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Animal Abusers Will Now Be Registered Like Sex Offenders


Consider this a win for animals all over the country.

For every abused puppy, abandoned kitten, or medically tested bunny, this is a win. No question.

A new law is growing in popularity across the country, and it’s something everyone can agree on.

A number of United States jurisdictions have implemented an animal offenders registry, which will publicly reveal the names of known animal abusers in the area, similar to how sex offenders are registered.


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I’m glad to see more people getting the opportunity to join the Price Club membership because it means we’re inching that much closer to the complete abolishment of the nonpunitive, regulatory scheme.

/* Sarcasm cleanup on aisle 3 */
/* Price reduction on The Truth on aisle 999 */
/* Pissed that there is an short expiration date on records */

I Love animals, but I feel a tremendous amount of Dred when I think about something like this left up to LE and DA’s to implement. If it saves just one puppy I suppose.

If we can save just one puppy.

No, animal abusers will not be “registered like sex offenders.” Will they have to stay 2500′ away from pet stores? From dog parks? From the Humane Society? Are there different tiers? Is it for life (I know, it’s not)? Do they have to provide their Internet ids? So many differences.

And the pounding of the door at 4 am to verify that you have no pets in your possession compliance check.

Nor watching Jimmy Fallon having puppies predict sporting events (Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, etc), nor the Westminster Dog Show, nor dressing like an animal for Halloween or a costume party. Heck, we may as well ban them from the dog days of summer! Gotta move somewhere cooler, sorry.

I wonder what would happen if one of them subsequently needs a therapy animal for some reason. Wouldn’t that be an interesting case: ADA vs abuse registry. Take that one on, SCOTUS.

So many questions…

Will they be denied entrance to the zoo, especially the petting zoo?
Sea World? (I sure don’t want those creepos anywhere near the touch pools.)
Allowed to own a farm?
Dog walking service?
Dog poop pickup service?
Refused membership to the 4-H club? What if their kid has a prize winning hog in the county fair – can they attend the ribbon ceremony? Of course, someone else, a non-registered animal abuser can slaughter the poor beast. Which raises another question, can the registrant be employed at a slaughter house?

Sea World has its own animal abuse issues. Some would argue the same about zoos, feedlots, and factory farms.

Same as governments and companies abusing and killing children, here and especially in foreign lands. The registries do two things, divert attention away from concerted abuses by those in power and absolves citizens for not doing more to end those abuses. It gives citizens a false sense of moral superiority.

You left out about umpteen other sanctions/punishments/stigmas.

They won’t have those other restrictions now, but neither did the SOR in the beginning. It was sold to be unobtrusive. Snuck under the constitutional gate as it were. Then people got used to the idea, and since the original idea didn’t do what it was supposed to do, people wanted it ratcheded up, insread of abondoning the idea. I am not comforted by more registries and more people on them and by us wishing for others to share our pain in hopes we will have greater numbers to oppose them. I hate to go back to Nazi Germany as an example, but having Gypsies, the work shy, gays, unionists, communists, Poles and the like in addition to Jews on the lists, did not in any way quell the support for the registries, just the opposite. It established the idea as cultural truth, moral righteousness and national catharthis. Few were able to rebel, because the lists were so broad and many were opressed. Do not wish for more registries here. They are a victory of emotion over reason. If we do not resist to limit the power of this military, industrial, surveillance state, what Allied power is there that will be able to invade our land and save us from ourselves?

Agreed. I suspect the animal abuse registry will start out with just the few years and nothing more as to burdens. But then there will be a singular act somewhere in the country where a person, had s/he been on the registry just another year or two, would have been under greater State scrutiny. So, they’ll extend the length of time. Then the “mission creep” has started. This registry either must die, just like the SORs must, or our country increases the slippery slope I believe we’re on towards complete societal breakdown.
I’ve changed my tune regarding registries. I was previously of the mind the more the merrier so it can ensnare everyone and come crashing down. I see that as risky, and Nazi Germany is the prime example of what a driven, fear-inducing group of humans can accomplish. The comparison to Nazi Germany, unfortunately, typically gets hijacked when someone tries to say it’s a way to minimize or compare what happened to the Jews. The Jews were a significant part of the plan, but were one element of a macro plan. If those in power can marginalize and stigmatize more and more sections and groups of the populace, those left to fight back are fewer and also warier of being lumped into one of the many classes of “those people” that have been created. The more ways one can get accused of something, the more paralyzed from acting one will become. We’re on the edge of going down a very, very dangerous road.

I agree. Better to get people used to reducing registries and to get more people free if not all at once free, then some right away. Also a freed slave is a much more effective activist against slavery that one more under the whip. Numbers do not translate to power if you can’t build assets like time, money and information sharing for the fight. A few people can effectively suppress the many if they have a police force at their disposal. It is notable the politicians continually refer to the registry as a “tool of law enforcement”. It is a tool to keeps the scales tipped towards the overseer.

