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NY: Senate passes Funke bills to root out, crack down on sex offenders

The New York State Senate today passed S.4776, a bill sponsored by Senator Rich Funke, which would expand the information available on the State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) sex offender registry’s website. The Senate also passed S.4765, a bill sponsored by Funke that would make it a felony for a sex offender to fail to appear at a court hearing to determine the risk level of the offender. Both bills passed with bipartisan support. Full Press Release

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe:

The NY Assembly hasn’t been too keen on these new proposals that have been introduced by the NY Senate This would include the proposal to expand Level 1 Registration from 20 years to 30 years.

Righty-O Friend! The assembly is solidly Democratic
Richard Funke is just another upstate GOPer who has a slim chance in hell of getting his legislation passed. His party is hanging on to a slim senate majority and that’s only because there are are 6 independents more left than the Dems in the NY Senate

…….meant to say the bill will die in the NY assembly

60 voted aye, 3 were excused. Looks like their slim majority won the day. lol Who knows maybe your Dem-Deity will save them. 🙂

Oh and another quick trip to the net with more facts… The demas have the slim majority and it looks like it since 2008. I’m your personal politifact lol.

You have no argument he! he! with the old doc about the margin the Dems helped passed S4765 in the Senate, but that isn’t the question. The OP want’s to be reassured in his belief there’d be resistance in the NY Assembly. And looking at history as a guide, I say yes. Long Island House republican Dean Murray introduced similar bill A8503 way back October 2015. Then Murray got on his high horse in April whining about his bill not getting traction

……..but the bill still languishes in committee. The NY assembly hasn’t even brought it up for vote

Then Nicole Malliotakis and other Long Island Assembly GOPers joined the melee to try and raise the bill from the dead

Remember that? The article the doc posted before you went on your little tantrum (whoa!) And like the article says, besides the NY Assembly “the GOP is also fighting on another front.The New York State Court of Appeals overturned all local laws relating to where a registered sex offender can live”

I don’t know what you’re trying to correct, I said the Dems have a slim majority. You say they have a slim majority. So how can you (me scratching my head) politifact something the old doc agrees with you on?

DAM! This system gives 3 minutes to auto correct and it’s off to the races
I meant to say (now you’re confusing me) the GOP has a slim majority in the Senate. I hope that’s what you meant, right?

There has been a power struggle since 2008 but technically the GOP is the majority (31 Republicans 26 Democrats) if you don’t count independents.

John J. Flanagan (R) Minority Leader. Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) is the minority leader

John J. Flanagan (R) Majority Leader

Dag gone! The Doc missed the timer again

I don’t care what was asked, I showed you once again that the dems suck arse, just as the repubs do. If anyone has a reading comprehension problem it’s you bud. I’ve told you why I’m doing what I am and you keep flapping your toe-kissers like I’m doing this or that. Completely missing things, either through stupidity or intentional deflection. Your original comment were dismissive of the harm democrats cause concerning rso’s. That’s my beef with you, loafers. It hasn’t changed.. Oh and you’re no Al Pacino… Lol

Temper! Temper!
No wonder people aren’t taking you up on your offer. They thinkin heck, if this guy can’t handle some old guy on some sex offender forum…hell,… just think what he may do to me under 20 hour darkness up in his camp! Shoot! First thing I would do is hide the picks & shovels from you!
The guy who pulled out was kind of giving you a hint….well, uh…I….we got more stuff to get together. Sorry….maybe some other time. But what he probably was really thinking is man! That guy could fly off the handle anytime while we’re sleeping in the middle of the night He! He! Plus we not sure his story is on the level
Anyways, I was just telling the op that S4765 has slim chance of passing in the NY assembly given the history of other anti rc bills like A8503. Plus I backed it up with some links. I know you don’t care what the op wanted to know, but you just want to quibble with the Doc any chance you get. I just like to leave useful information when folks on this forum ask. Happy moose hunting!

Now now, don’t try and use 72FLH to get at ole,l’nomore. 🙂

I love it when people try and assert feelings to an online discussion, it usually means the accuser is the one feeling the emotion. It’s also an attempt to gain an advantage over your “opponent”.. so is the 3rd person speak if it’s not true narcissism. I have a feeling yours is real though I’m sure the poor old guy that was found tortured in a body shop recently felt loved by the locals too. Just another sign you’re not completely in touch with reality. As for 72flh, I have some idea as to why he got cold feet but I won’t drag Hus personal business into an online “argument”.

So, on to the rest.. Yes I see you posting the same links. I also see you talking trash about one party while you dismiss the impact of your own party. I shouldnt expect someone that’s dishonest as that to be rational. It’s fun however to show them their arses. I could show you some recently democrat sex offender bills too. 🙂

I personally can’t stand either side, they pretend to care about the constitution but only about the parts they like.

The Alaska rant was cute, I’ll get people to move on the property, those that do will see it as the opportunity that it is. I have plans for this place and state that I don’t speak about to Antone online but they include ways for rso’s to provide income without the harassment. Just in case we have problems banning the registry in the future. I’m in the process now of starting one of those businesses. Take care gramps.

This is all rather entertaining, but being this is an organization that has taken on an activist roll for the whole nation, I wish to ask what this California onlooker can do to help my brothers in New York fight this bill? Write letters? I just been to Oakland couple weeks ago and am already feeling there is something I need to do.

