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GA: DCS honors two Rome officers for work on sex offender law

Two Floyd County Department of Community Supervision officers received commendations Tuesday for the efforts to clarify the importance of ongoing supervision of sex offenders across the state of Georgia. Brandon Henderson and Cody Franklin were honored in front of their peers for raising questions that led to an amendment of state law this year.

SB 174 was passed in 2017, which called for anyone who was on supervision, including sex offenders, but did not have any restitution owed, to be placed on unsupervised status after two years.

“A lot of these guys need long-term treatment,” said Henderson. “We started having to petition the court to get these guys in front of a judge and argue to keep them on supervision. It was bogging down the court system and it was bogging down my officers.”

Henderson and Franklin subsequently contacted Tracy Alvord, executive director of the Sex Offender Registration Review Board, who submitted SB 407 amending the previous law to exclude sex offenders from the provisions of SB 174. Full Article

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  1. R M

    “Henderson said he could only recall a couple of instances where a sex offender committed a repeat of a crime while under supervision.”

    “I’ve seen it happen after their supervision, when they’re not being seen by us,” Henderson said. “That’s another reason why we want to try to prolong the treatment, because there is no cure for it. They have to learn to cope with their urges.”

    If they think keeping RC’s on prolonged supervision stops them from committing crimes, they’re dead wrong. If there was “no cure for it”…. why doesn’t EVERY RC both during and after supervision continue to commit crimes non-stop?

    “… another reason”….? The best reason to keep them on supervision is for the DCS officers to keep having a job.

    Once again, “they” are singling out RC’s for what they MIGHT do in the future. SB174 passed last year but then….. the DCS amended it for their own good… not the community’s.

    I’m sick of “them”.

    • Will Allen

      You could not have echoed my sentiments any more closely. The pathetic people that work in these jobs really have to justify it. If I did that work I would feel like such a failure and a farce.

      I posted comments at the actual article. Perhaps I should be nicer. But I think F these people. They deserve problems and no peace.

      • Facts should matter

        The registry is TOO preemptive, anticipatory and militant. That is why it will never, EVER be effective at preventing anything!

        These clowns taking false credit for protecting children make me want to vomit. So much is predicated on a manufactured threat and fabricated fear.


      Kinda like a firefighter starting fires so he can justify his employment.

  2. Facts should matter

    “”The community doesn’t know what you do.”

    ^Haha, you’re not exactly an unsung hero there, buster. I’m living proof that this Cody Franklin is an ongoing dead weight and a burden on Georgia tax payers.

    You know the game is rigged when they start receiving awards for solutions in search of non-existent problems.

    Isn’t oppression fun?

    • Will Allen

      I’ll tell you, I probably ought to try a lot harder to view “people” such as Cody Franklin as actual people. I should give people a fairer shake and try to see things from their point of view. As I’d like people to do for me. But, I have to think about if I’m really interested in that or not. Because I pretty much just hate most people who work in big government. I really do feel like most of them are dregs who can’t mind their own business. Obviously it is Franklin’s business/job to be in some people’s business and we do need such people. But I really feel like people like him go beyond that and at their core they are harassing scum bags. Yea, enough of that.

      Anyway, I’m sorry if you have to deal with a probation/parole officer. I have seen way too many people try to engage with those people, talk to them, etc. I think they feel it will help them in some way. I don’t think it does. I think the best strategy is to keep your mouth shut completely as much as possible. You don’t have to actively engage with them. Say “yes”, “no”, and little further.

      I left some nice comments at the article. You should as well. I really think it makes a difference if people would look at these articles and see hundreds and hundreds of negative comments on them.

    • David

      @ Facts Should Matter: “….. receiving awards for solutions in search of non-existent problems.” Very well-stated!!

  3. David

    “We’re in their face at least twice a month,” Franklin said. 🤔 Hmmm, that sure sounds like harrassment to me.

  4. Dustin

    I’ll go even further, based on my perspective as a probationer in Georgia.

    The POs in this article are just straight up wannabe cop cowards. They celebrate being in registrants’ faces only because they know the registrant won’t give them a hard time and will endure whatever idiocy crammed down their throats, most of which is either flat out illegal or well beyond their authority.

    Plus, they wouldn’t dare treat, say, known gang members on probation for any reason, the same way. They’ll hide behind cops or deputies when checking on them. They won’t get all in their faces after they’re chained up and at the station, if at all. And that even assumes they aren’t being paid under the table by those guys, often not a wise presumption.

    Georgia certainly doesn’t have a shortage in its criminal population, and its prisons have a very serious problem with overcrowding. POs want to keep as many registrants as possible on their watch lists because they need to revoke on occasion to look like they’re doing their jobs and it’s easier with registrants than anyone else simply because registrants are historically the most compliant and seldom have sympathizers or anyone willing to stand up for them. Being either afraid of the drug or violent parolees/probationers or being paid off by them (another problem rampant in this state, at least) only adds to it.

    • Dustin

      Also forgot to point out that comments on the article is only through Facebook, which those of us on paper in Georgia aren’t supposed to have. Wonder if there would have been many more if you could comment through Google+ or something. I certainly would have posted what I said above about these sickening cowards.

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