Yeah, this sounds like something that would appeal to the public now , but it will be quickly modified. Vets will be trained to look for signs of neglect and it will eventually include failure to get your pets vaccinated. People will probably have to be vetted, undergo psychological testing, and have their houses inspected before they can adopt a cat. Actually, they are already starting to do this in California.

UGH…another unconstitutional shame list.

How does this serve to protect a legitimate government interest?

Do they have to live at least 2000 feet from any dog parks, and do people walking dogs use this list to avoid walking their dog past the offenders house just in case the offender feels the need to rush out and murder their pet? How does this list prevent abuse?

This is why we need a good Substantive Due Process challenge to any list, to correct the huge mistake made by lawyers in Connecticut DPS V Doe 2003 that unfortunately only attacked registries using Procedural Due Process…which will fail every time since there is no procedure involved that was denied.

@Chris F
What I got from the article is that they’re doing it because abusing animals is a “gateway crime” for domestic abuse, serial killing, etc. Once again, the fact that serial killers (for example) abused animals does not mean animal abusers become serial killers. Of course the question always comes back, “but how do we know which one will?” Answer: you don’t! But you don’t ensnare every single person in the off chance one of them may become a serial killer. It’s just more fear mongering and the continued delusional belief that if we just get enough of the right laws, we can get rid of crime once and for all.

I am just as appalled by animal abuse as anyone else, but how exactly does this contribute to public safety? After all, isn’t public safety the stated goal of registries? All this does is further prove that registries are nothing more than retribution, shaming, and punishment.

They cite “registered like sex offenders” as though it’s the gold standard of safety. HAHAHAHAHA. Right.

There is no preventative component for this and I’m sure it’s intent is primarily to shame and demonize (just like we are being done). No type of registry is a “win” or victory for humanity.

Knowing where someone lives simply does not minimize risk.

Their Punishment will grow with each Election and Horror story.
Perhaps the so called Reporters will latch on to spreading it’s benefit. I’m still waiting to see a registry of People that Beat their Spouses, that will be the Most interesting List.

This is a brilliant idea. That way, puppies and kittens can go online to see if their neighbor is a pet o file

Now that is funny!

LOL, ‘pet-o-phile’. Clever.


I agree.

I am sure that everyone here has a soft spot for animals , but this kind of law will not insure any kind of safety for animals or humans , its a sad time we are in when law makers think its ok to brake the law of the land just to further regulate people for profit , laws are all ready on the books to handle someone braking any number of laws with out a shaming list for all to see , we cant even stop the amount of abuse that “cops” “ambulance Drivers” and a whole bunch of other so called trusted people, including dog catchers abuse every day , sure we have some not so bright folks that leave dogs /cat in hot cars and they die , but Ca has a law now that you cant leave your pet “unattended” not even 5 min , and it don’t even matter what the temp is , me and the wife ran into this , and when I ask what they mean by unattended ? when I was in eye ball distance , they said I had to be in the truck with my dog , I said great my wife is in a heart hospital and I have to worry about my dog that’s in the shade with open widows on our camper shell and a 12 volt fan , she called in back up ! lol , the cops told me to take him out of the truck, so I said ok!! lol you might want to stand back , so I grabbed leash and pulled my big ass dog out and he was not looking like a happy camper about the cops raising there voices at me lol , but I showed them the fan and how cool it was , matter of fact cooler in the camper shell than out side , all these cops looking at me like I just killed old yeller lol then they made me go sit under a tree in the grass while my wife was having some very important test being ran on her ,, so any way it just go’s to show they cant be trusted with even the smallest of changes with out over stepping there power ,I was like thinking what do you mean it don’t have anything to do with temp? so you just don’t want us to be able to move around with our dog? the high that day was 77 degrees dog always has water and fan , but the way things are looking is that everyone needs a baby sitter just to get by , or a shame list of possible whipping post to keep the mass’s side tracked as the powers that be rake in money ,

So how will that stop someone from rescuing and taking home one of the massive amounts of homeless pets in America. Are homeless pets better off staying homeless than living with someone on the animal abuse registry? Will the crazy cat lady in your neighborhood be listed because she was not taking good enough care of her 25+ cats? The County animal shelter can kill 100’s or 1000’s of pets every year because of the lack of funds to take care of them, but an average citizen will be sent to jail for any number of things that count as abuse.

The govt needs to step up and mark these monsters’ passports. How can we as a society be certain that these miscreants aren’t travelling merely to sexually abuse animals in a poor nation where the age of consent for animals is much lower?

