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Janice’s Journal: Perhaps It’s a Coincidence, Perhaps It’s Not

Perhaps it’s a coincidence, perhaps it’s not. The hearing dates for several bills, including Senate Bill 26 and Assembly Bill 558, have changed and keep changing.

A single change is to be expected. Multiple changes for multiple bills is not.

Could it be then that legislators are changing the hearing dates for these bills because it is more difficult to hit a moving target? Maybe, maybe not.

In this time of uncertainty, one thing that is certain is that when a hearing date changes, new letters must be sent and new phone calls must be made. In addition, travel plans must be changed which can be costly and pose challenges for those lucky enough to have a job.

We must be flexible. We must be resilient. We must stay focused on the legislative process and its many changes, whether intentional or not.

There are multiple bills now pending in the state legislature which could significantly help or harm registrants and their families. For example, Senate Bill 26 could harm the children of registrants by making it difficult, if not impossible, for their parents to participate in their education. That bill could also prohibit registrants from performing their jobs on school campuses during school hours and worship in churches that meet on school grounds.

Another example is Assembly Bill 558 which could re-victimize some victims of sexual abuse by adding their addresses to the Megan’s Law website. This could also harm registrants convicted of minor offenses, some long ago, by exposing their names and personal information to the public.

And while the hearing date for the most significant piece of pending legislation – the Tiered Registry Bill (Senate Bill 695) — has not yet been changed, that is a distinct possibility. The current hearing date is April 18, however, there are reports that the hearing date may be changed to a later date.

What can we do in a time of uncertainty? We must keep our eye on the prize, that is, the legislation now pending that could significantly harm or help more than 100,000 California families. In order to help you do that, we will continue to report new hearing dates on this website as they become available. In the meantime, we ask that you Show Up- Stand Up- Speak Up by writing letters and making phone calls.

— by Janice Bellucci

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Yes Janice, Stand Up, Show Up and Speak Up! This IS the way for us to be heard. If only more would show up.
I know, as I am one of the many unemployed due to our status. I am thankful for those that can. And hope others will strive. Thank you.

Janice, remember who you are dealing with. I often find my worst suspicions of people, especially politicians to be the most accurate. If you suspect that Leyva is sabotaging you, go with it. Leave nothing to chance.

But we can’t let fear drive us into inaction. There are no guarantees in life. We operate on probabilities, not possibilities.

Maybe, but you should always prepare for a worst case scenario.

If she’ll lie and use fear mongering as she does then she’ll cheat and manipulate dates too. Time will TELL.

I really believe that this 3 tier registry could have had just a little bit of thought placed into it. There’s endless evidence now, even from California that the “high and frightening” catchy term was simply Wrong, and there is clear evidence that 17 years has been the cut off. Why on earth are they giving juveniles Level 1 offenders 5 years and adults get 10 years for level 1? Where on earth are they coming up with these numbers? Out of thin air? Maybe these legislators need to spend 1 hour reading the latest research before they’re allowed to even touch laws on this subject. Where is the common sense at all? Is it that hard to pay attention to facts and empirical evidence? I believe this can still be ‘tweaked’ for the better, more evidence based. This is some progress, but very frustrating at how little progress it is, mainly because lawmakers Human Beings, intelligent beings at the top of the food chain, and are not applying their brains as much as they should for the good of humanity and the public.

It’s a battle of emotions, not just facts. Fear overrides intellect. It has taken years for the pendulum to start swinging the other direction. ACSOL addresses both these issues using personal stories and facts.

No politician or judge would support dumping the registry today, no matter the statistics. They face a wall of public fear due to misinformation and political demagoguery by beating on RCs. They are worried they won’t get reelected if they are seen soft on RCs.

We can’t be idealists and not compromise. We must face reality and work for incremental changes. Anything else is magical thinking.

True, but if one compromises too much, they’ll take advantage of us.

