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OR: OSU to require students with felony convictions, sex-offender status to self-report



Oregon State University said Thursday that a new policy will go into effect this fall that will require new and continuing students to self-report past felony convictions and whether they are registered sex offenders before enrolling in classes.

The new policy was formed after it was reported in June 2017 that the university’s star baseball pitcher Luke Heimlich was a registered sex offender and had admitted to molesting a 6-year-old girl in 2010 when he was a teenager.

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  1. New Person

    From the article:
    The university said it will then confidentially review students’ cases on a case-by-case basis. Those reviews will determine any restriction on extracurricular activities and needed support for the student.

    So tack on more restrictions? Can’t have a sex offender represent the school. He’s got talent and would have been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round of the MLB. Now he’s been ostracized as he was passed over in the MLB draft with has like 30 or more rounds. That’s how bad being labeled a registrant is once words gets out. It’s just there to destroy lives trying to move beyond the past.

  2. T

    My question is did Luke committed the crime before he was required to registered for it? why is it necessary for a student to disclose his/her criminal background, is this going to reduce crime on campus by requiring students to disclose criminal background and then put their information out on campus just so everyone knows who to watch out for to make students and faculty feel safe?

  3. USA

    Well, this is a bit disturbing. I’m presently aware those in Ca must notify Colleges of their registration status. I never did. Now, felons must notify the school as well? I believe this will result in a lawsuit! It seems very prejudicial!

  4. Tim Moore

    I am thinking this is going to create a lot of chaos and undermine the mission of higher education, which is to provide quality education to the most citizens. Instead of focusing resorces on how to get the best educational programs and the best professors, the administration will be spending its time playing nanny, figuring out what a student can do and where a student can go based on whatever criminal record he or she has. What do you do have detectives in each classroom watching over the former offenders? Do you not let the former rapist take dance, because it involves physical contact? Do you keep the former embezzer out of business school, the arsonist away from chemistry?

  5. USA

    I concur Tim. I lost a professional license as a result of my plea and went (Ca) back to school and obtained an MBA. I don’t recall if this law was in affect, but I now know those registrants in school must notify the school police. Yet, (I volunteer for Prison Ministries/half way house/some can leave during day) some individual attend school during the day. So, I guess you can deal drugs, committ drive by shootings, attempt to murder a police officer or get caught with a firearm and still attend school and not notify anyone! I’m a huge baseball fan/son is heavily involved in the sport. I don’t agree with what Luke has done, but you clearly must have a gift to do what he is doing. So, I would hope that those on the legal sector would hope those brought to justice live a law abiding life and do something productive?

  6. Joe123

    The University can shove this new requirement up somewhere. How many poor fools will actually self-report and potentially screw up their futures?

  7. Sam

    I’m not sure about other states but when I was in Michigan you had to report to the school police department as well as the local police or it was a felony failure to register charge. I learned this after not taking classes during the summer and only telling the office I reported to that I wasnt going to take summer classes.

    According to the campus police I was to report to them if I was no longer taking a class, if I had enrolled for a new class and between semesters I had to report to them in person and register and de register with them.

    I was completely shocked when everything happened because earlier in the day I did my quarterly registration and there was no warrant and I had never received one in the mail, and when I got pulled over I thought it was because my taillight bulb was dead.

    The first cop who had pulled me over was a dick. He just opened my car door with gun drawn and said “get the fuck out of the car” then another one showed up and took over.

    She was the one who actually booked me and cuffed me she was nice. We talked on the way to the station and showed me the warrant they were given. It just said wanted by such and such police station “proceed with caution, may be armed.”

    Never gave a reason why I was being arrested just that the school police station wanted me arrested.

    I ended up dropping out of college after I got the court case dropped to a fine.

    During that time I had been going through a divorce, lost everything I owned, police impounded my car and I couldn’t afford to get it back, and I became homeless. The icing on the cake was getting fired from my job because I was on the way to work when they picked me up.

    This was all three years after my probation had finished. So I washed my hands of Michigan and never went back. A place where I spent most of my life had completely turned on me. Family was the biggest part of that, they didn’t want a someone on the list in their family. Friends stuck by me but they couldn’t help much. I was effectivly forced from the only place I considered home.

    I should probably get a cover-up of the tattoo I have 😂😂

    • totally against public registry

      I’m so sorry you have gone through all that. I’m sorry that your family didn’t stand by you. Stigma and backlash of being a sex offender is cruel and unusual punishment. You should write a book or tell your story to whoever would write so it might bring more awareness to the plight of registrants.

      I hope you’re doing great just about now

      • Sam

        After all is said and done life got better after leaving the country. The only thing I worry about now is if my passport will be revoked before I can apply for permanent residence. I’ve got to renew my visa in about a week and a half and that terrifies me because of the not knowing.

        I’ve tried writing a book before. But there have been people with much harder lives and I have trouble writing past chapter 3, at that point I think about if I outted myself that I would kill all the chances to get back into acting and modeling. (other than the weight I have gained over the past 2 years. 😂😂)

        I hope to go back to get a higher education after my Visa and everything is settled although life experience opens more doors here than a degree. So many people here have a masters and just work at low paying food service jobs and waitstaff. I’ve got 2 under me who have a masters. But they are content with data entry

        • kind of living HR 645

          @ Sam ,,,,, ,, write the book take a year or two in you spare time , if nothing else it may help people that are in your shoes . heck add a bit of cloak and dagger vibe to it , maybe a little running man style of art work on the cover , lol

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