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OR: Calling all Sex Offenders

Are you a sexual deviant? Are you a serial rapist? A child molester? A sexual predator? Well welcome to Oregon, the government has got your back. Full Article

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I just live South of the border and I am planning on moving to Oregon, after my wife finish some schooling in about 2 years. The only thing that is bad in Oregon is that they charge a $70. per year registration fees. All RCs should move to ORE.

How is it legal to charge a fee for an offense that happened years ago? That’s a fine, not a fee. This should be fought before other states start doing that crap!!!

Maybe that explains Oregon’s welcoming posture – RCs are a cash crop!
If Huss’s article’s information is correct, 28,500 RCs at $70/year is about $2 million annually in revenue to the state’s coffers.
Not even money-grubbing California charges a fee to be an RSO.

“Not even money-grubbing California charges a fee to be an RSO” …well, not yet. I am surprise that some lollypop have not purposed it.

this state should be held as an example that registration laws are completely arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints on people who are trying to get their lives back…where’s the statistics that Oregon has a problem with sex offenders or increased sexual assault or higher recidivism rates…there is no increase in recidivism or sexual assaults therefore absolutely no increase in public safety making the laws completely irrational and counterproductive and arbitrary…

I’ve mentioned on this forum Oregon & Minnesota as alternatives for registrants until my face turned blue. Why look at moving overseas to some 3rd word country like Mexico or the Philippines? Plus US government warnings have increasingly made other countries hostile to registrants. Oregon & Minnesota only lists the most severe of the severe on their public websites. Not being listed on a state’s public site is 3/4 of the battle for registrants because everything (including private ‘family’ sites) hooks up to state sites. Employers & Renters check the state sites. Now if 90% of registrants aren’t listed on the Oregon site, your whole life becomes a lot easier. Oregon has no sales tax. Portland & Eugene are great cities to live. Only drawback of Oregon is its pricey real estate but not for Californians who are already used to high land prices. And just like in California, the inland desert areas of Oregon are cheaper to live. Think Bend, Klamath Falls or Pendleton.
Oregon is a great place no matter how you cut it

That sounds good but how long before they start posting all? No telling, right? I have little doubt that if those states had a high influx, greater than they already have, you’d see new laws put in place.

The registrant community as a whole does not have the ability to be that mobile. Add on to this that real estate prices in Oregon are skyrocketing and securing a rental is next to impossible in Oregon for registrants as it is everywhere else. So unless one wants to be homeless, probably better do a fair amount of research before packing the u-haul.

Not to mention that if politicians get hold of the ‘suggestions’ on sites like this, it will provide fodder to get laws changed for the worse. This is something the purveyors of SORNA are surely banking on. Gather some evidence (real or imagined) that states that are less harsh are magnets for registrants. The likely outcome will be the less draconian states rushing to figure out the harshest laws they can get away with to fend off the in-flow -(and basically SORNA fits the bill).

Apparently there are some who feel that it is hopeless to fight for change where they live, but I would offer that the suggested approach in these comments isn’t realistic for most. These suggestions that registrants should pack up and move to states that are less harsh constitutes a threat to incremental improvements that have been made in certain jurisdictions. If it actually came to fruition that a significant portion of registrants packed it up and moved to Minnesota, or Oregon, I guarantee those states would change their laws to make the lives of all registrants a living hell. Then you’d be on the web anyway – not to mention cold, wet, and miserable.

not all RSO’s are city dwellers , some know how to live around wet and cold with out being wet and cold , and as for being off the REG ,well that’s not going to happen for lev 2 and 3 anyway , but that don’t mean Oregon would be a bad state to be in , we are being screwed here in Cali , been up in Oregon fishing , not as many nosey people , went camping up KL Falls and it was great , 2 weeks and never even seen anyone for the most part , fishing was GREAT! stores were well stocked even the little country stores were good , good soil as well , I mean even if you don’t live their its a great place to visit , and no one ask us shit about anything , people for the most part are kick back kind of folks , many old CA people with open minds , that came from a time when CA still had a mind ,

Boy howdy!!!! Because of he nature of my offense, I only see the police 4 time a year, twice when I check in and twice when they come by to do the mandatory address check.I have NOTHING on my post conviction criminal record or the state or sheriff’s registry records. I am basically wasting their time and resources. But I will appear on the website at least until I am 70 years old, another 15 years and will be left up on theFlorida website even if I move out of the state. I served no time in jail and was on straight probation form 2000-2006. The harm that the card carrying members of the general public, stalking web busybodies and the internet “crime website” pimps has caused has been MUCH greater than anything the criminal justice system ever did to me.