I 100% agree ^ the statistics are there. Please LET them argue with those. We should not be Pushovers. People should bring this evidence up during meetings between lawmakers and let them make a good argument against the statistics. We should NOT compromise when laws are created based on absolutely nothing but ‘feelings’. Example of a conversation, “Yes, that’s great that you want to protect children, as do all of us, but more than 9 out of 10 sex crimes are by people not on the registry and nearly 95% are not committed by strangers…. So what is the point of placing everyone on the registry, living restrictions, and detracting from police resources by monitoring people who made a mistake? Why? Where is the explanation for this when empirical evidence points completely to the opposite? “

Jack and Joe123, the fact that you say “People should bring this evidence up during meetings between lawmakers” tells me you have not seen us lobbying in lawmaker’s offices because WE ALREADY DO THAT. We give their chiefs of staff an information folder containing lots of facts and stats. And the sample letters and talking points Janice you should be using to write letters reinforces the facts. Sufficient facts is not the biggest challenge. Fear of angry constituents is the biggest challenge.

I challenge you to leave your bubbles and come to just one hearings and one lobbying event to see the real world of lawmaking. You would find it very eye opening, and you would gain an appreciation for what we have to go through to change minds.

Lawmaking is messy, illogical, full of drama, compromise, give and take, and the result is like a stew that dozens of people have thrown ingredients into. We accept that reality, plan incremental change, take action, and get results.

Will you join us Wednesday? It will change your lives.

Compromise can only occur between equals in power. In that case, there is a stalemate created, because one party can’t move the other. That is when you need to join together and each give so both may move. We are not there. We are more in a position of master/servant or guard/inmate. One way to try to balance the scales in a subordinate position is to make life difficult for the master. Civil disobedience or using the power of the law in courtroom can help level the field. Thing is the oppressed have to speak loudly to be heard and sometimes grate on the collective nerves of the administration. Otherwise we are invisible and weak appearing, and they will take advantage of that.

Timmr, you forgot to mention the third, most powerful way to be heard by politicians: show up at our lobbying and hearings to tell your view and story.

Civil disobedience makes for exciting action news videos, but it fades away quickly. And you spend the night in a cold jail. Not the best option.

Working within the system–as ACSOL does–by building relationships with the legislators makes them more open to hearing our stories and the facts.

Are you coming Wednesday to fight SB 26?

I recognize that as powerful. Why don’t you take advantage of the fact there are thousands of registrants living within an hour’s drive of Sacramento. They don’t have to rent a room or loose much work time. Make phone calls or send post cards to them and some will come because you are making a personal effort to reach them. DavidH and I spent several weeks last summer, working within our budgets, skills and limitations, coming up with a mailing list, with some phone numbers of registrants in populated areas. David Kennerly was a great technical resource. Others put in hundreds of dollars of their own money into the project. Last thing I know we asked for funding from ASCOL to do the mailings and that is the last I heard of the project. Maybe they are doing something similar. It does not make sense to put out a call to people who live in San Diego or Eureka counties to go to Sacramento, have them pay for flights or reschedule time off from work around meetings that are often postponed, when you have people nearby. Is this web site the best way to reach those people, i doubt it.

I’ve said so in the past & I say so again today:

In this Match for Freedom of those Enslaved, their Privacy of Home, & Redeemed Reputation, their will be Surprises.

Being disciplined & focused is of the essence to defend the Rights & Titles of all people to overcome the debits of Their Human Error.

Divine forgiveness is guaranteed to those who repent, A eternal covenant that freed the American people from self-appointed demigods, lords, & kings.

The Most High Creator and only Possessor of heaven and earth Who has been with us, Who is with us, Who will be Be with us, shine upon our path, we Pray for Relief.

I speak Truth

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

If SB 558 passes when would it become law?

I’m going to make plans to move out of this state if it passes because I’ll be damned before I am put up on the internet for a misdemeanor bunch of bull. I only pleaded because it would have no real world effect for me. I’ve already looked into several other states that wouldn’t even require me to register.

Which states would those be?
And what if the tiered registry passes and re-exempts you from the website in addition to giving you a possibility to be freed of the registry entirely after finishing the mandated time?

KM, running in fear never works. You can’t hide in a rabbit hole because they will reach in your comfy, dark hole and drag you out. You are under the delusion that a state you find that has acceptable RC regulations will not change. WRONG! More laws, more regulations! Your dream state will become a nightmare.

