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CA: Spitzer Applauds Board for Rescinding Vote, Warns Colleagues About Sex Offender Data


(Orange County, CA) – Supervisor Spitzer applauded his colleagues for joining him in rescinding their votes to place homeless individuals in tents in Orange County cities.  Supervisor Spitzer voted against the original plan, which passed 4-1, which he argued could place dangerous individuals—in addition to homeless who need intensive mental and substance abuse treatment—right into the heart of three Orange County cities—Irvine, Laguna Niguel, and Huntington Beach without a shelter operating plan.  The Bridges at Kraemer Place, in Spitzer’s district, operates with nearly 200 occupants who are screened for sex offender status.  Before Spitzer went into the community to gain support of this project, he already had an explainable operating plan that excluded sex offenders from residing there. Full Press Release


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  1. mike r

    Hey imagine that, 46 sex offenders have cut off their ankle bracelets and absconded. Where is the rampant sex offenses occurring because these individuals who absconded must be committing sex offenses since they are no longer under state supervision and not on Megan’s Law right ?

  2. ocguy

    “I will do whatever it takes to make sure that sex offenders are not in our community” ~10:00

    – Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, next(?) Orange County DA?

    • AlexO

      You’d think their backs would give out by now reaching for that fruit all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Easily done: Abolish the registry. Instantly no more RCs in your city.

      • Will Allen

        Absolutely. The Registries created a make believe problem. The perfect thing for Nanny Big Government to grow even bigger. The perfect thing for more laws and more jobs for big government people. People who like it need to pay a lot more taxes. They need to stop asking the rest of us to carry them.

    • Will Allen

      I’ve been to Orange County many, many times and they did not have the first, slightest clue that I was there. They never will have. I don’t care what “laws” they pass or what harassment they try. The SEX Offender Registries demand that any family that is listed on them spend a lot of their time with people who have no idea that they are Registered and never will. All listed families should ensure that is done. It is the moral, American thing to do.

      Thank you for the link, I posted a comment there. Everyone who posts comments here should also post them at all other articles. People in the U.S. need to see over and over and over again that well over a million people will attack these “SEX offender” witch hunt harassment all the time. Wage war.

      This is the comment I posted:

      These politicians and their “SEX offender” stupidity is getting old. Anyone that calls someone a “SEX offender” is a P.O.S. and everyone should call them exactly that for the rest of their pathetic lives.

      What people need to ask harassing terrorists like Todd Spitzer is – why do you want people who have shot people with guns to live next door to schools? Is it so they can shoot the children from their homes? Because it is embarrassing when they shoot in the schools? Citizens deserve to know.

      People have no right at all to have SEX Offender Registries (SORs). The criminal politicians and U.S. public in general have proven beyond any doubt that they cannot responsibly have and use them. Obviously they have no right to SORs because they have no right to Gun Offender Registries. They have no right to “People who broke into their neighbors’ homes and beat the families nearly to death” Registries. Or any of 100+ others.

      The SORs have never protected anyone. They are a complete and total failure and will never be fixed. They have gravely harmed America though and no American can support them.

  3. Jack

    They probably went into mexico before the wall was done.

  4. Eric

    When is this insanity, abuse, and persecution going to stop? First off, none of those 2,333 are “sex Offenders.” They are people who at one time in the past were convicted of a crime of a sexual nature, and all have paid their debt and met the requirements or are in the process of meeting the requirements of the justice system. And unless they are currently committing more sex offenses then they are not currently sex offenders. secondly, it is quite apparent reading the article that this categorizing, labeling, and ostracizing from society is making the situation worse. I doubt if any of those that have “absconded,” if they were living in an apartment and reconnecting with society would have run off, In fact the stress of having an ankle monitor will make a person want to remove it and run. This unrelenting abuse of these people, even after they have paid their debt to society, is causing a worse problem, and even so, they are not going out an committing sex crimes, they are running to get away from the persecution.

  5. USA

    Intriguing article. The last time I registered, the DA walked right by me. In summary, OC is truly a very different County as opposed to LA. I plead to a battery years ago in LA and both the DA and Judge where always very cordial and professional. Yet, when I filed my COR years ago with an expunged battery/Summary Probation, I was shot down. I doubt this would have happened in LA. The DA of OC was nuts/claimed all kinds of things and I found her both disturbing and very dishonest. I can only wonder if things will change when I attempt to get off the registry in 2021 (Tier 1). By the time I file, 24 years will have elapsed.

    • AlexO

      It’s unfortunate that we have to prove that we’ve achieved sainthood to get relief rather than the DA/Judge having to prove we’ve still an actual danger. If you keep your nose clean for the duration of time in the law, it should be automatic. Them constantly assuming that we’re just waiting for our chance to once again do something bad is just wrong. It’s like, why would I or anyone else feel more comfortable in breaking the law if we’re no longer on the registry? It’s not like there’s a heavier penalty for a repeat rape or what not for those on the registry than those who no longer are.

      • Facts should matter

        Very true. The registry does NOT hold us “responsible or accountable” or keep us on the straight and narrow. Why? It’s not a deterrent or a second chance! But this is part of THEIR go-to argument used to rationalize and justify Megan’s law. And of course… to protect their cushy, security theater pie jobs.