Absolutely! I’ve been saying the same thing. The private family website hustlers are worst because they don’t have an obligation to update your info. I will say you had a tough break to get caught up in Florida’s registry because they list you for life long after you leave the state. But as bad as it seems, at least they don’t keep your same address or same photo up on their state website. Can you imagine a vacationing offender registering their address at the Marriott Miami Beach? That hotel would have a crow if the state of Florida allowed a sex offender’s name and photo to forever be attached to that hotel for decades.. But private sites like family watchdog get away with stuff like that. My cousin’s name is still attached to a California apartment address although he moved away 8 months ago! He’s long been living on the east coast. I bet the owner of that apartment complex in California would cause a stink if they found out what family watchdog was doing to them. On the other hand, some apartment complexes are wise to this practice so I kind of understand why they just don’t rent to registrants period. I used to think it had to do with so called “safety of children” Seems there’s other reasons

BTW, I failed to mention that the author of this article is a complete jerk. He could have used this chance to prove that there are some conservatives who respect other parts of the constitution besides gun rights. Unfortunately, the Oregon Catalyst and this contributing writer get a big fat F.

Minnesota, or Oregon are nice states, Arkansas does not list level 1 RSOs on their public site, but as some have said Oregon can be expensive, and there is a chance they could change the laws unless enough RCs ran for office. In the long run try and help change your states law where you live. I wonder about being able to take the kids to school, does Oregon allow that?

Being level 1 in AR is no easy task. They screen you using a voice stress analyzer. Not a polygraph, but a voice stress analyzer. I talked to a highly respected person who said that the woman will keep asking the question until she gets the answer that she wants. He said it was very arbitrary and he said very difficult to pass it.

comments on this article were great , Thomas Madison was on point for real , and many other commenters where great , they set the form up easy as well , not having a face book was not a problem ,

there are great comments in the to the article. people are slowly waking up. i think when any news article comes out about the hit list all so’s everywhere needs to start commenting and thus if 20 people comment and say the hit list is no good well others will join in on the band wagon.

Good points everybody. Oregon is not perfect, and real estate costs are pretty high for someone coming out of the Southwest, Midwest & most southern states. However, other costs like food, clothing, and utilities are pretty reasonable along with fresh produce coming out of the Willamette Valley. The state is just an alternative….not an end all solution. Plus I really don’t buy ‘the influx of registrants result in more laws & restrictions’ argument. I haven’t seen much evidence of this in other states. In fact, states like Minnesota & Massachusetts have softened their stance on rcs along with population growth. Arizona & Nevada did some recent changes making public info available, but it had little to do with registrant population growth, and more to do with political opportunists

As far as Oregon lawmakers making changes after learning their state has become a haven for registrants……I think that ship has sailed. Lawmakers did do some changes couple years back creating a tier system based on risk, and the new system actually added more high risk offenders to the public site, but the bipartisan bill kept within the mission of the registry of publishing only the worst of the worst (2.5%) of registrants

Think about. What lawmaker would go on record introducing a law that makes available to the public information on 97% of the registrant population of the state? Real-Estate, agricultural, and other industries would end the career of any lawmaker who does it. Realtors don’t want their property values falling, Landlords don’t want to lose tenants. Employers don’t want to lose good workers. Right now, the status quo says don’t ask, don’t tell. But once info is public, landlords and employers have to act out of concerns of others worked up by fear & hysteria. Politicians like the late Sharron Runner & Melissa Melendez could afford to risk their careers because California has always been publicly listing & discriminating against registrants.

But Oregon has never let the genie out of the bottle and if they did, it would amount to nothing short of upheaval, and lost faith & trust in politicians who are suppose to ‘protect the safety of the public’ Questions would be posed as to why they didn’t warn the public earlier? I believe that’s why Oregon hasn’t made any drastic changes and any lawmaker hasn’t proposed any bills. Media opportunists & victims rights’ groups will continue to push the issue, but their pleas will fall on death ears.

Last summer, I drove up to visit a friend who moved to Duluth. The city is incredibly beautiful built on hills surrounding a bay. Lot’s of greenery there especially compared to the southwest where I now live.
I spent a little time in the Twin Cities……it’s almost like a foreign country with all the immigrants especially Minneapolis. I don’t mean to stereotype, but no telling what they would find on immigrants from Somalia, Sudan, East Asia if they made the entire Minnesota registry public. Some sex offense practices illegal in America are legal in many other places of the world. Nevertheless, I like Minnesota, I just couldn’t live in the Cities. But Duluth would be good if I could bear the winters

Friends don’t let friends go to Minnesota!
But yeah…. Duluth is laid out nice.
I have not been there since 2001, pre-conviction and some of the very best views of the lake were in pretty grim neighborhoods, well, as bad as Duluth can get, Duluth at its worst is better than San Bernardino or Yupuke-a at their best.

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