rude and harassing. RTs should be treated as enemy combatants. I have no qualms about making them feel as bad and upset as possible. So I’m up for most tactics, especially ones that really, really upset people. There is no reason to be nice to RTs. They should always be shown, as forcefully as possible, that the SORs are not acceptable.

      I did just now read the “How to Legally Avoid Being Placed on the Sex Offender Registry” guide on the website. I can’t imagine that tactic would work. For example, I know in the state where I live, a Registered person must tell the criminal government at least 3 days in advance of moving and the information must include where the person is moving. I expect that a person who just told them “no comment” or “I don’t know”, would be arrested. I also know that many states have laws that say if you are in the state for more than a certain number of days (both consecutive and non-consecutive), then you must Register. So I can’t imagine how you could continue moving all over the country without being Registered somewhere for a while at least. Now, the Registration information may stay completely wrong and out-of-date, but that doesn’t help with the point of just being able to avoid the harassment of Registering.

      Anyway, we are in a war. It is really, really ugly and un-American. All’s fair. I feel there are many different ways to fight and I am going to support just about anyone trying just about anything. Something may not be right for me, but if it motivates someone else to do something, then they should go for it. The worst thing to do is sit back and do nothing.

      • catch 22

        I find the plan for getting off of the registry very interesting and worthy of some serious investigation . When I re-register next birthday (on parole in Calif. ) I will ask them some questions like ” I am planning to leave the state when I get off of parole , how do I remove my name from the registry ?” ” I also don’t know what state I am going to ” How much effort do they use to find those who have dropped off of the registry ? I am retired and live on a sailboat . How much does the state actively pursue people dropping off of the registry ? Would the Feds actively search for you ?

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