Stay where you are, face your fears, work with us, and make lasting change. As California goes, so goes many other states.

Look how many bad bills and bad restrictions ACSOL has helped crush. For example, I used to have to go to a jail to register (it took up to 2 hours) and put on a prisoner outfit for my photo. ACSOL stopped that!

That is pretty awesome!

I’m not sure what to say. California presently has a 1.6 Billion dollar deficit? The state is in shambles. The Courts are overburdened, city retirement plans are bankrupting cities and we are only 1 of 4 States requiring lifetime registration for even expunged misdemeanor offenses? This is a joke. I’m truly disappointed in some of these legislators. Their proposals make no sense

Money considerations are secondary to fear in politics. I remember in the early 1990s how my fellow inmates would say “California overcrowds its prisons and it costs billions. They HAVE to change.” They didn’t, not for many years until the feds forced them to shrink the population.

Laws are made from emotion, not logic. Humans are primarily emotional beings, not logical ones. We use contorted logic to rationalize what we feel we want to believe. If you accept that, you will be less frustrated, and all the insanity of the world suddenly makes sense.

Very well said and true.

Roger I posit and stress the need to:

Developing “Critical Thinking Skills”

Acknowledging, & Contrasting “Probability Judgment” vs. Limited Human “Intuitive Judgment”

Practicing “Discipline”

I speak Truth

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

Yes, it should make better judgements to see the probabilities as they truly are rather than accept what first comes to mind. According to the FBI, the reoffense rate of people convicted of sex crimes is close to 5%. This does not mean 100 offenders have a 5% chance of reoffending. It means 5 will reoffend, 95 will not. They are punishing the guilty 5 by extending the punishment to the innocent 95, because it is convenient for them to think that way. That is not mathematically or morally just, however.

This is akin to the boondoggle of the rail system being constructed in Hawai’i. The people were sold on wrong information of how much traffic it would reduce as well as the cost.

The construction now will cost 3x’s more than originally stated, a total of $10 billion. Also, the reduction in traffic is 3%. That’s it.

So this abuse was blazed everywhere on national news. How is this any different from the registry?

I’m surprised just how muffled CASOMB’s findings of under 1% recidivism rate in respect to the efficiency of the registry. This is what the Michigan courts were inquiring. Yet here in California, it appears all of our judges do not care about such facts and only rely upon the “conclusion of 2003 Smith decision”, neglecting how all of the five factors the SCOTUS used have been exploited beyond or proven to have used unsubstantiated information by non-experts.

 Roger said-
“If you accept that, you will be less frustrated, and all the insanity of the world suddenly makes sense”

The registry is a wake up call. You are the test subjects. You will become an adept at understanding the motivations behind all laws which curtail freedom under the guise of safety.

It’s not even about punishment or retributive justice more than it is about surveillance and control. Many ( if not the majority) of the people who have been forced to register spent very little to no time in jail as a result of their conviction or plea. Why is that? Why is your monitoring period for life but your punishment period was a fraction thereof? Because the main goal was to GET YOU ON the registry, due to the financial incentives- local government districts get federal money for every person they register. What the Federal Government wants, the Federal Government gets.

All new local laws concerning registrants use the same template. It’s no surprise that all the States try to pass more restrictions that are in concert with each other. The bills are worded the same, sometimes even verbatim.
The “authors” are not authors at all- they are conduits for the Federal agenda. Perhaps promised a reward, like a dog who does tricks, or compromised and given a pass if they do what they are told. ( the latter more likely as they are all compromised, if you know what you have to do to be in their club)

The system is based on deceit just as all warfare is based on deceit.

The goal is not only to expose the deceit but the motivation behind it.


P, I concur with your observation:

“the main goal was to GET YOU ON the registry” & “they are conduits for the Federal agenda.”

I posit the Federal agenda is the Micro, the Macro agenda is truly a Implied Global Social Contract a Global Initiative to eliminate National Sovereignty to the complete detriment of The Individuals Rights & Titles imbued from on High to The American People & by extension Freeing other peoples as well.

