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FL: Gov. Rick Scott Signs Two Sex Offender Bills Into Law

[UPDATED LINKS 3/26/18] [,]

As reported on

State website links:

CS/HB 1301: Sexual Offenders and Predators.  GENERAL BILL by Justice Appropriations Subcommittee ; Fitzenhagen ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Hager ; Spano

Sexual Offenders and Predators; Reducing aggregate & consecutive number of days used to determine residency for purposes of sexual predator or sexual offender registration; provides for mandatory sentence of community control with electronic monitoring for certain offenses committed by sexual predators & sexual offenders if court does not impose prison sentence.

Related links for CS/HB 1301:

Governor Scott signs Sex Offender Bill (HB 1301) into Law [ 3/26/18]

CS/HB 581: Subpoenas in Investigations of Sexual Offenses

GENERAL BILL by Criminal Justice Subcommittee ; Latvala ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Drake ; Fitzenhagen ; Moskowitz ; Rommel ; Slosberg ; Spano

Subpoenas in Investigations of Sexual Offenses; Authorizes law enforcement agency to issue & serve subpoena in investigation of specified sexual offenses; specifies requirements regarding nondisclosure of information; provides for judicial review of nondisclosure requirements.




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  1. NY Level1

    This will certainly stop mass murders of school children and Florida law enforcement shooting un-armed blacks.
    Easy law to pass. How many children have been murdered by sex offenders visiting Florida?
    Typical of a state where Trump is glorified.

    • Ridiculous

      I find it ridiculous that so many people keep relating Trump to laws like this. Maybe you missed it, but laws like these have been popping up long before Trump. Might want to check laws that were passed during Obama’s term and maybe Clinton, as well. Has nothing to do with Trump. Republicans and Democrats alike, have been screwing us over equally, as well as not only republican states, but democratic states, as well.

    • Tim Moore

      The politicians are showing all those kids in the high schools they are really looking after them. In the most useless way they know how.

      • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

        “Hmm… momentary bad touches, on the one hand, a dramatically shortened life, on the other…”

        Hey, that’s a no-brainer for a governor; “Toss those demons (the touchy, feely ones) into the perpetual snake pit!”

        Tim, nearly all politicians will make the same, unbelievably consistent (we’re talking Democrats and Republicans, here) choice. Jeez! I guess we must really be plagued by these darned “thinking errors,” as Tom Tobin used to intone, with tightly-pursed lips and with harsh disapproval. Such big, fancy words, and such scholarship to back it all up!

        • Disappointed Sharper Future Alumni

          I’m still waiting for Tom Tobin and his CASOMB to piggyback off a new Static-99 like scam, perhaps one also created by Karl Hanson — with an equally voluminous Coding Rules, as well as several “validating studies” that are in conflict of interest — that shows sex offender law efficacy.

    • C

      What does Trump have to do with this? I suggest you donate any gains from tax savings or 401K to your favorite Democrat candidate as they’ve done so much to help RCs.

      • Roger

        I recommend that we don’t stereotype all politicians. Partisan bickering here destroys unity. There are law-and-order Democrates who beat up on us too. We need to know the views of individual politicians and candidates.

        That’s why I talked personally with a local candidate. I said I was a sex offender and that I had worked hard for decades to be a law-abiding citizen and do whatever I could to not reoffend. I told him about some of the difficulties we have to survive, including IML. I was pleasantly surprised that he said he was sympathetic and that people deserved second chances.

        I didn’t demand that he swear to support any particular issue. I wanted to see his general attitude towards us. That put him way ahead of his opponent, so I am helping make calls for his campaign.

        • Moderator

          Yes, let’s all please refrain from general statements and discussions about Democrats vs Republicans, conservatives vs liberals, Obama vs Trump, etc. For such discussions, please find another forum – the internet is full of them.

          Going forward, unless there is a very specific and obvious relevance to the issue at hand, we will not publish comments like that. Please keep in mind that moderating decisions are subjective. Thank you for understanding. ***Moderator***

        • Tim Moore

          Good policy, Roger.

        • Roger

          @Tim, I agree. The moderators made a good call on this. I am seeing too many people causing division rather than unity by driving political issues between us.

        • Tim Moore

          Roger, I don’t know if it is good policy to simply ban all comments that are partisan in nature. Sounds kind of extreme and a little Orwellian. Even those comments that are diametrically opposed to my beliefs don’t really bother me, and shouldn’t bother those who believe in democracy. Nonetheless I AM sick of the tribalism, which I think is different.
          What I was talking more about was your confronting the candidate with the truth of your situation. That’s sounds like a great way to support our cause.

        • Facts should matter

          Still, most lawmakers don’t even want to dance around the notion of humanizing us. Why? Because we’re their bread and butter when it comes to looking “tough of crime” and staying in office. Fear sells itself and all they have to do is keep adding restrictions, requirements and guidelines to punish us with.

          Sadly, we’re basically their job security and they know how to work us to their advantage.

