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MA: Mass. has lost track of nearly 1,800 sex offenders, audit says

Nearly 1,800 Massachusetts sex offenders did not have a current address on file with the state’s registry, and close to 1,000 of those convicted criminals had not been classified by their likelihood to reoffend, according to an audit released Tuesday by state Auditor Suzanne M. Bump. Full Article

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  1. Stay outraged

    Humans should not be “tracked” in the first place.

    • ab

      Nor should they be classified according to any standard about their supposed likelihood of doing something objectionable in the future.

    • New Person

      We’re not humans. We’re monsters who have an 80% recidivism rate and cannot be rehabilitated. Thus, prompting to the world that these people convicted of such a crime and have paid their dues to society are not to be trusted outside of paying their dues and are a public threat. 80% recidivism rate. These are monsters who need to be controlled for the rest of their lives.

      • Janice Bellucci

        @New Person – Thank you for your sarcasm. I once went to court and was told by a judge that all sex offenders are monsters, they always do it again and there is no cure. The judge went on to say that the terms sex offender, pedophile, and predator mean the same thing. Because I didn’t agree with him, the judge went on to say that if he asked 10 people on the street about the meaning of the terms, 9 out of 10 would agree with him that all the terms meant the same. I answered the judge with “there was a time when 10 out of 10 people on the street would agree that the earth was flat. But we know better now”.

        • AJ

          Nice! There was also a time when the public, supported by that judge’s peers, believed “separate but equal” to be perfectly fine.

        • AlexO

          @Janice, well if all it takes is the court of public opinion to define terms and facts, than it should be a slum dunk that the registry is punitive, right?

  2. Tired of this

    To those whose whereabouts are unknown due to absconding, I say, godspeed. I wish them well and I hope they succeed in giving a big middle finger to the machine that continues to enslave us long after we’ve supposedly paid in full for our transgressions. A person can only take so much, and I completely understand why a registered citizen would reach a point where he’d rather just take his chances and run.

    “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” -MLK

    The tracking of human beings who aren’t under investigation or any kind of punishment custody is unjust. Full stop.

    • New Person

      The tracking of human beings who aren’t under investigation or any kind of punishment custody is unjust. Full stop.

      That’s because under custody, you are serving the state still. So you can be tracked about your whereabouts and have many restrictions. If you’re no longer serving the state, then why are you continuing to serve the state by being compelled to give your private information at least once a year, subject to compliance checks, and have restrictions on what you can or cannot do? If it’s not punishment, then it’s involuntary servitude. That’s prohibited under the Constitution.

      • Trish

        We serve a government that murders and cheats and lies continually to get what they want! And people are cowards! It is easy to have social bias toward men and allow females to have babies out of wedlock-I.e. How many 15,16,17 ye old female fornicators are in prison, they broke federal,state,local laws and most of all gods moral law! Yet he castrate men and punish more even though beauty is given to the xx chromosomes! People need scape goats! Until good people-you and others stop allowing more/extra punishment, we will continue to have endless pain! Ex offenders need to act/do something now! Politic playing will never free people! Something’s you have to take back from enemies! Hello ! Is anyone out there! Tell me what you think?

    • David Kennerly, the Very Model of "Containment"


  3. AJ

    I wonder what kind of “surge” in sex offenses MA has suffered by this lack of tracking? I doubt there’s a shred of evidence it has had any effect on anything. One would almost think it points to the registry as being a colossal waste of time and money.

  4. C

    You mean I could have gone to Massachusetts and gotten “lost?”

    I’m always late to these parties.

  5. kat

    “denied the public access to information names, addresses and photographs about sex offenders who lived in their areas and were likely to commit another offense” .
    Guess Auditor Bump has a crystal ball, she can foresee things in the future that those of us mere mortals can’t!
    Would be interesting to know just how many more sex offenses there were in Mass. during this time that they were missing all those registry statistics. Probably made no difference at all.
    Oh wait, Auditor Bump will probably predict “a lot more”.
    Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Robert

    More than likely this “audit” is no news story at all ….. perhaps misleading information for the purpose of creating some political outrage. This has been an ongoing issue in MA since John DOE v. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND CORRECTIONAL SERVICES was decided March 2013 that forced MA to remove many from the list. MA was very slow to remove names from Doe v MA DPSCS and probably still has not removed everyone affected by this ex post facto ruling.

    Here is an old news story link from Jan 2016 that tells about the on going situation from 2103:

    • Lake County CA

      “the state board says (Jan. 2016) it could take as long as two years to sort it out and get some of the names published again”.

      Well certainly they must be almost complete with the reclassification since 2 years is almost up. Just like CA has been so good about updating our data as the court ordered (so many years ago).

      • AJ

        Two years? My goodness, how have they survived without the Governor declaring martial law? All those “lost” RCs roaming around, doing who knows what. My, my, that sounds like sheer negligence by the Commonwealth!

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