Doc<<< you seem like a smart guy , but please don't pretend to know what I am thinking and feeling , the fact is that for me and my family to go up to Alaska the move will cost about 4 to 6k , we might be able to do that by JUNE , but in order to do that our living status needs to change now! but in the mean time I need to take care of my WIFE , get all of my ducks in a row , I don't want to just move up to Alaska just to lose my wife to some heart thing that could have been fixed , and if thats what I say you can take it to the bank! it don't have any lame shit to do with hiding nomores dam tools , and for real I would like to fight the good fight right here in my home state of Cali ! but I feel that fight is going the wrong way, because the "haves"think it can all be done with Janice and the courts , well that's a nice fairy tail , but the fact is we need numbers to pull this off , let me start with one thing ,No One Is Asking For Shit FOR FREE ! tight wad ! a hand up , and a since of community , where people work jobs to pay rent to the Haves , and the ones that cant work strait jobs can do things that are just as important as money to the Movement , but the haves are not going to step up tell the state starts burning all RSO's on a cross as a town pass time , and by that time it will be to late for even the haves help us gather , the haves" be looking at ways to be the go betweens of state and the have nots , like in history , their is so much talent that is going to waist by bickering over stupid shit rather than pulling tighter and working as a mass of people that are sick of being pushed around , and at the same time be able to eat , stay clean , and keep our familys safe from stinking witch hunter lames , but I am just waisting my energy trying to tell people what they know is truth , at least nomore offered a place , rather than go well it sounds like 72FLH is just up shit creek without a paddle , most of the haves would not piss on you if you were on fire , better get out of the mind reading Biz , because that's the states job and they suck at it too!

Hi which majority won the day? The Assembly?

The proposal to expand Level 1 registration from 20 years to 30 years is in A8503 introduced last year by Long Island Republican Dean Murray. That bill has been sitting on it’s as in committee for almost a year an not even brought up for vote. Nicole Malliotakis (what a girl) is trying to keep Murray’s bill on life support

Both of Senator Funke’s bills passed the NY senate, S4766 is recycled garbage with added frills like an expanded RSO website & after hours 1-800 number (heck, he should throw in a 1-900 phone sex number while he’s at it!) The S4765 bill is a ‘send a registrant to prison for failing to show up at their static-99…uh, I mean determination hearing.
If history is a guide, Funke’s bills won’t make it (unless they’re really watered down) to the assembly for a vote. And I believe Coumo’s not open to it because when he made changes to the registry back in 2013, he kept within the status quo of not publicly listing level ones. He just pushed for more mug shots. So now, the database of NY RSOs have a nice collage of beautiful photos so the cops & Johnny’s mother can recognize yuh

OH! Doc Martin you are not obeying the rules darling
Please keep the tone of your comment civil and courteous. This is a public forum.

Article Says:
“Instead, a person must call the 800 number operated by the state to learn of low-risk offenders in their community. While the 800 number has proven to be useful to businesses and volunteer agencies seeking to screen employees,THE NUMBER IS NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and the caller must have extensive details such as the sex offender’s name and either the offender’s exact address, date of birth, social security number, or driver’s license number”

Isn’t the ideal of a business is to operate during business hours? Why would you need a law to allow a business like employers to access info outside of business hours?
If this proposal wasn’t actually true, I would be laughing

I actually would love the chance to have this:

“In addition to making it a felony for a sex offender to fail to appear at a risk level determination hearing,”


As I was trying to state on the phone. One of my worries for people moving here is their ability to find work. If a person has that under control, they need way less. Just the money to get here. I feel confident that $4000 would suffice. Maybe less if you can deal with living in a $500 truck camper and purchase your plane ticket months in advance. Driving is the cheapest way. If your vehicle won’t make the trip then I suggest selling it and buy when you get here. For the cost of ferrying a truck, you could buy a camper and truck here and save a grand. As long as you have money to put down, you can get a used truck on payments to a private individual. Before you dismiss my ideas, I would appreciate being able to communicate about the details of them.

Just figure all of the angles and work out what’s best for you and your family. Wish I could tell you where you could live cheaply so you could save money and get out of the stressful situation that you’re in. The more I look into slab city, the rougher it looks, don’t know if that’s safe.

As for “free” rent. Technically I am asking that people help with some of the cost of building their cabin that will stay on the property so maybe it’s not free. Also I would like those that can to help on my land for a couple of projects. I need to put in a driveway and of course the cabins but that’s it. It’s not required though.

I’ll be going to town twice a week starting this Thursday so if you’d like for me to call I can. It’s easier then because of better reception.


For the record, I get that you’re not financially set to move. You seemed ready to jump though at first. I’m just reiterating what I’ve said so you don’t get stuck on having to have $6000 to move. That’s all. Maybe it seems like I’m not listening but I am. June is fine and maybe we can work something out on you having a camping trailer. I understand what that’s for as well. It will however add a great deal to your cost of moving. The extra cost of a camper trailer versus a truck camper and then the extra for either pulling it or ferrying it. For the latter, I’m betting you’ll have to pay for ferrying two vehicles plus the cost of four individual tickets. Costs for the people to ride too. The trailer might be able to stay for a year or so but it’ll have to be moved after two cabins are built. I’ll need the space for the third cabin, animal cages, work/wood sheds, outhouses and parking. That should still give us a tiny allotment for personal space so we aren’t bumping into each other if we both exit our front doors at the same time. Lol

Just trying to help. Anyway, I’ll drop it till you decide what you’re going to do.

still looking at pickup campers , lol , crazy prices to ferry is crazy but it sounds like a blast! I am sure the whole fam will love that , we have not did anything fun in along time,


Who’s “this” California onlooker, you’re talking about?

I mean that I live in California and wondered if there was anything I could do to help in New York . Just throwing that out there.

Oh, OK. I thought you were speaking about someone else possibly.

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