I speak Truth

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

Well yes, the micro vs the macro. Considering the registry is taking a foothold in other countries now gives us a clue that the US is but a puppet of a larger, global regime/cult. Unfortunately most people only focus on the micro, because we are trained and programmed to be myopic. Until people are jilted out of their baseline comfort zones, they opt not to care too much about oppressive regimes that loom.

When we speak of legislators and judges not wanting to be seen as being ” soft on crime” , I say that it is because they don’t want to be kicked out of the club. ( unless of course, being soft on crime in some instances may suit their ultimate goal)

They need our CONSENT for everything they do to us, and of course we comply out of fear, but alas, there is a karmic debt they must incur if their intentions are exposed. That is when, and only when they tend to back off.

I see a trend that they may be starting to back off.

Trace the money…. Expose them All.
Maybe we should make our own list made up of all those who do not uphold our Constitution. After all They’re the REAL criminals of this country.
See how “un-punitive” they really think it is.

Colleagues, fellow patriots. We are in fact in a state of war. Our biggest challenge is to define to the rest of those on the registry that they are no longer civilians and sooner they realize that truth the further we can take this war into battle and be successful. Why do we pay taxes? The Revolutionary War we were taught was fought on the grounds of taxation without representation. Do you feel in any way that you as a registered EX-sex offender are represented? The IML and the passage of HR-515 doesn’t slap you in the face and awake what will?

“Why do we pay taxes? The Revolutionary War we were taught was fought on the grounds of taxation without representation. Do you feel in any way that you as a registered EX-sex offender are represented?”

Robert, you articulated EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking for quite some time now. From an objective standpoint, we truly are considered another class of citizens. Our supposedly “inalienable” rights to life, liberty, happiness, and privacy are continually trumped by “the governmental interest in public safety” (which is a rather blatant statement that we aren’t considered members of that “public” anymore). Last I checked, there are no such exceptions to these rights except to punish for a crime.

So, in light of IML and HR 515, and our aforementioned lack of representation, can someone explain what good our American citizenship is anymore?

I am crossing my fingers and praying to God and all that is holy and sacred that these recent developments in the 6th and 4th circuit courts, especially Snyder, signals a turning of the tide, the beginning of the end, to this un-American and inherently inhuman system known as the registry. I do believe that history will one day show what a folly this whole system is, and it will be viewed in a similar light as slavery, the internment of the Japanese in WW2, and segregation.

What you wrote is key:

trumped by “the governmental interest in public safety”

The notion of public safety was due to the scientific representation that sex offenders recidivate at 80% is “frightening and high”. The whole premise was based off of a lie.

That is what needs to be revisited and then sue the hell out of the US Government for such a magnanimous error!

Just like the native Americans are getting some payment (Indian Money) from the US Government for the gross abuses by the US Government against them, registered Americans should get the same thing.

Stripping one man continually of his freedoms due to a past transgression is bad enough, but the Native’s (Aboriginals here in the western hemisphere) had their land and culture stripped from them and were forced to be indoctrinated into the European immigrant’s culture and way. Two different things completely!

From the Native American Rights Fund (

Do Native Americans receive any special rights or benefits from the U.S. government?

Contrary to popular belief, Indians do not receive payments from the federal government simply because they have Indian blood. Funds distributed to a person of Indian descent may represent mineral lease income on property that is held in trust by the United States or compensation for lands taken in connection with governmental projects. Some Indian tribes receive benefits from the federal government in fulfillment of treaty obligations or for the extraction of tribal natural resources — a percentage of which may be distributed as per capita among the tribe’s membership.

I can see Harry’s point tho, and have to agree to some extent.
They’ve imprisoned our group within our country that doesn’t want us because of a Label, they’ve stripped us of our rights and ability to provide. There should be an avenue to sue our states for destabilization, and loss of wages, as well as all the years we continue to lose from our lives on the Registry…

Then an effort of tort reform is needed since tort law governs suing governments and suing government is not an easy thing to do, if it can even get started in the courts. Of course, you need to have the registry idea overturned to even begin thinking of suing the government for damages.

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