        • Roger

          @Tim, I understand what you are saying, and like you I also have a thicker skin for most comments. But I think that the moderators are reacting to Us vs Them views where people don’t acknowledge gray areas or the possibility that an opposing view can have some merit. The result has been angry back-and-forth vitriol that has divided us, not unified us.

          One truth I have learned is that it is impossible to argue or force anyone into believing anything. The best way to transmit an idea is to plant the seed of your idea without anger and let it germinate in the mind of the other person when they are ready to consider it.

          @Facts, I agree. Politicians often excel at manipulating people by using highly emotional fear-based partisan rhetoric. By classifying all sex offenders as evil and irredeemable, we are the perfect scapegoats and vote-getters for them.

          Our job is to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Out!

          And the perfect way to learn how is to sign up for our Action Alerts and attend the ACSOL Conference (see the top of this page). You will be educated, motivated, and infused with hope!

  2. Anonymous

    Annual meeting in Florida next year?

    • David

      “Annual meeting in FL next year?” Why? So we can all be listed on Florida’s forever, even-after-you’re-dead Registry?

  3. PJ

    They throw these in there just to throw them in there.
    Yea we need a couple of sexual offense bills, you know, it’s just customary for us in doing so.

    • TS

      Exactly. Old hat. Political posturing for the sake of political credibility for the public to see when the next election comes up for another office.

  4. Matt

    So what do we have to do to fight this? I don’t know what I can do or where I need to be to help. My mom has been doing a lot of advocacy over the years while I was busy trying to kill myself because of this crap, but now I’m finally in a good place in life and would love to help wherever I can

  5. Florida The New Auschwitz

    The reason for the change to “3 days” is to keep other activists out of Florida. The politicians have all the Florida RSO’s scared so they don’t speak up for themselves. The RSO’s fear reprisal from their state government and don’t speak up anymore. They have even passed an internet identifier law to keep track of all social media comments.

    This should sound all too familiar as the Third Reich did the same within Germany and Poland.

    They ONLY way to fight back in Florida is through the courts and only in the Federal system as the state of Florida is too corrupt. If you can speak on Florida’s behalf, please do so!!!! Florida’s RSO’s need the nations help. They have been effectively silenced due to the political climate.

  6. Don’t tread on me

    They keep piling it on. It no longer matters. The politicians have far surpassed the needed level of evidence to support the notion that the registry is punitive. All we need now is the perfect storm to present to the Supreme Court. I’m not convinced congress will ever willingly release their cash cow as the court decisions do not change law they just rule on its legality or constitionality. I can go to my grave knowing beyond doubt that the idiot politicians have zero excuse for destroying a large number of people. There is a special place in hell waiting for them.

  7. Will Allen

    It would be nice if all of these comments were copied to the source articles. People might see them there. I posted the following there:

    It is so funny that criminal regimes like Florida keep trying to polish their “SEX offender” witch hunt laws like those laws have EVER done anything useful or ever will. What a sad bunch of criminals they are. Writing “laws” that will do nothing but harass Americans.

    It’s a simple fact that SEX Offender Registries (SORs) don’t prevent SEX crimes and are idiotic social policy. Experts never supported SORs and never will. There aren’t any people who are actually serious about public safety or protecting children who support the SORs.

    Most people support the SORs just because it makes them feel good. I don’t think they care much at all if the SORs do anything useful or not.

    But I have GREAT news for anyone who does actually care – the SORs are not needed at all or significantly beneficial. The simple reason is that literally ANYONE could be a “SEX offender” and so if a person is going to ACTUALLY protect himself and/or his children, in ACTUAL reality and not Registry Fantasyland, then he is going to have to protect against ALL people, Registered or not. Anyone who actually protects himself and/or his children should completely ignore the SORs.

    As for people who don’t protect themselves or their children – they can read their glorious big government SORs all day and night and it won’t change their risk level at all.

    I do have a question for the criminal regime of Florida – you intentionally created “SEX offender” pariahs. You intentionally made those families homeless. You lie that they are “dangerous” and shouldn’t live near schools, parks, etc., contrary to piles and piles of actual real, empirical evidence from actual reality and all known facts. So why do you want people who have shot people with guns to live by schools? Is it so they can shoot children from their front porches? Because you would prefer that they don’t go into the schools to shoot children? Is that why?

    People who support the SORs are immoral, un-American harassers. They should all answer those questions.

  8. Tim Moore

    I never knew what was going on with registrants before I was convicted. The news made it sound like a sex offender was someone who had no bounds and couldn’t help themselves. I think politicians generally don’t know any registrants or their individual situations. Of course they may be acquainted with a registrant and not know It. Why should they? Obvious nobody believes a good guy can commit a sex crime, especially against a child or that if you commit a crime you won’t commit it again. The thought causes cognitive dissonance and is against the way humans, at least in this country, are wired from childhood, with the good Bambi, Bad Ol’ Wolf paragons, and that is a challenge to overcome. Another conundrum is that we expose ourselves to danger and being misunderstood if we expose our status, but no one can create more realistic and filled-in images of registrants other than registrants themselves.

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