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NV: Attorney General Wants Tougher Lifetime Rules for Sex Offenders

Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Thursday he has requested legislation to allow the state’s parole system to impose additional lifetime conditions on sex offenders.

Assembly Bill 59, drafted by Laxalt’s office, comes because of the McNeill v. State Nevada Supreme Court ruling in which the state Board of Parole Commissioners was found to not have the authority to put certain conditions on sex offenders. Proposed conditions in the legislation include warrantless searches of an offender’s residence and property, curfew requirements and requirements to participate in programs. Full Article

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It appears this would apply only to those on parole, right?


No. This is one very angry man. He is proposing this law because of a homeless offender? The guy is probably homeless as a result of his conviction? So, rather than support those on parole, help them get jobs and move forward, the Attorney General (I had to read this a few times/angry/sounds like Nazi Germany) is proposing the police can enter or search any registered offenders house anytime or anywhere (even if they are off parole or probation)? He is also proposing that you must get permission to work? I’m disturbed by this

They can already do this through administrative subpoena (Google it if unfamiliar).

Pretty soon we’re not going to have the right to breathe the way things are looking.

There’s absolutely no winning if you’re an RSO in the United States.

All I read about on this Blog are more Bills being presented to make life even more impossible for an RSO, no matter what the underlying conviction was.

Only 1 good ruling from Michigan, and many other wins in California thanks to Janice, but for every 1 good ruling, I read about 10 other new restrictions, to simply make life impossible.

I don’t get the point of continuously complaining about each and every Blog Post that exists on this site. Aint nothing gonna change.

I think that’s probably a bit too grim, and I tend to be pretty grim in most of my moments.

I think that the lesson we should take, instead, is that there is now a proven model for (even) “sex offenders” to slowly whittle away at injustice. It is the model provided by ACSOL in which a tenacious attorney, along with tenacious members and board members, persistently confront lawmakers and ordinance-makers and make it very difficult for them to say that their methodologies are in the best interests of the community.

Rather than being discouraged, we should do everything we can to extend this model to other states and to the federal level. We should be building alliances with law schools and the humanities and schools of sociology and psychology. We should be speaking up at every opportunity that presents itself and staging demonstrations and building coalitions. We should be connecting with journalists and giving interviews.

It is the lesson of gradual, dogged persistence.

Well, if he gets his wish, and it is indeed applied to all registrants, my residency in this state will come to an abrupt end. I may even just decide I’m done playing the rigged registration game period. All he will succeed in doing is driving numerous RCs underground. I doubt he will get his wish though, since there is a good law team here currently fighting the implementation of the AWA and has had numerous small successes.

Update: I have it on good authority that this would indeed apply only to parolees who have lifetime supervision as a part of their sentencing, not to those already off paper.

In Nevada, lifetime supervision commences after the completion of probation or parole. Parole officers were treating those on lifetime supervision the same as probationers and parolees, which is not supported by law. Probation and parole are punitive; lifetime supervision, supposedly, is not. Anyway, they got their hands slapped in court, so they are trying to legalize what they have been doing with AB 59. According to the text of the bill, it will apply to everyone on lifetime supervision. I am on lifetime supervision (for almost 10 years now). I did five years of probation before that. I am supervised for Nevada by the state of California, and I have, for all intents and purposes, been on probation for 15 years. Yep, it’s been exactly as you would expect.

I’m confused, doesn’t lifetime supervision mean you’re on probation or parole for life? Can someone explain this? How can someone be off paper, but still be on life supervision? Being on supervision is more than just having to register and follow all registration laws.

I have been going through this for years. I was discharged from probation in 2007. I then began lifetime supervision, and nothing changed.

it says to impose additional lifetime conditions…crazy..warrantless searches lifetime of restrictions and harassment in the name of public safety????? where’s the danger??? where are the incidences that prompted these laws?? absolutely no justification…..and no one never questions that fact….

they don’t b/c the SCOTUS says so.

Recall, the SCOTUS said all the fears were just conjecture. I would repeat every line from that decision and what has transpired since – along with the false fact of “frightening and high” recidivism rates to completely put the SCOTUS in its place for failing its citizens by actually forcing them to lose privacy and enter into involuntary servitude – which is prohibited.

Keep it up, you just bring it closer and closer to the point where there can be no more denying that registration IS indeed cruel and unusual punishment, granted those of us who know the truth already know it is.

They have to get tough on crime you know, even if it is imagined crime they can scare up enough interest to impose retro-active punishment and thus augment a registrant’s sentence. It is unconstitutional but when you are dealing with officials who don’t care either way – since they probably have not read the document – it is a win-win situation for those who abuse power and the converse for the registrants who have to endure the shame every time an official wants to pick a fight with registrants, regardless of the status of their original sentence….

I can only assume he is essentially proposing parole for life, because I am sure even he knows that applying these rules to someone who is no longer on parole or probation would never pass the sniff test.

What he is doing is making it so offenders refuse parole or if they DO get parole, the first thing they do after having a pizza is abscond to Iran and join Quds.

man every rc in Nevada needs to serve this guy with that document and then follow thru with it and sue this guy for criminal and monetary liabilities…

He’s going to run for governor, he’d be crazy not to push for picking the low hanging fruit. Spend 5 minutes around this guy, and if he doesn’t creep you out, then there’s something wrong with you. Elected office nepotism at its worst


The offender, Steve McNeill, was convicted in Las Vegas of not complying with terms set by the board and his parole and probation officer. Terms included a nightly curfew, subjecting to urinalysis, attending counseling, paying fees and having a job.

Having a job you have to be kidding

Isn’t that nice. Can’t get hired, go to jail. What a racket.

I’ve been on the sidelines here for a few months so as not to jeopardize my
recent efforts to petition the courts.
Looks like the AG is really working on buying votes to become Governor. Being tough
on the SO is still a way to buy votes. It won Cathrine Cortez Masto a her new job.
She plastered the airwaves here prior to the Nov. elections.
I’m sure my petition for relief from Registration here in Nevada had to go across his (Adam Laxalt’s) desk.
And fortunately, both the Judge nor the AG’s office had any objections for my relief.,
providing I had a current psychological evaluation showing I was not a threat to society.
After 12 years in Ca. and another 14 years in NV. without being any sort of threat, you’d think
it should have been a quick and easy deal. It’s expensive and it takes some time to accomplish.
I am still worried about AB579 as well as the newly proposed AB59 here.
Even though my petition for relief has been granted by the State, I can’t let my guard down.
The way these States and the Feds work, I’m genuinely concerned that the next unconstitutional
law will be passed placing me right back in the confines of registration. More ex post facto crap.
More punishment.
The relief I obtained is only good in the State of Nevada. If I move to any other state, it’s back on the list. I still can’t go on a vacation out of the country, and I must comply with other states rules when I visit.
So the battle is not over by any means. What a nightmare…and all because society has been lied to for
so many years.

Congratulations! It sucks having long-awaited freedom tainted by the constant threat of new bills of attainder or horrible court decisions.

Thank You, Les Mis Life.

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