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LA: New scam targets registered sex offenders with arrest threat

NEW ORLEANS — A new scam is targeting registered sex offenders, claiming they missed court dates that never actually existed.

The US Marshal’s Service is warning the public that scam artists claiming they are Deputy US Marshals or Federal Marshals are working to extort money from sex offenders over the phone. Full Article

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This shows that the sex offender registry laws are going to be out of control.

Actually, this exemplifies all the dangers that the SCOTUS projected as conjecture. The registry has already lead to banishment from housing, occupation, and travel as well as forced in-person registry, but the registry has lead to vigilantism, deaths, and now being culpable to be scammed just by being on the registry.

The fact the SCOTUS treated registrants as second level people (citizens have rights, people don’t) has promoted the further desecration of registrant’s constitutional rights. Any regulatory scheme that compels service after custody is in fact a form of involuntary servitude. Any compelled service without pay and not considered punishment is actually a trait of slavery.

You can’t force a free person into service. You can’t force a free person into FREE service either. Yet, the US Government has actually legalized new age slavery. The fact the SCOTUS bent rules due to a now known false information of a “high and frightening” recidivism rate of 80% should bewilder any constitutional supporter. That 80% recidivism rate implies that a group of people are base. Think about that for a moment… 80% recidivism rate. There really isn’t a plausible logic for that b/c in all the years of humanity, should there not be an overabundance of such proliferation? That rate is higher than all crimes. If that’s so, then why aren’t there even more crimes being committed?

The SCOTUS used fear to persuade their logic. Facially… 80% recidivism rate is an absurd and alarming rate. Was that alarming rate ever substantiated as well as cross-referenced with other studies? Nay. The SCOTUS neglected the constitution. They went about a regulatory scheme COMPELLED upon FREE PEOPLE. That’s prohibited in the US Constitution.

Can you name any set of Free People Banished from housing, employment, or travel? Can you name any set of Free People forced to go into the police station to give their personal information annually? Can you name any Free person being tagged on their passport?

In the US, slavery was constitutional. They had no rights. They did not have punishment because they were not considered equally as people.

For WW2, the Jews were marked… on their sleeves and passports.

Truly, it appears we have never learned from history. The underlying thoughts behind those two examples are these groups of people are base and should never be treated equally. That is why they can easily be feasted upon – harassment, death threats, homicide attempts and homicide, extortion on websites, and extortion with this scam.

Are you free or you under custody? If you are free, then why isn’t the Involuntary Servitude being upheld in America? Is it there just for show or is it there to be the rule of law?

It goes to show that we’re a lightning rod and a soft target for all forms of harassment and abuse!!

Scammers using fear of incarceration to financially blackmail us now – looks like they took a page out of the lawmaker’s playbook.

Heaven & Earth bear witness!

To the UnJustice of Extra-Judicial Punishment – Licensed & Invited upon the Registered Citizen if they occupy The Open Fields or preserved A Home as Domicile to retreat to it, matters Not as they are branded & sealed to carry the burden on the Paths of Perpetual Punishment.

The Evil (Want Invoking) Counterfeit Justice has been minted upon True Gold placed in Circulation by The Dark Empire proclaimed throughout & on the Innocent Land in the Classic Style of a ” Bill of Attainder” * sealed by the Ring of a Old King who will not accept New Knowledge.

Who can Resurrect to Life a righteous Princess Hadassah {^+} to lead us in Fasting & Prayer for Relief?

Who will breath the Spirit of Life into Mordecai that Righteous Intellect may Shine in a Dark & Wicked Hour on Evil Days?

Haman Casting Lots, May Divine Providence with a Turning of a Table bring Salvation to Children of Dust & Clay, animated Souls by The Most High Possessor of Heaven & Earth Who formed light & created darkness.


I speak Truth

As Yehovah Lives, so should we

see, it doesnt matter which way the ball rolls, its always going to collect collaterally, sure the registry started out w walsh and ended up becoming a tool for frustrated society to take their venting to a higher level, vigilantism took and has taken on a whole array of faces the DOJ in any state has said,’ wheres the PROOF of personal/family damages ? Mr and Ms NEED ALOTTA PROOF look de hell around and stop hanging out in your container called,’ if it doesnt affect my immediate realm then it HAS TO BE RIGHT FOR EVERYONE ELSE mentality/CAN of delusionalism and just picture your relative/family child all a sudden was found due to injustice and corruption by your esteemed local law agency placed on De facto web site and your neighbors all a sudden started assaulting your kid at sch but the sch says your kid is fine and then s/he comes home all bruised up and the sch claims no knowledge of your kids bruises, what say you now ? hows your new shoes fitting mr/mrs politician/ca ???

Aside from my obvious irration that these politicians have for making these registries public, they started out as tools for LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY ! Its one thing that aided them in monitoring these abominations but PROOF in damages is pandemic ! It does’nt matter how these politicians may reason, contrary to popular belief IT DOES MATTER, there should always be an END TO PERSECUTION, time served is time done, the continuance must end, there has to be an end to suffering otherwise the CONSTITUTION means nothing and isn’t this why we as we consider ourselves civilized and progressive we broke away from the persecutionalisms of the british empire or should we go back to the british ways and rape and pillage as was their customes ? WHAT EXACTLY DOES THE CONSTITUTION MEAN WHEN IT READS,’ AND JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL ‘, or is this to be rendered to apply to just a select few ???? The effectuality of the registries to go on for decades carries no purpose and creates repercussions well known as well as echoed down myriads of communities, pass ports stamping one criminal records ? just another form of persecution, this too was ONLY FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT now public. I wonder if any of you high rolling politicians is living in a community hearing the blood curdling screams from a neighbors home as shoots ring out in the night because their name or resemblance thereof was found on your streamlined registry of sufferage ??

yes everyone that has incurred some type of documentary detrimental effects either mental or physical or monetary in nature because of thr registry has statnding to sue for damages. although it is completely the governments fault there is no doubt that it can be proven that there is at a minimum partial liability on the governments actions….in civil court partial liability means monetary judgements for damages incurred from the source causing that harm….

Pfff, that’s old news. Good ole’ mugshot extortion’s been around for more than a half decade now, likely longer. I’m being sued right now by one of them who targeted sex offenders. Why all of a sudden the US Marshals wanting to notify now? Mugshot extortion not a thing yet?

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