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HI: Dozens of sex predators registered as living in Oahu parks

Hawaii’s sex offender registry is meant to keep people safe by requiring convicted sex criminals to submit their address to an online database. On the site, the public can check to see if a sex offender lives nearby.

But a Hawaii News Now investigation has revealed some alarming gaps in the system, including vague addresses and dozens of convicted sex predators living places where you hope children can be safest. Full Article

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  1. Had 'bout enough

    Lol, those people are so clueless. Both the reporters and the people they are interviewing on the streets. I can’t help it – it’s funny as hell to me how ignorant people are when they start trying to talk about “protecting their children”. They have heard a few keywords and they say them almost randomly.

    One lady is like (valley girl twist) “like, omg, it’s so scary. Like, how do you know where they are?”. Isn’t that the whole point of the public registry?

    • Will Allen

      It is comical and pathetic. But the vast majority of people in America are just vapid, clueless, self-righteous, self-entitled, selfish, awful people. Most people who are listed on the Registries were surely close to that at one time. The key is that Registry Terrorists are like that forever. But I’m not saying that people who are listed on the Registries should be great people today. They definitely should never be kind to anyone who could possibly a Registry Terrorist.

  2. Eric

    Those people on the registry aren’t living in the park due to gaps and errors in the system, they are forced there due to progressively punitive and oppressive laws that leave them nowhere to go. Lawmakers, please ask yourself, would it be a better system if people on the registry had a stable home, job, education opportunities, and were dating or living with their spouse, or would it be better as it is, with them living in the parks, harassed by police and probation, unemployed, unwanted, vilified, and shunned with nowhere to go? Well, you made the mess. We have a camp of registry people in our community. Why they don’t give up and go offend I don’t know, I guess people like Janice give them so much hope they keep hanging on.

  3. The Unforgiven

    “Dozens of sex predators” ? Is that even possible? At least 12, but obviously more, of these people are sex predators? How does one determine that? Allyson Blair, the reporter, appears to be an expert.

  4. wonderin


  5. AnotherAnon

    By what statute were they convicted as “sex predators”? This reminds of the man who sued because a (sheriff’s?) billboard claimed he was a predator. Anyone know what happened in that suit?

      • AnotherAnon

        Thanks for finding that. He was pro per and sued for damages. That is why the immunity kicked in and the judge had no power to do anything. What would have happened if he filed a cease and desist type of writ of mandate? The judge may have been able to intervene and order the billboard taken down. A newspaper, like the one that published this article accusing everyone in the park of being predators, would not have immunity. This article is more specific than most because it singles out each and every one of them by locating them on the map. Usually these “predator” accusations and more general.

  6. j

    The alternate and probably more accurate headline should read “dozens of predatory journalists Searching for a sensational story and enciting fear.” I believe in freedom of the press but by all means, don’t troll for stories. Last time I checked, these registrants had not escaped justice and are on the radar for law enforcement to manage. If they were dangerous, chances are they would still be locked up or on a high risk tier. Nothing new, just another pile of yellow journalism hitting the press in time for election year politics, hyperbole, rhetoric and crap for lack of better ways to appropriately describe it.

  7. totally against public registry

    The use of the label “sex predators” definitely was inappropriate!
    Let’s hope they don’t go crazy and start putting new laws in their state to restrict and destroy lives of citizens on the registry- since life on the registry must be so great that these people are living in parks and areas where no one would want to live. So, let’s make it even harder for them : ( ?

    Stay sane people of Hawaii, please!

    • J

      Maybe they ought to come up with a name that would identify yellow journalists as predators. Any suggestions. Then we could issue a media blitz that would counter the misguided efforts. This would mostly serve to underscore the hypocriasy and fear baiting that is employed in these articles. Fear sells, and any scintillating subject as well, just ask Madison Avenue.

  8. Sharon

    The amount of people ending up on the S.O Registry is growing everyday. In this day and age it’s teens that are sexting. It’s innocent young people following nature. These are not violent predators or stranger danger. It ruins their lives and devastates families and it can happen to your child too. How do I know? It happened to mine. My kind hearted son at 18 met a young lady that lied about her age and she was extremely aggressive. My son lost his virginity to this girl, went to jail because the mother decided to over react and used my son as her scapegoat so people wouldn’t think she was a bad mother with a daughter that is too sophisticated for her age. My son is now living in some crappy motel because we live to close to a school and that’s all we can afford. He has PTSD and wants to kill himself. These laws are insane and it should be case by case. My child is no criminal and I don’t know how long he will be able to survive this hell.

    • Jody

      I agree. We are homeless because of these laws we had yo move from our home of 26 years because a young lady who is already having sex has a fake ID and visits the bars on a regular basis. Her mother filed charges and it is wrong. This woman ruined our entire lives. We cant live anywhere. He can keep a job. anymore due to this charge.
      My son has never had any case like this or any other criminal charges. His life has been turned upside down. Probation what a joke.! It is designed to make you spend money on classes and answer sick questions and put ideas in your head that never crossed your mind and never would. One question asked is it ok to have sex with your daughter while your wife is at work? WT_ ? What kind if question is that? To someone who isn’t what he has been labeled? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.
      My son has attempted suicide on 3 occassions. I saw a video that he recorded while he was crying with a shot gun under his chin he pushed the trigger and it failed to fire. Thank God!

      I can’t get this image out of my head and how my heart sank into the ground along with my faith until the gun didn’t fire.
      I am so angry because my son has worked his ass off since he was 17 years old. financially he helped my mother and grand-father pay bills he even helped me to get another car, he helped his brother get a car. This woman who has no idea what kind of young man her daughter was dating. Her daughter was very luckey to meet a young man who cares from his heart and he loves her with his entire heart.
      The laws are in place to serve and protect the innocent. Who are the victims really? The laws where for violent sexual predators not for consenting adults, by that I mean any man or woman over the age of 14 who is educated enough and can decide when and who and where they want to have sex with. If they are 14 and married its not a crime. So how can our law makers say its a crime if your not married? One law states that if your caught in public urinating you will be charged as a pedophile. Does that make since to you? How can our judges, lawyers, law makers and individuals live wiith the fact that a hundred thousand families plus have to be homeless because they aren’t the dangerous individual that you make them appear to be. The laws that where given to violent sexual offenders is also given to the non violent consensual sex partners. Who are now labeled as a pedophiles. The lawmakers are out of control as well as are prison system and those who run them.

  9. Sharon

    If you need assistance or some glimmer of light please contact Women Against Registry in MO.

  10. JW

    Those happy-go-lucky sex offenders just hanging out at the park or beach all day.

  11. mike r

    So tired of the same old hyperbolic statement “sex predator.” That over inclusive connotation needs to be challenged and discredited for what it is. Demagoguery at its finest. The frigging DA used that term extensively in my original case, without even a hint of objections by my PD, let one person ever call me that again and we will be in court for defamation I can tell you that. I do not care if I win or lose they will be in court. By definition most of us are not “sexual predators” according to the language of the laws, in CA at least, and it is defamation and libel, bottom line.

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