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Companies Expanding Employment Opportunities

More than 100 companies have announced that they are now willing to hire individuals previously convicted of a felony offense. The companies range from McDonald’s to the New York Times and also include American Express, B F Goodrich, Dunkin Donuts, Hilton Hotels, the Salvation Army, Target and others.

It has been reported that some, but not all, of these companies are willing to hire individuals convicted of a sex offense. California law prohibits employers from discriminating against a registrant solely because he is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code Section 290.

List of Employers

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I’m glad to see common sense when companies are willing to give ppl a second chance.
Tho that last part about Cali law prohibits discrimination of 290’s? I’ve been term’d 3 almost 4 times because of my Label. Another fun fact my P.D left out as I agreed to a Plea.

Maybe we should bring a copy of PC 290 to the interview, or if they ask if you have a conviction on the application, tack it there when you submit it.

I normally write down “Will discuss in interview”
So there is no paper trail of the reason.. because that paper bounces around to administration, HR, accounting, lots of eyes are going to see it… and they start rumors among the ground floor workers… and then the discrimination and harassment starts at the ground floor directed to you… slashed tires.. shitty shift hours… name calling… threats… damage of personal property in lock locker.. A couple of jobs the interviewer nods and says “That will not be a problem, is your equipment card still up to date?” and a few will say “ummm.. we might have a problem because some of our clients are part of the Parks and Rec or Schools so having you unload and set up, say a playground or a overly large AC on a roof of a class room will be a problem” … I get the answers right away if I’m hired or not by making in a personal encounter rather than a already cookie cutter response… but I know with my method I will see a interviewer and not filed in a trash can

this must be a joke… There are companies on this list that are shutting down or in bankruptcy.. so this list must be old… hell it looks like the same one that was posted on a wall in the probation office

If this list is old, we ask our readers to provide us with updated information. In the meantime, we believe the list provides valuable information to those seeking employment. We also believe that many people succeed by creating their own businesses.

This has been a on going issue in most SO’s lives.. There are lists everywhere but in truth they don’t hire because of background… Not many companies want to be associated with SOs
Not unless you have unique skills or the company uses a cheap background check website ..
I’ve been bouncing from job to job now… work long enough and get lucky to use unemployment and find another place… the longest job I had was 6 years, now its only 4 to 9 months…

Amen to that, Janice. As much as I miss having a cushy job with benefits like PTO and insurance, having my own business allows me flexibility I would not have otherwise. Finally after 10 years I have grown to where I am making more than I was when a full time employee. Of course, I work twice as hard, but if a client cans me, I don’t lose 100% of my income in an instant.
For anyone unable to find work, but has a real marketable skill, or just a good idea, seriously consider working for yourself.
Be realistic about the nature of the business (day care maybe not the best idea), but don’t let being on the registry discourage you. There are countless highly successful owners who faced greater adversity than this. Hold your head up, be proud and get to work!

Having some control over my destiny is of great value to me. The laws are constantly narrowing our options. Being self-employed is good for my self esteem.

Yes, Circuit City closed years ago…I noticed that.

How old is this list? Pick and Save has been Big Lots for a few years now. Where is the source of this list? I don’t need it now, but maybe in the future.
That’s great they still have the tax credit. My first employer after my conviction received a tax credit, which I am sure helped in getting me hired. If I can find someone wbo knows marketing, I may be able to have enough steady work to hire someone myself.

I got my CDL (class A commercial driver license) and was hired by a small local company that didn’t ask too many questions. They pretty much only care about DUIs, suspensions, and accidents. If any of you like to drive, you might consider trucking school. Even if it’s not your passion, it’s not a bad job, and you’ll still be making well above minimum wage.

I’m actually going to trucking school right now and will complete it about two more weeks. Do you mind me asking which company hired you and any others that might please? I’m on parole so can’t leave the state. Thanks.

I’d prefer not to say on a public board such as this, but if you’re in or near an industrial area, pallet companies are often in need of class A drivers. You’ll deliver to area warehouses and pick up trailers of used pallets and scrap to bring back. A lot of drop and hook, but you’ll stay local and you’ll be getting plenty of practice pulling 53′ trailers. By the time you’re off paper, you’ll have enough experience to look elsewhere if you want to.

Thanks TiredOfThis, I have enrolled in a school know, my vic is currently a CDL and Instructor and informed me of this course that many companies hire x-felons and yes, only care about the DMV/MVD Printout for last ten years for Insurance Carrier reasons. Not past crim, dealing with cardboard and even alcohol deliveries.
We need to hear stories more from RC’s and their experiences in obtaining and keeping employed. Thanks.
Janice, you’re correct WE need to work on that updated list. I was sour myself recog. of this same list over a decade and a half ago. It’s TOUGH to donate when you can’t work yourself let alone NOT rec’g gov. sub. or SSI nor Unemp. bene’s. from your State and/or Gov (Fed). Also Circuit City gone over a decade plus.

I have been trying to get in the trucking business, no luck so far… Any help or suggestions would be extremely helpful.


Check Craig’s list for your area, they list trucking companies. Also check the registry to see where other people work.

WHAT? Stephen, it’s a Fel for any RC to check. Like the network idea, but denies RC to communicate other than knowledge and here. Careful dude. Maybe your not in Cali.

Because a lot of Boeing’s work is government related, it may be hard to find work with them if the work is for a government contract since Federal Law and felons working on government contracts is usually forbidden. Sure, Boeing has a commercial aircraft division, where military contracts also reside for commercial base aircraft used in military applications, e.g. KC-46 based on B767, but the States of WA, KS and SC are hard for RC’s to live in and work for Boeing where they have a large commercial aircraft presence.

This list appears to be dated and something I have seen online for years through various websites. Saying they will and doing so are two different things.

Unfortunately, while law says it’s unlawful to deny employment, based on conviction/registration, it leaves the burden of proof on us. I’ve been on the registry since ’93.

I’ve been terminated twice and I’ve lost count of job offers rescinded dues to registration status.

One made it clear why they were resending the offer, but would not put that statement is writing.

Many of those companies listed either have or are largely in the process of automating the jobs they offer so they no longer need humans.

Does anyone know if other states have a similar bill as CA does in regards to hiring registered citizens?

“California law prohibits employers from discriminating against a registrant solely because he is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code Section 290.”

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