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The government, and I mean all of them, should sued for fraud. All the sex offender laws are based on fraud and lies.

For any RC stuck wearing a GPS, here’s a new and decent paper about it vis a vis the 4th Amdt.: “Fourth Amendment Constraints on the Technological Monitoring of Convicted Sex Offenders (

One of the amici in Gundy (SORNA anti-delegation case this fall at SCOTUS) did a great job of putting all sorts of RC info in front of the Court. They attack “frightening and high”, they shred the crappy studies upon which Government has relied, they cite proper data, etc. It’s a decent read, though I suspect the data will not go far, as it’s tagential–at best–to the the question before the Court. Anyway, check out the paper by “Scholars Whose Work Includes Sex Offense” ( tsac Scholars Whose Work Includes Sex Offense Studies_A-2b.pdf).

There are a couple other papers by Cato and The New Civil Liberties Alliance about non-delegation that make some good points on that question (see: It’s probably only worth reading if you’re a legal/constitutional geek like I am. NCLA makes a great point that the statute itself–not just the AG’s rules–should be struck. One reason is that the only way to undo the Statute is by repeal…which means Congress has (again) ceded its authority to the President via veto! IOW, Congress passed a law vesting power in the AG/Executive, but, absent a veto-proof majority, has no ability to recall that power! That’s not delegation, that’s abdication.

Does anyone knows which tier would be 288a (onetime- online chat with no contact) and how their risk will be calculated? Is there any way to avoid registry?

Inspirational video about perfection. Nobody’s perfect, find the good in yourself and live.

Already one week into July and there’s still no “General Comments” section.

So has anyone else noticed an uptick in the news about sexual assaults committed by RCs? I keep thinking, “well there’s that 3-5% of RCs that re-offend, and they’re the ones making the headlines and hurting our cause.”

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