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Schools turn to high-tech security to block sex offenders from campuses

Parents now go through an extra step on some Orange County campuses that are on the lookout for sex offenders. Full Article

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  1. Chris F

    Well, at least they included one short comment from someone against the registry.

    It would have been better journalism to include how many issues prior to that system being implemented were there where a registered sex offender came on campus and did something wrong.

    I am betting that number to be zero.

  2. American Detained in America

    The article claims that this system catches an average of over 20 RC’s per day and has flagged over 50,000. I call BS on that!

  3. USA

    Well, I presently have 2 children attending school in OC. My charges have been dismissed/expunged years ago. I also don’t show on the Megan’s website. So, I wonder what would happen if I scan my ID. (Battery/massage parlor). I smell lawsuits

  4. Erwin

    “If there is a match with a sex offender, the school administrator working the desk is alerted, along with police in some districts”

    So they alert the cop shop and then what? They put handcuffs on you and take you down for booking?

  5. Clark

    How bout that crooked oc system use an alert siren air raid sounding so they’ve got everyone on alert there …or defcon two type alert so they’ve got them all running on campus in panic mode. The oc in panic mode while some of the school personnel are more likely to be ‘sexually’ involved with students. Idiots oc.

  6. The Unforgiven

    “As a teacher, I was relieved,” she said. “I was always worried when people were around. You’re not sure who they are.”

    OC schools: Where every other crime is okay as long as it doesn’t involve a sex crime.

    The first comment, after the article, about offenders using fake ID’s..c’mon. That guy watches too much news and Dateline.

  7. TiredOfHiding

    Clearly just some company trying to get their wonderful and I am sure very EXPENSIVE system installed in every school in America for big $$$$$$$$$$

    Typical scare tactics.

    I am sure the school gym teacher is a big perv and will not show up on their fancy sex offender detector system…just the guys who got caught already and would not be within 20 miles of a school!

    What a joke!

    • MS

      TiredOfHiding….you hit it right on the head.

      Another expensive solution for a problem that doesn’t exist…perpetuated and perpetrated by those who stand to gain financially. Just another clever way to steal millions of dollars from tax payers and put it in the hands of corporations and politicians. Always glad to hear stories about my tax dollars hard at work.

      I did read a story once where an SO was arrested for going on a school campus. It was determined that he entered the school grounds at night (according to his GPS ankle monitor) when there were no children present. Purpose of his visit: digging through garbage cans collecting aluminum cans and bottles so he could recycle them for money. I believe he was on parole at the time. Guy was doing what he needed to do to eat.

      God bless America…

  8. Dr

    This is another example of a solution looking for a problem . I am appalled of this new ordinance I used to be a Domino’s delivery driver and I went to schools probably two or three times a day delivery pizzas so what happens now if your a sex offender you get thrown in jail? lose your job? that’s about all the job a sex offender can get now days is delivering pizzas

  9. Robert Curtis

    The problem with this system is where does it stop? First the schools then fitness clubs. Scanning to get into homeless shelters and soup kitchens. What about colleges and hospitals? Libraries and community centers of course their excuse is safety and security and “we after all weed to know where these people are and what they are doing!” Then it grows to include other previous convictions and then certain social groups then as with the driver’s license and SSN number that started out as voluntary now it’s next to impossible not to have one even after many court rulings stating they are voluntary not mandated:

    It is easy to loose rights but not so easy to get the State to give them back once lost.

  10. MichaelRS

    As we all know this is a critical piece of technology because it is well-known fact that registered citizens are roaming school campuses in Mass looking for children to molest. NOT!

    Too bad they cannot find an effective way to screen all the teachers that are the molesters who have yet to be caught and registered. Like that guy that was serving the sperm cookies to the students up in LAUSD.

  11. DavidH

    This is designed to do nothing more than to perpetuate the fear mongering about sex offenders– really like they are rolling in from the streets in droves. Buy school supplies instead of making teachers pay for them instead of this crap!

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