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UT: Audit slams Utah’s sex-offender treatment program in prison

Sex offenders in Utah often stay in prison months beyond their parole eligibility date because of a backlog of inmates awaiting treatment overseen by the Utah Department of Corrections, according to a state audit released Monday. Full Article

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Must be nice to collect a paycheck and not do anything to earn it.

Isn’t it strange how you never here the banshees crying for “Smaller government!” “Fewer regulations, less restriction!” regarding immates and Registrants….. 🤔

It depends on who is demanding “smaller government”: social conservatives or libertarians. We libertarians are far more consistent in our demands for smaller government, including within the realm of criminal justice.

It’s not strange when you have the SCOTUS flouting that all registrants have a high recidivism rate. TV hosts, such as Kimberly Gulfoye on Fox’s “The Five” is a former lawyer, constantly state that sex offenders have a high rate of recidivism all the time. Dr Tara and Ira Ellman have denoted how many cases use the “frightening and high” recidivism rates as part of their rulings.

So using fear, not science, is what perpetuates not giving registrants constitutional equality as citizens. On the news recently, California is putting a bill to call itself a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants have more rights than registrants and are thought of very highly. Registrants have paid their dues to society, but are never allowed fully be a part of that society ever again due to the SCOTUS’ decision based on using only ONE source for statistical analysis, which turns out to be a false fact.

80% recidivism rate is what perpetuates. Yet, that extreme was never compared to other research studies as it should be due to such an alarmingly high rate.

So it’s not about “smaller govt or fewer restrictions”. It’s about the perpetual lie of 80% recidivism rate that has made registrants a group by 2003 Smith decision, and never seen as individuals. Hence, everything is done for public safety due to the extremely high rate of re-offending for one group.

Looks like they deleted Viki Henry’s comment, sound like the Trib. I got banned for commenting against the registry as well, six months ago.

Sure looks like they did delete her comment. Can’t say nice things like she did about the objectivity of the article, but have to leave it controversial as you read today. Salacious to say the least is what is printed today.

Man the comments section is really popping on this article..I made my statement and have actually got a response from someone asking me if I was still attracted to kids…so this is what I posted in response…

Well since you seem to be interested I never was attracted to kids..The situation that I was involved in wasn’t like what you might think as someone trolling the net looking to stalk or meet kids and I wasn’t trolling chat rooms or even using chat rooms like the prosecutor and courts claimed I was doing which my public pretender never questioned or objected to..It was back before people starting using the net to hook up with others and I was using the yahoo messenger and sending out random messages using the member directory to thousands of women asking them if they wanted to hook up that night..I met with hundreds of different women just to meet and have sex..That’s it no other reason…people might not think its moral or right but that’s what me and the hundreds of women did..After about a year of sending out random messages and after countless times telling underage women that I wasn’t that guy about 11 at night I get a message that say’s I am into threesomes lets meet…we started talking and she mentioned she was only 15 at the time but I wasn’t thinking right so I agreed to meet with her..And to top it off when I went to meet with her after getting to the meeting place I realized what I was doing and left about 15 minutes before the meeting was even to take place, which the public pretender never brought up in court..I don’t really care if you or anyone believes my story but it is absolutely the truth about exactly what took place that night..I lost my home my possessions my freedom for three and a half years and wasn’t even able to have contact with my 13 year old son for five years..I also spent three years on the most intensive parole you can get and was destitute and homeless for over a year but managed to find a menial job buy a car, get an apt. and am now in my 6 semester of college…I am absolutely not attracted to children I love children and would fight to the death to protect any child I seen in danger. I have had several different psychiatrist tell me I am perfectly normal I just made a bad judgement call that night and that I didn’t even need or have to go to any kind of therapy.I learned my lesson and I have a fiance, a grandson, and still have a loving family that still loves me and is there for me. like i said in my post am I the guy you want your tax dollars spent on monitoring for the rest of my life and your tax dollars spent supporting me because I cant find a job or decent housing because of this list or would you prefer monitoring the real child abductors and rapist that are out there on the same list as me so that you cant even tell us apart…I have spent thirteen years trying to redeem myself and prove that I am not a threat to anyone by my productive actions don’t you think I should get some kind of break after everything I have managed to accomplish despite being on this hit list and having my vehicles vandalized, tires slit, hate speech all over my porch calling me a child molester and rapist, people yelling at me in my parking lot of y apt. child molester rapist and threatening physical violence against me and my family members..Is this justice and the kinda world you want to live in where we just keep torturing and tormenting people who made bad judgement errors??????? I agree the people that molest little kids and rape anyone should get the noose or at least spend a long long time in prison and only be released after they have been evaluated by professionals if ever at all….This hit list is cruel, inhumane, and in many many cases unjustifiable especially since it doesn’t do anything to protect anyone…That is a fact…Just look at what the experts say in that video link I provided you and at all the news organizations and even do a google search and try and find one even one positive remark about the sex offender list…you won’t find any because there is none believe me I have searched and searched so try it yourself and see what all the professionals say about it or just go by your blind lust for revenge against god knows what or your darkest lust to see others suffer at the hands of the so called righteous in our society…
Lets see how many people actually use intelligence to approach this subject or just go off of hate and ignorance…

@ mike r, damn dude. That’s Horse S#i+ I hope you make if off someday. I hope we all do.
Don’t hold your breath for common sense in today’s social climate. Especially when it’s the internet. Just brings the Troll out in ppl.

Ain’t that a fact…Some people it doesn’t matter how much evidence you show them or how illogical you prove their argument to be they will never face facts and reality and will just continue in their lust for seeing others suffer and satisfy that lust just as generations have in the past…Attack the people who they think they can et away with attacking with impunity…Well guess what we fight back and we aren’t just going to lay down and take their ignorant feeble minded attempts to divide and conquer.

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