These vile people can never be changed. Over 85% of them will reoffend. They should be locked away for good.

Yes, and they should not be allowed to live within 500 yards of a pet park, pet store, Veterinarian hospital or within the city limits of any town with pets in it.

Don’t get me wrong I think that people that intentionally abuse animals/pets should be prosecuted. I think that young children that show serious issues with animal abuse should be evaluated. I think it’s fine to do a background check on people that want to adopt or rescue an animal to check for past SERIOUS animal abuse convictions.

But a pubic registry! Please tell me this is a joke!

So what’s the first thing that happens when a swat team or sheriff’s raiding party breaks down the door. Well if there is a pet there that’s doing exactly what it’s instinct tells it to do (protect it’s home and owners) it gets shot. Never mind the raid was at the wrong home or even if the dog was not acting aggressively.

There has never been a case of animal cruelty brought against any LEO for shooting a family pet. I find it particularly appalling that this happens even to a 5 lb ankle biter that could not even give the LEO a serious nip on the ankle. For the LEO’s that do this it’s just live target practice.

I’ll support this type of registry as soon as the big steroid raged thugs get put on the top of the list. Then in a few years we’ll have juveniles as young as two on the list for pulling on the dog’s ears. I mean why not this could be a serious precursor to all types of violent crime. Then we can label them, prevent them from ever owning a pet, and ban them within 1,000 ft of a dark park for life.

So let’s get real. The entire purpose of any Public Registry, “You’re Busted” newspaper, or Home Facts type website is about shaming, money, or advancing someones personal or political agenda.

OMG, registry THIS, registry THAT! Maybe by the year 2050 we all have to stay 2000 feet away from each other! And the animals of course!

The nerve of animal activists, politicians and law makers! Rufff

I can see mail carriers being sued and put on the list for pepper spraying dogs on their routes. Does this mean asian restaurants are going to be shut down? How about the sale of horsemeat? Horses are pets too. One of the prime uses of horsemeat is dog food. Pets eating pets. Going to have to register the owners. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Check out this cnn article posted today about a nationwide sex trafficking operation.

Evidently, a sheriff in Illinois is going to create public database for repeat sex buyers….unreal.

Dart announced Thursday that his office will began efforts to create a public database that lists sex buyers who are caught for a second or subsequent time.

On top of that, you gotta love how they singled out 3 people out of the 1000 arrested across the nation especially the registered sex offender. So we have 1 registrant who got arrested in a nationwide sweep of 1000 people. So that is 0.1% of the entire arrest group. Im so glad cnn felt the need to point out that one lone sex offender. Its almost humorous because its just another example that shows who really is creating nearly all of the new sex crimes…non registrants.

I’d be curious to see the breakdown in percentages of first-time offenders, offenders with other crimes on their record, etc. I’m guessing they’re all somewhere above 0.1%… It is pretty sad that the story is about 1 or 3 in 1000, not about the other 997 or 999. Good thing the media doesn’t laser focus on the salacious part of a story.

If you are curious about reoffense rates versus other crimes etc you should really watch this video. Its about 57 minutes, but it is well worth the time to watch it. This is the lawyer that filed the comprehensive lawsuit this year against admendments to the nc registry and he got a win late last year versus premise restrictions in does v cooper. He was able to get all the registry data the state of nc has kept over the last 20 years, which is about 40,000 registrants.

Once he gets the numbers 100% verified through a statistician at Duke University we really should try to apply what they did to as many states as we can. There are a few problems going between states like what each state considers a reoffense (arrest versus conviction and also some registry violations etc), but where there is a will there is a way. I encourage everyone to watch the video its got alot of good stuff in it.

So does that mean the neighbors or someone down the road are a sex abuser because they let their dogs run and chase people and chase cars and that IS animal abuse, since they don’t care if they get hit or if it causes an accident or if someone gets bitten!?How about if they are intentionally abusing my pet with hurting ear sound technology, threatening poisoning, damaging their outside dog pen so they could get loose or else making it easier to get loose, giving them stuff that will make them sick.. hoping to try to make the owner look bad… and other intentional activities when your not home or where other neighbors can’t witness their abuse or saying straight to you the owner…..They will let your dog loose so he gets ran over by a car to set you up!!
This is a new set up game or revenge that some people are hearing from others all across U.S.A. and other countries and reporting on web sites for mind control abuse or voice phone like implantable … now!
Sample as such!
Implanting mind control spy two way audio implantable deliberately to set someone up with your own pets, their pets or if you work at an animal shelter excetra… heard some people talking about implanting some type of audio implanted uncontrolled or hearable devices… to hopefully set person or company or both up with a law siute…look crazy or cause an accident through fraud they planned a head of time to get revenge on a person or people later on!
They have proven this activity also and it gets sort of ignored!

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