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MI: Sex offenders settle lawsuit over living in ‘school zones’

Three Grand Rapids men on Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry have settled a federal lawsuit against the state over housing requirements that restrict where they can live. Full Article

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I love it. MI refused to hear the other case so it stands that it is unconstitutional as applied retroactively. Guess what? It is unconstitutional applied prospectively as well. These type of “bans”, call them what they are, effect a wide variety of fundamental liberties, as well as being so vague they are impossible to comply with..Also, what do you guys think about these sexual assault accusations flying all around the country? I find it very disturbing that someone can claim that they were assaulted two three decades or more ago and can destroy peoples lives just by someone making those accusations….No evidence, no witnesses, no way to cross examine any potential witnesses or anyone for that matter, all based on someones claim that they were sexually assaulted. I find it absolutely insane that this can happen. This is going to explode into something that the AG’s and DA’s are going to be blind sided by. Like I said before, McCarthyism all over again, just with a different face.

“Guess what? It is unconstitutional applied prospectively as well.”

Agreed! And that’s the beauty of the recent Colorado ruling. If SCOTUS agrees to hear the CO appeal and then upholds Judge Matsch’s finding about the registry being cruel and unusual punishment (which we all know that it is), then it’s checkmate and bye-bye registry!!!!!

Has Colorado filed for certiorari yet? Do you know the docket number if so? I’d like to keep an eye on this case.

I believe it would be better at this point if SCOTUS denied cert. We need more cases from various circuits to build arguments before we want SCOTUS to grant cert. You know they would have to explicitly override Smith v Doe, which isn’t going to be easy for them to do.

Colorado’s case is at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals where it has not been heard yet.

Thank you. I don’t have a Pacer account, but hopefully someone who does will track the case and let us know when it is scheduled for argument.

My Fiance was supposed to be out of jail September 1st 2017 and he still locked up for something he didn’t do, they took his DNA and it came back Negative all so have A nothing Young man in Custody for the same Sexual assault, and he’s the guy but my fiance is still locked up SMH the System sucks

When Jennifer Granholm was in office she had passed several laws that screwed me as I was still in jail when they passed. One was not being able to use any evidence that could discredit the victim. Which basically removed your ability for any defense as most of the time it’s word against word of what happened. And although my evidence disproved her police reports it could not be used because of this.

Another thing that went along with that was that there was not statute of limitations on crimes of this type. (not sure if this was part of her law or prior, but it was enforced after) started seeing people in that were accused to have committed a crime 20-30years ago.

In Michigan there is no evidence needed if the victim is a female. Because by law her word is God honest truth. And if you can disprove it that evidence is not admissible. At least thats how it was in 2007. Not sure what has changed

Mike r, you ask, “what do you guys think about these sexual assault accusations flying all around the country?” I think is a eye waken to all involved, especially those whom were drum rollers for tough on sex offenders. They thought it was cool to remove the statues of limitation in sex cases, thus releasing this poison in our society, which is coming back to poison them and their friends. I actually believe this is good thing for our cause as it could start a backlash against this evil that RCs have been living with.

I agree, Harry. I think if one or two or a handful of “important” people get convicted of an offense that places them in the Price Club, it may work out well for us. In the short-term, though, I’m concerned it will ramp up opposition to RCs in general.

I agree, but I also feel this crap should shed some light on the fact that it’s not the law abiding Families on the Registry (Because let’s be honest, our kids and significant others are in the same boat) that have paid their debt to society that are the Threat.
But rather those that are creeping around under the radar. I mean….how tha F@ck does someone get away with Rape and Abuse for effing Decades?!?
Oh wait….Money = Power. Sick

You’re right and I might add that the news is really showing the public what we have been saying all along, that the problem is not with people on the registry or with strangers, it happens within social groups and organizations — between people who know each other and have some other legitimate relationship they taint. There has got to be a way to use this info to our advantage. We have been abused legal-wise by some of these same people in power who have supported registries, by all appearances to cover their tracks.

I am currently 32. When I was 17 I had slept with a girl who was 14, she alleged rape at first and I received a warrant facing 25 to life. I turned myself in and got bonded out and wait for my trial. The day of my trial my lawyer from Berrien County called me and refused to represent me if I followed threw with the trial and did not take a plea. So being so young and hearing I’ll do 90 days and probation instead of trial facing 25 years to life I took it. Not know I had to register for 25 years afterwards and comply with all sorts of crazy rules and classes. I ended up doing about 9 months in jail and 2 years felony probation. And now I tried to get a lawyer to get it off my record and they because of the original victim statement of rape I don’t qualify. I plead out to CSC 4th degree, now you tell me if the prosecuter has evidence I raped someone and am facing life why would they give me 90 days as a plea. It was also stated by the victim later that it was consensual. I know it was a mistake and wrong but I have more then enough paid by debt to society. And still have 13 more years to go

Not sure how much the law changed since my conviction but csc4 was a misdemeanor and could be expunged back in 2007. But if you took a plea the cops and prosecution can write whatever they like to make the charge pleable.

Mine got plead no contest to assault with intent, so to actually get the plea I had found out years later that my file said I immediately overpowered her and hit her. Both of those things never happened but since I plead no contest thata what they wrote.

It made me laugh a bit when I read it because at the time it happened I had a broken shoulder blade and she had about 80 lbs on me.

I’m really surprised they didn’t offer you HYTA status though at age 17 since you were still a minor and it’s supposed to apply to those under 21, I didn’t get it because my lawyer was a piece if ish from Holland.

I stated in my motion that sex offender registration resembled McCarthyism but now it is identical in every aspect except for the reason for it happening. These laws now are identical to Jim Crow laws, McCarthyism, and all the discriminatory laws ever created, all with a different face. No man is safe anymore. beware men, don’t piss any women or men off, you will be next….And hope you never pissed anyone off in the past 30-40 years or more….

Has anyone read the originally published Doe v Snyder opinion? It was corrected 4 days after to exclude comparing the residency restrictions to “punitive sundown laws”.

Sundown towns, sometimes known as sunset towns or gray towns, are all-white municipalities or neighborhoods that practice a form of segregation by enforcing restrictions excluding people of non-white races via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation, and violence. The term came from signs that were posted stating that “colored people” had to leave the town by sundown.

Interesting to see the depth of their thoughts, irregardless the final opinion. As if “moral lepers” wasn’t enough.

Has anyone else noticed the Michigan registry is actually down? At least from here it is. It comes up as forbidden.

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