        • Will Allen

          The Registries absolutely do nothing at all to keep me “responsible or accountable”. On the contrary, they really, really, really, really make me want to hurt people. They absolutely have eliminated any concern or belief that I once had that I had an obligation to be a good citizen. They have allowed me to see that at their core, most people are not good or decent. They only are when it is convenient for them, makes them feel good, and is working out.

          I’ve been making big government pay for a very long time. I am 100% committed to retaliating in magnitudes to every single problem that they cause me, no matter how small. IF they had ANY sense, they would be falling all over themselves to get people like me off of their Registries. But they truly have no sense and are truly clueless. I’m sure they would lie and lie to the contrary but they are simply wrong.

      • Will Allen

        Yes, thinking that the SORs would prevent a rape is just stupid. It is hard to imagine that many people believe that but I really do believe that people who support the SORs are not nearly as smart as normal people are. I’m sure they would say that the SORs prevent rape but who could really believe that? More likely the SORs would be a reminder to commit a rape in a different country or something. There would always be DNA to contend with. THAT is what solves repeat rapes, not the useless SORs.

        The SORs do make sense when you consider how most child molestation is done though. That I will grant that the SORs do make sense. As a parent, sure I would like to know if a person I know has molested a child before (or done anything dangerous or harmful for that matter). But the problem for the SOR supporters and the reason that none of us actually need SORs is that the SORs could never, ever, possibly help me nearly enough. And that is simply because I don’t need to know if a person is Registered or not – I MUST treat every single person as IF they are Registered. That is actually the only way that I could have, and did, protect all of my children. So since I did that, I didn’t need any SOR. I never did use them.

        For the people who don’t actually protect themselves and/or their children, the SORs will never be enough for them. They might as well be reading cereal boxes.

        The SORs exist just to make some people feel good. But the damage they cause America is too great to keep them around just so some people can get their jollies.

    • Janice Bellucci

      I am concerned that Orange County will deny petitions in that County in 2021 and beyond. It is worthy of consideration to move to another county before submitting a petition for removal.

      • AlexO

        @Janice, I thought you had to petition the county in which you were convicted? I might be thinking of something else though.

  6. mike r

    It’s not like there’s a heavier penalty for a repeat rape or what not for those on the registry than those who no longer are.

    That’s a damn good point.

    • New Person

      @ Mike R,

      This proposal is another piece of evidence of potential “involuntary service” to where you need to abide by OC”s “sex offender management” for a homeless shelter. It isn’t just “in-person” visits that are compulsory upon a registrant, it’s following everything else laid upon you. The two compliance checks I had I was told to sign a paper to state that’s me. Do I have to sign? Cops in their full gear with guns. I felt compelled to do it b/c I’m a registrant. I didn’t know back then that compliant checks weren’t part of the registry program nor that it adds to the fact the compliance check is like probation/parole trait.

      I’m curious what is the “sex offender management plan” is for the homeless shelter is. If it resembles banishment, then Janice and team can go to bat!

  7. USA

    Janice, I know what you mean. I just wonder if every Judge will be on board. They can’t deny everyone forever.

  8. USA

    Janice, we have to remain positive. I’m sure there are some fair Judges (Chance O received a COR). I would imagine a lot of people will be filing to get off the registry. I think denying a Tier 1 expunged 23 years later will be difficult, unless a valid reason. Let’s remain positive.

    • Janice Bellucci

      @USA – Mr. Oberstein was granted a Certificate of Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, not in Orange County. Ignore the facts if you will, but if you were my client (which you are not) I would recommend you move to another county before you petition for removal from the registry.

  9. Aero1

    Janice is being positive if you lived in Orange County you know how they treat Registry Citizen’s out there and the fact that they’re literally teaming up and picking through the homeless not looking for crime or people with mental illnesses that need help people who are starving or sick and need medical No there picking through them looking for sexoffenders they’re obsessed with it and they have the time the money and the resources to sit there and mess with every registrant in their County when I lived in Orange County they came by my house like 4 times in one year for compliance checks they would follow me to work trying to find anything they can to arrest me for
    so yeah I’ll tell anybody if you plan on getting off in Orange County in 2021 good luck

  10. USA

    Well, you have some good points. I’ve actually never had too many issues here in OC. I think things are changing. I once had 2-3 compliance checks/expunged offense 21 years ago with summary probation (I’m only stating this to give people an idea of my situation). They where very professional/never really asked any questions. My only complaint was the registration process. It literally takes at least 2 hours of more (no bathrooms/parking limit). I literally have to park in the parking garage next to the building (2 hour limit). Then, I had requested to use their bathroom and the only bathroom is in the park that (sorry) looks like it’s filled with homeless and drug dealers/if you recall, we where once banned from parks? So, it’s a hurdle to register. I moved to LB for 1 year and it literally took 30 mins. Let’s remain positive and hopefully things will change.

    • New Person

      Hope isn’t a viable strategy.

      There’s this scenario someone said on here before.

      “A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.”

  11. USA

    I might suggest meeting with Todd and going from there. Maybe he is a bit nieve when it comes to registered citizens. I might suggest educating him on the upcoming study on recidivism and other changes taking place within the community. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how the laws, views and statistics have altered many.

    • ocguy

      Great idea. Let us know how it goes.

      Office of Supervisor Todd Spitzer
      Orange County Board of Supervisors
      333 W. Santa Ana Blvd.
      Santa Ana, CA 92701

      (714) 834-3330
      (714) 834-2786 Fax

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