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OR: Staff told to report student sexual activity, including own kids

Salem-Keizer teachers and staff were recently told that when they learn, or suspect, a student is sexually active, they must report it to law enforcement or state officials. Full Article

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  1. Harry

    What is the big deal? If, it is to protect one child. After all 100,000 plus kids on the sex offender registry will only hurt them of getting jobs, going to school and being shamed. Small price to pay for protecting one kid.

  2. CR

    The overly broad reporting requirement is an outrageous invasion of a student’s privacy and a violation of their trust. The state has no business knowing of a student’s consensual, non-abusive, sexual activity. Reporting suspected abuse is one thing. This “report all sexual activity” requirement is Orwellian.

    Parents, students, school district employees, and the others need to do more than simply protest this law.

  3. AJ

    This is reminiscent not only of Nazi Germany, but Stasi East Germany, and KGB Soviet Union. Not only must you tell on others, but even your own kids! Wait until the first case occurs where an employee-parent doesn’t…and gets nailed for accessory to or after the fact. This is quite scary stuff. If the citizens think this is okay, there is something materially wrong with them and/or our country.

    This sort of “mission creep” will only help with, if not the demise, the rethinking of the registry. It will eventually become too damaging to too many people and families, and too expensive for government at every level to watch the millions. When enough mayors’ kids, the judges’ cousins, the Governors’ sisters, and/or Congressmen’s fathers are on the registry, it will change. It has yet to affect enough of the people who have a say in the legislative matters. But it’s coming, and this sort of silliness only helps.

    • Joe

      The Stasi were bloody amateurs compared to what is happening in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. The ones who are still alive must be weeping about what could have been…

      • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

        The Stasi would have loved to have had the technology that our government now has. Ubiquitous and total information and continuous personal surveillance in the hands of the mind-controlled idiots in law enforcement is an extremely dangerous thing.

    • Lisa

      Indeed they would now that sex offenders have to put a mark on their passports just like the Nazi’s did to the Jews. Hitler started by rounding up criminals and what he labeled as sexual deviants. Who will be next? Anyone who thinks it can’t be them is dellusional.

  4. AlexO

    And some people in the article comments seem to think this is a good idea. That’s just baffling.

  5. Joe

    What I, you or your brother think about this requirement is immaterial. In the State of Oregon, ANY sexual conduct involving a person under 18 years of age is illegal and a sex crime.

    For example: ORS 163.415 Sexual abuse in the third degree – “*A* person commits the crime of sexual abuse in the third degree if: (a) The person subjects another person to sexual contact and: (B) The victim is incapable of consent by reason of being under 18 years of age;”

    even if *that* person is under 18 as well.

    The same is true in California. It is a misdemeanor for any mandated reporter (teacher, coach, lunch lady) NOT to report ANY violation of PC 286, 288a or 289 – which is any non-reproductive style penetration – by ANY person with a person under 18 years of age (CANRA – PC 11166) even if *that* person is under 18 as well.

    The chiiiiildren!

    • David Kennerly, Diminishing Shelf-Life

      Mandated Reporting laws are, essentially, the assertion of total control over anyone subject to them. Think of it as being conscripted into the war on sex offenders.

  6. Tired of this

    In other words, “if you see something, say something.” Didn’t Orwell famously write a certain dystopian novel describing that very practice?

    Seems to have become the new motto of this country. Better teach them young that Big Brother knows best and sex is evil. And remember, these kids are future voters and leaders. Like I said in another comment, they are growing up in a post-9/11, post-privacy surveillance state, so I don’t imagine they’d be likely to question such policies.

    Getting the law involved in what shouldn’t at all be a criminal matter is criminal in and of itself. I sincerely hope kids of cops and elected officials end up affected by this. The more, the merrier.

    • AJ

      Let’s also remember there’s a whole generation that has known nothing but Helicopter Parents, so they are quite comfy with–even perhaps crave–Big Daddy Government watching over them.

  7. TS

    This will only drive the students to other people to share with in their effort to seek guidance, etc. The school staff has just put itself out of being in the “You can trust me” business.

    Do the minors even know it is illegal for them to be have coitus under the age of 18?

    • Lisa

      No. Most of them don’t. A 15 year old boy was just arrested in Los Angeles for having engaged in consensual oral sex with a 15 year old girl. She wasn’t arrested. He was. If it’s illegal of him, it is for her and they should have arrested them both. We live is very very scary times.

  8. Tim Moore

    The thing is, they are not ever going to control sex. It will happen. Heck, even in Iran adultery flourishes, and they stone people for that. What they are doing is feeding the carceral state with more offenders and keeping all in fear and under managed misery, rather than imperfect freedom, taking advantage of natural impulses. Fear is what feeds the beast. People then rebel against those causing them to be afraid all the time. Authority becomes the enemy, and children then do it ’cause authority says not to. They do it to rebel and exert their humanity and hope it is to grow up. And it is made more titilating because of the badness and made more urgent because of the overseeing. The rebels are made a bad example of. The cycle eats itself indefinitely. The beast is a construct of the powerful. The myth of sexual catastrophy needs to be starved for the good of all. We are close to burning down our island, the beast is everywhere and fire is used to flush it out, people afraid everyone harbors the beast inside now, while the fear mongers goad on.

  9. LOL!

    Forgive me for thinking this is hilarious in its absurdity!! Consider if this requirement is extended to all social workers, counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrist, etc. They would have to report any time a adolescent patient is involved in sexual activity. So if they’re treating a 16 yr old teenager for, let’s say depression, who then mentions that he’s having sex with his 15 yr old girlfriend, it must be reported to the police and he will likely be charged with statutory rape or child abuse. That’s crazy!! Great way to keep kids from seeking any type of Mental Health services! Worse yet, what if he admits to “self pleasuring”!! It will be like the good old days when he would be sent to an Institution for the criminally insane!

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